Nouman Ali Khan – Counsel & Healing #03

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of reading the book A Look at Me, which talks about people of the Jewish faith and how they do not trust them. They stress the need to reflect on oneself and not be diluted by others. The religion of Islam is a way to justify against others and develop a false sense of security, as individualism and liberal disagreements can lead to accusations of bias. It is important to recognize and not just examine one's appearance as it is a source of evil.
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publish it. Sorry, it was me Emily. Sania pamukkale humble in Los Altos llamando. So early, he was a PhD in undergrad. So I wanted to make another cut to everybody. So today as I was reading, there are a bunch of things that caught my eye and I had to write them all out. But

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at least one that I want to share with you today is the 75th. If so, if your mind is at the surface, it's talking about us not judging people of the Jewish and Christian backgrounds with broad strokes. So to have a more nuanced view of how to judge people that are not from the same faith as we are. So let me just read the translation off to you first woman added kitabi men, interment will be involved in u A, D like and among the People of the Book, there are some people that if you were to entrust them with piles of wealth, so in our estimation, if you were to entrust them with the keys to your house, with your car with your bank account with all of your savings when millions of 1000s or

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millions or whatever, if you entrust them with everything, then they would return it back to you. They can be trusted like that. Well I mean, homerun interment will be dinner in LA you at the lake and Among them there are also those that if you were to entrust them with a single dollar a single D Not a single rupee a single whatever currency the dinar is a representative of currency here. So if you were to give them a penny, you wouldn't be able to trust them with it.

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Illa don't add a comma unless you are standing constantly over their head Where's my money? Where's my money? Where's my money meaning you'll keep following up with them reminding them listen You owe me You haven't paid back you haven't made payment for your you know, for the services I rendered etc. The business deal is not over yet you still owe me it's your outstanding payment or whatever. And they keep you know blocking your calls or changing their number and you got to find them and or get a lawyer after them or whatever this is love the Dalai Lama. There are people that are so untrustworthy until you get the law after them until you get on their case you're not going to get

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your money back.

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Then it can be under Hong Kong Julissa, Elena, Philomena Sevilla and that attitude they have of not paying you back or not being trustworthy, even with a little bit of money is because they have this view, they say to themselves, and they hold the view they saw or they definitely you know, service that when it comes to the unlettered meaning it comes to these lowly people that are not elite like us. They're the Gentiles. Or they are the you know, the the unsophisticated the peasants. You know, the lower class, the other, these people, they can't make a case against us. There's no way they can hold anything against us. Even if we take advantage of them. It's okay. We have Buddha and Allah who

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can evolve beyond the moon and they make lies against Allah, they attribute a lie to Allah while they full know, they know full well that they're doing something wrong. So yeah, at face value, this is seems to be talking about people of the book and two different kinds, the trustworthy and the untrustworthy, and the untrustworthy, have this elitist attitude. But this entire series was predicated on one thing, everything I read him no fraud for myself, is actually A Look at Myself, how is this counsel for me? How is this a moment for me? And how is this shipper? How is this healing? For me? That's the premise with which I'm reading the Quran and I, I want you to learn to

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read the Quran for yourselves like that. So a principle when it comes to speaking about people that came in the past or other nations, when Allah comments on them or critiques then First of all, he's their master, he has a right to critique them and us.

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One principle that we should keep in mind is nothing that's free him ever right and done. It's it was revealed about them unless talking about them, but it's a lesson for ourselves. It's something that should make us reflect deeply on ourselves. So I asked myself this question, am I the kind of person that if you were to give me entrust me with, you know, doesn't matter if you trusted me with it, I will give it back to you. Or am I the kind of person that cannot be true

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Or is lackadaisical loose with the treatments that I've been given plus more importantly, as a Muslim, have I developed this attitude that non Muslims are inferior or lesser, so cheating them, or lying to them, or scheming with them is somehow, okay? are dealing or dealing with someone who you don't like, like you could have you know somebody because Muslims unfortunately the reality of it is many Muslims also have classism. Even though we're supposed to be a brotherhood, we're supposed to believe that we're all children of Adam, Adam alayhis. Salaam, we don't in reality, there is a class society. In reality, there are people who consider their race, or their class, or their village or

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whatever superior to another. And when they have that kind of attitude, and in fact, it's not just about race, and class and country, it even happens within the realm of the Islamic sphere. One group of people think themselves more religiously superior than another group of people, even if they won't say that they're superior, everything about their attitude, everything about the way they carry themselves, reeks of the sense of supremacy. And because of that, we can deal with these other people however we want. I can, I can think they're not as they're not as Islamic as we are. So we don't have to treat them with the same you know, principle and you know, what happens then, the

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religion becomes a way of justifying justifying self righteousness. I just feel good about how, how guided I am, how saved I am, how on the right path I am. And then it gives me a false sense of security about how wrong these other people are, and how way off the path they are. And when you develop that condescending view of somebody else, and you've already, you know, push, push them aside, then it becomes easy for you and me to say, you know what, so what if I didn't pay them back? So what what are they doing? I mean, the kofod have no rights anyway. It's just it's just, they're, they're gonna burn in * anyway.

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You know, the first thing that happens is we d humanize others, and then we use the religion to justify our misbehavior towards them. I can't do that I can't I can't develop a view of the others like that. What did Allah Teach me in this ayah? He says, he's telling me that you can't even look at people who say, Allah has taken us on our people that their ancestors changed the word of Allah. That's, that's according to the Quran, the Jews, they their ancestors, change the word of Allah, that's what I believe.

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You know, these are the it's not small crimes. And that's what they hold to be the word of Allah. No. And these are their long list of crimes they commit and yet that my religious disagreements with them, doesn't make me think that one of these people is not trustworthy. Or the other one is, keep keep a realistic eye on reality, on what's what's in front of you, like, Look, look at things for what they actually are a religious person, a religious looking person, doesn't mean that they're trustworthy.

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And a non religious looking person doesn't mean that they're not trustworthy. Well, no, let's say, the People of the Book aren't all the same. You can trust one of them with millions, and they'll give it back to you. And there's another one of them who may look the same, but you can't even trust them with $1. You know, what, if that's true of the People of the Book, then we shouldn't think that we are that immune from the same issue, like the same disease. So just because I look a certain way, I look more Islamic, I look more religious I look, that doesn't make me more trustworthy in business, or in other family dealings in, you know, inheritance dealings and financial dealings. And

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just because I don't look that way, doesn't mean I'm not trustworthy, that these are tos separated things, and allows, you know, clearly wants us to not be diluted by appearances. He knows what's really going on inside of the hearts. So one of the powers of our religion is that goodness, righteousness for myself what I must do, how I dress, how I look, how I behave, all of that is for myself. But when someone is not looking the way that Islam wants them to look, for example, right, when someone doesn't have the appearance of a good Muslim, or in fact someone doesn't even have the appearance of a Muslim they look Christian they will Jewish still, whatever else, they don't even

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have the appearance. Appearances become irrelevant. When it comes to my judgment of character.

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I can comment for myself on what I can understand for myself What is not and what is haram? And what is logic and what's mandatory, what's not manager, all of that doesn't go away. All of those judgments are constant, but the way I think about somebody else, I don't look at their their appearance, or what's coming out of their mouth necessarily just that alone. The outwardly of things and make a judgment on their character that they're a good person or they're a bad person. Either ways bad. We're not gullible and you don't give blind you know this this is not benefit of the doubt. This is going beyond benefit of the doubt and being gullible.

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And feeling like you're safe. You have to take your precautions anyway, doesn't matter. I've been scammed by people that have memorized the Quran before.

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That's happened. That's a reality. So I'm not going to look at somebody who speaks really good Arabic and say Mashallah, this is a righteous person. No, I'm going to give them benefit of the doubt, but I'm still going to be realistic about how I deal with them. The same way, someone who doesn't look the way that I'm comfortable with or talks, the way that I'm comfortable with, is not gonna, that level of discomfort is there, but it's not going to allow me to pass a judgment on this person that there's no good inside them, or they can't be trusted with a job, or whatever else, we have to separate those things. Appearance has been separated from character in a very profound kind

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of way. And this is not to wash down the requirements of Islam or the regulations of Islam. But to understand something much deeper actions and appearances are separate. And the judgment of character is something else entirely. And we have to be realistic and not gullible on the one end, and not not overly judgmental on the other either, unless we don't protect myself and you from becoming that way. Because what that leads to is actually us becoming the source of evil. We become the ones that are self righteous, we're the ones that are wrong others and say, what's the big deal? They're the ones that are wrong. We only see wrong in others. We don't see it in ourselves, which is what

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happened with these people. They saw an NFL only yesterday and then they become comfortable even making lies against a while before now will not make us from those kinds of people. barakallahu li walakum serological marketing right

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