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The Magnificence of Allah’s Creation

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Here's the second so the first passage was about their obnoxious question and how Allah says that, oh, they'll know. Pretty soon they're going to realize. Now, one thing I didn't mention I should mention about that last passage is you know how there's two times the question. There are three threats in the Quran. Please don't forget that. Though. If you study the entire Quran, there are three kinds of threats, three kinds of warnings. The first warning is nation. If you don't listen to your prophet, you're going to be destroyed. That was the warning given to the people of North Node, solid shave and a masala fit around, you name it, those were the people that were given warnings if

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you don't listen, your nation shall be destroyed. Right? That's the first kind of threat in the Quran. The second kind of threat is what will happen to people on Judgement Day.

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Okay, the death by the way is not a threat. Because death is a reality. That's I'm not threatening you one day you'll die like thanks. I already knew that. That's not a threat.

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So the first threat is destruction of nations. The second threat is Judgment Day, where you will be held accountable will you will be brought to trial. The trial is the threat. The third threat in the Quran is hell. So there's three destruction of nations. What else did I say? Let me hear from you.

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They have judgment and then hell. Now the thing about destruction of nations is do people know when it's coming?

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No. Well, they at the end now humbles Titan, welcome lair, Sharon. It will come to them all of a sudden and they'll have no realization, the Mercy of Allah is that our messenger was the last messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam with him ended the destruction of nations.

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There is no more destruction of nations. That's done.

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Okay, so that's a mercy from Allah azza wa jal that that door of threat closed forever. The last time those threats were issued, they were issued to kurush that's it. There is no more than one nation will be completely annihilated or wiped out or whatever else. Okay. So when this is especially see a flood happened in some country and see Allah Gaza, because shame on you. That's not what Quran says. That's what your you know, pen to interpretation was, you need to stop doing that. That is a test from Allah nada above Allah. We don't say that to adopt from Allah to torture from Allah. We don't say that. Okay, now, anyway, so there were three threads. One of them comes to

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people they have no clue. They have no clue what's going on and earthquake came a flood came, nobody even knows what's happening and all of a sudden they're done, isn't it? But if you look at these ayat, Allah saya Allah Musa McCullough say, they will know Oh, yeah, they will know. Which means there are two punishments where people will what they will know I told you, how many threats are there? Three, but one of them people won't even know what's happening, which is which one destruction of nations what's what are the two left their judgment? However, when judgment day begins, people are terrified. Oh, and then they know. Oh, my God. This is and what was your doom? I

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mean, how they run, they will find everything they did standing in front of them. They will know. But even that isn't knowing until they see hell.

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Because right now they're seeing your guilty

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what are they not seeing?

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The jail that awaits you? When they see that jail? Then they realize no, when I realized I'm guilty, I still didn't realize how serious it was. Until I saw that jail. There are two levels of realization for criminals one on Judgment Day, the other on the day and resurrection of one I just made it the other on the day they see at the end of it when they see Hellfire one of them has colors here and the Moon The next one is what FOMA Kela say Allah moon and thermos Tharaka is a long time so my doesn't just mean Moreover, it actually means that after a long time, they'll realize again oh, wait till you wait till they see it again. In this Allah has basically said to the criminals,

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you are going to be singing a different tune on judgment a wait till you see it. Oh boy and wait till you see what. How on top of that. And you'll notice as the surah continues, Allah will first describe Judgment Day. Then he'll describe hellfire. He'll actually himself do Tafseer of color say Allah moon and then what? Some McCullough say Allah moon, he'll explain it himself. Subhanallah anyhow, so now quickly, I want to get to these ayat brief translation first alumna. herba me hada didn't we make the Earth into a bedding of flooring? Something laid out and vast? Well gee byla Oh, tada. Didn't we make the mountains into pegs that are deeply rooted

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it into the ground that don't budge and don't move wahala cannot come as Raja and we made you into pairs was your Allah no Malcolm Sebata and we made your sleep into something that cuts you off. When you basically meaning when you sleep, you're cut off from work, you're cut off from your problems, you're cut off from everything, which I know Malcolm Sebata okay. And the day of Sabbath, Sabbath right from the same origin, the Jews were cut off from all their work and they were cut off from all their business activities and it cut them right. What janela Leila Lee Basa and we made the night into a garment we made the night into an outfit clothing which are under nahama Asha and we made the

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daytime into a me time and a means by which you can make a good living and have a good life. Well by Nina Folkert comes up and she Dada and we raised above you we built on top of you seven intense as if to say seven immobile buildings, seven impenetrable buildings, other places Quran will talk about the skies and say hello Tara, I'm in for tour. Do you see any crack there? Can you see any opening there in water Anna Suraj on waha and we made a brilliant constantly blazing heated lamp that lights up over and over and over again. Now I'll stop here for a second and go take a step back. Allah talked about the earth being vast the mountains being pegs. We are created in pairs your sleep cuts

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you off the night and then the day so far, right? That's what he's talked about. And then he spoke about the you know, the skies and the sun. That's these are the things that he spoke about. But the language he uses remarkable. The language he used everything he described, he described something that can be compared to something we do.

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So for the for instance, he said, I'm not sure or Dami ha then we make the Earth into a bedding who makes bedding. We do. We have there's also a cradle for a baby Mahato Faraj bad Bersatu what to call your colonial fear rush. It's also used for a badly with our so the idea Allah says you make a bed

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and you make your bed comfortable. And compare your bed to the bed I made.

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Who knows how to make bed a bed better?

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Because I made the entire Earth into a bed.

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All kinds of creatures sleep on the earth, okay.

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And your bed is just a tiny.on the bed that Allah made.

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Your bed isn't something special. It's actually just a small piece a speck on this bedding that Allah created. He made a he made a bedding for creatures at the bottom of the ocean floor.

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That's when he made the earth and to me how so? It's like yeah, I know how to make stuff but no, not like that.

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Well gee byla otalgia He made mountains into pegs pegs are used in Arabic, ancient Arabic culture for tents.

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You know mountains when you ask your kids, kids kids to draw a mountain what does it look like?

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Tents, isn't it?

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You make your tents. Allah says when I make tents to look like that.

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When the wind blows, what happens to your tents?

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And when the wind blows, what happens to his tents of Han Allah? Can you compare your tents to mine is reminding the human being of how humble his efforts are and how mighty Allah's creation is. He says wahala Conoco massager and we made you into pairs. You can you did not you do not exist as a unicellular organism or a unisexual organism, you could not have survived, you could not have existed if it wasn't for a mother and a father coming together.

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You are created in pairs, you don't have a choice in the matter. You don't get to decide that there are parts of your being that are just going to remain incomplete unless you're in pairs. There's parts of your existence that will remain unfulfilled until you're in pairs. That's just how Allah made you. Even in terms of your spiritual existence, our messenger would say are the Sato Salam, that is half of your deen.

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There's a reason for that you are not you can't just say well, I don't need the opposite gender anymore. I don't need to be in pairs. You can't. As well as also, by the way means groups. As watch doesn't just mean pairs. It also means groups. He created you in societies. You can't live on your own. I don't need anybody. Yeah, you kind of do. You kind of do.

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You will eventually need the help of another human being in something or the other. You can't survive on your own. And people who do you know how what happens to them. People who live out in the wilderness by themselves don't meet anybody.

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There they have some most interesting personalities. Right? Normally you you are meant to be in society, you're meant to be around others. That's the other meaning of conduct. nochmals wotja He says he made your sleep into something that cuts you off you

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We'd like to see you live you love life. You would love to stay alive forever and asleep as a kind of death isn't it? You lost many hours just on that bed. You could have been having fun. You could have been enjoying yourself. You could have been eating, partying, traveling, working, making money, spending money. You can't do any of that because you're while you're sleeping, you don't have a choice.

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You can find it all you want, your body will give up on you and you will die the depth of sleep until you're resurrected again. You're incapable. He says you tried to cover up your body you cover your clothes with garments, I cover the entire Earth would night I give that Libous to the to the earth, which Allah Laila Lavasa and when I cover it up, you can try to turn your lights on inside. But none of these lights will get rid of the overwhelming darkness of night. When you're under Leyda divisa which are alanda Hara Maharaja, I made the morning into a time where earnings can be made. Somebody says no, no, no, I shall farm only at night.

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Good luck with that. Because what do you need? The animals? What do you need the sunlight? What do you all the means by which the Earth can be sustained or happening in the day and by the way, even though we say things like the city that never sleeps, right? I used to live in the city that never sleeps. It sleeps.

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You want to go into the city go after midnight, there's not gonna be any traffic unless the GW bridge then don't go this 24 hour nightmare but other than that, businesses are closed. Wall Street's closed, the stock market's closed. Banks are closed offices are closed. It's not the same as the daytime the world over when is most business happening? During the day, you can't even help it try to change it to make it that everybody's sleeping in the day and we only work at night.

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Yes, there is such a thing as the night shift for people who couldn't find a better job.

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Right? Yes, time. Okay. So one last thing which I'm going to hold on Marsha will Bernina folco to tomorrow. It'll take one minute open enough oh come some ansiedad he placed above you seven intense buildings. Seven you will have construction. You look at the ceiling. Wow, this is so nicely route. Look at the chandeliers so nice. And then Allah says look at my ceiling.

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And then he says in that ceiling, I put a lamp and I put a chandelier in there too.

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And it lights up every day with more and more intense heat. It doesn't it doesn't burn out. Well Hodge actually means it burns and it burns again and it burns again and it burns again and the heat doesn't go down. Imagine if the sun was giving different levels of heat every day. But what happened at what kind of destruction would happen on this earth. It's not just that it's a Siraj but it's also what what hardware hardware keeps on giving the same heat over and over again Chipotle horror. You know, that? Compare your lamp teens. And so the first part of the argument I haven't finished the argument. The first part of the argument is know what you make is weak compared to what I make.

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That's just the first part of the argument and we'll we'll build on that argument after salon