Nouman Ali Khan – What Is The Purpose Of Hajj?

Nouman Ali Khan
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What is the function of Hajj? The purpose of Hajj that I alluded to briefly is in fact that a person has to get a new life, that they're starting afresh that they've accumulated the dirt of sins and sadness and grievance in their life. And now Allah has given them an opportunity to face him like they will on Judgment Day, but ahead of it to prepare themselves from judgment, a new a new life all over again. So when we go for when we go for Hajj, the idea that I no longer carry any of the recognition that I had before I left nothing, you know, like Allah describes on judgment taken lumati Here, Mulkey Amati Farda everyone will come before Allah on that day as an individual, Hajj

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is one of the biggest if not the biggest gathering you'll ever be a part of, and you'll never feel more alone than at Hajj. You'll feel like you're the only one there. It's just you and Allah and just people pushing you're on it. And the fact that people are pushing you around and you're not getting your personal space and you're not being treated like a VIP that you're normally used to being treated and all of that is actually a training that you are meaningless now you're worthless. You're before Allah you have no pride left now Rafa Zuko Elijah Levin Hodge, there's a reason for that. There's no arguing and hugs there's no Hey, you can't do that. To me. There's none of that

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because you have no self respect left. You've completely given yourself for Allah being tossed and thrown around. That's literally what you go there for you don't go there to be treated well, you go there to in that barren place for a reason. Notice the place Allah chose for Hajj, Buddhas this land, how burning hot and uncomfortable it is. How unworldly it is. There's nothing there's no reason to go there. That can be worldly. You know, there's it's just entirely a spiritual place to be actually in a worldly sense. It's a very uncomfortable place. Had it not been for the kava, I can guarantee you maca was not a hot like vacation destination is not going to compete with California

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or Hawaii or Malaysia or something else. It's not going to there's no reason somebody's going to go into burnt rock. You know, they're not going to go there. But we go there before Allah azza wa jal and literally it's almost describes the barren nature of what judgment is going to look like. You know, because Allah azza wa jal will describe that he's going to make everything into flat it's going to be there's not gonna be any life left. And it's going to be, you know, this barren nature to judgment day. That's what we're preparing ourselves for. Now, these 10 nights of training, and these days that go by, and that night that quiz quickly passes by, Allah says to those people who

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carry this remarkable tradition, the custodians of this remarkable tradition, he says to them healthy the Alika customer Lydia hedger, in that is there enough of a Is there enough of a remarkable oath and all of that for those that possess the great solid mines. Hedgehog actually originally comes from Hotjar, which is yet another literary reason, I'm compelled to think this is referring to the Hajj, because he shares the origin in Arabic with the word hijab, and hijab goes back to hijab is what also, right but anyway, hatred in Arabic is one of the words for the intellect barrier actually means hydroton, or the hijab, or the

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rajyotsava, or the Jota is our director and they have monobrand term Nehru had him in Vedic, it actually means to create a barrier keeping people from passing through, like somebody puts a gate or a tower or something, and you can't get through. This is the word you one of the Arabic words used for the intellect and you'll notice the intellect in the Arabic language. Many of its words have to do with restraint or stopping. So you have in Nephi, Donica, the emulator literally no ha people of prevention. Prevention literally means to stop and that's word for intellect, or alcohol means to tie something up in a call to tie something up again, prevention restraint. hedger is a barrier. Why

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is the intellect called a hedgehog? It's called a hedgehog because your emotions and your temper and your greed and your lust and your desire has no limits. It just wants to do what it wants to do. And your brain, your mind, if you possess hedger will stop it and control it. And you're going to restrain yourself. That is the exercise of hedge. We all have greed, we have lust, we have temptation, we have these things inside of us that our animal desires that are uncontrolled, unchecked, wild, you know stallions that are out of control inside of us, we go to Hajj to put all of those in check to put a restraint on all of them. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me

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explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at being is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section

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