Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 21

Nouman Ali Khan
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah serial ambia even wa Sallim wa ala alihi wa sahbihi H mehreen

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Villa he ministry Condado de Mola moto johathan karma Deanna Kala sarabi DNA Dini. So Sabine will be shortly sorry, we'll see Emily, Dr. Melissa nikoli. I mean, yeah, but I mean,

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what I intend to share with you today, inshallah is two daughters of masala Salaam that are in succession. And we pick up his story from where we left off yesterday, he just escaped Egypt, he asked allows the widget to rescue him from the wrongdoing nation, that's the last thing I shared with you. He's out in the desert, he doesn't know where to go. He has no idea where he's going to go, he has no home left, he has no, no idea what's going to happen with him. And he's out in the desert. And if you imagine somebody who's walking in the desert, they have no idea where to go, there are no roads. And you can tell this is a you know, like in the woods or somewhere you if

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people have walked a certain path before, then it clears out. So you can say okay, maybe this leads somewhere. But in the desert, it's all the same. So you could be walking aimlessly and ended up in your own death. They won't even you won't even know. And if you keep walking, you won't even know that you made a giant circle because even if you are just a little bit deviated, you could be just going in the giant circle and not even know, you understand. So this is actually a pretty dangerous thing to be lost in the desert. I want you to imagine somebody standing in the desert not knowing where to go looking around. And Allah azza wa jal reveals this remarkable law, as he was desperately

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thinking about where to go, which way to run, which way to go. He says, Well, no matter what you had in common, even when his face turned in the direction of Meridian,

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or sarabi, de Sala Sabine, he said, hopefully, this hope is actually again, a DA towards Allah. Hopefully, my master will guide me to the straight, the most straight of all paths, most even path. Now, I want you to understand what happened here. A lot of the younger guys here, maybe they play video games, like role playing games, and you can pause the game and you see the larger map. And then you put a mile marker two miles away, five miles away, and then you follow the mile marker. And as you're going, you're heading straight in that direction, right? And you can tell which way to go. Even though there's all kinds of terrain, you know which way to go, right? Well, there's no GPS back

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in the day, there's no Mile Marker back in the day, he's out in the open desert. And as His face is turning this way, this way, in this way, as his faces his turn is turning. One of the directions it turned is directly maybe you know, 100 100 miles from there. 200 miles from there is the city of Meridian, or the town of meridian. Can you see it? No, he can't see it. This is long way from where he is okay. But he, Allah knows that his face just turned directly in front of meridian. Now you think about this, if he's only one degree off, His face is only one degree off, he's not going to end up in muddy and you understand. Or if he's one degree, this way, he's not going to end up

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towards the end. And he may go out to Allah, you know, that maybe hopefully, Allah will guide me to the most straight of all paths. And that meridian is actually where the water is. And of course, in the desert, if you're going to head out, then you better find water before you're done. So as soon as his face turned in the exact direction tilaka amarrian. It's not even while I'm at Aveda, illa madeon it's still comedy and then Chi in Arabic is used for exactly towards something. So as his face was directly pointing towards muddy and he prayed to Allah, hopefully a level guide me to the most straight of all paths, and he went straight line towards muddy and hundreds of miles away. So

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Pamela, that was his GPS from Allah, exactly where to go. You know, this is kind of like a reminder of the of Abraham at a salon. When he left. He said, Allah is the one who will guide me. This is exactly what happens with musante Sam, so he has in that direction. Now eventually, you know, however far away it was, he eventually will a melodrama comedy and he gets to the waters of Midian. And when he reaches there, of course, he's going to try to drink some water because he's been in the desert. And he notices that there are a bunch of men that are feeding their animals. So they bring, of course in the pasture, they bring their animals to drink water there, and he sees up top on the

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hill. There are a bunch of girls, what did I mean dooney him in Mauritania, Sudan, he saw two girls that were pulling on their sheep. They were holding their sheep and their animals from going into the water. And he thought that was a strange thing. So he walked up to these girls. And he said, Mahatma, What's your deal? What are you doing? And they said, dynasty? What are you still on the buena shavon Kabir. We can't give our animals any water to drink. Until all those men the entire flock is done. And they leave. The reason they're saying that is those men are perverts. They don't respect women. If we go down there, they act disrespectfully towards us they have experienced doing

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this. So they've decided not to go down there until all those people leave. And then they can feed their animals and they give the reason to Luna shaken cabbie.

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Which has multiple meanings. One of the meanings is that our father is too old to do this. Basically, we have to do the work now. The ladies of the women of the house have to do the work because the father is too old. He can't come out here and do it anymore. Okay.

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So Musa alayhis, salam, sakala, Houma, he basically didn't have any more conversation with them. He just grabbed the animals from them walked away. And he's pretty strong man, as the other part of the story can tell you, he moved the other folks around like flies, got their animals drink, brought them back, handed the animal back to them. And then he found some tree or some some shade somewhere under a rock. And he just leaned back on the rock and sat down, no more conversation with them, just this act of his and then he sat down and this is when he made this door. And there's lots of other lessons to learn here, but I want to focus just on the door. He sits down under the shade and he

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says I you know, in order to be in nilima and delta 11 hire in fact a very famous

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he says master whatever you send down towards me of any good then I am lucky for Kieran Arabic is used for you know, in literature became very poor person. But forget actually comes from Fokker, which means the back is broken. When somebody has so much burden on them, that their back is breaking, meaning they've become disabled, meaning physically they've become disabled. And from it the meaning became someone who's become economically disabled. Someone has become socially disabled. They have no power, no capacity left. That's what makes them for Pete. He says to Allah, my master, whatever you send towards me, whatever good comes down to me from you. I could desperately use it.

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My back is broken. I'm disabled. I don't know what else to do. What he's saying here, the word hate is the key element here. What he's saying to Allah azza wa jal is that your law right now, if you I have no home, I have no other change of clothes, I have no food. I have just this water to drink. Whatever you give me if you get if you find me a cave to live in, I'll be happy. You know, they say in Arabic, Allah Shiva Bhima. You're

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the one who's walking and has no ride. He'll be happy with whatever right he can get. You give him a donkey, he'll be happy to give him a bicycle, he'll be happy to give him a unicycle. It'll be happy, because he has nothing. So he's basically saying to Allah Yala, I'm not going to complain. Why didn't you send me this? You know, I'm used to living in a palace. So I should get some at least business class help. If not first class, at least business class help. No, whatever you give me, I'm not going to show you any attitude. I wish I could use it. Whatever good you send my way. And it comes down from you. This is a shout out also that any good that comes to us in life, every morsel

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of food that I eat, every good that I enjoy every every, every, you know, few feet that I drive in my car, all of that has come down from the sky. None of that was my doing any good of any kind in this world actually came directly from Allah to you. So when you and I started thinking, Allah has abandoned me, Allah is not taking care of me. As a matter of fact, Allah is taking care of you and his care for you is a package coming from the sky all the time, directly for you, directly for you. And he's saying just like you've been sending this good towards me, I could use it right now. But there's another beautiful meaning that I want you to think about in this door is very powerful. The

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word higher in Arabic doesn't just mean good in this dunya. Quran uses the word higher in two ways. Quran uses the word high as in good things in this world, money, food, clothes, shelter, etc. These are these are also hide right now. Julio belhaj, really shady like the Koran says, but hate is also used for good deeds.

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Both I don't hate duhail, which means do good deeds. Now, Musa alayhis salam is teaching us a very important principle. If you've made a mistake, like musalla said, I made a mistake and you ask Allah for forgiveness, then the next thing that should happen is you should have a thirst inside you to do as much good as possible, you become thirsty for the next opportunity to do something good. When he saw those two girls that needed help, he jumped at the opportunity immediately helped them. Then he sat down under the shade. And he turns to a lion says Yama, I just you just gave me that that was from you. Like there's physical risk, and there's the risk that will help you in your era. Right? So

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he's asked, telling Allah, that after my mistake, I am eager to make up for that not only by my stepfather, but by doing more good deeds, you gave me this chance to help them. But any other chance you give me to do any other good, I will jump on it. I'll take it. And this is actually your way and my way of knowing if truly our heart meant the apology we made to Allah when we turn to align repentance and we know I told you yesterday that if you're sincere in your apology to Allah, then you should know that allies forgiven you. But there's a further litmus test and that is did you develop a thirst to do more good deeds to help others to do some help? Allah has given all of us

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different capabilities, masala Salaam was given extra strength. Immediately he had a chance to use his strength to do something good. He used it. Maybe Allah didn't give you muscles. Maybe Allah gave you artistic ability.

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Maybe he made you mathematically inclined, maybe he made you a good writer. I don't know what Allah gave you. And each of you have a different gift that Allah gave you. But if you've made a mistake in your past, and you apologize to Allah, then you have to ask yourself within what Allah has given me, how am I going to put it to work and do any kind of hate and the opportunity to do good, our view of it has now changed. He just saw that he helped two girls so they should be grateful to him. No, no. musasa recognizes the opportunity to help someone else was a gift that came down from Allah. That's a gift that came down from Allah, he should be grateful to them, for allowing him to do something

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good. This is the mentality of a believer when they do something good. When we give sadaqa to someone, when we are needy person is given help by us, then those people that we are giving to have honored us, we haven't honored them. They have honored us because they allowed us to make a lot happy. They allowed us to take really take away some of our sins, they allowed us to increase our own risk, because we gave them sadaqa This is our attitude towards the people that we help. When you're teaching as a teacher, when you're teaching someone, your your students think that you know they should honor you, but actually you should be honored by your students. Because they give you an

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opportunity to spread something good. They give you that chance you understand. So this is the the attitude of a servant of Deen. It doesn't matter if I'm wearing the mic and you're sitting in the audience. And you might think I'm in some I'm physically higher than you right now. Yeah. But in the sense of status, I am supposed to be grateful to you and I am. If you if you take something good from this and something good comes in your life, that's something that increases my risk with a larger budget. Right. So I'm supposed to be in a position of service, not in a position of leadership. As I speak to you. That's the attitude of a believer that we have to inculcate in

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ourselves. We he turns to Allah desperately and says, Whatever good you send my way, I could totally use the help. Whatever good deed you can send. So what is the logic? And this is what I'm going to wrap this up with those girls, they went home.

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They went home a few hours earlier than usual. Usually they wait for everybody to finish. Then they go feed their animals, then they go home. They show up four hours early. The father is looking at them like well, why are you here so early? Well, in this day, there was this pretty big man he came and he just kind of and they talked to him about Masada, Islam. And you know, their father, he trusts these girls so much. He says, Okay, one of you go get him, I want to pay him. Now, if you're a father of girls, if you're a father of girls, and your girls come and tell you there was a man who helped me.

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Would you been helped? You know, No, he didn't. He didn't say anything bad. He just, he just helped with you really help with the animals.

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If you trust your daughters enough to go outside, then you need to trust their opinion.

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If you try, if you're living in the model, you trust them enough to go to the university. You trust them enough to go get a job. You trust them enough to go outside, then you need to trust them enough. When they give you opinion about someone being good, then you shouldn't flip out. You need to calm down. He trusts them so much that he says you know what one of you go get him.

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One of you will get him. That's interesting. One of you will get him if you think he's that honest, I if I'm a father, I would think at least send both the girls because that's safer. But he trusts his daughter so much he notices one of them is more impressed with him than the other. The one who's impressed Why don't you Why don't you go get him. And then when she came to him before they were tough, they were tough with him. They said we can't do this until the they're all done. And our dads will basically leave us alone. They didn't talk much to musasa. But this time she is here. She came to him walking shyly. But the part that I wanted to highlight related to the draw, this is the key.

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He turned to a line said yellow whatever, give whatever good you give me, I'll take it.

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Whatever chance to do good. And whatever physical material good you give me whatever it is you give me I'll take it.

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She came. She says in that be fun. Therefore she came the ISS therefore she came. In other words, it's because of his daughter that she came. She was the answer to musasa.

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You have to understand that. So when she came she said obeah DeLuca Liang z aka drama subtitler. My father's calling you because and it's not means my father in law doubt. It's my dad. Okay. He's interested in calling you. He wants to pay you for the service you provided you fed our animals. That's why he'd like to pay you. Now musalla Islam could have done what you know a lot of South Asians called Pecola. Many of the native head America, African American, it's okay. You It's okay. It's okay. I did that for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I, I do not need reward from you. I'm okay. I'm fine. I'm fine. No, he doesn't do that. Why not? You know, we have this thing that if

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somebody's offering us help, our immediate response is no, no, no, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm okay. I'm good enough.

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hamdulillah no prayer bleeding from the side, you're closer. No, no. It's just a mosquito bite, mosquito, I'm fine.

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When you need help, you need help. And when you ask Allah for help, he's not going to send you an angel from the sky and say, Hey, let me put a bandaid on you. He's going to send you some human beings, some other means in this world, and those are not. And you say, No, I only want the help of Allah. I don't want the help of other human No, no, that is the help of Allah genius. Musashi Salaam realizes this, he recognizes this. So when this girl comes and says my dad wants to pay you, he doesn't say Well, I didn't do that to get paid. I did that for the sake of Allah. Allah will reward me in the arcade. Oh, no, no, no. He said, Let's go get paid. He went.

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He went with him. He went immediately, there was no hesitation on his part. What are we learning? When we ask Allah, some of you have had a hard time finding a job. Some of you have a hard time getting acceptance into the university that you wanted some good you are hoping for and it's not coming. Then when some good comes your way. And it's not exactly what you expected. It's not exactly the job you were you were looking for the same job for three years, you're not finding it. And some lesser job came that you are more qualified than that job. But at least it's a job. Nice. No, not this one. I need something else. Or you keep making the outward line domestic Yala. I'm looking for

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a job. Yeah, Allah opened the doors of this. And the brother next to you says, Hey, brother, I heard you're looking for a job. There is an opening in my no mo can handle alarm, okay.

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Allah just answered your door and you just push it away. That was the answer to your da, you shouldn't dismiss that you shouldn't dismiss the help of people, because that is how our lessons help so many times. So he went and he actually went ahead and spoke to the man. And then long story short, the man said, I have an idea. Why don't I marry my daughter Do you?

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And you could live here for at least eight years. If you want to stay 10 years, you could stay 10 years, then whatever you want to do. You know, all of his daughters got answered. One, that family needed protection. So him marrying into that families him also doing a good deed.

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It also means if he married this girl, and he went away somewhere, first of all, he has nowhere to go, where's he gonna? He's homeless himself. Now she's homeless with him. That doesn't make any sense. So he's gonna stay there with them. Okay. And then, of course, on a side note, he's living with his in laws for 10 years. I'll say that again. He's living with his in laws for 10 years. You know, in many cultures in the world, if you live with your in laws, it's like what kind of man are you? Right? You want to say that to Mussolini's, how do you think you can handle one of his punches?

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He's more man than any of us. And he because if the situation requires it, then it's an unusual family situation. It's okay. It's completely fine. The daughters are earning the income for the household, are they not? People now staying home? Somehow their daughters are making the money? What a shame in that, is that a shame? No. Why would it? Would it be mentioned in the Quran? Why would it be in the dishonored family? There are different situations for different families. So he's helping the family number one, number two, this gives his father an opportunity to find someone for the other daughter. Because if one daughter got married and went to her house, now only one girl is

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going to go feed the animals. That's dangerous. Right? So that's how that problem is solved. On the other side, musala Islam now has a home. Now he has a family. Now he's taken care of, but take a step back. What situation was masala Solomon just a few, maybe an hour ago, an hour ago, he had no home. He had no money. He had no other clothes on his back. He had no food.

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He was a he was wanted for murder. So he's a fugitive from the law. This is the perfect candidate for nikka. Like, somebody comes to your house and says I'd like to marry your daughter. So what do you Well, I'm homeless. I don't have any other clothes that I ran away from my country because they want me for murder.

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Well, let's sign you up. Let's go. Let's do this.

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What I'm trying to get at is that when you turn to a lie and desperation and you truly humble yourself before a lie and say, whatever good you send my way, I will take it. Then we have Zoom In high school I have to say Allah will provide in ways you couldn't even imagine. You can't imagine a father saying you know you and cassava Hill costs by the way, masala Sam told him the whole story, everything that's happened. And after everything he heard, he says, immunity to an uncle.

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I think I should marry one of my two girls to you.

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That's what I want. So hon Allah, this this is the this is this is the reward of his honesty, of his sincerity and most of them first and foremost, his asking of help from Allah and then him not turning help away when it comes. Remember on the flip side is orajel is not an illness. the dignity of a human being is that they don't need other people's help. Of course, we don't like being in a position where we need other people's help. But it's there's a difference.

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Between begging for other people's help, and other people coming to you and offering their help. There's a big difference between those two things. When people come and offer you help, don't just push it away. Take it as a gift from a line, consider it. It doesn't take your dignity away. It doesn't take your pride away. You might even be kicking away that is that Allah sent that is that a lesson? You know, I leave you with this silly joke. You know, there was a flood, and everybody's leaving. And this one brother from the machine says no, no, Allah will help me.

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And the rescue boat comes and says get on the boat. No, no, no. Holla I asked Allah. Allah will help me. Then the helicopter comes and he's up to here. No, no, get on that. Look, no, no law will help me. You know. And finally, as he's about to completely drowned, he sees one last person says I'm the last one here. I bet this robot just get on? No, I'll help me.

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He's gone. And then when the questioning begins, the angel said, Why did you kill yourself? No, I didn't kill myself. I was waiting for the help of Allah. They said genius. First Allah sent a boat and he sent a helicopter.

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Why do you keep turning away the help of Allah don't turn away the help of Allah. We're not we're not prophets. We're not going to get help from angels coming down that you can see. It's going to come through his creation. Eliza will open our hearts to the help that comes from him. And really help us make sincere doctype. It's a short dog, easy to memorize. It's in certain cases, the surah number 28. And I'd like you to memorize it make the effort to memorize it. It's half a sentence. Let me give you the number. I'm very analog. I'm not digital. So I'll give you a number. kohlrabi in Nineveh and Santa Ilia mean, Hayden's key.

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Yeah, 24 Very good. It's number 24. So and it's not even the entire IR you just have to memorize the last part of this. I'll be in neelima and Gentile Yemen Hayden forgive. Those of you that are Pakistani Indian. Probably have it on your fridge anyway, so that's fine. So barakallahu li walakum salaam article

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