Nouman Ali Khan – Al-Furqan Being Peaceful and Grateful

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan shares with us a few Ayaat that belong to a very powerful Surah and a short Surah relatively of the Quran, Suratul Furqan. What do we derive from this Surah?  Benefitting from the reminder and being grateful. These are the two things that Allah highlights in this Surah.  

We are acquainted with the prominence of Sajdah and its revelation in the Qur’an. Allah SWT revealed the Ayat of Sajdah. When a Muslim is to recite it, he is supposed to fall in Sajdah.

The next facet of interest in the lecture is why is it so understandable, that in our Deen, Allah SWT and His Messenger SAW, has instructed us whatever good things we commence doing, we should start with—Bismillahir Ar Rahmanir Rahim. When we just say Bismillahir Ar Rahmanir Rahim—the things we are about to do will be done expecting from Allah to put more good out of them, bring more good out of them, than we could have expected ourselves.

Of course, this can only be fathomed by that Muslim who understands the significance of being grateful and what it means to appreciate good. So we have to become people of conscience, of sensitivity so that Allah SWT makes us a people of Qiam and make Sujood in the middle of the night.