Breaking Promises

Nouman Ali Khan


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The speaker discusses how children are pressured to use their time for illegal activities, including driving and drinking alcohol. They argue that children do not need to be trained to do their job and that parents are entrusted with children. The speaker also touches on the violation of trust in college students and the use of the Quran in the past, encouraging students to study it to gain a better understanding of the Quran.

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In Hola, yup, Morocco, and to Abdullah Monate Illa Allah, that's not a violation is that just between you and the one who gave you a trust, you just violated something Allah commanded you understand that the mindset of the Muslim changes, you get, you get a job, you get hired. And sometimes in your job, there's people around you that are doing the same thing that could be done in four hours. And they're doing it in 40 hours, they take the entire week to do the job. And you look at that culture in your office, and you're like, maybe I should take it easy to I mean, everybody else is slowed down. Why do I have to look like that? And then they're gonna look at me funny,

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because I'm doing my job. And you're making us look bad, bro. You know, you're gonna make the department look, you know, because what are you trying to get a promotion? Is that what it is? So maybe I should also violate the trust that my employer gave me. And I should also kind of chill out and take it easy. You know, I could I could have that mindset, everybody else is taking a break, I could take a break, too. It's not a big deal. Nobody minds. But that trust was not given to you by your manager, the manager doesn't pay your check. The company pays your check. And the company had an understanding that you will make full use of your time. Now, this is a lot of people come and ask

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the question, no, no, but sometimes there really isn't any work to do, what do you want me to do? Well, if your employers know that there's no work to do, and you want to sit there and play, you know, cross the road, or you want to play Angry Birds on your phone, if they know that they know, if they know that they know. And for some people, this is even more strange, because the employer is paying you to do your job. And you're using that time to listen to Islamic lectures. If they're okay with that, that's something else. But if you're supposed to be doing your job, you're like, No, I want to, I want to do something that's an Islamic, what you're doing is on Islamic because you're

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violating a trust that was given to you. If they're okay with it, that's something else. But if they're not, if they're if they don't even know, and you're doing it behind their back, then this is an Amana, you're not giving back, you're violating a trust.

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The same thing happens with kids at school, when our children are, you know, being entrusted, like, you know, for all not just older kids whose college tuition, sometimes the parents are paying, right. But even younger kids, when you're providing for their schooling and their transportation, and, you know, they get they get to a certain age where they have, you know, pretty well developed conscience, when they're cutting classes, or they're not doing their homework or they're not, you know, they're not paying attention in school, they need to understand something, they're not just getting away with it at the school, or they're not just violating the rights of their parents, their

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parents entrusted them with something. It's not an easy thing to put up a you know, to afford an education for our children. It's not an easy thing. And when you've been entrusted with that, that you're going to make good use for it. Or kids ask, Can I have a phone? Can I have a phone? Which is like, asking, Can I have a nuclear device, but we are okay with giving our kids phones nowadays? Okay, here's a phone and here's, you know, 5g, take it, do what you because you of course you only use it for halal. So it's okay. Because human beings are my children. Because they you know, because we come from a Muslim family. And we have last names like Muhammad Ali and whatever. Therefore, we

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are genetically incapable of doing anything wrong with our cellular devices. So it's completely fine. You go ahead, you're not like the other kids. So you're okay. And we handed over we don't even train our children with this principle that you have to take something and you have to give it its full rate. When you're being entrusted with something that means nobody's watching over you. And you're still doing the right thing. And it is Allah who commands you to do that in Hola Hola, Morocco man to a duel Amana de la Ania I talk to you about traffic I talk to you about employers, I talk to you about kids at school, you know, even older kids that whose your parents are paying for

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your college tuition and your there's, you know, skipping classes and hanging out with your friends in the student lounge. You're violating a trust that Allah gave you. Allah gave you that they spent sweat and tears to earn that income to pay for your college tuition. And you're gonna go play ping pong. And you're gonna do whatever else and not do your assignments and not put your heart and soul into as you get. I don't feel like it. I'm not sure what my major is yet is guys in the college for like four years and they're like, what's your major still deciding?

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Since you're still deciding, you know, this is this is the violation of Amana, that given to you the blessing that has been given to you and it's not okay to do that. And it goes even further than that. This see this one small statement? It is in fact Allah is the One commanding you to fulfill the trust that you've been given to those who deserve them to do right by people when they trust you with something in simple English. If you've been trusted with something, do right by it, just because somebody can't catch you or they're not there. Don't go behind their back and say well, they didn't find out so it's okay. So it's okay. It's the same kind of trust that exists in family really

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missions. It's the same kind of trust that exists between husband and wife. Not everything has to be spelled out. But your husband knows that, you know, my wife wouldn't like this, this or this. Well, she's not here, so it's okay. But she trusted me. She trusted me shouldn't be doing that. And the same way the other way around that the wife knows that husband shouldn't be, you know, the husband wouldn't like it. If you found out he wouldn't be happy. He would think it's a violation of his trust, but it's okay because he's not here.

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And nobody took a picture right? So it's okay. Nobody recorded it right. So it's okay, I got away with it. But Allah is recording it. In the law, you know, to come and to adult Amana, Tila Alia. This is a commandment from Allah. This is not just a violation of a relationship. This is a violation of Allah's commandment. And we have to understand life that way that every trust that we live with when we're not able to fulfill it is one thing you know, for is a cult official che in the era poet says is a cult officiate in nonfat memo for Inanna and Deignan. You know, so he says, If you're going to say yes to something, then you better do it. If you if you agree, then you better

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fulfill it. You know for enter for internet and then rewatchable it for a decent person. Once you say yes, you've been obligated. I'm taking it a step further from the poet based on the Quran. Once you said yes, Allah obligated you, Allah obligated you. And you're like, Well, I can't do it. Well, if you can't do it, then go back and say, you know, for a laugh a cola and if you can't do it, just say no. Or I can't do it anymore. Be open about it honest about it instead of being dishonest, you know. And so this this is the mentality that we have to re you know, reintroduce into the OMA. Oftentimes, we're violating a trust, and we're too afraid to be honest about it. They're violating

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it. You're you're already doing something wrong, but I don't want to hurt this person's feelings. understand something, forget about hurting anybody's feelings. You're right now, you're right now displeasing Allah.

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That's a bigger problem than hurting anybody else's feelings.

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