Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadam is over. What now

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the difference between the time and the day in Islam is emphasized, along with the need to avoid consuming things that are not needed or desired and avoid harm to one's business or personal relationships. Money and lies are discussed as ways to gain control and avoid damaging others' businesses. The importance of fasting to build healthy relationships is emphasized, along with the need to use one's own resources and trust in oneself to avoid damaging others' businesses. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being aware of one's own money and actionable steps to avoid going in the wrong direction.
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So you will have the other elderly Bashara here recently Maria was

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Allah, Allah love or love for the

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it. Can you come with

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me welcome from the moon. Yes, local NACA.

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Proficient is somebody were simply working on rocks that have been designed yet Cocconi Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah love

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in today's brief was I want to share some thoughts with you that are coming from a portion of the Quran that Allah revealed to us in sort of an era. It comes right after what Allah teaches us about Ramadan. For those of you who don't know, Allah only talks about the month of Ramadan one time.

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And that's it.

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We all know that the Muslims are liars are based on two schedules, there's a daily schedule, and there's a yearly schedule, right? And just like at home, or on your devices, you have a clock, and you have a calendar, right? There's two different clock. The purpose of the clock is your daily schedule. The purpose of the calendar is your yearly schedule, right? So the same way Allah created the system in our prayers and our worship to Allah that the sun is our clock. So depending on where the sun is which time to pray, that's our clock, and the moon is our calendar. Right? So the way the moon works, and the way that the phases of the moon, that's our calendar, and based on of course,

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the worship of Ramadan is based on the lunar calendar, it's based on the moon, right. And there were two major events every year that are based on the moon that we have to observe that are a major part of our relationship with Allah. And these are the two at ease, right so that the coming of Ramadan, building a community and the Hajj season two memberships are fasting in touch the two pillars of Islam, they're tied to the 100 calendar. Now, what's happening? Well, the reason I brought all of this up, you know, all of this already, the reason I brought this up is Allah talks

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about bla bla bla. And then right after that, there's one is, and I'm not going to tell you about that is skipped one higher, and then Allah talks about

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will hear our key to literacy.

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So the two things, the two items on our calendar are mentioned back to back, and there's only one thing in the middle. So it's really important that we understand that one thing in the middle because the one before and the one after has to do with our relationship with Allah. Why don't we what's the great reward from Allah, it gives you a new start. You started over with Allah you fasted before. Only when Allah was witness, nobody was forcing you. Nobody could control you. Nobody had authority over you to stop me from eating and drinking. It wasn't illegal. But you stopped yourself anyway. No, there was no authority over you and you will bail Allah continuously for hours and hours

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and hours without any compromise. Right? You trained yourself to become obedient to Allah, I trained myself to be obedient to Allah for 30 days, we did that. And we deprive ourselves, even sometimes a basic needs like food and water, and we deprive ourselves. So this is like an exercise in us learning to rebuild our relationship with Allah. And it's the same exact kind of logic for hutch, isn't it? Because when somebody goes to house, they're starting over their relationship with Allah. And it's just also about deprivation. You'll notice a lot it's about deprivation, you deprive yourself of some basic things, and had you to cry

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hear it's also about deprivation. And you deprive yourself for a set period of time to teach yourself that you are capable and I am capable of stopping ourselves from whatever we want to do, you can we can put control over ourselves. But in between these two things, Allah mentioned the following if that's the subject I'll take maybe 10 minutes or so just to talk about this. I'm, we're done. And this ayat, Allah says what Kulu and why Allah combina Conville Baffin don't

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eat up each other's monies. Using lies. That's the statement, but there's more to the eye. But that's the crux of the idea. Don't eat up each other's money using lies. Now, what in the world does that have to do with Ramadan? What does that have to do with Hajj in Ramadan, you learn to make certain things haram for yourself. Water is Hello. But for several hours in the day water was cut off wrong for you. Food was wrong. It was it's halal, otherwise it's not halal anymore. From that lesson, Allah now says Now those things are halal. But some things are forever haram just like you couldn't touch the food and the water during the fast. I want you to have the same mentality. When

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you think about your business partner partners money that you owe him, and you're not paying it back. It's the same exact mentality, don't eat something you're not allowed to eat, don't consume what you're not allowed to consume. I'm going to tell you there are our scholars especially if you are sure did a really beautiful job on this idea of simplified for you guys. He talks about money because the is about money, right? He says money is three kinds. What am why means it's three things. And it's a really nice description. The first thing that money means is what we what we know it means stuff you use to buy other things cash, right bank account, the assets that you have back

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in the day, gold and silver, all of that is mine, fine. Everybody knows that. So your your savings and the stuff you use to buy things and to engage in new businesses and all of that, that's my, that's number one. Number two are the things you use every day. And the things that you keep consuming, like your car is also mine. The food in the fridge is also mine, the clothes you're wearing is also mine, the stuff that you're using all the time is also a that's the second. And the third is really interesting. The Arabs used to call the camel mud in their poetry. And they used to call the sheep also mud. And they used to call the farmland also MA and why did they do that?

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Anything you use to make money, anything you use to make money. So the for the farmer, the tractor is really important because he's gonna he can't do the farming job without his tractor. That's his model. For for a clinic, all the medical equipment that's there without which they cannot do their work. That's their month for for a taxi driver, an Uber driver, his car that he needs to make his money is also his money. So it's actually my that doesn't just include money. It also includes all the things you need to be able to make money, the tools that you have the resources that you have the job that you have to be the livelihood, the means of your livelihood, that's also included in

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ML. So what is Allah saying? And if we say, don't eat each other's mile, using lies, and I'll tell you before, before I go on, I'll tell you something about lies to ballpen. Well, that's why the combiner Conville. Al bottle in Arabic is really interesting word it actually they used to say what's a little edgier. When, when a worker is sitting there, you paid him and you sitting there he's not doing any work. They will say bottle edges. Why? Because when someone has energy, and they don't use it as if they don't have any energy. They're actually engaged in Brooklyn. And from a chem the idea It looks like he's not even capable of working, but that's actually alive. And I In other

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words, there's something different on the inside. There's the potential on the inside the energy is there. It's stored, but it's not being used. That's actually one of the core meanings of Buffett. So Buffett means you show something else on the outside, but something else is going on on the inside, right? And so in this is what we're learning is if I have to think about am I hurting somebody else's business? Am I hurting somebody else's livelihood? It's not just about stealing. Allah didn't say, let us recall, don't steal. He said, Don't eat each other's you know, money. How do people eat each other's money? Well, sometimes you want to just use somebody else's resources, even though

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they're not yours. It's not stealing, but you're hurting their business or somebody says, Hey, I'm gonna get a job at this company, or I'm gonna get a job with my friend because he's got a nice business, but I'm not really getting a job to get the job. I want to learn everything he does, and how he does it. And then I'm going to steal all of his business ideas and all of his employees

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And I'm going to start my own thing. And I'm going to make sure he goes down. Right? So you're, you're not just you're doing work, but actually using this lie building your trust. You're actually stealing somebody else's business. You're destroying somebody else's livelihood. It's not just taking money, it's hurting their livelihood. That's within this aisle, also. Lotta Kulu umbrella convener Campbell battling. When we have somebody else's, you know, you know, families, sometimes they share things, right, you share a car, or your share, you know, you know, sometimes a kitchen, sometimes other kinds of things you're sharing, right? And you know, that you can you should be

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getting the groceries and coloring some of your expenses. But you know, the food's already there. Let me just keep taking from that one. It's good savings, because I'm gonna keep my taking my brother's stuff, or my uncle stuff, or you know, somebody else's. It's just family. It's okay. It's okay. You're slowly eating, what's not yours, not that Kulu and wider combiner comb, build wealth in the same way. In many cultures, you'll have there's a there's a conditioning that happens. Some people are told who your real family is. So you're so in many cultures, I won't name them. If you're from that culture, you will smile and you will tell me, okay? So they'll tell you that you're your

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mother, your father, your brother, your sister, that you're your real family, but your wife and your kids, they're the problem part. They're not your real family. They're the problem. Okay? So if your son says, Dad, I want to start a new business. We don't have money like that. Your son says, Hey, Dad, I need to, you know, let's let's do this work together, or I need some help. You know, we can't do that. Or the wife says, Hey, I need some help with this. No, no, we don't have you know, our budget is really tight. But then your brother calls and says, Hey, I need $5,000 Yeah, of course.

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So, why? Because that's your real family. This is not your real family, you understand. And this is and by the way, as the head of the household, there are people that have rights over you that come first, we'll be vying for COVID and Wiley him Allah says that you have to spend on your your spouse and your children. That's your first responsibility. And now you're denying that responsibility, but because that's the real family. Right. That's the real and that's actually also that Kulu Amala combiner comb, pillbox and it's within that it's within these meanings. So this is a very heavy, I don't hurt somebody else's business. Don't steal their money, don't drain them unfairly, don't put

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financial drain on them. They it's psychologists nowadays, they call this financial financial abuse. It's a form of psychological abuse, putting pressure on someone for finances, when you know you don't deserve that. Right. And this is a very common practice in many, many, many people's lives. What Kulu by now,

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so Allah is now telling us all this month I got I spent this whole month trying to get close to Allah and so I could get tequila. That means you're careful. And the first thing Allah wants me to be careful about is money.

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And don't don't hurt people and don't take other people's rights in terms of money. So Allah's test for whether or not I have tequila is actually how I deal with my money matters. That's actually the first test. You know what we think the tequila if somebody really has to UCLA, their facial hair is going to be different. When when somebody really has stuck while you're gonna see their clothing is different. When somebody really has taqwa, you're going to hear more Arabic come out of their mouth, just like Hola, mashallah and Hamdulillah. That's how this is he's, you know, he's on top of our track right now. He's on track, you know? So these are the we look at these things, these visible

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things are somebody's praying now that you didn't use to. This guy's on Taqwa. But you know what you could be praying five prayers. Your beard could be Masha Allah Alhamdulillah you could be you could be you could be all that but your money matters are in the gutter. And that's not the case at all. That's not the case at all. That's why between the two great acts of worship, Allah put money matters in between nothing in the Quran is by accident, nothing was given to the ayat were stitched together. So your your connection to Allah immediately supposed to change your connection to people and how you deal with them financially. Nobody should be able to say John judgment a I need to be

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careful I need I need to be able to stand in front of Allah judgment and say, Ya Allah, I didn't take anyone's money unfairly. And I didn't give someone's right to somebody else. If I owe somebody I gave them and I didn't take their right and give it to somebody else. I should be able to say that to Allah and judgment day. I better be very clear because nobody else is going to come in, stand on my behalf. I have to explain myself. There is no excuse. So he says what to do. We have a lot. Hohokam Anita Kulu Fareed coming on one in Nancy bill if me well, Anthem, Tana Moon as I was studying this, I was fascinated. The next step is and don't use the money to pull in rulers to

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influence judges, don't you

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use money to influence judges for the for what purpose. So you could end up taking a portion of other people's money.

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Meaning first of all, you earn money the wrong way, now that you got the wrong kind of money, now you're using it to influence who judges so that they can judge in your favor. And by the way, judges are not just in court. Judges are not just in government. Sometimes judges are in family to yes or no, the elders in the elder in the family can be a judge, the senior in the community can be a judge in any any environment, somebody of influence, somebody of standard stature can be a judge. And now you can use your money to influence their opinion, give them a really expensive eat gift and say, Hey, I, I need you to you know, they're going to discuss this with you, I just need you to make sure

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that you're, you're fair. You hear both sides. And you just point to yourself, right? This, this notion of actually using your money to influence the opinion of others buying out the opinion of others. Let's get this happens in many, many fields, in many spaces, not just in the court of law. And our scholars were so clear about this idea, like ignore, I just said something amazing. He said sometimes you can have a corrupt judge, even a gobby, who's judging by Sharia can be a corrupt judge, and you can by the judge, and now we know especially now living in the West and living in different parts of the world. You don't even just have to have a corrupt judge. Sometimes the system

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itself is corrupt. Sometimes the system is designed that it helps the rich and it hurts the poor, or it's unfairly unfairly in favor of men or unfairly in favor of women in some cases, and somebody gets rocked. Because the new say no, no, this was fair because the judge ordered it. The judge must have been fair, our scholars were clear just because a judge ordered something doesn't mean it became halal. Listen to that, again. A judge's decree doesn't make something halal. If Allah said that was wrongly taken, then even a judge's judgment is not enough to make it halal. Even though you might feel better about yourself. There's a difference between the two, what to do Looby Halal

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hookah, Lita Kulu for the coming unwillingness, even if me want to tell them. So this is a happy time. It's time for us to celebrate. But let's celebrate the right things. Let's let me become conscious of my money matters. And where I spend and how I spend and who I owe to. And if if somebody owes you I pray, they're listening, and they're thinking, hey, yeah, I took that wrongly. By the way, just because you're angry at someone you're angry at someone doesn't give you a right to take their stuff.

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Right? Oh, they hurt me. Really. They hurt my feelings. Now I'm gonna take their life savings. They hurt my feelings, therefore, I'm going to destroy their car, or I'm going to hurt their business. Because they said this one thing to me five years ago, they said this one thing to me last Ramadan. And now I'm so upset. I'm gonna just take this. It's only fair. Their ideas. It's only fair. This is also that Kulu while the combiner can be battered, and when people say why did you do it? Then you're trying to sway their opinion and say, no, no, no, let me let me buy you a gift. And let me make you say yeah, that's all it's only fair. But to the Looby hilar, hookah nittaku For the coming

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on, while in Nashville if we were anthem down the moon, these are the things that bring harmony in society, just like Allah has given us a chance to develop a harmony between us and Him by coming close to him by worshiping Him by reciting the Quran. By fasting. We got closer to Allah the same way we have to build harmony within each other and it's not going to happen if the money matters are in the wrong in going in the wrong direction. May Allah azza wa jal help us learn this profound lesson that Allah wants us to learn right after the teaching of Ramadan Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, when Allah Allah, Allah Allah

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Subhana. Allah Muhammad in early Muhammad can also lead to Allah Ibrahim early Ibrahima Phil Alameen in Naka, hamidou Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad in early Mohammed

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Ibrahim rather early Rahim I mean, in Mecca, habito Majeed, Allah, Allah it took Allah in the La Jolla mobile and the only action for Eater is in Cuba when her an infectious evil mancha with a liquid Allahu Akbar Allahu Allahu mattes now on

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to all of you.

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