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After praising Allah subhanaw taala in sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom whose main goal was to remind individuals about a surah what the Quran be a year Mila, remind them about the days of Allah subhanaw taala that even while speaking about this dunya leaving upon this dunya who would seek every avail every opportunity to remind his comrades, his friends, his companions around them, about the last day about that returning back to Allah Subhan Allah Allah and thus it is incumbent that even inside the Quran when Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah speaks about the last day, we find that the majority of

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aroma of Alumina Quran have concluded at the final verse that was sent down to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is towards the end of SoTL Bacara some verse 281 If my memory serves me correct or 283 What taco Yeoman told Guarana fie it Allah through met with CO Luna FCM Casa but welcome Leah youth la Moon majority aroma like Mr. Massoud in his work solid confit alumina Quran in two volumes. concludes this is the final verse sent down to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala for some nine days after this verse was sent down. And if you look at the SIOP, which means the context of this ayah prior to that you find a yard speaking about river Arthur, you find a yard speaking about the

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longest ions or the Quran known as Ayah today in the ayah of debt or taking loans taking a loan. So in these affairs are more dunya we're in the affairs of the dunya of Al Mirandola. Two transactions a business business dealings we find Allah's plan to other places, this verse, reminding us about what taco Yeoman toward your owner fee Illa fear that they whereby you're going to return back to Allah subhanaw taala no soul, no individual will be oppressed, or any wrong will be done to the individual. So just like that, we find that in these final few, this few days or a week prior to that those who received the A Level results or those who graduated with their degrees, etc, that you

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find that we need to remind ourselves not just about the worldly gain about the gain inside Akira, that many of us rightfully as human beings, sometimes or wrongfully we do actions for the sake of people that we find and we begin to lose focus towards Allah Subhana Allah and Allah reminds us inside the Quran Yes, yes, the phone Amina Nursey well as the phone Amin Allah, they are wary of they're scared about people. And they're not weary and scared about Allah subhanaw taala meaning that these individuals, all of us individuals went through that time of doing exams or whatever it may be, there's an element of fear. That months if not months, or years of studying years of focus,

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that what will my response be towards my parents, towards my peers, my friends, my siblings, my family members around me or even the wider society. And that's why don't be surprised that some individuals have even gaining their results have even committed suicide. It sounds strange, but it's been known that people who didn't achieve what they were expected to achieve what they wanted to achieve have have taken their lives. And this concept as we heard as an embedded well being Shakti Yan was sorry, Don, about being in a state of wretchedness and being in a state of Felicity. The Quran always has this man hygiene inside the Quran to talk about Xiao Jia, the opposites, about the

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good things about things the good life, the bad life, Sheikh Tauheed, the sun, the moon, etc. The whole Quran woman couldn't be Shane Calacanis, OJ Nila aliquam, the karoun everything the Quran calls in the form of Zoji appears La La Quinta de karoun, that you may ponder and reflect regarding this. So Allah speaks about people are going to be shutting and those who are going to be in a state of Felicity and those in the state of wretchedness will remain there inside Johanna muda muda sama what you will earn as long as the heavens and the earth and they remain F is an F and remained for these individuals meaning inside this punishment. Likewise for a mala Dena su a dual fulfill

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Jannetty holiday Nephi her Madame Mata sama what will and as for those who are going to be a state of Felicity, in a state of bliss in a state of happiness, then also remained for eternity, OPPO and Hydra Maji tooth apart and a gift will be given to them. Right emoji tooth or a limb I've given this description books of the first seed of it has no ending. That reward it just carries on carries on for those individuals who are going to enter into Paradise. Allah mentioned other places or the Quran for a conflict Jannetty were for a con fiscal year, there's going to be a group of people who are going to be inside Jana and the people are going to be inside a city or a city it is one of the

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seven names that have been mentioned at the Quran regarding jahannam. So the Quran diverses or follows this path about concept about people of paradise. As we find the end of SoTL Hashem will once again Allah speaks about the people of paradise what will be given to those individual

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As with the people of paradise and those individuals who forget Allah subhanaw taala, go away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah and decide what you read from Surah. Zuma inside as well you find Allah described as Zuma is the groups that people were coming in, in troops in groups, those people who are going to be the people of jahannam. What's the punishment going to be given to these individuals, and also the people who believe in Allah Subhana Allah, how they're going to be driven in troops in groups and be brought to the gates of paradise. And that you find if you study these, this idea in such zumo that you find the only difference between the people of Jehan nama the pupil

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of Jana is Heartwell, one single letter. So a lemma speak that is Heartwell is speaking about whoa allistic Ballia a while of giving a reception a greeting, the people of Johanna I'm just going to be flung into Johanna and there is no talking under this discussion with these individual read the past inside Solara whereby they're gonna be asking or trying to speak to the people of, of paradise like is not a patient of Chronicle, tried to speak to Malik, the custodian, start to speak to him by Satan, do not speak to these individuals, these wretched individuals who've derailed away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala. As for the people of paradise, so this is tech Valley, this greeting

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is given that before the price is given to you before your certificate, your graduation, there's a presentation there's a mentioning of your name, your success, your subjects, what you've done inside this life, which makes gives the person that happiness. You know, the Quran speaks the language of the nature the psyche of the human being, because sometimes we think the Quran speaks at a distance, when Allah is kind of mentioned beginning so to Bokaro to be him or to share behind. Allah has given those things which are similar things that we deal with inside his dunya. So even Ibis or Dilla, Anwar mentioned that you find that the names are the same, but the entity is going to be something

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different inside of Astra. So if you study the names inside the Quran, things, rivers of wine, water, honey, milk, pomegranates, apples, grapes, fruit, drink, clothing, brocades women, whatever it may be, all the names are things that we deal with inside this dunya but the entity will be something different. Why does Allah grantor use the language of the dunya? Because Allah Ya Allah woman, Hala Kohala, painful Kabir does not Allah is grantor know what he has created. He's the most subtle, the most aware. So the human being needs this enticement that things need us to carry on inside that inside is doing is known as Bushra glad tidings. We all need that to strengthen the

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individual. So we need to give ourselves the glad tidings about an Acura that the person who strives and struggles inside for the earth and that is going to be immense reward given to those individuals. And not to say that we shouldn't fret we shouldn't despair, this natural fear because it's the unseen a person doesn't know what the results are going to be. It's natural to fear fears already but what almost speak about a whole foot puppy a natural fear maybe person fears the darkness fears, wild animals, wild beasts or injections whatever it may be, there's no harm law whole Fidelis there's no harm law harlotry that there's no harm in having a natural fear is a fear

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which leads you to disobey Allah subhanaw taala is what a person should be worried about, or person does as we began with this certain things for the sake of the of the people. But if a person is fearing that they don't know what the result is going to be, there's no harm in the actual fear that any individual could hold inside their life. But the real fear should be that we should focus upon that just that we focus upon what will our parents may say or what the society may say. We should focus on what will Allah Subhana Allah say to us on that day, meaning the affairs of the last day in quantum in quantum took me noona belay while y'all will ask That's why Allah standard speaks about

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if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. Likewise, the prophet Raisa many a hadith he mentioned Montana you may know belay well Yeoman Earth for local hiring only a smart whoever believes in Allah the last day let the individual speak well or remain silent. What do we derive from this from the Quran and the prophetic traditions? is it's not just verbal service that I believe in Allah. It's saying that if you believe in Allah last day, then do such and such actions for local hire on only a small speak good or remain silent or cold. Is it fair? Emily is an action either speak well, if not remain silent. Woman can mean a believable human Okay, for your cream, Gera who, whoever believes in

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Allah and the Last Day, let the person show goodness today to the neighbor is a physical action. Woman Kiana, Yamuna, believable human earlier. It's a new cream day for hope. Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day let them show goodness take care of the guest. Meaning that the Quran when it tells us what the prophetic tradition is to believe in Allah Subhana Allah doesn't just stop there. There are physical actions we need to do to show or prove our belief in Allah subhanaw taala which is why you find that people who don't want to enter into academia but people who deviate from the belief Allah

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Sooner that's where they deviate because some people believe the actions are not part of iman. They believe the action are part of him and no matter what actions you do, it has no impact on your physical or spiritual Iman. So everyone's Eman is basically the same nature which is an incorrect belief. Because the belief of anosognosia Well, Jamar is is immersion is what exists inside the heart of the individual. We're not Kuba. Listen, the sneak bill called justification inside one's heart belief inside one's heart. utterance with one's tongue while I'm helping jewelry and actions via the limbs while Eman yesI do well, young cos Eman it goes up and it plummets down your z to be

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TA or young hospital Marcia that's it. If you understand this, you understood what the creed of ALLAH SubhanA wa jemar is the rest is old. And you can delve as much as you want into the belief but as an average Muslim, just to understand this concept, and Emmanuel Z Dubois Eman goes up when you obey Allah subhanaw taala while Yong possible Marcia, it goes down when you disobey Allah subhanaw taala if you live that inside your life, you will be successful. The rest is a deeper reading of how people certain technicalities of certain names or certain places, whatever it may be, or certain individuals personalities. That's a person who wants to delve deeper into academia into occurred.

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But many of us we just need to have these basic elements and live by these insider life. Because as we mentioned many times what is the color of consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala is to fit Allah's parameter Allah wherever you are, whichever place or location you happen to be. That's a real taco Allah is when you eat when you study the names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah is not to see how people may have deviated in these names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah the primary goal, the primary usage, while he led a smell husana for the room will be her to Allah subhanaw taala belongs the most beautiful names and attributes called upon him implore upon Allah asked him via his

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beautiful names and attributes. That's the primary goal that we need to understand when you're reading the names and attributes of Allah Spandana will Malcolm a nama quantum Allah Bhima dama Luna Basir He is with you wherever you are, meaning he sees over all of us and knows our intent and our actions. And he sees over everything that we do. That's what should be visualized inside our hearts and our mind that wherever I'm traversing upon this earth, whatever I'm doing, I need to instill the fear of Allah subhanaw taala inside my life. And likewise, we mentioned yesterday as well inside the end of certain Modesitt that we find look at the Allah mentioned my Celica comfy soccer, what made

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you end up going into soccer Columna comin and mousseline actions once again, we never used to pray. While I'm not going not mo miskeen we never used to feed the pay. The poor were couldn't afford the man who didn't wish to waste a squandered time but those who squandering the time well couldn't look at zebu, Bo me, Dean, and we should reject the last day. So Allah says at the end, reject the last day. How did we reject the last day by not carrying out the actions which are going to be rewarded inside the last day, but Allah subhanaw taala and if those Ayat seem far away from us, so we don't have that unique relationship with the book of Allah Subhana Allah then at least not to undermine

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any individual at least 17 times that what we read Maliki Yomi Deen master or king of the day judgment. Yo, me, Dean, Dean who is Yeoman Yeoman Jessa they have reward they have recompense day of reckoning does he look at an inference inside of Quran how many times Allah uses Yom Yom Woodcock on Yom when he said every time Allah uses Yom that day that some are collected that inside the Quran is Psalm 25 Different names of the last day and some have gone far beyond that, saying different attributes of SIFAT. The last day Imam could have to be goes to review is approximately 80 different names and attributes inside the Quran speaking about the last day, and a side point in order to be a

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famous Mufasa. He wrote a whole book at Ted's Cara that tells Kira about the things that will take place inside the last day. Likewise, you find other works that we can go in and refresh our knowledge regarding what I shared with Dr. Solomon Asch. He wrote six collection books that he wrote amongst the books he wrote is a pm to sohara in either the minor Day of Judgment, before the greater that judgment speak about his preparation towards Allah Subhana Allah I should not do sir. But use of unwearable, which is recycled Magister will present in normal Qura University many, many years ago. In the introduction to that book. He also speaks about importance about the last day why do we

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believe in the last day before we begin to speak about the 90 minus signs and the 10 major signs that will come towards the end of times, but in his pocket the man is introduction he's focused on why are we studying about the last day is primarily about actions. And if you pick up GitHub, a record of Imam Bukhari Muslim that if I'm speaking about the last day or so he Muslims, GitHub will Janos refer to now, Emile Alia speak about the people of Paradise and the descriptive nature that people paradise and inhabitants of paradise read these to strengthen our iman and our belief, what Allah subhanaw taala has described about the last day or the reward or may Allah forbid the

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punishment may be given to certain individuals inside any Earth.

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Mara. So what is our preparation for the last day, as you mentioned many times all of this focus inside the Quran is that the, the actual intellectual individual is the one who sees the symbols, the signs of Allah Subhana Allah and picks them up and begins to prepare for them. So when a person sees that their peers, their fellow colleagues and fellow students, they're not focusing, or we have, you know, maybe May Allah forbid family members who didn't focus in the education didn't focus on their life. The intelligent individual is the one who sees that, and says that I want to improve and to better or one even may see even their own parents that their parents are struggling, their

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parents are working hard to keep them and have them good luck. I think you know, I don't want my parents who carry on doing this struggle. I want to educate myself to become a better skilled individual, or learn something to better the life of my parents in that aspiration should be there amongst us. But unfortunately, many of our aspiration what our aspirations that we want to get, we speak about bettering our society bettering the Muslim ummah, the Muslim ummah won't be better just over one night. And it is the years of plotting and planning and, and decisive any planning taking place to dismantle this Muslim Ummah. So it's not going to happen in one day. So the caliber of

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Muslims has to be raised not just in a phase of a mod, de Nieva Islamic concept in things of the world, we do raise the bar amongst ourselves, raise our intellectual heights amongst ourselves and our spiritual practice. That then maybe Allah is bound to Anna in Allah, Allah, you will not be calm in Hatha Yoga, you will not be an fusi him, Allah doesn't change the condition of people until they don't change any their own self. We find that just like some people may have crammed in a few minutes of revision, you know, when I was growing up, that's what we've done. Unfortunately, now today, I'm an imam. So

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in a few minutes walking into the exam to read a few pages and then set the exams. So that's what some people even do today. They they believe that, you know, I've got the intellectual capability. Compare that to a person who's been studying all year, they may not be the wisest of people. But they've been studying from September from the previous year, and maybe just reading a page a day, they've read hundreds of pages beyond you have comprehended understood when they walk into the exam, they're definitely going to walk out with you with a better grade. And don't you think it's time somebody think systemically that a person who studies Islamic sciences, they're not so smart or not

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so intelligent individuals with people whose I was in class with, and they just looked at the board ones, and I went school with these people, they weren't very intelligent. They weren't very smart. And I asked him, How come I'm just busy looking at the board, copy every How comes? You only looked at the board once? You don't need to look at the board again. Because they were how far the Quran because they memorize the Quran. They said I looked at the board once I've memorized it. That was it. I looked at the board once and I remember I knew that I grew up with them. They weren't very smart. But just one glance at the board. They memorized it. So Allah panda even gives you Quadra

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gives you ability to memorize to uh, to Apolo hold certain information. So when people think that Islamic knowledge doesn't strengthen you and other things, look at some of the relevant the most smartest of individuals, the more they delve into the Quran, the more the WTF see, the more intellectual individuals they become? What do you do inside a society? Those students are not working too well, when we was growing up what happened, just go to Darwin alone, send them somewhere else, get rid of them. It should be the opposite. The smartest intellectual students should be the ones selected to go further this hammock studies. And likewise, those individuals need help inside

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their education and no one should undermine anyone's education. And aside when we shouldn't undermine any individual, any individual doing any skill, any job, whatever it may be, we should not undermine them because we don't know who the winner yet Alemu there are bigger elder who we don't know who the servants of Allah is. pantalla no one should think that because Allah has given me something that now I should look down at other people or undermine other people. No individual should think that everybody has a role that they play inside the society. And every single individual is precious in front of Allah Subhana Allah, every single individual, the person who

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cleans maybe the lavatories of toilets shouldn't be undermined. That's why the black woman you should take care of the masjid the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and she, she passed away, and they just offered her her prayer. The Prophet was enraged, who was enraged because they felt no value of her. They felt no value and he was enraged. And why didn't you tell me that she's passed away. So this shows the how the Prophet is he he knew about his subjects, he knew about the people around him and he cared about them. And that's how a Muslim should be. We should be worried about our youth that which way they're heading where they're going. Masjid shouldn't be a closed shop, we shouldn't

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be closed environment that people are being derailed away. Instead, just leave them alone. Maybe they decide to go into sexual education or maybe they're going to that school or going to that environment. That's not the way we should be. We should have this this care. And this fear that this is where we're heading inside the wrong direction. You know, the famous Hadith Hadith Safina, the Hadith of the ship, whereby we don't try to steer the ship, or rescue people within the ship, all of us are going to drown, all of us are going to go to the path of destruction. So we find that those people flick a few pages or just read it

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A few pages a few pages of Quran and think success is going to give it to them inside an earth Kira. Allah mentions what a lace and insanity Illa masa, oneness, sofa Euro man will only have that which he strives for. Would it be even things of the dunya person gets up early in the morning goes out to follow their career, the work or whatever they do. It's a general sort of Allah's cram down sometimes it may change, but there's natural sooner so not Allah. As soon of Allah is crammed down upon the earth, who are lazily inside the master and whoever strives and struggle for that. Others try to withdraw and ever individuals people want to become politicians, leaders in society gain

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something want prestige, one on one dignity, what fame won't be sports, personalities, whatever they may be, they will train hard. They will work hard, don't think that they are not going to work hard towards what they want to achieve inside their life. Even the Quran mentions for in Nam yet pneumonia coma tatlow Moon that they suffer like you suffer. That's how the Quran describes. This is a context of of warfare, that they will suffer just like you suffer, they will strive that you strive. What's the difference? What are Juna Mina Loy mana yo, Joan, the difference that what you aspire for is different, what their aspiration is, the your aspiration is an Acura, your goal is

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Allerca to have glimpses of given inside this dunya is from Allah Subhana Allah. But the real goal for a believer is inside an era. And I quote, you find when an individual is inside the examination hole, every single individual is on their own. And Tesla was able to visit okra no soul carries a burden, or the sin of another individual. This is called Islamic belief. Because once again, people begin to deviate people from that maybe someone else carries the burden of my sins. That's a Christian belief that Jesus died for the sins of mankind. And don't be surprised there's some Muslims who believe that the Prophet I some he He died for the sins of mankind. As long as you just

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believe in the prophet Elijah, some you add to his name, you show a love and reverence towards him, you're going to be forgiven. And that's the wrong creed to hold. Because even the prophets and that they generally are going to say rescue us rescue us. And even the Prophet Isom is going to ask Allah to go down in the state of samsara and make supplication and call upon Allah's plant identity said to him, Arafat said, raise your head, sell torta asked will be given, intercede and intercession will be granted. So it's not just going to be an open intercession at some moments that we think that a prophet is I'm just going to come along and intercede for any individual. If we haven't tried

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to do something inside this dunya there's going to be the chance of intercession are going to be very, very minimal. And that's what the prophet Elisha we always encourage. Even he said to his own family members, loved ones asked whatever you want inside this dunya I said to Fatima, his beloved daughter, rhodiola, Anna asked me whatever you want inside this dunya but inside of Accra, there's not much I can do for you. They can ask or Allah stands to benefit you in well, coulomb de Yama, Yama, de Florida, every single individual come on the Day of Judgment for the on their own as a single entity. We instill this inside our life inside our mind as well that I'm going to be just

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like on the examination hall, or whatever you may be doing. I'm just sitting there all on my own. The I'm now responsible for my own actions or whatever I put pen to paper. I'm here all on my own, likewise incited Afra. As we began with the same psyche, the same concept, the same worldly things that we live in the inside an IRA, it just person is going to be there standing all on their own. Some narrations that you mentioned, the person will be coming to your show NASA Yama, Yama, de hora, who fatten Holand pairs of people resurrecting their judgment and their judgment in a state of nudity in the state of nakedness, barefooted uncircumcised individuals. That's how people

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resurrected their judgment. So I mother or Asia, or the Lord and he asked his question, won't people be looking at one another? If they're in that state? And the Prophet Isom, you can say in my old words, he rebuked said the face could be far more severe that a person is going to be looking at the person next to him, what's their state? What state are they in? Are they are they addressed to unrest or what's happened to them, every single individual is going to be worried about their own self. Just as we mentioned, even the prophets are going to say that they sell them sell them, each profit is going to go to one prophet to another prophet to another prophet, till eventually it comes

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to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, so they're going to be worried on that day, some people will sweat up to the ankles, up to the shanks, up to the knees, up to the the waist and up to the collarbone, some people will be drowning this way. And in some arena, what they describe is a Hadith because you know, we live in a world of, of trying to understand things in the in the material concept, if I if I see something, if I can understand something, then I believe in it. And this is what the Western world teaches that when you physically perceive and understand something, then I can acknowledge it. So people ask this question that how can a person How can water become stagnant?

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How can you be any be drowning in your sweat? Because water flows. But once again, these are more on the high beard. These are affairs of the unseen. You don't use your attire. You don't use your rash rationale. It's a golden rule in about Islam, don't you

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Use your uncle your rational to perceive or to understand what happens after the how the reward will be incited aka in its size and its magnitude how the punishment will be when Allah describes certain things will call you Samina. What we hear and we and we obey is the way of those individual colors, submit. And now what I'll say now, but because we live in this environment, we're bombarded that people with they think the intellectual questions, but they just tried to raise doubt. And some of us because we're weak inside our faith, then that doubt enters into our mind that yeah, maybe how can that happen inside the last day? How will that take place? Because that's what these people are

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good at. Creating Schubert creating doubts about the last day create doubt even doubting Allah subhanaw taala that you find the Hadith all these questions come, that who created Allah Subhana Allah, this is from shape on. We don't keep asking these excessive questioning and questioning, questioning, asking all the time till eventually we come into a state of becoming higher on the state of doubt and and questioning and asking does Allah Subhana Allah exist whereby the Quran the whole Quran is speaking about Allah subhanaw taala maybe we should read more Quran inside our lives to understand the language of the Quran, where Allah is primarily speaking just about that's what

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Allah mentions and Holy Quran, mindshare, in masala Khan, with a creative from nothing or were they created themselves. So everything has a point of, of creation. And Allah mentions at the end of surah Allah manana in fine speaking about the inner focus on what you are the bhakti laughing at all in above and in the creation of the heavens and the earth the night and the day I yet science for whom nearly unbearable for people of lube, lube oil, Apple rationale is the mind. And then when you reflect overall and all of these creations of heaven and earth, what does it lead you to? You know, if you have a PhD in sciences have agreed to academia your professor your lecture, you claim to be

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an intellectual individual from a taboo a pseudonym, then you worship an idol. You worship a statue worship a rock, you worship pre May Allah forbid to use as young people's private parts,

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then you claim to be intellectual.

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Where the Quran is saying all Al Bab real men or people have intellectual and intellectual capability what happens to them, they see around them. Rather than a malefactor has about a law. Education leads you to serve Allah Xpander because this is another problem in our society, that when some Muslims, they get education, they become so full of themselves. They think that now I'm so intellectually Supreme, the ability to rationally use my rationale, I don't need a stamp anymore. It I remember one individuals to come just to the Green Street machinist across the road when he was young. He exams to take you basically just come to the masjid natural fitrah he acknowledged that I

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need to ask Allah to make my effort and ask Allah Subhana Allah, Muslim parents, what did he say to him? Don't go Masjid. You don't need to pray. Use your own mind. Use your own intellect. So rather than parents being happy that he's turning to Allah Spandana made his effort and trying to come to the machine derailing him say no, you're intellectually smart. Use your own mind. But imagine if May Allah forbid, a young individual during the exam, personal exams that Allah has granted, he switches their brain off at that moment in time. Where's your mind, then? Where's your skill, then? Where's your ability then, in how many people has happened to inside that, oh, all of a second split second,

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skills have been taken away from him speech has been taken away from sight has been taken away from them. So a person shouldn't become arrogant inside their life, about the education that they gain the skills and again, they should think as a blessing. That's what sort of man I suddenly said had been fired to Europe be this from the verge of Allah to test me to see I'm going to be a person who's going to be grateful or ungrateful person towards Allah Subhana Allah. So he recognized that Solomon has some straightaway. And look, what sort of man are they some had the kingdom he had, he had the kingdom of God will ins he had the kingdom of not just this world, he had the kingdom of the

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unseen the jinn used to be there at his service. But he still went towards the path of showing gratitude towards Allah subhanaw taala yo, yo Pharaoh, he won't be will be just out in the person examination who doesn't want to know what about their parents, about their brothers and sisters, same thing with the last date person will see you away from their, from their, from their mother, from their father from their spouse or hibbity What bunny from their companion, their children, and every single individual have their own affair that they will be worried about. And that's why we find that people even doing exempt fun sometimes people are in a disheveled state in a bad state,

00:29:28--> 00:30:00

but they don't care about how they look what the presentation is because they just focus on that one goal. Same concept of dimensions. If you look at the beginning of SoTL How do you find your NASA Dakota Bakken in NASA that Sarah t shirt on? Alvim Allah mentioned the beginning so 222nd Chapter Quran Yeah, you have nests in the Quran is strange. Sometimes it uses speak about believers, pious individuals and sometimes the Quran says yeah, Are you a nurse? candlekeep probably Jimmy and NASA is speaking to every single individual, whether they're Muslim or non Muslim.

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

them whatever they may be whatever background they may be the whole of mankind. Yeah your nurse fair your Lord fate ALLAH SubhanA Donna, and fair that day, wherever you find is going to be in zealot Acerbity che on Alvim the shaking of the of the hour is going to be something so sublime so great is going to be on that day. Wherever you find a mother who is breastfeeding a child with drop her child and a pregnant woman will drop her load. What are NASA Sakara women be Sakara Allah Kenya Agha Billahi Shahid, you're going to find people to state of drunkenness helter skelter just running around, just out you find people inside the exam, maybe just running on just to get to the exam,

00:30:39--> 00:31:12

just to get their get their results, whatever it may be, or get to whatever it may be. Same thing. Allah is describing that the last day will be like this. People will be just running around. You'd think that people who set a drunkeness they've lost their mind won't be Sukira they're not drunk. They haven't lost their mind. But it's to the other of the punishing of Allah's panda is so severe is going to you need derail them. Now the patient of Khurana many suitor Korea, yo Mucuna nurse who called for Russian Baba soothe, people going to be like moths scattering around going towards the light bouncing off the light. Wherever it is fire wherever it is, heat is life is rushing towards

00:31:12--> 00:31:47

that running in different directions. That's what will happen to people any on the last day that we find and nothing they extended beauty doesn't count as they say. As we mentioned, the person comes into examination they don't care what they're looking at a moment in time. They're just worried about putting pen to paper as they say. So same thing that the external beauty is important certain times and certain actions that you do that now the world has become a word of cosmetics that we find that externally that we need to look in certain things not to say is haram was forbidden, but we find that going overboard the prophet as I mentioned that is up to dinar rota it's up to date him

00:31:47--> 00:32:26

wretched is the one who worships the pound and the dollar, the dinar and the Durham wretched that he mentioned. Abdullah Camila will Cammisa the one who worships certain clothing and certain garments. And that's why some people need to be seen in wearing a certain brand or certain clothing or certain dress or certain attire. You know, I'm not saying it's haram don't get me wrong, but some people that's all they aspire for. And as we find that in today's society what most you've just what Crips they want to wear, you know, 300 pound 400 pound 500 pound up to 1000 pound. Okay, maybe you got the money, but is that all your aspiration is that said to be dressed in a certain way to be seen in a

00:32:26--> 00:33:00

certain way to be appreciated a certain way doesn't mean your enemy say you're not a man via the clothing that you wear your man via your soul, the ability of your controlling your soul and your lust and your desire. That's what makes a real man. These things are tertiary things a person has them or doesn't have them. It doesn't give an inference of who you are. It's your ability of what you are what you do inside your life and your devotion to Allah Subhana Allah gives you that Sheriff inside this dunya water cooler g value Caledonian man Fouche and also Allah mentioned that on that day that even these great mountains that we see they will be turned into carded wool. So the whole

00:33:00--> 00:33:39

external environment, Yamato Badulla, do Hyrule Art Deco summer what, what burrows will allow him or her, they will look inside Surah brim the 14th chapter of the Quran that Allah will change this earth and this world that we see around us. It will be only change Allah bring it all into an ending into a destruction that nothing will matter upon the face of this earth. We are saloon attorneys zhiban for cool young civil war OB nurse for they ask you about these great big mountains and Allah's panda will just wipe them away. Just rub them out great big mountain just be moved away to kind of the sort of taken away like was it a sham Sukkot weird that the sun will be will be folded

00:33:39--> 00:33:46

up in the summer and the heavens will be cleft asunder for a diabolical buzzer Bahasa for Camargo, Jumia Shamsul coma.

00:33:48--> 00:34:28

And the day we find the sun and the moon report to get everything will come to Stansted come to the ending. And the person will be a non muscle person will try to wait Where can I flee? Where can I run? There's no way to run for fear ru il Allah, the only place to run is to flee to Allah. That's why even calamities, obstacles, hardships difficulties, a sign of belief is that a person flees to Allah, that's a good sign. And even a calamity you really must say that if a calamity brings you close to Allah, it's no longer calamity is not a masiva is actually a Nima any calamity that before any one of us inside alive, a death of a loved one loss of wealth, property, whatever it may be,

00:34:28--> 00:34:59

whatever happens if it brings you closer to Allah and classify as a blessing, or classify as a reminder that I'm coming closer and closer to Allah subhanaw taala that's what it is, is the Western world that creates environment about always despairing, always complaining and that's what the Western the English culture is what you find everything just complaining. You just speak to have a minute conversation with someone and all they're going to do is just curse and revile and complain. The other day the sun was too hot. Any person was swearing at the Sun stuck for Allah

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

Literally you swear the swearing at the sun, this bloody sun this there and the other is karma is too hot, you know, it goes way is too cold. So this has an influence on us as Muslims because we've been living for 50 6070 years don't think the environment around you doesn't influence you. It can have an influence directly upon you or can have subtle influences upon you that certain things become acceptable in society. So it becomes important to preserve our identity, what our Islamic belief is led to so Buddha, don't reveal don't curse time, because time is Allah subhanaw. Taala is a Hadith he mentioned. So don't curse don't reveal time. You know, so old people make comments that

00:35:40--> 00:36:18

the person was too young to die, or life is unfair, you know, or the world is unfair, or God is unfair. These are cliches that we were surrounded by Muslims shouldn't fall prey for these cliches. Muslims should be strong inside inside their belief, learn what the belief is that this is, this is Allah subhanaw taala, who does certain things for a purpose for us to better against our own selves. And we find that the when the exam paper is there, and the information is given to us, in it, many of us as as I began, as I mentioned, many of us we knew what our grades were, we didn't need to open the envelope. We knew what the f and unclassified whatever it was going to be, before we even open

00:36:18--> 00:36:59

open the paper. Because this is the nature of the human being. That what you present inside this world for a moment, CircleUp Mao was, you know, for warfare, Asia robbery or whoever scale is is heavy, that person will be rejoicing, and other persons that are off at the beginning of the mentioned, those are going to be the successful individuals for all ICA whom will mostly hone their skills are heavy on that day, in such sort of Israa. Allah mentioned Accra Kitab on that day before that Allah mentioned everybody's going to come with a record tied to the neck, tied to the old neck. And then we said to the individual RocketHub keftab Enough sickle Yamaneika has Eber sufficient

00:36:59--> 00:37:37

Read, read your own record, read it yourself. Sufficient suffice it does the use of star stand is a testimony about what you've done upon any in this earth for a moment or take it will be a meaning for so for you hashable yesira, young Kalibo, Isla de Mistura, whoever has been given the record in the right hand once again, same concept is dunya. You give somebody something good in their right hand, give it to the hand, Allah mentions minhwa ilahi from behind their back. When you give somebody some something behind their back or throw it behind them is a sign of disrespect. That's just going to happen to people of the left hand sign of disrespect the people who haven't passed a

00:37:37--> 00:37:58

test, there's no is there's no respect given to these individuals. But people who believed in Allah subhanaw taala will try to make the effort is not just the most information that you wrote on the exam paper is the correct information. That's what counts with an examiner. So people can write sheets or even just doing their standard University. Some people wrote in a different language.

00:37:59--> 00:38:30

Some people wrote literally, they told me they wrote in a different language. It wasn't Islamic studies, but it's other subjects we got to do other subjects part of the university curriculum. And he said I just wrote 40 pages in Turkish language and it's handed in the examiner didn't pay any attention to it by an Islamic Studies department when some people were writing certain things and some teachers saw that you didn't practice what you are preaching what you wrote down, though physically did have a go at you and some people may Allah forbid even cheated inside the exam. I'm going to call an exam tape paper next examination or their papers are ripped in the face of thrown

00:38:30--> 00:38:35

in the face grownup men teachers walk by saw them cheating grab the paper, rip it throw in the face and get out the hole.

00:38:36--> 00:39:09

Don't be surprised even Islamic Studies there'll be people who are doing something what purpose? Maybe for the dunya maybe some position maybe if some rank maybe some a salary maybe a job that we find. So even exists maybe for us it sounds strange and abstract concept or how could somebody be doing that? In how many people have gone to Stanford institution and what is their intent been? Why have they been set the dimensions I've been sending because their parents just send them this done it to the combat the system they go back doing whatever he's doing, you need to be doing things from your heart, for your mind, I love and aspiration, even a young age you should just be toys manga you

00:39:09--> 00:39:42

mentioned this discipline, just memorize. Just memorize when you're young, just learn when you're young. And just your your Nia will come at a later stage because young children don't understand concept about the importance of intention at a young age. Just go and learn at that moment time but those reach a certain age. We know why we're doing certain things. That's when you find that Allah is again towards any sort of bucket I mentioned what Takala what your animal Kamala many people always ask the question, How can I gain immense understanding of Islamic Studies, etc, whatever. Maybe it's a simple it's a simple answer. What toquilla Will your ultimate Kamala fit Allah Allah

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

will teach you the more you say Allah subhanaw taala more you'll be able to understand certain things because Islam is a spiritual science. There's certain things you can do academically there's a there's a there's a PhD specialist of Hadith in Edinboro University, who's been studying Hadith for 14

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

years of the proliferation of some media is still almost to this day. It makes no difference. 40 years is huge against in 40 years he's been reading Hadith after Hadith after Hadith more than we'll ever read in our life. One of the biggest most who has encyclopedias of hadith is written by French Orientalist in Arabic, that you just pick any word from any Hadith. And you put that word inside the encyclopedia he's given you which book of Hadith which chapter which sections Oh, they're written by French orientalist, no Muslim has done that service to this day.

00:40:31--> 00:41:11

But has it helped him it's just academia has led him to Paradise has it got him to Paradise has led him to Islam rather becomes evidence against him. So we shouldn't approach Islam as just pure academia, rhetoric, dogma theology, you approach Islam that is spiritually uplifting spiritually bring you close to Allah subhanaw taala that the strength gives you strength to go out in the rest of your life to do other things that you want to do. Then Allah is proud I mentioned also about the opposite individual Amma Mahatma was you know for Omaha we're the person whose scale is light on that day for a moo ha we are then that person's own literally means the mother because your mother

00:41:11--> 00:41:46

your point of return that you return back to the you go back and you complain that maybe the examiner to mark your paper properly is unfair, whatever it may be, but here for all mu how we're his mother will be the bottomless pit how we are is another name of Johanna and we find inside the Quran, a bottomless pit that has no ending. And that's what some narration mentioned in the companion sitting in the head the sound. It had sounded as if somebody just touched the ground. And they asked the professor what was that sound? You asked him? Do you know what that sound was? He said that was the sound of a rock or a stone or a pebble we should have been dropping in Jahannam

00:41:46--> 00:42:22

for sub inquiry for 70 seasons. And it just landed at the bottom now for 70 seasons been dropping and now it comes to the end for Omaha we are so person should be fret for just what we began with fretful and we despair about what my results will be what will happen to me personally to be fearful what will happen to me inside any ALLATRA one moment Oh Jackie tabble whare of the hurry for sofa yet the Ruth Bora while your Schloesser era person will be given the record from behind the back. The results are given to them no respect to them with the person for sofa yet the Ruth to Buddha will begin to make continuous blame upon their own self.

00:42:23--> 00:43:04

So it's not suited for Cannella mentioned person will say whoa upon me. What's happened to me that I took fallen into her to fall on her Leila. I took such and such individual as my friend, you know, and Helene isn't a friend actually clearly means that intimate friend, a close friend, but tougher. The law, Ibrahima kalila, took Ibrahim Airism as a close friend, and likewise a Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So that's why you find a model Ana de KNICELY. Li, a man is upon the way of life of his friends. Every single one you see who your friends are. If your friends are not worried about the education, worried about putting that effort in, then if you're following that same path or

00:43:04--> 00:43:37

you're with these individuals, then you're going to derail yourself. And you're going to say regarding even this dunya and inside the Astra will will put me at such took such as an individual as a friend, like an attorney and a decree BARDA is journey. He took me away from guidance when I was upon guidance took me away from Allah subhanaw taala. And we've seen us as practitioner teachers, how many young people have you seen they were good individuals? And a few years later you see them they're away from the path of Allah Spanta? Because why? Because the friends around them, you know, in our environment, if you if you counted, we got numerous people memorize the Quran,

00:43:37--> 00:44:14

numerous people, where are they? What's happened to them, you know, some of them have just derailed away, because of slowly so the people that they, they move around with what happens and they lose their path, they lose their footing. And so once again, we should be worried about our environment, that to try to preserve these people not to be taken away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala. And also we find that when we're doing an exam, maybe we may think, you know, the examiner may overlook something and not see it. But on that day, they exist, there's no missing anything on that day, or anything will be overlooked. Unless for that person that Allah is trying to bring that person close

00:44:14--> 00:44:51

and says that a person you did such and such, and such and such, such and such a person acknowledges, Allah says are covered up inside this dunya I'm going to cover up in Southern Africa as well. But I think that for the things that we do, it's all been documented. Allah mentioned that the Quran or people say we are coluna Yahweh Latina Melia Haddad Kitab Allah you heard it was Sophie Ratan wala copywritten Illa. Saw her or what do you do Ma Ma Lu hubiera wala your dimora Buka a had a personal saying that they won't his book this record. La you are new to servie Ratan wala can be written Illa saw her not a small thing of great thing, except for it's all been written down.

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

Everything is written down about every single one of us, unless we make some Hadith and mentioned person makes Toba if a person carries out a sin

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

A person within six or seven hours a person makes Toba it will be wiped out for that individual straight away, or person repents at a latent status Allah makes Toba sincerity Allah's primadonna it will be taken likely to head inside the ayat from Surah who that we find in Al Hassan Nettie. You'd have no say yet delicate the Quran is Zachary good deeds they blot out the Wipeout robber bad deeds, if needed to see this these ayat, What is it finding inside the Imams? God is a Dolman for you find one individual, he carried it was known as a cobbler, he kissed a strange woman. So he came to the Prophet Elijah some and asked the question that you know, how can I told myself was the repentance

00:45:38--> 00:46:16

What can I do to relieve myself? So the Prophet so he remained silent, he kept on pushing kept on asking the question, and then these verses came down, establish a prayer in the beginning of the day and at the end of the day, and indeed good deeds, they wipe out bad deeds. And the person said, Is this costly Is this for me, but who am Linares spies for every single individual that good deeds are we began with as you mentioned, doing good deeds will wipe out bad deeds and even performing will do that we find takes away one minor sins person may have glanced at something touch something, wipes it away, walk into the machine takes away bad deeds gives you good deed increases rank for you. You

00:46:16--> 00:46:54

know if you really psychologically study This is Allah's parent Anna, giving us more and more. That's how I escaped we become heavy on that day one good deed Allah will multiply 10 times over 100 times over 700 times over inside Ramadan, Allah said goes to millions of times over and Sabra if I enter your facade behind a Serb, when a person is patient inside their life, then they reward his behavior. He said, There is no numeric format. There is no numeric format for that person who is patient regarding your life. So as we mentioned, whatever calamity whatever it may be difficulty obstacle, the more patient a person is, the more that you find that the reward will be in front of

00:46:54--> 00:47:30

Allah subhanaw taala. And those are the students who become the a star, those who are be patient in staying away what everybody else may be doing. The gaming world, the music world or the Tick Tock world or wherever we are, you know, if you study the Tick Tock What a moment certain kinds of China banned tick tock. People invented it, they banned it. Why? Because they know the stupidity of people that has millions and look at the Muslim world the highest ranking people who follow or have their silly videos, whatever it may be, it's the Muslim world and the other intelligent people what they're doing, they instilling within the youth into the people higher aspirations. You know, I'm

00:47:30--> 00:48:08

not saying we shouldn't have a laugh, but that's all the world has become. It just just immediate social world message being sent from here and even study the amount of time you know, before scrolling used to be used to be limited. Now what is it unlimited scrolling, just carry on, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, wasting your time, minutes, hours and endless an average person spends three to four hours in a day. See two hours in a day on on the phone doing what? Rubbish. And if you divide your life up, if most of us live between minus 18 was civilians, the average age as prophesized by the prophet relationship to some 6070 years take away, the years before puberty, 1314

00:48:08--> 00:48:46

years are gone, their take away the years that we sleep 1015 years are gone, they take away and now my son like a job, the amount of not minutes or days, the years you spend in the toilet. Okay? Take that all out. What are you left with? Realistically, you're left with about 10 years 10 to 15 years of your life you're left with that's about it really realistically. So that's something to think about. That's if we hit 6070. If we hit the age, and if we don't, then we've only got a year two years of actions to do inside this dunya in all honesty, but if a person's tried, those one or two years will become magnified many times over there are some companions in the state of Geneva, become

00:48:46--> 00:48:58

Muslim in a state of Geneva passed away and they're being raised in into the heavens. And guess what the angels are giving this individual a hosel didn't do much. I'm gonna be clean,

00:48:59--> 00:49:35

done small actions, but the road became any immense because that at that moment in time Allah Spandana picked up on the action. So same for many of us, even though we may have practices some late or may not be doing so much. When you know about Eastern focus to the best of your ability, exert you know, just like you exerted inside these exams inside your life. Whatever remains you exert yourself, focus yourself and Allah bless those moments inside your life. So this record that we find that we think something could be missing, or Allah Subhana Allah or the angels won't Karim and Khatibi in ya allah Munna Mata for alone, these noble scribes, they know what you are doing

00:49:35--> 00:49:59

their writing, and they are there with us. They see us there are some narration and mentioned that when we do a bad deed, when they turn away from us, they find it repulsive, that they turn away from us. And likewise, it's a hadith imagine when a person is doing an evil action, and haram action. The angels are lifted from them live from the individual when they return back to being sober, being calm. It returns back so some aroma basically, it's a hadith. I said the person carries

00:50:00--> 00:50:35

A major sin they say is become a disbelieving no this is a minute view, it's made it's crystal clear to some people try to extract this and to say the person carries that major sin has become a disbeliever. But you can see where the concept comes from. Because the Hadith mentioned the angels turn away or the Iman is lifted from them. So they said on a base because a man is lifted and the person is not meant Hina yesterday, a person not a believer in a committing Zina say because a man is lifted by individual so they died committing Zina. So they must be a disbelieving individual even though that is not the most accurate view and the consensus view and I call the person is not a

00:50:35--> 00:51:11

believer Hina yes struggle humble person not a believer whilst drinking alcohol mean the image has been lifted from them at a moment in time, that if they die, they are in a very, very, very difficult situation. Very difficult situation. We should be always worried about our insider life that if a person dies, disobeying Allah subhanaw taala as a dangerous situation. And my personal advice has always been to young individuals, that no matter what sins not, I'm saying you should sin inside your life. Whatever sins you do inside your life, keep it personal. Keep it to yourself. Don't ever become an individual who spreads sins to another individual. And oh people inside my

00:51:11--> 00:51:45

life. We never touched drugs inside their life. And after a short while he began to be a dibble and dabble in drugs. They began to traffic drugs so drugs take drugs became whatever you would call it in today's world, drug lords, whatever it may be. And now they look back in their life and they regret what they've done. Because why? They said there's masses of people that they have now enticed them open the doors for them to enter into vice and they feel is never going to be forgiven by Allah subhanaw taala even though we hope they're going to be forgiven, but at shows regret in Hadith and Sunnah even magia in under them who are Toba and not them regret is Toba. So person even as a Muslim

00:51:45--> 00:52:21

when you sin, your sin should be your own sin. Try not to spread your sin. It may sound slightly hypocritical, but just like a father, if he smokes, he doesn't want his son to smoke. And other people may say well, you're smoking no harm your son smoking No. It's a natural feeling. And natural concept. Same thing as a Muslim five sin. I don't want you to sin as a Muslim. There are some folks I've mentioned may sound strange, they say when a person is drinking alcohol and you're sitting with your friend, you don't say like these people say you need bottoms up chairs or it may be forecast books or thicknesses you should say to the person it tequila fate Allah. Why? Because perhaps they

00:52:21--> 00:52:57

may restrain perhaps they might stop doing the action. Not like today Muslims themselves what they do. They enjoy advice in the leadin a boon for Asia Filipina Amman who llamada Buddha Lima finastra We spread wise we amongst our own souls, we do haram when other people do haram we want them to join and some of our friends as well. You find Shayateen who didn't even ins don't think the devils are just a gender amongst human beings. You know you tried to practice your deen fix up your life get on with your life they'll come along and say no okay remember those days like dislike dislike that but for for him or what days days of a yam would generally have go for of disbelief. Now, bro, do you

00:52:57--> 00:53:11

remember that it was like this, we would like that. When you're going to have Jahannam where are they going to be? And the same thing, the exams that we do inside this dunya we don't even know what the questions are. And look at the blessings of Allah is cramped under allah subhanaw taala has told us what the questions are.

00:53:12--> 00:53:37

And told us the answers. Three basic questions Mandra book? Who is your Lord? All of us we know our Lord is who? Allah? Medina, What is your religion? What's your way of life? You will know our way of life is an Islam? And who is this prophet? I'll send to you. None other than a prophet Allah is not some three simple questions. Questions are given, and answers are given. So why would so many people fail?

00:53:38--> 00:53:55

How is it plausible? Egyptians say Hey Ma cool, it doesn't make sense. How will people fail answering these questions? If we all know what the questions are, and we can't answer them, how will it be possible a person won't be able able to say Allah in the grave? How's that going to happen?

00:53:56--> 00:54:24

Why were you not going to be able to say Allah inside the Quran you submit Allah Allah Dena Amanu Bill Kohli 30 feet higher dunya Cara inside Surah bream Allah mentioned to give it's about affirmation to those to those people to say as Imam sad inside is to see it says it says called Allah Allah and Allah to say Allah Allah is Allah Salim and no La Ilaha illa Allah was stuck feeling them bit well in movement in have knowledge that none has the right to be worshipped except for Allah's pantalla if you just say I heard

00:54:25--> 00:54:30

a gorilla agree i don't know i don't know i heard people saying something the name Allah but I don't know

00:54:31--> 00:54:54

that's because remember your limbs will testify against you Your body will testify against you inside so find a Salah inside that we find inside the grave will be a form of light nude for the individual inside the grave. And what is your way of life? If I don't know way of life is that now if I if I asked you now okay even even myself looks subliminally them I know Liverpool beat what was it born with nine mil

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

subliminal message I don't really follow but this walking around whatever. And the later on game was

00:55:00--> 00:55:07

Whatever arsenal at 530 Whatever kickoff is going to be the understand sublimity. Look how you pick up certain things. That is all there inside the mind.

00:55:09--> 00:55:26

How many companions names? Do we know? How many football players names? Do we know? How many goals? Do we know about the championship League? Who's playing? Who? What team? What place? What location? What country who's in the bench, who's not the bench, which manager is going to come? How they're gonna fly, how they're going to dress, what they're gonna look like, we will know that.

00:55:27--> 00:55:55

We will know that, don't we? But what do we know about our deen about Islam? You know not to say that we should we should know these things. We live in this culture because it's a form of engagement. Because this is the culture that you need to know what these people what they live, what they thrive for, it becomes a point of engagement with them. You can't be a total abstract individual living inside this country. 5060 years, don't speak their language, don't understand their culture don't understand who they are, what their psyche is think that we stay away from them. Because we've been here for many years, we're not leaving this country. Now. anytime soon, no one's

00:55:55--> 00:56:30

gonna leave this country or that dream world, people are going to all of a sudden fly out of here and go to another place. That's not going to happen. We're here to stay now. So you have to engage inside the society. So the question about what is your way of life? Do we know what our way of life is? And the third question, who is a prophet? You know, how many of us know who the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is how many of us have read a book of Syrah in seek inspiration, aspiration, from his life, about his personality, the type of person His word was, how he lived, how you talk, how we dress, how we engage with people, that should be the up whole benchmark? You know, that's what I say

00:56:30--> 00:57:02

to people don't look at the world around us because all of us will fall short. And some of us are falling short, dramatically. Focus on the Prophet alayhi salatu salam because that's where you learn. That's where tarbiyah is from person, when they see how the Prophet Elisha is almost in every single situation inside his life. So if you mentioned that these questions that we know, we know what the question we know the answer is what they are. And some of us are going to say, Robert, dude, there's no resets. So if you flunked maybe an exam now you can come back and and reset the exam. We'll try again this year or next year. But in the earth era, there is no concept when you say

00:57:02--> 00:57:13

Rob, build your own andiamo, Saleh and FEMA Terra Oh my Lord give me a chance to do a reset. There's no resetting or people ask they always ask this question about in Jana Can I read Salah

00:57:14--> 00:57:25

there is no Salah and Jana, as we were going to meet on your Mazuma there's no concept that now when Jana start reading Salah are now in general start being a good person because everybody in Jana is going to be good people.

00:57:26--> 00:57:42

We're going to take away all Aramco and the ill feeling we're going to find on stage again to Jenna take it away and everybody is going to be one hot inside inside Jana but the striving and struggling is going to be inside this dunya as we began with what Taku Yeoman toward your owner fee Allah then we find inside social hasher yah yah yah yah

00:57:43--> 00:58:20

yah Yo yo, yo yo Latina I'm gonna talk Allah Walton bold enough so my god, are you believe fate Allah Subhana Allah and let every soul scene see why as prepared for tomorrow. That's what we need to see what we're going to prepare, or what we're going to send for for the following day. What duckula In Allah buhoma thermolon What are the Kulu Kalinina masala and so on. And first of all, don't become like those individuals who forgot Allah, Allah made him forget their own self. And that's a sign that the more that you become derailed away from Allah subhanaw taala the more you're drifting away, and the more that Allah is proud to Allah is pulling you back, bring you back to the

00:58:20--> 00:58:52

mothership bring you back to remember Allah Subhana Allah calendar as a blessing that Allah has given us and Allah gives all of us an opportunity. Every single Muslim, even non Muslim gives us opportunities opportunities to show you sides to come back to him. So may Allah grant that grant us all Tofik and success and all of our young brothers or old brothers who carried out the exams and the efforts that they put in and whatever grade that you got, just be content and be happy with yourself and take it as a stepping stone to better yourself, as you mentioned to better yourself inside and after May Allah grant Allah grant us all success and grant us put these words in Amazon

00:58:52--> 00:58:59

of Hassanal Wakulla COVID he had was thoughtfully welcome when Jimmy and Muslim infrastructurally know who will go for Rahim.