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The transcript discusses the history and significance of the Quran, including its use of scripture and images to portray figures, the use of symbols to describe words and actions, and the significance of symbols to describe actions and emotions. It also touches on the history of Jewish mystical practices and its influence on modern spiritual practices, including the use of symbols to describe words and actions, and the significance of ancient myths of magic and its relation to the godams and beast. The transcript provides insight into various theories about the existence of magic, including the concept of the angel ma route, the influence of magic on behavior, and the transactional process of magic.

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In this video we are going to see that the Quran contains a wealth of information about the world of the occult. Our analysis will focus on the second chapter of the Quran known as Surah Al Baqarah. In particular, verses 101 to 102. We will analyze these verses from the perspective of history and archaeology. The verses begin by saying, and when a messenger from our law came to them, confirming that which was with them, the children of Israel, a party of those who have been given the Scripture through the scripture of Allah behind their backs, as if they did not know what it contained, and they followed instead, what the devils had recited during the reign of Solomon, the classical Muslim

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exit gtes, Ibn kafir and tabari both explained that the Quran here is referring to a faction of Jews at the time of Muhammad, peace be upon him, who rejected him. Despite knowing he was a messenger. The Quran rebukes them for not acting upon this knowledge of his prophethood, which is contained in their very own scriptures. They are accused of abandoning their scriptures and instead resorting to practicing the magic of their ancestors from the time of Solomon. There are a number of amazing insights to note here. Firstly, we can see that the Quran makes an important distinction between scripture and the works of devils, namely that of magic. The Quran states that a party of Jews

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abandoned our laws words and turn to the magic of devils, implying that their scriptures are free of magic. If we compare the Old Testament with rabbinic writings, we find that this is the case with the Old Testament states. You shall not permit a sorceress to live mediums necromancers shall surely be put to death. Let no one be found among you who interprets omens. We can see that the Old Testament has a zero tolerance approach to all forms of magic. By comparison, rabbinic texts, such as the Talmud are full of occult teachings, Rabbi Shlomo rot, I see in the golani intermode many things which were permitted from the realm of fortune telling incantations and witchcraft. These are

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innumerable. Here are just some examples of occultism in the Talmud. If one wishes to see demons, let him take the afterbirth of a black she cat, let him roast it in fire, and grind it to powder. And then let him put some into his eye.

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What is an approved amulet, one that has healed once a second time, and a third time.

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The cost of the constellations and Zodiac has influenced as a natural law upon the world, and everything depends upon it, longevity, children and finances. It's clear that the term mood promotes a whole host of occult practices, including sorcery, amulets, and astrology. We've seen that these are all practices that the Old Testament deems punishable by death. Scripture and rabbinic writings are completely at odds when it comes to the permissibility of magic just as the arm states. In other chronic insight is the fact that the verse is addressing a group of Jews who are contemporary to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and making the claim that they were following the magic of

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devils from the time of Solomon. Given that Solomon is from the 10th century BCE, and the Quran was revealed in the seventh century CE II, this points to a continuous magic tradition of at least one and a half, 1000 years. If this really is the case, then we would expect Jewish practitioners to have mastered these dark arts over such a long period of time. This is exactly what we find in the world of magic. For centuries. Jewish mysticism such as Kabbalah, and Jewish numerology, known as get Maitreya, have been fundamental to occultism. To this day, anyone who is serious about the occult must study these Jewish systems as they are considered foundational. Yet another chronic

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insight can be found in the linguistics of this verse, not the word recited, devils are said to recite magic. The use of spoken incantations and evocations are in fact, a major part of the magic. Madame blavatsky was a highly influential 19th century mystic. She explained that occultists throughout history have used symbols to convey meaning because they feared the real world effects of the spoken word.

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Their religious and esoteric history of every nation was embedded in symbols. It was never expressed in so many words. Why, because such are another vibration in the air is sure to awaken corresponding powers union with which produces good or bad results.

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The ancient Egyptians held similar beliefs about

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The power of the spoken word.

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The commonly found phrases, magic of their mouths, and spells of their utterances. Sure, the close relationship between speaking and magic, the two were treated as more or less equivalent. The ancient Mesopotamians also believed that incantations had to be spoken in a certain way, in order for them to be effective. voice can harvest the power and knowledge contained within a name. The incantation and names contained in them had to be pronounced in a special tone of voice. The word used to describe one speaking in this manner, laahu show is even different from the regular verb say, and had a meaning similar to utter murmur or chant.

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The next part of the verses stet it was not Solomon who disbelieved, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic. Here, the Quran defends the noble Prophet Solomon clearing him of the false accusations of magic. rabbis and Jewish commentators throughout history, have claimed that Solomon was a master magician. For example, the Tom wood claims that Solomon possessed a magical ring that was the source of his ability to control devils, that our mood narrates the following story. The demon asmodeus said to Solomon, give me your ring with God's name engraved on it, and I will show you my strength.

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Solomon gave him his ring, as modulus swallowed the ring, and grew until he placed one wing in the heaven, and one wing on the earth. He threw Solomon a distance of 400 Paris hangs, ie over 1000 miles with Solomon depose from the throne as modius took his place. While asmodeus was impersonating Solomon, he demanded that Solomon's mother engage in sexual intercourse with him. Once the Jewish council heard this, they understood that this was an imposter. And not actually Solomon. They brought Solomon and gave him a ring on which the name of God was carved when Solomon entered as mortgage saw him and fled. Followers of Judaism need to realize that such rabbinic teachings

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actually go against the Old Testament, which we've already seen, strictly prohibits all forms of magic. rabbis have therefore created contradictions within the religion itself. The Quran clarifies that a magical trinket was not the source of Solomon's power. Rather, Allah Himself was the source of Solomon's miraculous ability to subjugate devils and control animals. Solomon's abilities are no different to the miracles that are law bestowed upon other Israelite prophets such as Moses, we can see that the Quran resolves the confusion that is present within Judaism.

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The next part of the verses state, teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels of Babylon. Here the Quran makes the claim that Babylon was a major epicenter for magic. Thanks to modern archaeological discoveries. We now know that Babylonians laid the foundation for magical practices used all around the world. For example, astrology is one of the core sciences in magic today. The Babylonians were the first people to apply myths to constellations and describe the 12 signs of the zodiac, and numa. Anu and Lille is a series of Babylonian tablets that represent the oldest astrological writings in the world. The conquest of Asia by Alexander the Great, expose the

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Greeks to Babylonian culture, they took the Babylonian system of astrology, developed it and spread it all around the world. Another claim being made here by the Quran is that the magic of the Jews at the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him had its roots in ancient Babylon. A number of historical evidences both textual and archaeological support this claim the Tom mood is a recent compilation of rabbinic discussions that comprise the foundation of Jewish law. Two different versions of the Talmud were produced, the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud, with the former produced in the land of Israel, and the latter in Babylon. When contrasting the two scholars

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have observed that the Babylonian Talmud is comparatively full of references to demons and magic, a perfect example that illustrates this difference can be found in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes these I acquired male and female singers and a harem as well. Compare the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmudic commentaries on this verse.

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Here in Babylonia, they interpreted these words in the following manner, male demons and female demons.

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In the land of Israel, they said that these words are referring to characters.

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This supports the Crown's claims about the Babylonian roots of Jewish magic, as those Jews who were exiled to Babylon were exposed to an influenced by it

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Magical culture, we can see this influence reflected in the content of the Babylonian Talmud. From an archaeological perspective, the earliest known examples of Jewish mystical texts are Babylonian incantation balls. This further supports the Crown's claim that Jews first learn magic at Babylon, Professor shawl shockcord wrote, The Jewish Aramaic bowls also have the earliest examples of hair qalaat, or Jewish mystical texts. He also find named Jewish rabbis and demons, as well as information about Jewish legal practice. Moreover, the vast majority of incantation bowls that have been excavated in the Babylonian region are written in Jewish Aramaic. An essay on magic bowls

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states that the largest number of non incantation bowls are written in Jewish Aramaic by Jewish scribes. Monday in bowls are the second most numerous, only then followed by balls in Syriac. A handful of balls in Arabic and Persian are also on on. This shows that Babylonian Jews were heavily involved in magic. Historians even go so far as to suggest that they achieved a mastery of the Dark Arts Professor Joseph Nava rot, magic may have been considered to some extent a Jewish specialization.

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The next part of the vs state the two angels at Babylon high route and my route, but they do not teach anyone unless they say we are at trial. So do not disbelieve by practicing magic. Here the Quran is making the claim that two angels have a route and my route descended at Babylon. These angels are said to have been sent by our law and given knowledge of magic as a means of testing mankind. Is there any historical evidence of the existence of the angels her route or my route? There just happens to be some striking parallels between the angel ma route and an entity known as Mar Duke Marduk was an ancient Mesopotamian deity who was the chief god of the city of Babylon.

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Marduk is the name commonly associated with a deity in modern times, however, it was actually pronounced Maru Tolkien Babylonian scholars believe that this word is derived from the Sumerian amaru to the chronic marut may simply be an era based version of the Babylonian Maru took and Sumerian amaru to Marduk also happens to have been associated with magic as far back as the Old Babylonian period. During Babylonian magic rituals. Priests known as a sequel would impersonate Marduk. A tablet reads that I see Paul is the image of amaru to

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Marduk was glorified as the greatest of exorcists. A tablet reads, upon the utterance of amaru to exist among the gods.

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A cylinder seal that calls upon Mar Duke served as an amulet it states by the order of amaru to mer he who was provided with the seal be in good health. Murdoch was also commonly invoked to ward off demons. The audio chhole writings are a series of 16 tablets consisting of incantations for protection against evil demons. Several the tablets are in fact, hymns to Marduk for example, by the invocation of Marduk, ruler of Babylon, may whatever evil be removed from the body of the man, may the evil or Toko demon, an evil Aloo demon stand aside. Our Duke was even called the magician of the gods. Not in the following inscription that Marduk is referred to by the name I saw Louis before the

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spell of Asa Louis, the magician of the gods. The parallels between Marduk and the angel marut go beyond their names and magical associations. The supreme god air was believed to be the ultimate source of Murdoch's knowledge. In the following Babylonian text Marduk is said to consult as advice. May my father, the great Lord air, show you the right and the masterplan of as wisdom. He Mr. Duke was searching, he was searching there for the supreme word of as command,

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we can see that the relationship between Marduk and air is similar to that of the angel marut and Allah with Marduk and marut, both being subservient and receiving knowledge from the higher authorities air and Allah. Even the name of the city of Babylon has connotations with the chronic angels. The word Babylon comes from the ancient Mesopotamian Bobby lien, which means get of the gods. This could be a reference to its importance as the site where angels brought magic to mankind. Hence, it was seen as a kind of gateway to receiving wisdom from above. There is in fact a creation myth known as a numa, a leash in which Marduk is said to have commanded the building of Babylon.

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Construct Babylon whose building you have requested that it's brick

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Work be fashioned. Now you may be wondering, how is it possible that the angel ma route was transformed into the Babylonian God Marduk mankind has a tendency to defy mortals. This has been the norm throughout history with heroes and people of great importance being taken as objects of worship. An obvious example of the Christian elevation of Jesus from human Messiah to God incarnate. With regards to mardu. Historians acknowledge that his origins are shrouded in mystery. The scholar Daniel Bloch wrote that the ultimate origins of Marduk remain a mystery. The surviving historical records do indicate that Marduk greatly grew in stature over time, the Babylonian epic enuma Elish,

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chronicles the rise of Marduk, from hero to king of the gods, our Duke is even said to have taken on 50 names and attributes. For us, under whatever name he might be called, he is our God. So gather around and let us all call him by all his 50 names.

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as Professor Mark and gala puts it, it is clear that the principal divine authority authenticating the power of incantations was a God of wisdom, whose role was primary. One of the innovations of auto call was the increase centrality of Marduk as the main god of healing, independent of air, and the longer acting as as representative. At least three tablets of a dog Hall focus primarily on Murdoch's role as the chief protagonist, which is a major departure from his traditional role as a as assistant.

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what's incredible is that this information about the angel ma route, and its links to Babylon and magic is unique to the Quran. It's not mentioned anywhere in the Bible or rabbinic texts such as the Talmud. Now the godmother dog is mentioned once in the Bible, however, very little information is provided, and it has no association with magic or angels.

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The final part of the verses state, and yet they learn from them that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife, and the people learn what harms them and does not benefit them. But the children of Israel certainly knew that whoever purchased the magic would not have in the hereafter any share, and wretched is that for which they're sold themselves if they only knew. Here, the Quran tells us that the angels brought a new type of knowledge, something very powerful that can cause a husband and wife to separate.

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Now, the Quran does not go into detail about the exact nature of the magic that descended. However, notice the mention of the word purchased, the Quran could be alluding to the transactional nature of interactions between magicians and Jen. Indeed, a common thread that runs through all magic traditions is the concept of working with spiritual entities in order to obtain some worldly benefit or cause harm to others. The Magician does something for adyen, such as praising it or offering a sacrifice, and in return, the gym provides a service for the magician. Also not the mention of the consequences of engaging in magic. The Quran issues the severe warning that it is at the cost of

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one's hereafter. The Magician quite literally has to sell their soul in order for the gen to comply. The reality is that in order to reach the higher levels, a magician must commit the greatest of evils which is demonstrated in their philosophy and morality. magicians refer to the systems they use as the left hand path. Conventional religion is referred to as the right hand path, not what this magician has to say about Islam on the right hand path. What do you mean by the left hand path? For semantic purposes, we use the phrase right hand path to define those religions or spiritual practices that attempt to submit to a greater force a god a universal principle that unites humanity

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together, you put me in the Buddhists and the Hindus and the Muslims

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in one category, and let me clarify the right hand. Right hand path would consist of in religions you'd be familiar with Islam is the most radical right hand path system the very word means submission.

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Islam is the most radical right hand path system the very word means submission. This distinction between the left and right hand paths is a very old one that's been recorded as far back as ancient India. The left hand path is based on two main principles. Firstly, self deification whereas the right hand path seeks dependence on God followers left hand path seek to become godlike. The conventional acts of disbelief that magicians take part in such as calling upon idols and worshipping the jinn are bad enough but they'll

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Left hand path takes things to an extreme, it reaches new heights of blasphemy, with the magician seeking godhood in themselves. The second principle of the left hand path is challenging normative conventions of morality. There is a reversal of moral categories.

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Evil becomes good, impure becomes pure, darkness becomes light. Followers at the left hand path, intentionally break all taboos in order to reconstitute themselves as a divine being operating outside the laws and restrictions of man. For example, many religions place prohibitions on menstruating women, they are forbidden from taking part in certain acts of worship, and married women refrain from sexual intimacy. The follower of left hand path, however, will purposely seek to violate all of these prohibitions. Now we can understand why the Quran is so severe in his condemnation of magic, it is a path that leads the greatest of evils on earth, and ultimately the

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eternal Hellfire in the hereafter.

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In conclusion, we've seen that these short verses of the Quran are filled with tremendous insights into different areas of the world of the occult, including the Jews of Babylon, the ancient origins of magic, and the interaction between gentle magicians.

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