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A Concise Commentary

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Nouman Ali Khan

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When I first became curious about the Quran, I picked up an English translation. And quite honestly, as I read through it, I found myself having more questions than answers. I couldn't figure out the context of certain IR what Allah means by it, I couldn't figure out the arrangement or the purpose of the arrangement of the art in the sutras. So there were so many curiosities that I had about the book and what it means and how it's relevant to me. And many years later, I still find students coming up to me and asking the same kinds of questions about the Quran. For this purpose, I've put together an entire video series video, translating the Quran, and focusing on the parts of the Quran

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that are particularly confusing for people. It's a concise commentary, literally called a concise commentary going from A to Z through the entire Quran. The purpose of it wasn't just to translate it and help you understand the Quran better. But more importantly, I want myself and all of you to be exposed to the message of the Quran a little bit at a time every day, I want that to be a lifestyle. So even if you don't know Arabic, and you're praying in all your five prayers, and you don't really connect with the message of the Quran, through the prayers, there's something to compensate for that just a little bit of the message of the Quran everyday in easy language so you can understand your

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family can understand. I'm hoping this is something that you listened to in the car, something that you listened to in your free time, and you're just casually getting exposed to more and more of Allah, his own words and the message and the meaning behind it for your own benefit. So I hope you go through this series and it becomes a way for you to journey through the entire Koran at your own pace. It's called a concise commentary, and it's available in its entirety on bayarena.tv. Check it out.