When Allah Wishes Good for Anyone I Year of Knowledge-Self Paced

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A speaker discusses a study on Islamic economics and a recent statement from Roswaal. The discussion then shifts to a discussion about a man named Deen and his teachings on women and cars. The speaker uses Deen as an example to illustrate the concept of " Easter" and the importance of understanding the inner meaning of Islam.

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A lot of people asked me this, what made you go and study Islamic Studies and you're already an offset Russian gynecologist? Why? Simple answer from Roswaal is salatu salam. And this is a Hadith by Maya and it is an Al Bukhari and Roswaal. Risotto Salam said this to each one of us, your Rasool Mayra su N A salatu salam said the following. May you ready love will be higher on you for Kehoe 15 Mejuri de la will be higher on you factor Hoefer Deen whomsoever Allah, my Creator and yours wants higher. Goodness, goodness general for him or her? What does he do to them? Allah? Give them more money. Give them big homes, more cars, more vacations? No. You *ed the whole fake Deen teach him

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or her. The inner meaning of this beautiful Islam that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you and me