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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to your show in the light of the Quran. Today we have a new light that we will delve into, and try to benefit from and try to live our lives in this light, benefiting from the wisdoms that Allah has given us in these wonderful verses, we will take this all this number of verses from Surah Surah called facilites. Now, this name actually basically refers to the verses of the Quran that have been made very clear in detail. This is the meaning of the name of the title of this surah. Now, these vessels that we will deal with today, the slide that will try to get deals basically talks about the end of this word, the life that's the most critical

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moment for every human being, which is most of the time when death comes to that person. People will be in great people actually will be terrified in great horror. Because of the difficulty of that moment. It's a very critical moment, but the belief is we have help from Allah, this is what we will find here. Then we will have a beautiful wisdom in dealing with people treating people who have some kind of enmity, or show some kind of hostility towards us. Let's start the verses. Then shall not try to take the wisdoms out of them.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We'll come back. So these beautiful verses from solid facilities are so wonderful. First of all, they give us the glad tidings about the end of this world, we know that everyone departs this worldly life with death. And death is a very critical time very difficult for every human being. Now, because of the time of death, the soul realizes the truth of this life. And the belief comes to the heart, you know, throughout the life, certain people used to reject faith, but they know inside the hearts in the depth and the recesses of their hearts, they know that the truth about this life, that there will be a next life and they should believe they

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should believe in the unity of Allah subhanaw taala. And at the time of death, all the colors that color, the truth that is in the heart will go away, and the truth will be manifest. So the person the soul realizes that this is the end of this life and there will be a next life it will be resurrected for the reckoning on the next life. So, this is why the soul suffers from greed, fear, it will be frightened, it will be in a state of horror. So this is why the soul of the believer believer actually will refuse to leave the body. This is why it will cling to the corners of the body will cling to the fingers to the nerves to the muscles to the bone.

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doesn't want to leave the soul because it knows, once it leaves the soul, that's the end. And that there will be punishment for it in the hereafter. So because of the horrors of this time, and even some narrations say that chiffon will come to the person at that time, especially the believer to try to make him slip into disbelief, and that very critical moment, it's very difficult moment, because we are slipping from one life to another, from this, the life of this world, to the life of the grave.

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So Allah Subhana, Allah gives the glad tidings to the to the believers, that he's saying, those who say Allah is our Lord, he's the one that we worship in truth, then they remain steadfast, they follow the straight path, at the moment of death, that's the most critical moment, the angels will descend to them will be sent down to them, to assure them to reassure them to say to them, don't feel, don't feel what is lying ahead of you, and don't grieve over the shortcomings that you had in this worldly life. Don't feel and don't grieve, we and they will give them the glad tidings, and we give the give you the glad tidings of the Hereafter, or the glad tidings of Paradise that it is for

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you. Don't worry, just be reassured, be confident, be calm, and be peaceful, because paradise will be for you, because you will, Allah has promised you paradise at this critical moment, unlike is this kind of solace, this kind of comfort to the believers at this very critical moment, which is the moment of death, and the soul actually would be looking for any kind, any sort of comfort, and reassurance, and a lack of some depth through the angels, beautiful faces. And it's known from the stories of some believers from the early generations that when def came to them, it is that they were saying that we could see faces that we recognize faces of angels, beautiful faces that shine

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that radiate with a lot of light from Allah subhanaw taala. Now this is a gift from a lot of the true believers. So we should now the wisdom that we can take from this verse is that we should work hard, exert ourselves to please Allah so that at the moment of death, we will be reassured, and we will see these wonderful angels, the handsome and beautiful faces of the angels, the radiant faces of angels, coming to give us glad tidings of paradise. And these angels angels say to the believers, we are your helpers in the world, the life as we used to help you and guide you to the truth. We are your helpers in the hereafter and the second life as well. So don't worry, and you will have

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everything your souls desire, on the day of judgment, you will have everything you wish, and everything you wanted from Allah subhanho wa Taala. All of this will be a gift that you will get from your Creator, your Creator, who is forgiving, who is merciful because of what you used to do. Then Allah says, and this wisdom is very important for us, Allah says, Who is better in speech than someone who calls to Allah who's better than that? Someone who dedicated his life or her life, to call to the wave Allah, she will call the people to the truth, to call the people to the way that leads to paradise, who is better than that person in speech? Who's better than him? And, you know,

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this sequence of verses shows us that the ones who will receive this kind of welcome this kind of reassurance of the moments or at the time of death, the first ones to receive that will be the ones who call to the way of Allah, who's better than who's better in speech than someone who calls to the way of Allah and does righteousness, does righteousness does more acts of piety that please unless penalty Allah, then he says, I am from those who submit themselves to Allah, submission to the word of Allah, submission to the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah. Now if we fulfill these things we call to the way Allah and we do righteousness and we submit ourselves to the teachings of Allah. Now

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we will be reassured at the moments at times of death, with paradise with the glory that Allah and the dignity that Allah prepared for the righteous ones. Then Allah says, states a very important fact which is very important light for for us and wisdom. Allah says, goodness and evil are never equal. Goodness and Evil will never be equal. The good things are high in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala whereas evil is very low and decadent and is a pourraient to our Creator, a lot of parents out of Allah says, repel the evil that comes to you repel it with that which is best. Now if people treat you very harshly that you would do in a very unjust way. But you do treat them in the

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way that is best in the best manner with the best character of Islam and the Muslims. So Allah says if you do that, if you repel evil with good if you repel evil with that which is best, the one between

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Him and you there is enmity, he will turn into a closest friend and very warm friend. Imagine that. Now this is one of the principal principles of dealing with people, especially in dour, especially when you call the people to Islam, there will be people showing us enmity, severe enmity and hostility. Now what we do to those repel the evil, what is good, with good treatment with good behavior, with kind and gentle

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answers and gentle behavior. Now this will turn into very close friends, very warm friends, who will actually be helped us to us, then Allah says this is not for everyone. Not everyone will get that the only ones who will get that are the ones who are truly patient, the ones who persevere in patients, the ones who exempt themselves in patience, and they believe so much hardship and so much hostility from others. They remain patient, Allah will grant them this, that even the enemies will become close friends to them. So only the patient ones will accept Will you see that? And only someone with a great fortune from Allah, someone who was really fortunate but Allah that refers to

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true belief and true knowledge from the Quran and the Sunnah. Now the wisdoms that we can take from that is the wave the Muslim is to call to the to the path of Allah subhanaw taala with patience and perseverance and this will make the enemy a friend, the enemy will turn into a friend this is from the blessings of Allah in this life. But as to the moment of death, which is the most critical moment the most difficult time for every human being. reassurance will come to the believer through the angels, radiant faces, beautiful faces, telling the believers don't fear the future. Don't fear what is ahead of you, you will be granted paradise, you will be given what you were promised by

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So let's doubt the wisdom or the lesson that we can take from this the life that we can live with. From these wonderful verses from this wonderful light is less, let's follow the straight path. Let's see, our Lord is Allah. Let's follow the straight path. So that angels will descend to us at the moment of death which is the most difficult they will come to be our friends to be our helpers, telling us don't fear don't fear and don't worry about your shortcomings in this life. Unlike the disbelievers, the angels will come and we'll be kicking them and striking them on their faces and on their backs because of the evil they did. Now inshallah we

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hope that we will be among the ones who received the glad tidings at the moment of death. How we do that follow the Straight Way of Allah subhana wa tada until we meet with another wisdom, another light from the Quran. Until we meet with another way another episode from in the light of the Quran. I leave you in peace with salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.