What Is The Actual Legal Ruling On The Eid Prayer (Part 1) Shaykh Abu Eesa

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The speaker discusses the legal ruling on the APRA and the importance of the Hadae system in praying. They explain that the Hadae system is a condition for praying, not a requirement for it, and that it is highly recommended for those who missed it. The speaker also mentions the importance of the Hadae system in graduating from college and the need for it to be offered in graduation.

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What is the actual legal ruling on the APRA?

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So this is the hot question on everybody's hearts and minds at the moment. And we're gonna deal with this in two parts. Okay. The second part is the political aspect and probably the more important one, relatively speaking, the first part, the actual legalities, the scholars differed over the status, the legal status of the prayer itself. Those that were the strictest

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scholars, like the contemporary scholars, like even bas even with me and Shepherd Islam, Ibn taymiyyah took this particular position, and that is affordable again, it is an absolute individual obligation, every single person has to do that. And that is because Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For so Lily, Rebecca 100, and pray and then sacrifice and they took this ayah to refer to the heat as well. And so therefore, they say, this is a command and therefore it should be done. The Hadith in Bukhari, the prophets lie, Selim commanded everybody to come, not just the end of the men, not just the women, but even the menstruating woman as well that we know I don't normally come to the

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masjid. And that used to therefore happen to you, outside in the gathered areas that either as poxy and you say, the open areas where people can congregate. So there's a real emphasis on everybody coming out party attitude, the idea of thanking Allah subhanaw taala. So it's a real big event, very big right?

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From the Sharia. So that was a very strongly held position. From an evidence point of view, the Hanafi school are very close, they say this word, which is basically just a little level down from forum is basically somewhere in between sooner and form, they take very, very seriously. And then you've got the position of the humbly school that said it's a form of Keifa, meaning that as long as there's some group of people that offer it in your area, then you don't need to come to the masjid and pray it because it's been prayed for the people who has been lifted caffee this is where the key fire comes from. And then you got the shaft, your scholars and the Maliki school as well. They

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consider this to be a pseudonym, okay, that an evidence base is actually very interesting. They basically said they use the Hadees that many scholars actually use that when the professor lies lm was asked by the veteran, what is it that allows pantallas obligated upon me and the props are limited only five prayers in a day and night. So therefore, every other prayer other than this is not obligatory, unless there's a direct text that specifies it, like the Juma prayer, which is specified, the eight prayer doesn't have that direct specific text. So that's one of the evidences the other evidence, they said that

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there's no other than a comma for the eat bread, which is true. And so therefore, they said, if there is no as an encoding for it, and it shouldn't be legislated as an obligatory prayer, and they had other evidences and theories as well, what there's no doubt about those that it considered to be important, because they know that the prophets lie Selim never, ever gave up doing the aid prayer every single time. And that's why they consider it to be a Cinema Camera. So regardless of whatever position you hold, we should try our very, very best to establish the Emperor as much as we possibly can, as a institution, and then to attend it as well. And how should it be prayed? Of course, it

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needs to be prayed in congregation. But is that an obligation for it? Is it a condition for the prayer to be offered? Like, would it be valid for you to pray alone? Well, the Hanafi school and the humble is make it an absolute condition as probably the majority of the rest of scholars as well, they consider it has to be done by the Imam in the in on the day itself in the right on the ad itself, in the head time, which is in between sunrise and the heart, in that and for noon time. And it should be preferably prayed outside and gathered as much as possible, but it's got to be done in congregation. Whereas the magic is in the shaft, you said you know what it can be done by yourself

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as well. What's the consequence of that? The consequences is that therefore, according to the majority of scholars, if you missed the press, somehow, you then couldn't make it up by yourself. You wouldn't be expected because the congregation is a requirement for it. That's the consequences of understanding this ruling. So I hope you understand that whatever you hold Whatever method you follow, whatever position you follow, it is something which is a highly, highly recommended prayer. If not clearest, and most emphasize of Sooners, then it is at least a wider action it is something that we should consider to be obligatory and try our very best to ensure that is performed in

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congregation at the place itself. That's the individual legal ruling on the prayer itself intrinsically while la junta Allah Haarlem.

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