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In the province Allahu alayhi salam has told us, okay, according to a hadith, okay of Hakeem and of, of Ahmed, this is a sound Hadith he says, There is no Muslim that Allah that asks Allah azza wa jal with a DUA, as long as he's not sinful as long as he's not breaking ties except for Allah azza wa jal gives him one of three things and then Allah azza wa jal he explains okay

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let me just yes he explains that either the person this is a Hadith that is

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this is a Hadith that is reported in Ahmed like I've said and it's also a it's a hadith in Timmins as well as sound Hadith, okay, now, the Hadith the Prophet Allah says you will get because we don't know religion we make those kinds of statements that Allah azza wa jal you know, he never accepted my dua. But the Hadith says every time you make dua, you getting one of three things every time I've been making dry up making dua, you get one of three things. The purpose of the last one says in that hadith, ima and tahajjud, Allah who either Allah is going to give you what you asked for in this world, so whatever you ask for Allah gave it to you and hamdulillah

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all what Allah will do is he will store away a good amount of reward for you in the next life and he probably vote for you in the next life. So imagine this you may draw for something you may draw for something you never got what you wanted. But Allah azza wa jal SubhanAllah. When you get to the Day of Judgment, there's another Hadith that explains this in hacking a man come to the day of judgment. And Allah azza wa jal, he says he called the man over and he says to him also and so did you not use to make dua for me again and again? For things for me to give to you and calamities for me to save you from those calamities? Did you know us to make dua for me for those things? And the man says,

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Yes, Oh Allah, Allah says, Did I not give you those things? He said, Of course Allah, then Allah azza wa jal then says to him, What about that one dua you made you keep you kept on asking me for that thing, but I never gave you Do you remember that one? And the person says, Yes, Allah Nana, the man doesn't know what Allah is going to say next. Allah says Look here, and Allah shows a massive amount of reward, okay, that the person going to get in that hadith, the reward is going to get in Jannah. In another Hadith, he gets in a day of judgment, okay. Now he sees the reward and he says, You know what he says, it's a massive amount of reward just for one dua that Allah azza wa jal never

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gave him on this earth. The man says, after looking at that award, he says, I wish none of my brothers were accepted in the world.

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I wish all of them will reject you so that I could get more reward on this day. Subhanallah now, Allah either will give you a cordon that hadith has set you in tip me then Hakim Allah will either give you what you asked for he's either gonna give you that or he's gonna give you reward in the afterlife. Okay, I'll humbler you receive that. Oh, number three, Allah azza wa jal, he is going to save you from a calamity that is similar to the calamity similar to the DUA that you may make. So let's say for someone you're asking, Is this an example okay, let's say you say no, Allah give me that car ALLAH given that your eyes are focused on a particular car, or like give me that car or

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give me that car. You see the car come you see the cargo, but the cars not yours, bro. Okay. Okay, so somebody else's cocky he's still making, okay, seems like a dog collar. Allah never gives you the car.

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But what you don't know, in your fate that year, there is a car accident that is written for you where you're going to be in a car accident, and you're going to break your leg in there, you're going to be out of work, you're gonna go minus 7000 financially in your bank balance. The car that you're asking for is approximately 7000 as well. So what Allah azza wa jal does is he says, Okay, I'm not going to give you your car, but I'm going to save you from the car accident.

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And Allah deletes that car accident, it doesn't even occur or happen in your life. You don't even know about it. There are many things in our lives, whether it was the whole virus in that one by us okay, many of us Alhambra, Marcia was sitting here alive and well. We bought a quote, the virus might have knocked us a little bit but you know what, we're good. We're not dead.

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You know, the Hadith says in Armin intermedius, well, lie, your old duel cover in the DUA. Nothing can avert faith, nothing can really change what's written for you, except for Doha. Do as the only thing you do to Allah that can change your future, change your future life, from back to good. You're doing that through your DUA. You know how many things in our lives that happened like this, and we're not even aware of that. Let me give you an example from real my real life. I remember I was in Bangladesh for a year in like the 86 and 87. My father was over there. He came home and you know, he was frustrated really at the at one point but he came home and he couldn't you know, he's

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telling us his real story that happened that day. He said he was

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work waiting at a bus stop. You know in Bangladesh bus stops especially in the 1980s if you know what Bangladesh bus stop was, it was like a fish market.

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Yeah, sorry for the pun. But anyway, you're all there and everyone wants to get on this bus right and it's like whoever whichever man can get to the front first he's and whoever can push and shove they get the way that you guys know what I'm talking about. Well have you guys never visited these countries that are has the age come that you guys have stopped traveling to these countries? Do you guys know what I'm talking about? Yes. And then some guy will say America Give it to me we'll say why because I am related to this MP because his wife sisters cousins brothers nieces whatever, you know something's neighbors whatever over the fence is me. Right? So I'm related to him because of

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his bus. Right so as people get under this bus like this, right my father's really frustrated because he's supposed to be in the bus people can shop go onto the bus and he was he was yelling at the driver. How dare you not take me on the bus anyway, the bus right or left for the people? Right? And he got on to the next bus about 20 minutes or 30 minutes later. And guess what? As his bus was going past, they saw the first bus came off the road in any line and the Rajon and those accidents are pretty bad in those countries. Okay. Many people died in that bus ahead of him. Some people came out injured, some died and the whole bus had turned over crashed into tree came off the road and so

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on. And he came home and he said Look how Allah was so merciful that I was there at the front I'm supposed to get on other people come shoved in sharp sharp did and Allah made me not going to this past you know there are certain times in our lives. Things like this happen Subhana Allah that we could not even comprehend. When we get to the next time you're going to find out and from a dua that you made. You got saved you never even realized when you get to the next slide, you will realize what actually Allah did for us anyway.