Nouman Ali Khan – Get Our Priorities Straight

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of creating a focus on real issues and acknowledging the harm that comes with actions. They stress the need to study and research issues related to Islam to avoid negative consequences and push young people to become criticized for their conservative views. They also mention a book called "Art of the Muslim teenager" that is being published and emphasize the importance of building a generation of graduates that benefit from connections with reality.
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And I hope this, I hope this part makes it by itself to YouTube, if not the rest of the lecture. Yeah, the question is there's indication there might be alien life outside of planet Earth. And the Quran might even have a hint or two about it. Yes, some might have talked about it under some art. My response, first of all, is, who cares? Why? Because we have such big problems right now.

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Such really big problems in front of us that we don't have time

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to get into any of this stuff.

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When people come and ask me, what's your opinion about the profits birthday? I say I don't have an opinion about the profits birthday. Because that's not an issue. The issue is our children are doing drugs. The issue is kids are leaving Islam. That's an issue. You want to spend your energies debating whether it's Hallo Rama, without Asana, when you have people leaving the deal itself. What is wrong with you?

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It's a non issue. Where should we pray at all? We heard 20 thoroughly. I don't care. People aren't even praying.

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Pray 13 I don't care. And these two somebody come to the machine at least come to the machine at least. You know how many sisters have come up to me I teach. So talk man. And man talks about hellfire. And I remind people that we should be worried to save our families from the Hellfire sisters coming up to me telling my husband is addicted to alcohol.

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What should I do? I don't know what to do. You know,

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I don't even know where to get help Muslim family. And he comes he's in the machine right now saying that he's addicted to alcohol. And he gets angry if you talk to him about it.

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And that same guy is gonna debate me whether or not I should raise the bar higher than before I make Roku or not.

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Really, there's nothing else left to talk about.

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You see what I'm saying? We have to kill these issues. We have to kill them. We have to give life to the real issues. Parent raising our children, raising our daughters, specifically our daughters, you know, raising confident sons of Islam. How do we produce that that is in this oma? How do we produce them? How are we going to educate ourselves in the Quran? How are we going to introduce the seal of the Prophet sallallaahu salam to everybody, every man, woman and child should know what this man was like and how he spent his life. How are we going to do that? How are we going to help our teenage students that are having trouble with their faith when they're taking evolution class? How are we

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going to these are issues? This is right now this is happening right now. Other stuff? It's very interesting. I don't say it's not interesting. I think it's very interesting. I read one time when I was younger, I read a 30 page paper or whether or not leather socks or cotton socks, for will do a 30 page paper. If you were to ask me to read that again. I will say no. And if anybody else was going to read us and notice follows called is much bigger things to worry about man.

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I don't care either way, just there's more important stuff. This is the Muslim mentality has to change. Our mentality has to become what is priority. What is the real focus? And I don't mean any disrespect to anybody by this. But I do believe it's hurting the oma. I personally I'm convinced of that it's hurting the oma, what took her on made a priority is a priority for us. But the Quran did not make a priority is not a priority for us. I mean, a lot, you know, make a big deal out of the question where a lot is, people come in as well as Allah. Is he up in the seventh habit? Or is he everywhere? Did a last question. Did this have asked that question? Did he repeatedly asked this

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question? No.

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our priorities should be the current priorities. The things we repeat the most are the things our pizza the most. What does a lot of people

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have? DACA have 200 sometimes DACA?

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What is about repeat the most Don't do like bunnies, right?

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Don't do that when he's five. That's what he repeats the most. That's what we should this is this is what should become our main concern our priority. You know, we have to get away from distractions we really do as a people, as a people. And the last comment, I'll share with this with you about this. And I'm not saying any of you are like this, but I've seen this many times. There are people they don't pray.

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And even if they pray, it's like one of those the fastest prayer record you've ever seen kind of prayer. You ever seen those?

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As a cardiovascular exercise? It's a workout their prayer, okay. And then they don't pray. Number two, they have no problem with Russia and their life. No problem whatsoever. They have inappropriate kinds of gatherings. They have done nothing to raise their children. They are engaged in all kinds of haram business. But when they sit in discuss Islam they say whoa, slow

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What does it say about what is the seven heavens?

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What is that? And what does Islam say about slavery? And what does Islam say about you know,

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they call it the, you know, four lines. It's this issue with four wives. This is all their son is, you know why? Because they're so deeply drowning in sin. They don't want to address that issue. That's the real issue. So they don't have to address that. But they still want to talk about Islam. So talk about something other on the side in Islam, that doesn't have to do with my real life. So bring that up to me. Let's talk about that. How come the Quran says this about young Nirvana? Or I need to understand you know, what's gonna happen to Christian love Jasmine, what's gonna happen to you on Judgement Day? Forget the Christian we're gonna have a new people can ask you, what do women

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get in general? I'll take care of them. Don't worry about it.

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You get there.

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Like your tickets already purchased, you're worried about the women now?

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You know, come on. We have to be realistic Muslims realistic, we deal with reality on the ground. And we look at our religion. And we look for solutions for the problems we're facing right now. You remember I told you we need a revolution in Islamic Studies. This is what I meant. We have to study the issues that are afflicting the oma right now. Not the old issues, not the issues that nobody will benefit from current issues that will not make any of you a better Muslim. If you won't make me a better Muslim, if we won't be it make me a better worshiper, a better a better sleep of luck, a better father, a better husband, a better son, a better daughter, you know, a better citizen, a

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better contributor, a better donator. It won't make me any of these things. I don't want to know about it.

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I have a friend. last comment, I promise. I have a friend, really smart guy. 4.0 GPA out of Harvard University, smart, smart. I mean, I've talked to him for two minutes. I feel so stupid. And he went and he wanted to do Islamic Studies. So he went to Syria and he studied he finished he went somewhere else. And he studied under some scholar, incredibly intelligent person. And he finally he did his PhD thesis, his PhD thesis on the life of a scholar, one of the students of your mama shaqiri. He did his PhD thesis on the life of one of the students of Yama, Shafi. 400, page thesis. And I picked him up from the airport one time and I'm talking to him. So what was your thesis he

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tells me about the scholar, his life is very interesting person, he wrote this book, and that becomes like, so what happened to your thesis has been published as aggressive published from the university. So where is it sitting? in the library? Who's read it?

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He goes, he's smiling. I don't think anybody read it.

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I said, You're telling me you spent 12 years studying Islam.

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12 years studying Islam with the intelligence that Allah gave you? And you studied something that nobody is reading? Is that their fault? Or your fault? You went into a subject that you found interesting? Why didn't you go into a subject that you needed?

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Why didn't you think about it that way? What is the birth of Muslims? The What is this? Do you have to give the Muslim world the people that are studying for onyx psychology, so we can give psychological counseling? Well, the people that are studying prophetic healing, Kalyan mediation, so conflict resolution between husband and wife, conflict resolution between Muslims, or people that are saying we need those issues. Yeah. They're not even studying those up, like, we come up with a thesis, or some obscure topic, and we're gonna study that, like, to the depths, and who's gonna benefit from that?

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I don't know. Some other scholar who will only read it.

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So the scholars, we're pushing people to become scholars in this bubble.

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That doesn't affect the society. Now 100. Now, some scholars are coming out of that. And they're starting to deal with issues that actually have to do with Muslim life, and what's happening in the world. But we have to push that and propel that further. We have to push our other mat to give us solutions. They're the ones that are leading us they are shepherds. But we sometimes they become so in love with their books, that they don't know what's happening on the ground. I sat with an island of really qualified Alamo Mufti, so honored to sit in his company. And I said, I want to ask you something. If a person does XYZ, a young person does XYZ, what do you what do you say about it?

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Because it's how long you can do it in Qatar. I said, I was like, Okay, let me give you some background. This happens when this happened. And this happened, and this is the situation and he goes, That's impossible. That would never happen. I said it's happening every day.

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As a Muslim teenager, so life will you know, the TV show, I heard it called life of a teenager, like with the American teenager, we should have another TV show Secret Life of the Muslim teenager.

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Seriously, and this Arlen is shocked. He cannot believe Muslim youth can be like this.

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That's not his fault. That's our fault that we didn't go and even our or the mountain or the book. They know the book. They know. They know the sun, but don't they know

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what's going on around them. We have to give them that so they can give us the right guidance.

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We have to push them in that he knows that people have rewired. The is called the people of narration. Now some of our orlimar like that they really know what's going on around them. They do a lot of our home I don't. And so the way they address issues is not in connection with what's going on in reality. It's a problem. We have to build that generation, we're going to build a generation of young people that learn their Deen and are connected with reality, that benefit from the scholars and are able to be the connection between the scholars and society. Our young people are going to teach our scholars This is what's happening in society, you help us out. This is the healthy state

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of an oma where the orlimar are connected with the people and the youth are in between the youth are the connection, we're gonna raise that generation of youth inshallah Tada, the laws that will help our Allah do their job and make us truly benefit from them. Yeah.

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The two references that I want all the parents to listen to his shadow are these sets the law protecting and preserving. The first one is called children around the messenger children around the messenger and the second one is called mothers of the believers, mothers of the believers. It's really, really brilliant work. He's only got two or three lectures up on YouTube. They're all worth listening to.

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It's very rare that you find lectures from him on YouTube, but if you find them listen to him, it's worth your time and sit there and take notes in his lectures. It is worth your time, inshallah Tada, Mark. Hello, and welcome. Thank you so very much. I think it's time for Select All right, let's have a lot so Chicago, Sarah Marie Kamara

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves on the pressing issue on the need for straightening our priorities so that bigger calamities and disasters can be averted in the light of the Deen.

Our concerns should be – 

  • How do we produce the Daa’ees (preachers) in this Ummah (community)?
  • How do we educate ourselves and the Ummah (community) in the Qur’an?
  • How we are going to introduce the Seerah (character) of Prophet ﷺ to everybody?

And much more. Listen intently to find out more on this topic.

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