You Divorce Her, And She’s Dead!

Yahya Ibrahim


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Santa Monica more often into law Hill. But

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there was one of the great imams of the past, you know, he was a this this great Imam who is loved and respected by everyone in his community, students of knowledge would travel from around the world to come and sit and learn from him. He was a person who was known for his service of his people, his piety, that was evident. But one of the things you know, that was surprising was that his home life was, you know, terrifying his his wife, his spouse, would deal with him at times in a way that he himself felt was unjust, unfair, harsh. And, you know, people sometimes say, you know, why don't you just divorce her, it's if it's too much, and he would just say, leave me, she's my wife. I know what

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I'm doing. This is my, my struggle in life. And so Pamela, after 2030 years of marriage, she passed away. And as he stood in her grave, you know, he wept, and he wept, and he may draw for her, you know, excessive amount of debt until everyone around them they cried for her. And after, you know, after all of the tears were shed, and after people, you know, she's in tuned, and often that we pray has descended upon her, everyone begins to disperse. And the chef says, No, no, no, hold on.

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Was she the law? What was she do come, I asked a lot to bear witness and you to all be witnesses, and Nikki parlak that you my wife are divorced. And then people said, This man must have, you know, lost the plot, you know, the grief has gotten to him. And he said, No, no, I want you to know that I divorced my wife and they said, What kind of man divorce is a woman after she's already deceased? He said I had such a tough time in the dunya. I pray that a lot does enjoy me with her even in Jenna. So Pamela, may Allah protect us from this? Come join me for love notes and chat law. And let's see how we can prevent such an untimely and tragic drop at the passing of our spouse. Your brother.

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Yeah, hey, Brahim. please log on to America live.org. And join me for love notes in chat.