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An interesting episode where Allah SWT makes mention of the declaration of Allah’s perfection by the skies and earth in multiple surahs, Surah Hadid, Surah Mujadilah Surah Saff to name a few.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah guys. Welcome to amaze by the Koran a series in which I like to share with you things I find amazing about the Quran today. Such an epic thing, guys. It's how Allah talks about the skies in the earth SoTL Hadid, this is sort of number 57. From then on, there's a series of sutras that in the beginning declare the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala he or you submit holy, like everything in the skies in the earth declares a less perfection, okay, so that phrase recurs across multiple sources. And I'm just going to just highlight to you that there's only two places of all the places where it's different. Now what's different? first understand this.

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Sometimes Allah says everything in the skies in the earth declares Allah is perfection, easy enough. Sometimes he says everything in the skies and everything in the earth, He repeats himself whatever's in the skies and whatever's in the earth. So the whatever comes twice, declares a less perfection. So again, the comparison is on the one hand, the phrasing is whatever's in the skies in the earth, declares the less perfection, the other phrasing, the rear phrasing, whatever is in the skies, and whatever's in the earth declares a less perfection. So to begin Subhanallah Hema for sumati. Well,

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whatever is in the skies in the earth, so the word whatever has not been repeated, declares unless perfection, okay, we'll move on from sort of it will go to sort of Mandala which doesn't have that a sphere and go on to SoTL hushan, which begin sub bahala Hema is similar to marfil of everything in the sky, whatever is in the skies, and whatever is in the earth, declares his perfection. Now, there's the whatever twice right at the end of the same sort of you Sabir hula who manifest sama wa T. Well,

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everything, whatever's in the skies and the earth know whatever twice, declares his perfection. And then again in the next surah, after after monta when actually, when you go to sub sub bahala, Hema sumati wa marfil of the, whatever is in the skies, and whatever is in the earth, declares his perfection, sometimes you have to whatever, sometimes you have one, whatever, then you have sort of a Juma you said behold Hola. Hola he maphis Amati marfil of the whatever's in the skies, whatever is in the earth. Then you skip a little mafia cone and you go to sort of the hub and you said behold in LA he Murphy's Samajwadi mafia of the whatever is in the skies, and whatever is in the earth. So

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you'll notice the majority of the time though whatever is twice, yeah, and minority of the time, it's actually bunched together with one. And so as you go through the sewers, you start wondering, why does it not do that? Why does he say math is somehow it will map it out? Or is Murphy's law it will, and you'll notice the Quran, it does, it makes it statements so sensitive to their context, that it's mind boggling. Every time, every time, the idea about the declared declaration of a lost perfection is followed by any worldly matter. Any worldly matter. Whatever is on the earth is highlighted in particular.

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Think about this, I've given a lot, declaring a less perfection is whatever is in the skies and whatever's on the earth.

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Instead of by making by saying whatever twice, you've actually highlighted the earth, because you don't have to say twice. You could say whatever is in this guy's in the earth. cz. So the you have to understand that the second time the word Mao or whatever is used is actually an extra addition. That's not the norm. That's the exception. And you will find in all of these sutras the very next ayah every time it's repeated. Oh, you might talk una malata What do you say what you don't do really matter, isn't it? He created you among you disbeliever and believer. Oh, worldly matter again. So bahala

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na da, da da da Vinci. Kitab he drew the disbelievers out of their homes. worldly matter again every time. But what about the two times of all these times only two times you see whatever's in the skies and the earth there's no one ever mentioned the second time. The first time that happens is in sort of Hadid. resourceful Honey, what do you find? So bahala Hema is somehow it went out? Well, who alleges will Hakeem la homolka sumati will all do you meet well, who are the coalition? Who elewana wha, wha wha what about in Wahhabi conditioning, and the use of Han Allah. He says whatever is in the skies and the earth declares his perfection. Then he talks about himself for six

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mentions nothing really. He just talks about himself.

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The only other place you have the MA not mentioned in this series of solos, meaning it's just whatever's in the skies in the earth is at the end of social pressure. By the way, the beginning of social had whatever is in the skies and whatever's in the earth and it immediately followed a white worldly matter. The end of the surah

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who Allahu Allah de la ilaha illa Allah Maha Bua Shahada to Rama Nora he hula hula de la ilaha illa while Maluku Salah

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Meanwhile Mohammed Al Aziz al Jabbar al Mata Kabir Subhana, Allah here I'm actually calling Holla Holla kalbarri almost always smile. You Sabir hula hula Amati well

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wahoo, hockey,

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even if you don't know Arabic if you if you heard these casually Names of Allah, this huge garden of names of Allah and after the other after the other after the other after the other, you kind of leave the concerns for this world and you enter the world of the unseen. We are only concerned about the incredible attributes of Allah. And then he says skies in the earth together because this is not a worldly concern. So how Allah

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even the way he talks about the skies in the earth is so perfect. May Allah azzawajal increase our Yvonne with the recitation of the Quran, Allah azza wa jal give us sincerity in our study of the Quran, and give us the strength and the ability to act upon the words that we understand Latika lovely welcome salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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