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How to Control Your Anger

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Mufti Menk

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So my brothers and sisters, then Allah says, It's not good enough to only spend, some people spend, but then they are arrogant. They are boastful, they brag. Allah says: <> [Q,3:134] those who actually swallow their anger. Those who extinguish their anger, they suppress their anger. Those are the ones who've developed the right relationship with Allah. They are the muttaqun, they deserve paradise, they would have made haste towards paradise. So Allah's telling you about the race. The race to paradise includes

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extinguishing your anger. SubhanAllah. you want paradise Allah says, Well, part of the race is

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don't be angry. A young boy comes to the Prophet peace be upon him and says, advise me. He says, Don't get angry. Give me more advice. He says, Don't get angry. Give me more advice. He says, Don't get angry. He kept repeating that Why? Perhaps that boy had a temper problem or problem with his anger, anger management, he needed. Allah's telling you be conscious of me. Develop the correct relationship with me and you know what? race towards forgiveness and paradise and the racing towards forgiveness and paradise that is prepared for those who are conscious of Allah. That race includes spending. You spend when you spend, you've won the race.

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But together with that, you need to extinguish your anger.

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When you extinguish your anger, there comes a time when you achieve so much of comfort. You cannot describe it. It is so comforting. You could have prevented it and you just didn't. So what? Subhanallah you are the more powerful person. --laisasy syadiidu bishshura'ati innamaasy syadiidul ladzii yamliku nafsahu 'indal ghadhab--. The Prophet peace be upon him says a powerful person is not he who can out wrestle others. A powerful person is the one who can extinguish his anger when he's angry. Subhanallah can you do that? Well then you achieve a lot of comfort.