I Just Can’t Stay Consistent Q&A

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Good afternoon Zania Dabney banali kh is commitment name it is in the UK his side

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of caution is kindness any force kindness any as because America naked man

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so I'm gonna start

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kalbi battery to arbitrary battery toolbars I like it like mini summary board as a logo I think a good confusion Autobots related to like updating the Buddha calm Kia will not be accessible don't just say for example getting a like we have practice you know, magic or maybe as a teenager get your GPS How will we I think I think we have you know, cursed like God himself but I wound up making me to save like we're getting I'm gonna be calculate how many total freedom to use cutting in a train has already left the station to hamburger began like cookies Serega some jacket like it's not over liangzhu Ramen Can I hire? You get up I have a darker neon Cujo Zendaya

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abs and now the train hasn't left the station

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then the the minute has left the station. Yeah, there's that is the answer. Right right. keeping you alive is keeping you alive because he's he's hoping you Right? Like it sounds like the same look, I think is there still hope right? But does he do sad like I have a problem like consistency like I like many books or courses to Rukia Bowser I'm a highly Islamic named sab like we English course start Jacobi like education is related to core start Gilligan Muskoka Dominica sakta per cubby hips Europa Leah to danger then Kia looking for short lightweight motivation kata Masaryk acid consistency now Yeah, though I don't know what

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was the issue?

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Like maybe we just had to get minerals Mahonia like that's the thing.

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When is the

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Zakia lava consistency come a slot actually if Kelly hotel

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right lickin coach mom lot mayhem consistency como Zara Carthay

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just a job making systems becomes a headache right? Now authorities notch they make consistency homozygous

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So naming consistency comes right up new favorite TV show me consistency comms director Yanni ham. Kiss Kiss cheesy about me Koshish Gibberella consistency right let's cut our look villain is D cautious recommends Elliott says

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I gotta please zanier apne banali K cheese commitment name Edison the ICA his side, right Koshish goodness any forscan SNA is because we already had American Nikon.

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Over exactly at B'nai Torah time Lakhta looking at the football, the mom I think I'm saying but on September 28, other Takara Boudleaux Orosco postman Zanni taught me I was called other been asenjo recently he can

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also do many,

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many, many different clinical commitments.

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So good zyada health coach comma let's say you're happy usually I'm very regular with my exercise. I've traveled catheter subsidiary Arctic X used to travel Korea across time now though my name is Tim Cook but I was so Bobby I don't exist I'm exercising

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I don't exist right? Why meetings Nico Bucha I'm gonna do my work

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there because travel is no excuse.

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Right? Okay, you know, the same way Salah is no excuse the same way. You know, didn't you guys so basically yeah, so you mentality Givati

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