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Nouman Ali Khan addresses the sheep-minded attitude of human beings, more specifically the (Muslims) and how the Muslims will follow the legacy of the people before them (Christians & Jews)…This lecture is based on a famous hadith of the Prophet (pbuh)


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The speaker discusses the negative impact of following certain social media posts and their desire to avoid them. They also mention their own experience with a culture that prioritizes "verbal things" over their beliefs. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding a way to express one's love to others and avoiding highlighting the "has been a waste of time."

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Salam aleikum.

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Wa Salatu was Salam

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along with

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the 20 plus minutes that I have to share with you.

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I'll first remind you, if you don't already know of the source of the title that was offered to me, following Blizzard comes from a famous narrated Bible study

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in which the legendary essentially warned us that

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you are no doubt going to follow the legacies of those who came before you. People that came before us, I went this quickly paraphrasing the companions asking

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Are you referring to the Jews and the Christians? So when he said, Who else? Who else am I referring to, and in showing us the extent to which we will follow the nations who came before us, the messenger gave a terrible example. And that was the temple, if one of them was to go into or crawl into the hole of something like a lizard, right? Well, this kind of like a lizard, then you will do the same, you will follow it just the same. First, a little bit about this example.

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You know, crawling into any animals home is illogical to human beings, doesn't make any sense. And so one of the clear implications of this parable is if the people before you make mistakes are utterly ridiculous, they'll make any sense at all, they are clearly harmful for you, you will still do, even if it'll be patients, and also there's something else. It is the irritation of an animal,

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you see an animal behave a certain way that human beings behave is another dignified human being well, I've come up with the Adam, without a doubt, we already defined the human being.

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So now and in a way that is actually becoming a decent human beings if they do so.

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These are some of the direct implications of the profound words of our messenger, someone already.

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I'm pretty confident that all of you, if not most of you have heard us talk about or talk about imitating goals, or following the past and the legacy of those who came before us. You've heard us talk about this before, and you haven't heard it before. I'm here the author. And typically the theme, or the either the soul or the one was reminding you will tell you what we want, we should follow them in certain ways. For example, we shouldn't follow them in the way that you dress, if they dress in ways that are inappropriate, that are not becoming of the standard. For those who believe that we should imitate them. We shouldn't follow them in that way. You may have heard

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someone telling you Well, there's a there's a certain culture, especially high school in the United States, there's a certain culture, something that I thought would be different from the northeast where I used to live when I when I was in high school, it would be different in the south, it would be different in the West Coast, I had half of the country, and it visited over 50 Muslim communities, I saw pretty much the same culture. And this is a culture in which there's a certain attitude that is almost glorified.

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There's an attitude that's horrifying. So if you have a certain kind of walk,

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then that's respectable. And a lot of basically, IT projects yourself as an arrogant fool of yourself conceited you with me. But this is something we'll come upon. There is an entire industry entire developers of music, where the songwriter and singer will say nothing about presenting themselves

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their entire journey. Whatever is Bryan Adams I can do this man this much money, I look at my car, look at my phone, and look at my finger. Look at my watch. And this is horrifying. And when you compare this to other lines will definitely reveal we go to our ally ally Don't be humble ourselves. It's the exact opposite direction.

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So here you have kids, most of the kids that are going into Sunday school that are attending

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after worship, and they have an iPod in their pocket and it

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talks about the movie and helps them yourself before aligns with you. It goes a lot after the look where they hit the play button on the mp3 and here's somebody thinking about how great new songs are. And

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so this is one way to follow in whichever way they want.

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This is one way certainly

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you don't

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even mention the name of curl things is horrible after you happy.

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You can mention those things after you discuss them by mentioning terrible things. Yet we live in a culture where comedy, for example, has entirely to do with either shameless vulgar things, obscene things or funny. Right? Every other joke has to do with something disgusting. Something you should never talk about, would never be entertained by Yeah, that's probably what a lot of them that tells us that it's a woman, oh, man, don't let

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anyone have another nation. It was common in our days at separate immigration among the Chinese, or the Indians, which are the Arabs, this one, this should be one of another as how many for you, this guy is a really great indication And who is this other person very, very well, therefore, he must be a great comedian.

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So they

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don't even have another nation. And we say what sounds rather just comedy.

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So what am I trying to tell you is we are following and we basically victimized by the legacy, you don't even realize they're following that track. You don't even realize it.

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I'll tell you something, when you hear the parents might find this disturbing, but I have to share this with

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your your your kids, and the youth, even the religious youth themselves, as jokingly mentioned something about homosexuality.

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We might find it funny.

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They might like

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oh, that movie was really gay.

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Yeah, when we use these words, this terminology means shooting. This is a word and this is a concept and idea that most people would never even consider bringing up the conversation much less.

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And yet it's become part of the culture, it's showing our age all the time that even we have incorporated it into our daily conversation.

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This is a summary of the years of deterioration occurring. There is a problem that's happening we are being desensitized.

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But at the same time I do want to let you know that this the concern of my sharing these ideas with you is not to be condescending to another group of people have to say that we're better than the Jews and the Christians by the end of the talk inshallah God and that will be clear. That's not the reason I'm telling you this. Because Muslims right on this high horse, too many times we fall flat on their face. At least we're not like that.

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So now, in a few ways in which we advocate on behalf all of the nations before us, one of them, I want to share with you some

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of the criticizes are basically a waste of stuff that we all fall into that desert hole for instance, Eliza tells us and I'm gonna, I'm going to redo that as well. Because who

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do you intend to question your messenger? Like, whoo, sorry, Sarah was question before

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want to do and what this tells us?

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What are the three things that Obama does not like his camera? Too many questions, too many questions. If you look at a change in paradigm, a change in mentality, on the one hand, in fact, the companions of the messengers have a lover to go along with it. Like they come up to us. And they asked him one more time.

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Tell me something that will get me into gender Tell me something that will reveal emotional love. Tell me something I think that is the most reward. These are the questions that I have are asking, right? What more and how bored you can become stable a lot. That's what they ask. You go across the Muslim world to a either a scholar who gives a reminder to the people, he reminds them and he gives them something from the DA because the words that goes tomorrow on Fridays, and he tells the words on the line if you go to QA session,

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what do people ask? People don't ask one more time.

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They asked what more do I enjoy?

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Is that how can I do that too? Can I have that character this transaction?

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Is that fun? Me meaning instead of asking what more I did before a lot, we asked what more of the negative we will generalize from ourselves. A change in mentality completion. Completion

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asks us a rhetorical question.

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It's such a strange question.

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important question over

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you, you are pleased with this world over the next. It's understandable that the government is pleased with it. It's understandable for players of delta for them for horrible things waiting for them to hellfire. We don't know that they only have to be as understandable. But you know?

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wrong with you? What is wrong with you?

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So now this is one way as we read the question that asked me questions that loosen our relationship because he, we want to further distance ourselves from a lot of comedians, rather than bringing ourselves closer.

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There is another very interesting legacy within the Christian tradition. That's a more subtle thing. I need you to pay attention if you understand this product, right. It will tell you this in clear fashion.

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Know, the Christian tradition originally were kind of the policies that dominated the Christian world was an otherworldly kind of thing. Those marionettes evil things of interest, if states of spirituality Did I really like to live in a monastery, and it was almost an allergic reaction to that version of Christianity.

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There was an allergic reaction to that version of Christianity with the eyes of the Protestant movement. And at the very end of the movement, you know what you have basically a new Christianity, and in this Christianity, the word Bootcamp, you have the word God loves you.

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If you listen to a preacher

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on a Sunday afternoon, they'll tell you go get that promotion, God wants you to live well get that second mortgage, refinance your house, get that new car, you need to show that God has blessed you. And this is how the unfortunate the secrets major the Muslim mind, when we started thinking, I'm going to go to a party because I just got a house or I'm going to go party I'm gonna show people my new car, the word do we acquire more we celebrate these our fingers a lot, you have forgotten that all of these papers are the ones that I had on this are not actually the reason for celebration, what we celebrate is the obedience to a love, we have no meaning alone,

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we have a package of performing obedience to a person we celebrate. Not only I hope I give her something much better than we ever celebrate your meal, we must be really good Muslims, because a lot of really great job. And I have really good help. And I got my nutrition clear very quickly, it was

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just like a two part introduction

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to the store because I formed this.

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So this is one way in which we follow the nation before our mentality has changed the way we think about

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Winning and losing, losing,

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offers to change. Finally, I'm gonna skip a few things. And John's gonna go straight to the last few things that I wanted to share with you.

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One of the ways in which we have followed decisions before us.

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And this is probably the scariest

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one I'm having.

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And this one thing is the relationship this nation has

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spoke about.

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Our oma was bestowed the great

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final revelation of God.

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The Messenger of Allah told us in an authentic honey, some a lot more it will send them

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on that promise. Some people are

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listening again. The people who came before us you tell me how to listen to the answer when the audience you told me one of the people before is giving books.

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They're giving books. What was when

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they were given a lot of talks about that nation, and the relationship they had with their book. He talks about ambition, and the relationship they had to do his work, which was

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a lot. He says well meaning

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among them.

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They are unaware people

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are educated in terms of their own book.

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Your own wishful thoughts.

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And it means they don't know what it says they think they know what it says.

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What in movies is nothing more than make assumptions? That's all they do. They don't really know that book, but a lot.

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Now, I want to share with you one thing, a lot of

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what they said about this is I want to share with you what this is about this is what pointers are.

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What they say that said about this is many

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times, they will reduce the relationship with themselves.

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Because they said he

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was the author.

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They say

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nice, all these people do it.

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All my presentation

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is over in terms of technology,

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innovations and memorizing some parts

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was originally

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the only thing they do with their book is a memorize the parts of it and they recycle parts of it. That blew them up and they don't know what's inside.

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The only thing I don't remember, I saw things and he recited something. And that's it. They're very happy when somebody recited to them. That's enough.

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This is a description of a summary

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of what they did with their book.

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The topic of my speech was going into losers.

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you go across the

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top level to the Muslims living in

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Egypt for Indonesia or turkey, forget all of that. Let's go across the United States. less traveled to the Muslim communities across the United States Mashallah well educated community is the vast majority of the people that love their books that recite their book that memorize their book, but the vast majority of it has no idea what the book says that truly

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is a hobby.

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That's the thing that scares me the most.

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Because truly, people have forgotten and no one comes up, I'll just tell you the meaning of any casualties are beginning

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to become complacent and lazy. It's not acceptable for you to relax on what

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read and follow it as it deserves to be read in following all hours of the night and day, while Xu is reading without knowing when to unify it with a cup of tea and reflect deeply in it.

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So that all of you we succeed along