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Prophet Adam – Part 3


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the cultural and political messages of shaytan, including the importance of obtaining one's own knowledge and following God's instructions to avoid chaos. They also touch on the use of drugs and alcohol to create chaos among people and the need for individuals to obtain their own knowledge to avoid wasting time. The speakers stress the importance of following God's instructions to avoid chaos and the use of "IT" in various ways, including personal experiences and the concept of "weekdays."
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Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa

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salam aleikum wa barakato.

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We've reached the point where Allah azza wa jal has created Adam, he has made him

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give the names of all those things that Allah put in his mind. And we talked in the last session about the intelligence that was given to the human being over the gins, and the fact that the human being has got everything in his brain, in his mind, whatever Allah wants him to know, he can make know that. It's solely that Allah contracts, and he opens our minds whenever he wants. And everything in our lives, whatever we've learned is all inside, then even things that we don't, we have never even learned a lot can choose to switch those cells on that we will we will just know them automatically.

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And then we depict the scenario where a police was told to bow down with the angels to administer them, and he decided not to.

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And then Allah azza wa jal then starts a conversation with him. We also talked about the greatness of the sin and of this challenge, because what happened here is that at least wasn't challenging anyone else but challenging Allah azza wa jal, and he was great. He was talking to him directly. And the fact that Allah had ordered him, so it's an order from the highest of authority in existence, and he is refusing to bow down. Now, there's hottub, or there's anger here, there's anger interface. There's also a stigma, which is that he's seeking to become great. There's also this thing about this thinking that he is much higher, what and there's also jealousy. So these are some of the prime

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things and we said in the last session that one of the biggest sins, and the first sins, which most sins go back to, is this Anania, which is when a person thinks that you know, self selfishness, self respect, self, sort of

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consciousness, this, this leads to this the sense, so he wanted a lot for himself, and wasn't concentrated on the other. Now, jealousy and jealousy is something which can make somebody blind to to others. And what happens is when you will understand because this sin, then will will reemerge again, in between the two sons of Adam. So that's one of the again, and that will lead to killing the first murder on the earth. So what happens is that a person is focused on himself or herself, so much so to the extent that they they feel deprived of another blessing, which somebody else has got. And they feel that they should have deserved to get that other blessing that other creation of God

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has got. And it could mean anything. And this case is at least that feels that the position Allah has given to this creation, he should have had that position. And what he had given

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otherwise, I'm in the open statement was that he's going to make him as halifa, which is the he's going to give him the reins of the earth, which would mean that from now until whenever Allah decides this thing, this creature is going to become the one that has the greatest influence on the earth. And as we know, today, we have got the greatest influence. And genes have got an influence on this earth, but they're nowhere near us in terms of the influence, we are a lot more smarter, intelligent them though they are, you know, the meaning of the believing genes are brothers, they are a lot more faster than us in terms of traveling, they have longer lives than us. They have got

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you know, they're invisible, whereas we are visible. But in overall we score a lot better than them. Now what was going on in this is that he has made so much effort over this time. And suddenly he sees that otherwise, salaam is the one that gets everything, or a lot of things he's got without him even making an effort. It's just like, Allah has just gifted him. Now this is when jealousy really comes into play a lot. When a when a person sees that you know what, this car suddenly just comes up and he's just suddenly got all this wine. Now the question is, can why for example, if there's two businessmen, there's two businessmen, one who's been established by the talented backline you've got

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one who's been established there for over 13 years, and I've seen this myself between businessman and I've seen on turn Pac Man as well. So once we've established for about 20 years, and he's doing sort of normal business, and he's going up and down

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And suddenly someone comes, and he's taken one of the neighboring shops, and he's saying the same thing as this person, but he's making a lot of profit. Right? He's making a lot of profit. And he tears into the business of this one. Now, okay, fine. You should you're supposed to sort of say that Allah azza wa jal, you know, he's, he's given, you know, he's given this personnel risk that he hasn't given me that was to end it. But what goes through the mind of this person is why, why is he just suddenly dropped here, you know, sometimes even the price is the same. Sometimes his price, my price equally the same, but people just end up going to him, and they don't come to me. Now, the

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sometimes a lot tests people, sometimes Allah will test us with these things. So you know, one of the cases that you find, you know, what one part of the Quran is,

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when Allah decided to make it make the people of the Sabbath, that he will have the Sabbath, Allah decided to open, you know, he decided to send the fish on a Saturday, because they were trying to play tricks with Allah. For whatever reason, Allah has done this, you know, only Allah knows that, of course with the police, he had the wrong intention from the beginning. He shouldn't have and he knew he shouldn't have done all of this for a return of a favor from God, true servants of God and true devout servants are those whom if Allah takes everything away from them, they still will say Alhamdulillah. In a hadith he says that if you hear good news, you say, Alhamdulillah. And if you

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hear bad news, you say, Alhamdulillah, Allah

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subhanaw. taala means Praise to Allah and Allah hamdulillah. Kandahar means that on every single occasion of my life, and in every single condition of my life, I say Alhamdulillah so on the bad news, you're supposed to say, Alhamdulillah, Allah coolly held, that I am praising Allah in every situation. I mean, so a true devout servant to God will not start complaining when his last one of the gifts of God, and this is one of the ways of Allah testing his true servants to see, well, you know, what I'm going to do is that I'll take this away from you. Let me see how you react. And I'll take that from you. And let me see how you react. And I'll take that from limb, say, and I'll

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increase it with the people who are around you or do nothing, I'm just going to increase my favours onto them. And I'm going to see how you react, are you going to now have jealousy creep into you. And sometimes, if jealousy comes inside us the way to the way to kill your jealousy, right, the way to really kill your jealousy is to go to the person whom you're jealous of, and to start to praise them, or to start to say good things about them.

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As a killer,

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the person who's more intelligent than you, the person who's more for us for a system might be somebody who's more beautiful than her to actually say good things about her to honor her beauty for a man to honor another man's, you know, financial status and say Marshall Alhamdulillah is really in a nice way. in a nice way. You know, sometimes people can praise but they mean something else. Allah knows all of that. Whether you mean it, or you don't mean Allah knows that. So there's an ayah that I that I read, just today I think, Muslim, Saba min Khun man, a sovereign Allah woman, jarabe woman who was stuffing belaid, Masada mamina to Allah is the same whether you you secretly keep your you

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keep your secret to yourself, or you make it apparent woman jarabe woman who are most often delayed, or you try and become really really discreet in the night doing something or you're in the openness of the day and you present it doesn't matter which situation you're in to Allah, all four situations are the same, to allow for situations are the same. So when it comes to it, listen, you know what he was trying to do? or learn new words in his heart all this time? When it comes to a person praising somebody else or saying something good about them and saying, you know, martial law, you know, Allah praise do? You know, you're saying that battlefield, may Allah bless you with this thing. And Allah

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knows whether you're just saying it, to just really, you know, make him feel good, or you're saying it like, in a sense, like barakallahu fique.

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Allah gift, you know, inside a person, there's another, there's an intention, Allah knows that intention. So that's one way to kill the jealousy of is to actually, you know, show the gratitude show that this person really deserved what they got. That is one of the reasons why a lot toll it leads to bow down to other Melissa with the angels angels are true, devout sevens of God, the true devout creatures of God. So when Allah said burden, the burden you know that okay, Allah strict nucleation didn't have anything from beforehand. And he knows all of this. He's got all of this preference over us, you know, we will bow down to this out of respect, but when Allah told it needs

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to do with the jealousy didn't allow him the kibber and the arrogance didn't allow him. So as I said, in the last session, there's three different parts of this and you can read all of these. There's one in Surah Al Islamism sod or Surah Al aarav, right and under the passage right in the beginning about it

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release an atom. There's another one in Surah

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hedger, which is the 15th surah of the Quran and you'll find a passage again right in the beginning the same page indeed you'll find it and allows other talks about the description between two and the last one is at the end of surah Saad and allegan talks about the same thing incident. So here in Surah, Saad Allah says a stack Bharata uncontaminated Island, have you now sought to be greater? Or are you really deserving of that position? Do you really think that you are someone who's really high? Now either somebody these these are two different types of crimes. One is a stigma stigma means that you think to yourself that you are greater than somebody else when you are really not.

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And the second one is that you have held yourself in esteem of a high position, when you should be equal to others the way you should Humble yourself. So Allah said which one is it because Allah azza wa jal then said

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hallak to be a he reminded him he said in Surah sobre la says, I created this creation with my own two hands.

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And you're not going to bow down to it at least Salas reminding him that this is my own creation, I created you I created this individual to meet the both the same, so I can give preference. Now one of the acts of the Quran says you know you have a divine Yeshua, Allah can give to whoever he wants, or yahama inshallah can have his mercy and whoever he wants, you undo Manisha Lacan, you know, punish whoever he wants, you know, these are acts of the Quran. So Young federally managed, Allah can forgive whoever he wants. So if Allah Yep, so to risk elimination we have that Allah can open his risk for anyone who wants he can close it on whoever he wants, and he can he can restraint on

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whoever he wants. So when Allah has said this, who are you Iblees to try and tell God who is greater than who this this is. This is the, the,

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the meaning what I like saying, Tim, is that I've created him from my own two hands. It's like he's this I can do what I want. Who are you to say this? In Surah Al

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Hasan, Allah says, Lee Basha in Allah, Allah had already said that I'm going to create this human being and then when it leaves Finally, he says that I'm not going to bow down to this to this creature. Allah azza wa jal then says, Carla,

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please, please.

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malloc What's wrong with you? A lot a student in America took What's wrong with you that when I ordered you, when I ordered you to bow down, you didn't bow down.

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Now here in each of the situations, he gives his reply, and his reply is quite rude to say the least. And he says,

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He says, you know, like, I think I might have said last time that you have created him from the earth and you have created me from fire, as I said last time, that this PR, so this analogy was the wrong thing for him to make his class because you know, for the reasons that I gave him the last one, but what I will say here is that he believes not only gave reasoning to why he did, why he thought he was greater, but he first asked Allah for respect, and he, he asked a lot for some extra time. So he says, and this is in Surah, surah. He says, Let in a hot attorney Illa Yo, Mila Kiana. Or, if you if you actually give me some time till the Day of Judgment, the word Day of Judgment, is

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him asking Allah first, would you allow me, oh God, to live till the Day of Judgment. Now, of course God or Allah azza wa jal, he knew what his intention was. So at least first so from Allah, give me time, till the Day of Judgment. Allah said, and according to suta, Hazel sudah, Saad and so on, Allah said, okay, Illa Yomi, until the day that they are resurrected, or until the day of judgment, have given you this time to live.

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So now that at least got this word from God because he knows that Allah will not go against his word. Now that he got this word from Allah, He then turns around in a rude manner and he says to Allah, He says several things. One of the things he says that Tony can do Li yetta, who illa kalila He says, I am going to lead, I'm going to be the leader of taking all of his progeny, his children, all of Adam's children, to the fire. Now he didn't say Adam and his children. Now Subhan Allah in this there is a big evidence that ambia the prophets are those whom Allah has protected, and they assume that people whom Allah has protected from sin shaytan knew that he could not make Adam

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alayhis salam become sinful. Now how does shaytan know all of this? How does he know the Day of Judgment

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How does he know about the fact that he's good that Adam and Sam is going to have a progeny? How does he know that? How does he know all of this, so this is a big debate in the in the LM have to see it, of how it is knows this. So one of the things is that he got to know this, because of the Jin ambia, the prophets who are genes who came to the earth, before the creation of Adam and, Adam, remember, if I if Remember, I told you that there were a whole group of genes, you know, hundreds and 1000s, a whole whole, you know, generations of genes on the earth, and Iblees had been amongst them, and he was the good one amongst them, and many messengers amongst the amongst the genes came

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to them, and they were killed by other genes. And from there, either he knew from what they had said, because obviously prophets Allah revealed to the Prophet that the future sometimes so you know, whatever he wants to do, not all the future, but what are the bits and pieces of it, he reveals, they will be able to save. So either he knew from there all there is there is some

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sort of, I wouldn't say strong narrations, but there's some weak generations to suggest that Allah azza wa jal had given some of that knowledge on to the greatest of angels of what would come what would come back in the future. Like, for example, we've got we've got you know, when you realize salam, when Allah wants to say something to him, that's going to happen, he will reveal to your brain, Alexandre will reveal to the hierarchy angels, and they will reveal it to the to the lower angels. We know, for example, on layer two, the hotter the lower angels of this Heaven, they will receive the orders from the higher angels and allow us to reveal to them and that passes down. Now

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what used to happen is that when the when this information of some information was revealed, it would pass down, and some of the angels will have a conversation about it, some of them would be talking about it, and it leaves was obviously walking around. And he was worshipping Allah azza wa jal from amongst the ranks of the angels before he was cast outcasted. So he possibly gained his this knowledge of what's going to happen from there. Or they say that some of these hierarchy angels they had, you know, Allah azza wa jal had given them access to some of the hidden treasures and the knowledge is of the future, or some of the new bits and pieces about it, and therefore from them by

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staying amongst them, a police as well got some access to this information, whatever the case is, he believes he definitely knew of certain events, he knew of the Day of Judgment. And therefore he asked to stay until the day doesn't stay alive until the day of judgment. He also now knew that if my son was going to have a progeny, and he also knew that Adam alayhis salam would most probably be sent from this Jana onto the dunya onto the earth. So now, having this knowledge, having this knowledge, his jealousy and his arrogance made him say that Allah, I am going to lead his progeny towards hellfire. Now, in Surah

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Surah Al are off. What he says is that I will go from a he'll come from different angles. So he says that I will come from he says mean benei ad him, I'm going to come from in front of them. Woman healthy him, I'm going to come from behind them. One I imagine if I'm going to come from the right side, or one Shimano, I'm going to come from the left side, while I tell you to accelerate who shaqiri you're not going to find Oh god, he's saying this to Allah, you're not going to find most of them grateful to you. Now in this particular ayah in Surah four is saying is that he's gonna try from four different sides in this is the only place in the Quran that is mentioned that about a

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police coming from four sides. And there's a beautiful

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Do I have the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which is in a tradition that when the Muslim time comes, and when further time comes around, number of draws a person can can read to try and stay away from straight on, in fact, most of the Amell that we do, most of the actions we do half of them are just to keep ourselves away from the shutdown. Not half literally, but you know, many of them are, for example, and many of the drawers are particularly for example, you read the Quran, you say Allah Michigan regime, the first thing we'll say you you will go to the toilet to save us from Allah, honey. All right, again, you're seeking refuge in Allah from the shaytan you're eating Bismillah

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when you say Bismillah barakaatuh Why are you saying that is because you don't want the Shakedown to eat with you because shaitan will eat with you. You're leaving your house you're going to say Bismillah to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah because Rasulullah sallallahu and said, Whoever will say this will be protected from the shaytan if you actually say that when you go out of your way

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You when you come into your house you say Bismillah. And again, they also have written that This protects your house and you know your house from the shaytan from him entering your house, when you read Atul kursi you're saving yourself from the jinn from the from the police and from the devils and so on. When you reading what I was saying hello to Allah tala. Again, it's protecting from the devil of the snares of the devil, which has been mentioned in Surah Surah. And as so many of these things are there for us to protect ourselves from the shaytan. And there's particularly father and mother why fudger not rape is because

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these are the two times when the angels are making the shift to the to the heavens. And these are also the time when the Shatila trying to find their greatest influence as well on

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the human being. And Muslim has been mentioned in Hades, particularly where Professor lasma said, Don't send your young children out, you know, after Madrid, because that's when the great sort of influence of Sheraton that come out and they get released at the time of muddly that used to start at the time of Madrid. And the other heavy influence they have is a ton of further. So Rasulullah sallallahu has told us you know, many doors open many doors and one of the draws is if you can say this, La ilaha illAllah hula, hula, hula, hula, hula, hula, hula hung up me to Allah condition for the many people know, this is one of the dilemmas you know, as they refer to, if you say this 10

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times after further and 10 times after Madrid, you will get you know, you'll get 10 rewards you will get 10 different

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sins forgiven, but you will also get the reward so Hanalei, you know, you know, this is a big reward, allow, but it was Allah said to free 10

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children from the children of a smile, who would have been enslaved to actually free 10 of them, you know, to free a slave is several 1000s of pounds. So it's actually like you are giving like imagine is freeing the slave is like 3000 or 4000 pounds, times that by 10 you're actually giving 30 to 40,000 pounds FISA vilella and he said, we will these nine, they are from the sons imagine they're from the sons of Israel and a llama from his progeny. And they are from his bloodline, and they're enslaved and you are freeing them, meaning it is from the algebra so it is from the profits or losses are own family. You are you are you're freeing them, right. And then he said, What can Allah

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who hails Amina shaytan Allah will also give him protection from the shaytan from the morning, right to the evening, from the morning rattle even and if it's evening he mentions is that is from the evening right to the morning. This is one guy and this is in Sahaja Muslim, Sahih Muslim and so on. There is another one where azula Salallahu alaihe salam he says, He says Allahumma

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inni as a local theater, aka Allah ask for relief in the world in this world in next world. A lot of my local Afro Lafayette Dini will deny our law in my worldly matters in my Accra I'm asking you to give me forgiveness and to give me relief. Allah houmous

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Wiley O'Malley and my family and in my in my wealth, a lot of Mr. hora to amravati or last protect my feet protect me from fears and also cover my false

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alarm and listen main door I wanted to say against the drive of a police Allahu my father nee our love protect me mean benei yet a year from in front of me, woman healthy from behind me. One Yemeni from my right side, one Shomali from my left side, woman foci from above me, what are all will be our motyka and obatala mentality and I seek your I seek protection in the greatest greatness of your majestic qualities that I'm from from the fact that I may be taken over from from underneath from beneath. Right. So when it is said that I'm going to attack the sons of Adam or the daughters of Adam, when I'm going to attack them from four different sides. Allah, Allah has given us a driver

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that you seek protection from six different sides, from front from behind, from from right from left from above, from from from beneath. Now this is just one of the things he said another one he said he said up Odin Allah him serata calm stalking he said from all your sirata musta came your straight path of god this is in Surah Al hedger, I'm going to sit in that road on their way to you or the straight path to you. What does that mean? That means that whenever you're going towards Allah azza wa jal you are going to have wasa you know, some people say, I become religious and now you know, I know

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I used to feel like this, but I'm getting all these doubts. And I'm getting, you know, I'm feeling this and I'm thinking of this and you know, I'm not enjoying this and I'm feeling like giving this up on all these things you are going to get if you get that you should take that as a sign of Eman because this is what he said. They said that people are in your pathway, if they're coming towards you, I'm going to sit in between you and them. I'm going to try and, you know, become become someone who's an obstacle between you or law and between them, I'm going to become the obstacle.

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And he mentioned specifically tropical Mr. Kim, what's your eta Mr. Masada Mr. Kim is the life of all the prophets. So if you're trying to mold your life to the life of the Prophet, if you're trying to mold your life, according to the life of the Siddiq in the truth to ones, if you're trying to mold your life, according to the martyrs or the Salah, hinder the righteous ones, then you are guaranteed that shaytan is going to come towards you. In fact, what are our teachers used to say is that a normal person will have one devil every person has got one devil assigned to him. And he's also got one Angel assigned to him. This is a contra Hadith, right? But our teachers would say that

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the one who seek knowledge, because knowledge is the greatest danger to shaytan. Once you know what to do, that's the biggest danger, the first biggest danger. Second is you practice your knowledge. So first is going to make you try and not know what you're supposed to do. And second, if he if you know what to do, he's going to try and make you not practice what you should do. And third is that if you practice what you're doing, he's going to try and make you do that practice for other than Allah. These are three major things that pleases God number one is he wants to make people giants he wants to make them ignorant, leave them without, you know, without studying Islam, leave them

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without studying studying the deen. right this is one of the this is one of the ways is going to become an obstacle. Number two is that they have learned properly what they're supposed to learn. But then he will try and make excuses for them not to practice the knowledge that they have learned. And he found delay, delay, delay procrastinate until they come to a death. Number three is if they actually do do that do practice the true knowledge that they have they've known he will try and put something into their minds that was for other than Allah so he try and make them do via he'll try and make them show show the deeds to others who might might make them do it for a reason, other than

00:27:31--> 00:28:14

truly making a lot of prime reason why they're doing that action. So he's got three and Allah azza wa jal, he summed it up when he gave his answer to him, he said, you will be able to and this is the reason why I'm saying these three, because the only way you will get to the to the last one, which is you will have a class so number one is in knowledge. Number two is Iman practice. Number three is a class it sincerity, the only way you will get sincerity is to have true knowledge to have good action. And you're supposed to do just for Allah sake, you will become from the those who are class, Allah said to me, please, please, you will be able to influence whoever you want, in law a bad one.

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One is that at least says to Allah, I won't be able to influence your sincere seventh, Allah says to him as well, it says yes, you will not be able to influence my sincere sevens. Those who have got a class now we're gonna discuss a little bit about what a class is. But I just want to say a few more things that at least actually said, From this, we can understand how he's going to try and take us away from a loss pathway. Now,

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one thing I want to say to you is that

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those those who are seeking knowledge, if it bleeds, can't get you to seek the you know, you're seeking knowledge, he's going to get certain people to seek the wrong knowledge, only get certain people to waste their time in their knowledge. And some people who turn to actions he's going to try and make them do the less let the one that has got less virtue, he will try and make them do that action. So this is what many of these different things but nevertheless,

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if we come to

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the ayah, when he actually said You know, when he gave his analogy and said that I am better than Adam, when he said that straightaway, Allah had said to him for you, you are now get out of here. When Allah said get out of here what alignment is that you have lost your position. If that I am meant to get out of you as in you leave this place right now, then there wouldn't have been any more conversation that would have followed but there was conversation that followed on so when Allah said faculty minha you get out of here, alignment that you are no longer amongst the high prestigious, you know, a high ranking angels that are close to me, you have dropped your position from them now

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you do not belong from from from those. Now, instead of at least until they are

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added another thing to that. He said, according to Sorrell hater and according to Surat Allah said, we're in La kehlata we're in la collana de la, de until the Day of Resurrection until the Day of Recompense my rough my anger, my curse is upon you. So Emily's, and they say that that's one of the reasons why please call the police because he's been cursed by God. Now that he got the curse, that's when he asked, okay, give me time till there Jasmine, he got that time. And now he started to say these things. Allah in return said to him, he's, you know, in return, there's a wonderful passage in Surah, israa, number 61 to 65. Now, you can see if you put all these together, you can

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see what's going through his mind. He says to Allah in this is our iteca hatherleigh, the current aleja. He says, God, you know, you see this creature of yours that you've just given preference to him, over me and look at look at what he's actually saying, you see this creature of yours that you've given preference to him over me, liner, heartening, now that you've given me time until the Day of Judgment last and it can lead to illa kalila, I'm going to lead all his progeny, etc, three of them towards jahannam. towards you know, towards the wrong pathway. Allah says even go Go ahead, go ahead. This is a get up here doesn't mean Get out of here, go away from here. It means go ahead,

00:31:32--> 00:32:29

go ahead with what you've just planned from Antalya coming home because whoever will follow you. Now we there's a big lesson in this. Simon, Tabby, aka whoever will follow you for innner Johanna Jessa Jessa mo fura, then Johanna, or the Hellfire is your full recompense, your full in a punishment, a full time punishment that I'm going to give you in return of that. Now notice, Allah says common Tabby, aka whoever will follow you Iblees cannot make anyone follow him. It is only a human beings choice to follow At least, that's why Allah said the Holy Quran, Allah Dena Iman O you who believe, Latvia Oh, don't start closely following hotu attache on the steps of the shaytan. Because shaytan

00:32:29--> 00:33:14

will only lead mankind he will never, you know, the thing is, it's a bit like, you know, you get different types of criminals. One criminal is the type that he will actually force you to do something. So imagine a criminal came up to you. And he put a gun to your head and he said, Listen, I'm going to kill you. And I'm going to, you know, kill maybe your family members, if you don't actually kill this person. Right. So this person is now forced to go and commit a crime. That's one thing, a second type of criminal, he won't go through that pathway, he's not going to force him at all, what he will do is he'll set things up, he'll stitch the other person up in such a way he'll

00:33:14--> 00:33:54

frame him in such a way that this person goes mad, and kills him with his own intention. So for example, what he might do in the second situation is he might set the scenario up where this other person seems like he has caused a lot of hurt to him when that other person hasn't. And, and he'll put them into the room where he suddenly sees that you're the cause of all his grief have had, you know, he sees all the evidence in front of me, which is really not true evidence. And this person spontaneously voluntarily goes and murders this other person. Now, it leaves is of the second type, he sets things up. He never forces anyone. That's why his crime on the Day of Judgment is only his

00:33:54--> 00:34:23

own crime, his biggest crime is that he never listened to God to bow down. That's his biggest crime. And that's why he believes will end up in the fourth Hellfire when others will end up in the fifth and the sixth and the seventh deepest part of Hellfire, because they did worse crimes than him. His crime is not as bad as some of the crimes that have come, you know, accompanied by certain people, because it bleeds only leads, he only shows the way. That's what he does. So it's almost like, you know, if you were if he knew that, imagine that.

00:34:25--> 00:34:59

There's a imagine that if I just take an example of a jungle or something, and you know, you see it, you see a wonderful sort of, you know, little rabbit or something and you want to catch that rabbit and a rabbit is hopping, hopping, hopping, hopping. Well, that rabbit is an evil rabbit, because what he's doing is the rabbit knows that ahead is a lion or something, or a pack of wolves. And he's going to, you know, dig into the earth before he gets eaten up. So what he does is he jumps on hops and jumps on hops and you kind of follow him you kind of follow him until you're trying to catch him and next thing you know, he's

00:35:00--> 00:35:51

That you're surrounded by this pack of balls, and the rabbit has disappeared into the ground. That's a blitzes type. What this does is that he leads people and he gives them you know, Allah said here, he said a few things he says was TEF Z's man is tatata Minho. So Allah says, You should try You go ahead. And these are the these are the things he has, is he will try and make something serious seem non serious. Allah said, go ahead and make with besotted with your voice with your voice, trying to make the progeny of Adam feel something that is serious, for them to feel that is not serious. For something that is serious for them to feel is not serious. Now, guys, this is exactly what's

00:35:51--> 00:35:51


00:35:53--> 00:36:17

If I told you Yeah, there's a, there's a room on fire. There's a room, let's say there's a fire burning, right, and the smoke coming out of there. Now the whole room is not on fire. But it just one corner has got some coal or something burning, and the smoke coming right inside this inside this sort of room or hole. And if I told you go to the corner, as not start sniffing the smoke, who will do that?

00:36:18--> 00:36:21

Who do that? None of you right? Now,

00:36:23--> 00:36:28

if I could make somebody do that, and harm himself by thinking it's fun,

00:36:29--> 00:36:43

that shaytan has done his trick. So what does he do? He makes he takes leaves, he made some human being fine leaves, large leaves, they dried up, right, he makes you roll up. And then he puts it to his mouth. And he says

00:36:46--> 00:37:18

smoke it. It's fun. This is exactly what that is just one example is one example. All many of the sins are committed there under this, Allah said, you will go ahead and you will make seeing that thing that is serious, not serious, I serious. This research is saying that these guys are harming their lungs, they're harming their body, that knocking are five years of their life, they're probably going to go towards cancer, they're probably going to go into harm, you know, others that are around them as well. And yet they are hooked on to smoking and

00:37:21--> 00:37:23

and the shape that makes them feel that they're relieving stress.

00:37:27--> 00:37:54

who's saying that that's the shaytan making the feel of something that is seriously bad for them seem that is not seriously bad for them. And then he gets something wrong things like drugs. Now drugs, we all know that it's going to kill people is going to harm their bodies, make them vomit is going to make them you know, dysfunctional and so on. But what do people do? What is the what is shaitan? shaytan made them feel that is fun how he got young people and young people like to break the rules.

00:37:55--> 00:38:32

How do they make them do that? Well, he made them feel that the rules are a bit too much for them, they need a break. And the break is to break the rule. Instead of taking a break and relax. Well, let's break through. I don't want to be under rules, whether it's parents, elders, uncles, aunties, the system, the school, the headmaster, whatever it least makes them feel well. I don't like them because they in a world they don't understand me. So once he's done that he's serious to to challenge authority serious, but he makes him make it feel like he's fun to challenge that authority. Again, you look at Allah saying here, that's what he's done. Now, once he makes them

00:38:32--> 00:38:51

challenge the the system, this group of young people, what do they do? They sit down and say, Look, let's try this out, man. Come on, they dare each other, they try and make it fun. And who's doing that? Well, it's English and his men behind that. He believes in his genes beyond that, you know, they say, go on, go on. Try that and try.

00:38:54--> 00:39:39

He gets them on a hype. Young people, you know that they the agile, they're invincible. They can do what they want. They've got strong bodies, what about what's gonna happen, nothing's gonna happen. See, again, they're taking something making something light, which is something really serious. So then they tried. And what straighter wants to do is he wants them to do it again until they feel that there's nothing wrong with it until they're hooked onto it until a body's needed and then shaytan can sit back. And all he did is he showed them the way he made something look funny, when it was something that was damaging. Something that was damaging. He made him look funny to them. And

00:39:39--> 00:39:42

they got on to it and then they get hooked on to it. Right.

00:39:43--> 00:39:55

A lot of us use the word besotted with your voice. Now one one thing with the voice is was fossa which is that he comes into the into a person's heart. Right It comes into the mind and he starts

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

speaking with us

00:40:00--> 00:40:24

Don't you? He never says He never says to human being, go and do that. Hey, hey, Hasson Hey, you know, Zulfiqar doing, right? He ever said that to you. You say, Hey, who just called my name out? Who just we just call out now you'd wake up. He never says that. He gets into the human body. And he starts talking along with your normal conversation here. Yeah, yeah, that happened. Oh, yeah.

00:40:27--> 00:40:40

You know, I think he's got a serious problem. Yeah, he doesn't have to see. Yeah, you know, the time he was. He was like, you know, looking at me, he must have stared at me for a wrong reason. I don't think he likes me. Yeah, it's fine. Next time I see him. I want to look at him carefully.

00:40:42--> 00:41:21

He's got he's got prejudice, but I think he's racist. Yeah, he must be racist. Yeah. I mean, who's saying all of this, who's prompting his personnel, if straight down with his waspa and that's what he does. He just talks normally with a person as if it's him speaking to himself, and he doesn't know that she is and that's why the only way to stop yourself from going through this is the vicar of Allah is absolutely clear that in from the Quran and Sunnah The only way to get this a production of this physical Allah now be so take the amount of seed of said what was his voice was which was the whisperings but another one is music. Another one is music. And that is very clear. Many mufa

00:41:21--> 00:42:11

serien have said, including Abdullah bin Massoud who is one of the early movers of the Quran, the direct Companion of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, he says that this refers to music. So what he will do is through him using either a song or a tune, or actually using his whistling or his using his vocal sounds, whatever it is, he will make people feel that something which is serious, is not too serious. So what happens is that when a person is listening to music, what will what will happen to them is they are going no why is why is the person listen to music for different reasons. One of the reasons is because they're trying to get away from stress. One of the reasons is because

00:42:11--> 00:42:49

they're in love with someone so they need to listen to the music. Another one is because they think it's just a pastime. Another one is because they think it actually sounds nice. Alright, these are many reasons why people listen to the to the music, but ultimately, what they don't see is his footsteps. Where is he leaving you is not about what he's got to you into today? It's where is it taking? Where is that rabbit taking you which pack of wolves are going to take you out once he takes you to the dead. So the person will start by listening to all of this add heat to things is there's nothing wrong with it. There are people amongst Zuma who say there's nothing wrong listen to music,

00:42:50--> 00:43:05

whereas Rasulullah sallallahu has said that they will be Now listen to this very carefully they will be a group of my own man near the end of time who will allow for things that have been prohibited

00:43:07--> 00:43:37

for things are improved. Yes, the hell loon Allah Hara will hurry they will make allowed for this for themselves and tell the oma that is okay. They will say that adultery of prostitution is allowed that they can move pornography or adultery, prostitution, whatever is allowed, number one. Number two is silk for men, for men to wear silk, they will say that is fine for them to do that. Number three is

00:43:38--> 00:44:12

a hammer. It is alcohol or wine, intoxicants, that's number three. And number four is massive musical instruments, musical instruments, so is the Sahara Desert mojari that in my own mind is going to be near the end of time you know my partner momaday will try and allow these four things either all four or one of the four they will allow that and again if you go go across the world you will find people who have done each one of these each one of these and come to the musical instruments one

00:44:13--> 00:44:26

to make one feel that what's wrong with musical is best when you say what's wrong with it. What's wrong with the stuff wrong with that stuff is that's what Allah said that he will do that he will make something seen a light matter when it's a serious matter.

00:44:28--> 00:44:58

joking about something which is series is one way of shaytan So, you know the moon African and the hypocretin and prophecy last time, they used to make jokes sometimes about God, they make jokes about the prophets or the lesson and they used to make jokes about the ayat of the Quran or the Quran itself, and they make certain jokes. So I know that a lot of prevailing jokes do not think I might as well mention as a lesson coming from this is you know when you've got around text message comes to you with a joke on it. Sometimes you read a joke

00:45:00--> 00:45:37

Do not and there are many jokes out. There's jokes about God. Who is Allah subhanaw taala there are jokes about about Jesus, there's a lot of jokes about Jesus or Moses. Right? I think they don't want to joke about Mohammed Salah Lawson because they think they're probably going to end up dead, which is Alhamdulillah if they've got that in their minds, Allah has protected our province and allows them not but but saying that there's many of them still now trying to make the effort to try and make those jokes about our Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So there's jokes about these prophets out there. There's jokes about New Era Salam as well. If you come across a joke, whether it's in a

00:45:37--> 00:46:23

textual format, whether a friend tells you that whether it's on your message, and it's about God is about Allah, it's about Musa Moses, it's about Jesus Risa. It's about Mohammed, Mohammed Salah, many of you will just go crazy, but with Jesus or Isa with Musab Moses with Allah God, you're supposed to have the same reaction. You're supposed to think what I can laugh at is, this is not a joke. Don't Don't laugh at jokes that are made about God because to do that is covered. If you actually find it funny to laugh at a salad salon to laugh and musasa love to laugh at God who is Allah? If you find it funny to do that, then there is a serious question about your email, whether your email is there

00:46:23--> 00:46:47

or not. Many of them, I will say that if you found it hard to joke about God is messengers, you've lost your email, you've lost your faith, because we just don't do this. So one of the things that he will do, again, is that he will try and make people joke around with these things. joke around with serious matters. And Allah says in Surah Tauba, called Abdullah he, where it were a Sunni.

00:46:48--> 00:47:25

What with Allah with the messenger, with with His signs or his verses? Are you going to make jokes, you're going to crack jokes? That is one of the reasons why I think many of you probably know by now, and I think it has been highlighted that, you know, when you had that Hamza, the daughter of a bad man or something, right? Yeah, The Diary of a bad man on YouTube. I think he went crazy last year or something. And there were jokes in there to do with, you know, you know, we don't take the joke out of the beard. We don't take the joke out of the system and he job and as Muslim we don't take the job because these are commands that are found in the Quran, Sunnah. So any command in the

00:47:25--> 00:48:01

Quran, Sunnah you don't joke with? And if you joke with, then it's a question about your faith? Or is a question about your loyalty to Allah and His messenger. So that's why that Diary of a bad man or any any other thing that comes out like that, where jokes are being made about things that are lost command and you know, it's like things that you should do and then you're they're taking the Mick out of it, or taking making a joke out of it. This is the this is the way of the shaytan because what he will do is he will make you seem like that, eventually, he will make people move away from that. So that's one thing about about music itself, and that the shaytan will use the

00:48:01--> 00:48:17

other one Allah said is what agilely but Allah him the highly Kabbalah Delica you bring your cavalry, your horses, trample over them with your horses, bring your cavalry onto them, or with anyone who is walking anyone who is

00:48:18--> 00:49:10

who is on anyone who's on a conveyance. Anyone who's walking in the, in my disobedience, you set those people on them. And what you do is Allah is telling him these are going to be his snare these are going to be his tools are sharik, whom Phil and Wiley while our lad and make them make them sort of mix up their wealth, and mix up their children. What does it mean? Mix up their wealth and mix up their children. When Allah said that, why to whom, and he told him give them promises, meaning give them false promises. Go ahead, go ahead and take your covenant onto them and gone mix mix them because what a lie saying later on is in a bad laser like Allah Himself, you have no power over my

00:49:10--> 00:49:52

true servants, no power over the worker fabula be Kokila and your Lord who is myself Allah, I am enough as a protector over them. Now what does Allah say here with his tools that he takes his cavalry over them, and anyone who's walking on a conveyance, he uses them. What that means is that shaytan will look at anyone who's got a similar mind to him. And there are many shaytans many devils who are human beings, which we don't even think of them as devils. Guys, wake up because the last ayah of the Quran tells us, Mina Gina Tijuana's, you're supposed to think of the devil's as twofold. One is that it's the invisible you can't one you can't see. And one is the visible one you can see,

00:49:52--> 00:49:59

but many of the human beings don't see him as a shaytan. So if you've got a human being, whether it's your friend or

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

It's your close one and they call you to evil that is a devil that is a shaytan. That is one of the cavalry's of the shaytan who will try and take you towards the wrong thing. And when Allah said for them to mix for a time to make the mix their wealth and mix their children, what he's talking about is halal with haram haram with halal see what happens if for example, you got halal money, the moment you take something haram toward yourself, you've become a trap of the shaytan you've become someone who will be easily taken by the shaitaan. So that famous Hadith says that there's a man who is traveling very far. And he's in the middle of the desert ash has about his completely disheveled

00:50:40--> 00:51:14

he's got tatty hair, he's got dusty clothes, and you know he had follow your day either summer, he raises his hands towards the sky. This is a Muslim, he says your A B or B. He says My Lord My lord is completely need of Allah's help. Now that I have is say that you know when the Messiah is making dua to Allah Allah answers is, the Hadith says especially when there's someone who's in help and need and they make such a great law it is answered, but this hadith the Muslim says, I'm not used to Java How will Allah answer his his drought? Why?

00:51:15--> 00:51:55

He's eating a coup Hara Matata, Haram. He's eating he's taken certain elements that were Haram in his mouth. Mashallah Abu Haram, he's drunk something which is haram malpaso Haram. He's worn something which is haram. Well, gulia haram has been nurtured in a haram way for us to jab hula so how will his dog be accepted? So what that means is that when shaytaan can make somebody use their money from Hillel to haram halal or haram to holla and there are many examples like these guys be you know there's people out there with businesses ripping people out there every single day people even people of Muslims who are doing this non non Muslims okay exists please You know, I'm not here

00:51:55--> 00:52:28

to discuss about non Muslims, but some Muslims not all Muslims are some Muslims are doing that you know, they they will just look for that opportunity, just that little opportunity to try and rip somebody off by not telling them about something they're getting into and to take the money off them and later on, you know, do their tober or something, you know, I mean, it doesn't it doesn't work like that because you just taken some hot on Mondays in there. As soon as you take some form of hot on money in there. You have been affected. This is by the Quran I'm telling you, you have been affected, you will actually laugh You will have dissension in your house you will have people who

00:52:28--> 00:53:02

are normally good with you fall out with you, you will have your wife you will have your children not listen to your obeying you these are from the Quran or Hadith Allah said in Quran you know, one of the things straightaway shaytan will do in terms of the the prohibition of alcohol and if people start to sell the sell the liquor and so on, is that he will make your soup dokumen declare he wanted Salah he will stop them from shaytan will stop them from the remembrance of God and He will stop them from actually praying. And another one he said is that bajada he said in Nima UK obey Nakula da da da da law said that

00:53:03--> 00:53:43

the shakeout will be allowed to cause dissension hatred, enmity amongst yourself, if you indulge in what in gambling, if you indulge in intoxicants, if you indulge in divination, and so on shaytan will be allowed allowed to do that. So that means that gambler will never have satisfaction with his friends and with people who he's with? And allow me to give two examples. So all the people who have drugs Why do you want what is one person who's on drugs, try and kill another person who's on drugs, because the enmity the facade all these people out there, you know, your MCs, DS and you're big, you know, on a rap stars, we've got rings all over them, and they've got chains all over them. These are

00:53:43--> 00:54:12

shouting, these are shouting, clear shouting, and they're the cavalry of the shaytan. We're learning other people towards that way. What do they have? They have arrogance, the same arrogance as the police. They have jealousy amongst themselves same pride and jealousy that is hard. And they learn other people tools that way, and they want girls for themselves. They want drugs for themselves. This is Shadi concealer, Amalia Lara, what are they doing? They're having children where Allah hasn't given them permission to have children. They're sleeping with women where Allah has told him not to sleep with those women because they're not married to them. This is Shahrukh Khan, Phil, Phil

00:54:12--> 00:54:56

Allah, you know the the intertwine the you know, the connection, the whole lineage of human beings, they corrupt that so there are children that are born out of wedlock children are born out of wedlock and now they think that's completely fine. You know, this woman's got this many kids that want this many kids so what I don't care, this whole thing corrupts. These are the major things are in the major reasons why human society will be corrupt. Another one is in terms of our transaction, you don't keep it halal. So, you know, Subhanallah Nazim, you think about, you know, Imam Abu hanifa in his time, he stopped once eating this is in his era. He stopped consuming the meat of a goat for

00:54:56--> 00:54:57

12 years.

00:54:58--> 00:55:00

For 12 years. He didn't eat he didn't

00:55:00--> 00:55:01

eat any goat meat

00:55:02--> 00:55:18

and some grass and the reason why he doesn't eat goat bean so he said that once in his lifetime somebody came to him and told him that my goat has been stolen. So Imam Abu hanifa went to the farmers and he asked them he said, How long is the maximum time a goat can live.

00:55:20--> 00:56:00

And the farmers he found out from the farmers that it was 12 years. So for the next 12 years, Imam Abu hanifa made it hard onto himself to eat any goats made just in case that one goat goats meat might end up on his plate. Imagine the level of taqwa that he had. Now, I'm not saying to you guys to stop eating everything out there because it's all haramaty. But I'm just giving you an example of the taqwa of the level of God consciousness of God fearing element they had in the past. So this thing about Shadi Canfield, Mr. Lee will outlet and the next thing I like to give them false promises. So what shaytan does is, you know, one of the things is mentioned clearly in the Quran in

00:56:00--> 00:56:13

surah, Baqarah is a shaytaan Dooku fakra shaytan will give you a false promise, or a fear inside you that you will become poor. If you spend in the path of God.

00:56:15--> 00:56:49

He will give you that false promise. So he's giving you problems when you burn us now, but he wants to you better he'll say, I better not spend it because I'm going to lose this is one way, there are many other ways where he'll give false promise, you know, nothing will happen here and nothing will, nothing will harm me and so on. It's alright, it's alright again, thinking that it's a light matter when it's a serious matter. These are some of the ways that he will he will do that. Now, at the end of all of this I've just discussed obviously Surah Al and the answer is read from 61 to 65 today, but in all of this what Allah says is that you will not be able to have an influence on my true

00:56:49--> 00:56:56

sevens and they are the mcglasson The mocassin are those now if you want to become a person whose other meclizine

00:56:57--> 00:57:08

they are those people whom Allah has created, who may do little as actions but they do it sincerely for Allah sake.

00:57:09--> 00:57:47

If you can make whatever I bet that we're actually doing, just think of Allah no one else you do that shaytan will have the lowest and the lightest influence on you from amongst all the other people when your actions are for the sake of Allah. So there's no hate and what we'll do is that we've got other iPads and other incidents in this and the main reason why I'm saying again and again is that we're going to take that time we're going to analyze all the IRS and the understories because we want to derive lessons from each one. Each of these called analyzing the prophets lives. So inshallah de la next week against seven o'clock I will see you here inshallah, at the mercy