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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma


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The transcript discusses the success of a dams study and how it can measure success. The success of dams is also discussed, including the importance of a gift and high ranking jobs. The transcript also touches on the benefits of living in a garden and the cultural significance of high garden prices. The transcript describes the meaning of "tradials in modern civilization" and how people are reminded of past failures and future successes. The concept of "ar" is also discussed as a reminder of past failures and future successes.

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala MBA he will mostly well either early he was happy to spend

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a lot of time in home woman and Latina Amma know

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what there was always somebody I mean y'all have been either mean mama bad Aruba let him initiate honor for him was yo yo ma et now we begin with iron number eight of SoTL quassia. So what are

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the Surah Now takes a turn towards depicting the other kinds of faces. We said in the beginning of the study. When we read the word Buju Han without the Elif lamb, it already indicated that another kind of faces will be depicted. A great many faces May Allah make us from them, especially on that day are going to be in they're going to be not the previous adjective was harsher. This adjective is not there. I mentioned the dark theme of yoga even but I didn't mention the benefit of it. When we say would you when Yoga is in Harsha. It means it is on that day that they will be full of fear that will that will enter their limbs. But what that necessarily also implies at the same time

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linguistically is that is not the case right now. They're not in any kind of fear. Now, similarly, would you Yama is in now. It is on that day that they will be in Nirvana and Nirvana literally comes from neuroma softness is relaxation is that a bad thing was alluding to

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when Nobre wah wah ha, while they are here, we live between Canarsie but in other words, they're gonna have all sorts of just, you know, relaxation, happiness, you know, no, no stress, no, no signs of exhaustion or difficulty on them freshness badger is this texture and freshness on their face. This is how the capacity to describe these people's faces but on that day, and by saying on that day, in the middle of the sentence, what illustrates is, as of as the situation stands now, those who will enjoy the bliss of that they're going to have to put in a lot of work now. They're going to have to give their lives and toil now, it's not going to be easy. They're not going to have

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relaxation here. So we have this interesting contrast, you have these people who are also working hard but in the wrong direction. But when they wake up on the Day of Judgment, they're waking up exhausted already, I'm either to nasima on the other hand, you have those who work for the sake of Allah, they also exhausted themselves, but when they wake up, they wake up fresh. They wake up relaxed, there's like no toil on them now, and when you're fresh, you're ready to work, but instead of having more work for them, now there is even more relaxation for them. And on the other hand, when they were tired when you're tired, you can't take anymore, but when they were described amulet

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of nostalgia, the real toil and labor was ahead. dustless not on Hermia it was common in Aeneas Allah. So would you in Yama, even nerima. Similarly in other places, we find what we didn't do in this series at least would you Yama, even now they were in our Bihar now. This is a pseudo qiyamah we found in our cities in Florida, would you want to marry the moose fella by HCA to Mr. Boucher, we found that too, so here not. Meaning name literally means a face to face you have when you're given a gift, literally. Now in a face, when you're given a gift, you're in response to a nightmare, your face becomes nerima Amen. Aroma really, right that which has been gifted. So there's joy on your

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face, as you're on that same day, May Allah give us our faces that joy on that day. Now, the next is truly beautiful. Lisa robbia. It is only for it's those those faces, their efforts, the efforts of those people, right, but by really calling them the they here is those faces literally those faces were or meaning those people were engaged in some kinds of efforts. The word sorry. We also read this word when we were reading about Fidel and my advice is

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that word came up over there. You know, it's a fast kind of a paced walk. Sorry, is when you're really busy doing something or you have a sense of urgency, a deadline and you pace and you get things done, right. Something is done when you are really concerned about finishing a task. In other words, these people are very contentedly sorry, how via they will be content with the efforts that they had made diligently with a sense of urgency in this dunya that's all of that that's the diligence, sense of urgency, putting their efforts in and energy and all of that is captured by the word set. But what's really beautiful in this ayah in the grammar of it is it is only for the

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efforts that lead to the benefit of the hereafter that they are content. So which efforts lead them to the happiness of the last day it is the efforts they made of Salah it is the efforts they made of the Ischia. It is the efforts they made to remember Allah the efforts they made they made to stay away from the haraam. The efforts they made to protect themselves and their family from hellfire. These are the efforts and the effort to spread the message of this team to defend the integrity of this the right this

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These are the efforts these people made. And there are other efforts they made. They made efforts at work, they made efforts at business, they made efforts and other things. But those things don't even come to their mind on that day. It's like those things didn't even count right now those things count a lot. But on that day, it's like, what was that about? Why did I waste my time doing all of that? So now let's see how lucila Kamala comments on this. He says llama admin Sahabi he taught me he have his dunya candidate Alec, when he when this person these faces, when they see the reward of what they had done, they're gonna wish that everything they had worked on in this world was for

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that. Meaning they they wish they had no other project in this in this dunya

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and Canada sorry, and lady who Allah Hello, curry Han la de la basura. Who in the bishop can enforce and the reality was when they were in this dunya when they used to do work for for the ohana. They were kind of yesterday, they have to force themselves. Come on, come on, get up and go to the machine. Come on, come on, let's do this. They have to force themselves to do work for the aka. But doing work for dunya comes easy. Right? It comes easy. Somebody says let's go to the program. There's a little lecture. There's a class or let's go memorize some code on the machine or something. You seem like you're free. I don't know. I'm tired. I don't know the weather. I think

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it's gonna rain today. Right then one of your friends go Hey, let's go see a movie. Oh, let's go. Right. And it's 20 miles farther away than the machine but you it's all good. No effort. Doesn't even think you don't even think twice. Then Is this a fundraising dinner? Right and the machine is trying to raise the money or the schools trying to raise money or the dollar project? Brothers just $10 everybody $20 everybody's I don't know. There's a shortage bad economy. I don't know what's gonna happen. I say fun. Oh, yeah, I do cool. Right chip I will come and promise you he's the ones gonna promise you poverty. And then you leave here and you take a turn you enter Walmart and how you

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do in fact in fact pcbnew Walmart you know, right. How quickly the money you don't even count how it passes you just throw things in the face. Oh, this is good. This looks good. This is good. This is good. You throw it all in there you don't even think twice. You don't even check the receipt how much it is you just swipe the card no big deal doesn't hurt. But when you have to give in the sake of a lead hurt pinches Oh man. I had a $1 bill and a $10 bill in my wallet. Why did I give the $10 bill right if you think twice so the Lucille rightfully comments that it does, it does take effort to do things for them for Dean. You know why? Cuz naturally human beings can level up Boolean

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algebra we love things immediately. So that which comes to you right now the pleasure will come right now the food will come right now. The entertainment will come right now. We want to spend for it right now. But Allah says I'll give you gardens and mansions and nice drinks and waterfalls and this and that. But when is it gonna come? You gotta wait a long time, right? So you say I'll work for it later because it's coming later. Right? That's the attitude that sinks into the back of our minds. Even if we don't say it with our tongues. It's back here. It's in here. We got to get it out of here. So Lisa Ihara via the other linguistic thing that's really beautiful here. This was

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mentioned in the previous slide is God afla Harmon Zakah was the Kairos Mara Biggie for Salah. This was the one who's who's successful. Interestingly, in the previous slide, the unsuccessful were mentioned first, right. And then the successful and the same thing happens in this surah the unsuccessful have been mentioned first and now the successful right. And there it was, the one who cleansed himself has truly attained success. The one who made an effort to cleanse himself cleanse your bad habits, cleanse your tongue, cleanse your hands, cleanse your mannerism, cleanse the way you spend your time cleanse yourself. This is the person who has attained true success. And

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thereafter after cleansing himself, now you find pleasure not in entertaining yourself and making yourself dirty again, but in remembering Allah wa Carlos Mara be he for Salah he mentioned the name of his Lord, and then he made Salah right? This is a result of cleansing oneself, that Salah just becomes natural. You find it difficult. If you find Salah Oh my god, it's six o'clock and I'll start again, or Muslim already. Can I wait? Can we just a little bit? If that's the case, then you know what the real problem is? I haven't really cleansed myself enough yet. That's what what's going on? Anyhow, Lisa Harada, there's a lamb in the beginning, Lee. And this lamb is interesting because the

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law usually comes with the hub. But by the way, the law means to be satisfied with something. But it also means to be very happy with something that you get to be completely content with something that you get this is a robot. Now, it usually comes with but like it'll lead to biLlahi right, we will need to build Islami dienen right, will be Mohammed in Rasulullah sallallahu comes with a bat not with a lamb. So Allah does not say V sorry, Javier he says Lisa with a lamb Lisa Harada. The benefit of this is two things. If it said bisa Harada how some grammarians say this in the meaning of which is correct. Big that with its efforts. It is happy. It's it's happy with the things it did. But Lee

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also limited

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to other things, Lee, then there's 100 Lisa beside, it sees the reward and says, Man, I'm so happy I did that. So that's one implication of that land, just that lamb there. The other implication of this lamb is another one, that for the opportunity of having been given the or further having been given the chance to work, it is happy. This this person, these people, all of them, their faces will be full of joy, because they acknowledged Allah gave them a chance to serve as the lead

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for having the opportunity to make the effort, they are happy their content, so they are pleased with their Lord, not just because he gives an agenda because he honored them with doing things that please him in this dunya. In other words, when you and I obey Allah, it is an honor from Allah, it is something we will thank Allah for of the things we will thank him in Paradise, one of the first things will thank him for his, he gave us the opportunity to serve Him, He gave us the opportunity to work for him, you know, a job is a job. But when you get a really high ranking job, and a really noble job, right, or you get elected to a very high position, the person goes up and says, Well, I'd

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like to thank and this is a great honor. Right? They they acknowledge that this is something elevated, and that's really the attitude that is being instilled in us. Now. Keep in mind, this is a monkey surah. And we already said when the messenger said this, remember they said oh, Berea our camels can tough tough that up, we can we can swallow it too. It's all good. Right? When the when the Sahaba making Dawa. They're being ridiculed, they're being insulted. And on the other hand, a lot of saying, No, no, you're honored. And you're gonna be pleased. And you're the ones who are gonna be relaxed. Right now. They're relaxed, and you're going through toil, you're afraid. But the

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tables are gonna turn and the law changes that perspective for the believers. feagin nothing idea. You know, I read this stuff. I read this stuff when I was in high school or a little after high school. And I didn't get it like, okay, someone says they will be very pleased. And they're gonna be in high gardens, Jonathan area, high garden. What's the big deal? High garden low garden? Right? Well, if you if you travel, I don't you don't travel much when you're a kid. But when you travel with your family, you go on a road trip? Where do you pull over the car to enjoy the view

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when you reach a high place, and you can see far when you go to a hotel, right, unless you're a business executive, which is going to sleep if you're going as a tourist, where do you want the hotel room, first floor, top floor, you want another top floor, you want the view, you want to be able to see, right? And then the gardens, the the garden on top of a hill, people go hiking, they go on top of the hill, because that's the most beautiful part. Right? So unless as first of all their content already. Now on top of that another pleasure. And this is in contrast, contrast with the disbelievers were exhausted on top of that they were thrown in fire. On top of that they were given

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that water to Scotland Island Ania. On top of that, they had no food except for the torture after torture after torture now pleasure after pleasure, after pleasure. So I'd like gives us these high gardens May Allah give us those high gardens all of us right. And this is another kind of wash here. Now Jenga is a lush garden it surrounds you in envelopes you you're up there on top of this hill, and this high garden and you're surrounded by just things you can eat all kinds of fruit flowers, right? All kinds of vegetation. So you're surrounded by all of these things. Now, then he says that that's Murphy Hello here. Now this does not Oh, by the almost the schema of democracy rule that our

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interest model is, is what are called automatic animate halberd second person, in other words, you the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will not hear in it, any useless talk, you will not hear any useless talk. So for a second we were talking about the faces that are lit, the faces that are overjoyed, the faces that will have gardens, and then Allah starts talking to his messengers. So who's the first one guaranteed genda the Messenger of Allah He says you won't hear anything there. Because he's already guaranteed him that spot he'll be there and he won't hear anything any nonsense. The other benefit of mentioning the nonsense last year from Lucha and it's

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the same for informed what it does is lewd, shameless, you know, thoughtless speech. When you say something without thinking about it, you say absurd things, obnoxious things, all of this counselor Lau here, he says to His Messenger, salallahu alaihe salam, you will not hear any nonsense, any lewd any vulgar speech when you get there. Why is that important to the messenger sallallahu Sallam? Because when he gives this Dharma to this noble word, what do people say in response? Don't they say lewd and vulgar and obnoxious thing? Don't they say when they hear about dairy that the camel can handle it? I can handle it too. In a llama do nothing haha we're gonna be returned back Come on, get

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it get real. Right? Those They call him insane. Don't they call him possessed by a gene. They call them all of these hideous things. They say all these terrible things about a lion has been and so Allah His Messenger is told you won't hear any of this over there. Let us Murphy's Law here This in itself is a gift from Allah azza wa jal, but coming down and by the way, this is mentioned in a little place for us to

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Last Marina de la one wacky daba, la, la La, La La, La La, la casa Nova also, and then in vaca, also. So one of the pleasures of genda is there's no bad talk in general. And the benefit of knowing that, what's the big deal, there's no bad talk, you see, evil speech or bad speech. In the end, it hurts someone's feelings. No matter how rich you are, and how well off you are. If your son or daughter or wife, or mother, somebody talks to you in a hurtful way, is all of that money going to save you from not feeling bad? Right, you could be in the best place. But words can take all of your pleasure away, they can take heartful speech can take all of your pleasures away. So one of the

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gifts in Paradise is there won't be any words that will hurt your feelings, there won't be any words that you will feel bad about. Nothing will come and penetrate into your heart. And if you look at the people who live you think they live well, in this life, you think that you know, you go to the hospital? Wow, did you see their please? Man, that living room was huge. Did you see their backyard, etc, etc. You figure they're happy. And guess what? You don't know when they have fights amongst each other.

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And when the wife is shedding tears and crying because the husband said something, or the children are yelling at the parents, and the parents are shedding tears, I can't believe my own child said this, to me all that wealth doesn't amount to any pleasure. So this is one of the great joys of paradise. And from another point of view, you know, when we move to a neighborhood, like, especially when you're buying a property, because this is not rental in general, it's your property now, unless giving it to you, right, there's no eviction notice. But when you're buying something, when you're buying land, you don't buy at a low elevation, you buy it at high elevation, because when there's

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going to be flooding or rain, what's going to happen to low elevation, it's going to be damaged. And the most expensive property in real estate is the property with the best kind of view. You go to places like California or places like you know, Alabama or hilly areas, right? What's the most expensive properties? top of the hill because they overlook everything and the ones on bottom you can get cheaper because if something goes wrong,

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right, then these are the first ones to take the brunt. So Allah says no, no, you'll be in high garden. You'll be in high garden. And of course people want to move to a neighborhood where there's no there's no you know, crude people outside hanging out on the street. They don't want to hear things in the in the house. They don't want to hear honking of cars or people cursing outside and things like that. You look for those things. You go and check out a house and then you saw the neighbors you say maybe not this neighborhood. Maybe we should look somewhere else this happens right? So Allah says that a smart roofie ha, La Jolla you won't hear it is it gonna be a good

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neighborhood? You're not gonna hear bad stuff. You're not gonna hear riffraff talking somehow Allah right. So this this these are the developments made by Allah xojo these are the estates waiting for his believers. May Allah give us these grants as these estates he has known God in those gardens, there's iron springs, and ain't literally water springs jharia flowing. What this tells us already we know it's a high garden. And in this garden, Allah says there's a spring in other words, you're on top of a waterfall. The spring is coming and it's falling down. So Pamela, look at the contrast what is the Catholic get to Scott, I mean, I in in Aeneas, Allah, they are given boiling water to

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forced on their face. And here you have under contrast, you have this believer in the, in the height of Paradise, enjoying this beautiful scene, including a waterfall that comes with it, I was telling you, you know, you go to these really, really exotic, expensive hotels, like you go to the Grand Hyatt in Grand Central in New York City. Right, or some of the biggest hotels in LA one of their features is they have waterfalls, you know, simulation type things in the lobby of the hotel. So when you walk in, you go wow, this is I take a picture next to that. Right? You go to some of the hotels, and they want to make you feel like you know, relax, because travelers are stressed. You

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know how they make you feel relaxed, they put water fountains there, the simulation of water pouring and falling, you go to some of the most luxurious places in the in the world where people think this is the life you know, you go to Vegas, what do you see? I don't go to Vegas, but I'm saying,

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right? Well, you know, all these fountains of water, human obsession with decorating life with water with beautiful water, if you can build one I know people that you know, they own mansions. They don't have they're in the desert out in Texas or Nevada or whatever. They don't have water there. So what do they do? They build themselves an artificial waterfall and the waters falling. And this, you know, there's this human upset and this is 1000s of years old, but it's still going on in our head. We still have this in our head today. And I know a woman who doesn't even know who he created. He knows pretty well how he designed us these things don't leave our system. Back in the day was a real

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waterfall. Now. It's a nice faucet, and a nice jacuzzi and all of that swimming pool in the back. It's the same thing. It's the same thing. So if he had a new flowing water, and one of the things about for and speaking about water that flows, you know, when it flows, it's fresh, right? But when it stands it becomes stale. So there's one place you can put on Rola mentions water that doesn't flow in general. He says he has and how to mingma him. He says they are in it. There are really

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Rivers made up full of water. And you figure how I did not mean mentioned Giardia, like for Genesis 30 even flowing. So here in Salt, Mohammed, he says is not flowing, it's just as their rivers they're full of water, right? But then he says lamjao whose taste doesn't change, meaning the water doesn't go stale. So hello and he doesn't mention flowing, he's still let you know it's not gonna go bad, right and this is part of the sensitivity of the language of the Quran. He has surah Marfa sorry, in modern Arabic is a bed. But in ancient Arabic, it's not a bed, it's really a couch, a couch that you recline on that you sit on only rich people had it usually Arab tradition, everything

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was on the floor. If you go to a traditional Cerro de coap khaleeji family or traditional Yemeni family even today, even the ones that are well off right, big, huge house furnished to the teeth, but where are you gonna sit? on the floor? Everything's on the floor. Right? It's part of the tradition from desert life. Because you know, the Bedouin was always traveling. He can't exactly carry an Ikea couch on his back. Right? Because that's gonna be difficult. So they chill on the floor. That's just it's a relaxed kind of setting, right? But those who are very wealthy and had forts and they were established, they didn't have to live the Bedouin life. Now they can have this

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these high beds, or high couches designed for themselves. This was a sign of stability. This was a sign of You're not going anywhere. You're not a Bedouin, who likes to travel. Janna Allah is offering us what stability, he's offering us stability. No matter how much you decorate your home in this life, no matter how well you know how durable you think the material is the granite towel top kitchen and the custom shelves and this fixture in the bathroom and that fencing and this and that does it all go bad in the end? Yeah, somebody came 30 years before you and did the same thing and it went bad, right? But Allah azza wa jal, he gives us these these these LDS high lofty couches. And

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then the word Marfa is it isn't a fruit, it's an objective noun. What that means is elevate that which has been elevated. In other words, when you use the objective noun, what it implies is that there somebody did it for you. Somebody did it for you, you know, how you say custom made, custom made, and somebody made it for you, someone who has a lot actually engaged in the interior decor of your palace, where he elevated your seat, and this city? Is this couch? Nowadays, I'll give you a parallel. Why is this? Why is this appealing? You say I could sit on a low couch to it's all good. You know, that already? The garden is high.

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Now, people in the high executive offices, you know, their office usually has what would an amazing view, right? And their seats a little bit higher. People in the position of authority, like a judge has a higher seat than everybody else, a presiding officer, a ceremony that is being presided where does a person sit in a higher place than everybody else? The idea of sitting up somewhere where you can see what you own. You can see the property, right you can enjoy people like sitting out in you know, there's some rooms or whatever, because now they can see everything around them. Right? This is the idea in interior decoration. If you study interior decoration, you learn a lot about human

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nature, which a lot talks about anyway. You know, they want you to put the couch in a place in your living room where you could see the law of the whole house. It gives you a sense of space, because it's in strategically placed. So Suramar who is even elevated in this way. So when you sit on them, you see the vast, vast acreage that Allah has offered. So Pamela Soto Rama acquirable and by the way, this is not my opinion. This is again from Lucy Lucknow hola in Romani. He says Rafa, Rafa NaVi for Semak wahoo he has Alou, Leah well Janice, la hi Jamie a monkey so that the server can see everything that he owns. He can see it sit there.

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I made it. This is nice.

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Even in this dunya you can set your home up really nice but you know what happens when you work so hard to get a beautiful home, you never get to enjoy it. your living room has been sitting there The only time it gets used it with some guests comes but you don't get to enjoy it. You just go you're cleaning, vacuuming fixing this and that you are and you have to do everything yourself. Allah says more food. You're not raffia not just elevated, it has been elevated for you. It's been done for you. Then what acquirable mobile or Cove in Arabic is a cup that doesn't have handles. So it's large glasses and they're designed as they're slender in the middle in the neck and then they're wider on

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top. So kind of like champagne glasses nowadays. Right? And so those glasses they have a history like exotic drinks right now unless it's a globe and mobile Ah, they have already been placed. In other words your dining tables already been set. The serving table and mobile means lowered. In other words, a waiter comes and he lowers the glass and puts it right in front of you. You don't even have to you're already sitting on your chair right? You don't want to get out to the drink is brought and it's put before you it's put down no door from

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Whatever place it has been put down for you, and the essent form, you know, to the right, or to the or will the I didn't use the verbal form why because you will drink and another will be placed, you will drink another will be placed, they will constantly be placed for you.

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Again, I was reminded of this, you know, when you go to these exotic restaurants, they hang the glasses and they leave glasses on the tables as part of their decor, like cheap restaurants don't do that, like a fast food places not gonna have glasses on the table. But an expensive restaurant is gonna leave the glasses on the table, and they're gonna show glasses displayed in their bar or whatever. And this is their idea of showing exotic and expensive right? And so Allah azza wa jal gives us the scene that for 1000s of years has lasted in human civilization. So how Allah 1000s of years and we're still in the same place when amadi kumars fufa. And then these these cushions

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nomadic is we sell the Sahara this upset. It's a small pillow, small cushion, which we use sitting on your couch, but it's not quite adjusted. You want to put a pillow over here, right? And it's just right. So let's just move but rows and rows and rows of pillows, rows and rows of just tons and tons and tons of pillows. So you're basically jumping around and going crazy, right? You're just enjoying yourself everywhere you look there's relaxation, and then he adds wasabi you know,

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the and these these expensive elegant rugs, area rugs you call them nowadays, right? Robbie really says that they are made of delicate fibers that they're made of delicate, expensive, you know, rugs. I told you I used to live in New York City. One of the most common retail space in New York City is like exotic rugs.

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Right? So you have like Merrill Lynch, and then you have exotic rugs. Right? And you have whatever exotic drugs are all over the city all over it's and why do they have them there? who's buying them? The most, you know, top level execs for their offices. They want to get these exotic rocks for their mansions for their lofts for their penthouses, right the idea of having an exotic rug it's the centerpiece of your home you want to show people this was stitched in Persia or this or that or the other right now unless his mob fufa they're spread all over as far as the eye can see you see all these different beautiful area this all over so cushions and just a massive, massive massive living

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room for you to chillin how many area rugs in our living rooms.

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Right How many couches how many questions. Allah is offering us upon Allah, that which to this day we run after. To this day to this day when you want to get yourself a home. You look for a high elevation you look for a garden you look for a nice kitchen, you want to decorate it beautifully when you eat you want to you want it to work nice on Allah. Allah gives us all of these things that are innate in human nature was RBU mob truth. Now the subject turns.

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You remember they poked fun of the punishment in the Hellfire and they said our camels can handle it. Allah says fine you brought up the camel a fella jambu una EBD k for Holika Haven't they done looked already aren't they already looking carefully enough at the camel even many words for camel are used in Arabic Jamal is used many others are used. Actually some some teachers of Arabic Say if you don't know what it means it probably means camel. Right? This is that many words in Arabic for camel. But the most general word for camel is a bit. That's the most general word for camel. Allah says Didn't they look carefully enough towards the the camel how it was created? kafer hollyford how

00:28:28--> 00:29:04

it was created? In other words, Allah didn't say Keifa Hakuna Who? How we created it. He didn't say that. He said how it was created, the passive form is used. In other words, instead of going that far, I don't expect a lot does not expect from these people to give credit to Allah. Just ponder on the camel itself you've learned up yourselves and why the camel why not anything else First they brought it up. Secondly, in the life of the desert, what was what was associated with their survival, the camel, and it's an incredible creature of the domesticated animals. The biggest one is the camel. A child can control a camel, even though a camel can easily crush a human being not to

00:29:04--> 00:29:46

mention the child and the camel is a very high ride. And the camel is incredibly custom designed. Like Allah mentions this custom designed for our living in paradise. Talk about custom designed for life in the desert. This this creature can survive with minimal water for days and days and days on end, like nothing else can it can feed itself off of shrubs and herbs that nothing else can feed itself off of it can survive in these conditions. On top of that it's got this incredible seating on top that's that's cut you know comfortable and it stores its own food and has all these it's got milk in a place where you have no liquids is shortage of fluids. It's got milk to offer you when it

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

becomes too old and dies its skin can benefit you. And it's meat it benefits them. So there's all these benefits that come from the camel in their life. Allah says didn't didn't you look at the camel and how in how many ways it benefits you look at another thing Allah

00:30:00--> 00:30:43

says in another place Allah says, young, old and young Boudin insano. In our army we read this. Let the human being Look carefully to his meal. He said a young woman inside Lumumba, Haleakala, Camilla in Darfur, let the human being look into how what he was created from, but now not mimma Holika maharlika cave, how was it created? How is it that this creature is designed perfectly for this environment? It's it's every aspect of its creation, one way or another fits the place and the services that it's provided, it's provided provides, it is actually almost at the seed of under the halaqa was Passover when the the Katara. Father, he created it, he calculated precisely and he

00:30:43--> 00:31:10

guided it to its activities. So it's guided to these things. Even on a hungry stomach, it continues to do work, it's a very toiling kind of creature, and it shows loyalty to the human being in this regard. So there are many things to reflect on when it comes to the creation of the camel, but the ones we want to highlight in this context comes from a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that is considered Hadith. And let me know how you knew and Allah you know, true believers are easygoing,

00:31:11--> 00:31:52

easygoing they you don't very lenient and then he says, tell Jamal and like the like the camel that's been marked in its nose, you know, they put that peg in the ring around the nose of the camel. It's been domesticated right? Then he says in Kedah in cada if it's told if it's made to stand it just ends up what either way Neha Allah Salatin is Tanaka. And when it's told to sit even on a on a on a harsh boulder like a like a scorching Boulder. It still sits down. Such a high creature you have to look up to this creature. But when you want to ride it, what does it do it like created it with toonies right? So it comes all the way down. It comes all the way down and you can

00:31:52--> 00:32:27

sit on it. Unless it's a sign of humility, this massive creature is humble before it's mastered. What is Allah teaching us? Allah is always in this teaching us humility through this creature. He describes the believer that it should be like this is easy going easily obey the law doesn't talk back. You know when even when it's told to sit on something difficult. It sits down and relaxes so panela didn't they look to this camel? Didn't they look to this camel how it was created. And now this is amazing the scenery of the Quran and how Allah wants us to depict things first it was reflect on this gift Allah has given you that in and of itself should be enough for you to become a

00:32:27--> 00:33:06

humble slave. Because Allah shows you what slavery and loyalty mean by means of that camel. Allah shows you His perfection and creation by means of that camel. There's so many ways to reflect on that camel. Then he says when he last summer he came out of yard and towards the sky Doesn't he look towards the sky how it was elevated above him. And you know by saying raffia there's already a clue. Haven't there been numerous surahs already incredible amounts of discourse already and how the sky is gonna come crashing down and how it's all gonna end. So now first reflect on the camel now you're on the camel you look up you look at the sky reflect on it and you will know how was it up there and

00:33:06--> 00:33:10

it will remind you how it's going to come down to how it's all going to come to an end okay for raffia

00:33:12--> 00:33:33

then where is our G Valley k fantasy but and the word NASA it's amazing as from a smart love but it's from words that are in and of themselves they mean something and they're opposite at the same time. Allah says and toward Didn't they look so you're on the camel you look at the camel you look at the sky you look around you What do you see in the distance? mountains? Well, ecology Valley. Okay, fantasy, but didn't they look to the end and then

00:33:35--> 00:34:14

towards the mountains? How are they pegged into the ground, new See, but to be pegged, also means to be outward and to be a parent. So for example, in Arabic expression, now Saba who Sharla he made an open display of his evil. Similarly nassarawa who he raised his head. So at the same time, it's lowering at the same time, it means elevating and it's a beautiful depiction of mountains because they go deep in the ground and they're also above the ground so panel at the same time. The other thing about NASA remember Armiliato NASA right? Now the word NASA but they're also meant wobbly and wavering. Is this part of the destiny of the mountain? Is it one day going to wobble? Is it one day

00:34:14--> 00:34:53

going to waver so Pamela, how one word depicts the current reality of this creature? And what is going to happen to it when its destinies fulfilled? When Allah azza wa jal describes what either Jeeva sila, all of that has been captured by a law saying, What elgiva dk no Civil War energy by the caliphate, no see, but now he's looked at it looks to the mountains and he looks down and what does he see? The Earth? Well even hourly, gave us what he had. And didn't he look towards the Earth? How has commonly been translated how it has been made vast, how it's been flattened and made vests. SATA has two things in it to spread something out and to smoothen it, right to make it smooth, right. Two

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

things. But what's incredible now Okay, the the earth is incredibly flat yet, but the choice of the word is so incredibly wrong.

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

markable the whole purpose of the sutra from beginning to end was to remind the human beings where they're headed, what their destiny is what their destination is. It's the arshia right that Russia cannot be denied. The word SATA in Arabic that actually gets used for the ceiling of a house is used for the ceiling of the house. For example, Mr. maraca Berlusconi says, a satirical ahlulbayt you're a civilian, the highest part of a house that's made a rule.

00:35:27--> 00:35:37

Wait a minute, the Earth is being called what? How It's Made like a roof because one day, unavoidably all of us will be underneath and it will be our

00:35:38--> 00:36:16

Subhan Allah, all of us will be in that position, it will become our route. Well, either way out of the out of the cave associates of Han Allah, and it will be smooth and over us, you know, the grave is dug, the human being is poured in, then the dirt is pushed over and it's been made smooth. So not only do you reflect on the flatness of the earth, but it's also a reminder of where we are headed just by use of the word Sophia Hassan Allah. Now after this powerful reminder, the beautiful words of Allah that were repeated in the previous solar, in the previous word, Allah said for that good enough, it decra reminder reminder has a benefit. Here, he says for the kid in NEMA and Tomodachi.

00:36:16--> 00:36:53

Basically, Allah is giving the seal of the previous ayah. In the insult of Allah, Allah said, remind if benefit serves to have any reminders to have any benefit. Now, he goes a step further and explains what that means. Then remind, again, no objects has been mentioned. No, remind them protect your home, no further, no object. In other words, whether somebody listens or not, what do you do? Remind you just remind, that's your job. That's it. Don't worry about what what effect it has on people. Maybe it'll have an effect. Maybe it won't have an effect. Maybe it'll have an effect much later. Abu Sufyan becomes a Muslim a lot later. Right? What do you heard it a lot earlier. The

00:36:53--> 00:37:35

Magician's with Musa alayhis salam heard the message a lot earlier. But then when they saw the miracle, eventually they accepted Islam. And they understood to make such that they knew they have the virus coming, they knew all of that, because they heard the message already. So for the Cure, in Tomodachi, you are nothing more than a mean a reminder, a deliverer of reminder, with a kiss, you are nothing more than a deliverer of reminder, this has been summarizing the career of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu, once again, the work of that what is boiled down to the work of reminding human beings, in other words, reminding them of their past failures of past human beings, that's a memory,

00:37:35--> 00:38:12

reminding them of what Allah has informed them of the future, reminding them of the covenant they had made with a lot already, before they even came on this earth they made a covenant remember that covenant allow us to get up become our novalja hidden, reminding them of the inner conscience that tells them themselves, this is wrong and this is right, reminding them to know their their honor that aligns bestowed upon them as human beings. Then Allah as Lester I named him the most cited, you know, in the previous one, Allah said the only one who will benefit from reminder is the one who fears himself Kuru men yaksha that was in the in South Florida. Now he says you are not at all over

00:38:12--> 00:38:16

them, you are not you have not been placed upon them as a Messiah,

00:38:17--> 00:38:22

what is the most hated, and masala to Allah Shea in the usually family, he had a

00:38:24--> 00:39:02

good definition of a Messiah. He is almost hated with someone placed in charge diligently in charge over someone so that he may monitor every single thing that he does control everything that he does, and to record all of its activities. Because a guard in prison, this not just guarding the gate, but guarding the guy himself. He can't do anything unless the the guard the watch of watchmen over him, let him so the messenger of allies told us on the low horizon, you can't force them. You can watch over them and guard them and pull them into the agenda. And what this illustrates is you would think this is condescending to the messenger solution or less scolding His Messenger. None at all. This is

00:39:02--> 00:39:06

not the case. What's happening here is it illustrates the messenger is so worried

00:39:08--> 00:39:45

about these disbelievers who are in the end his people during the end or age, he's so worried that if the words don't work, he wants to pull them into Islam. But imagine he's not in a position of power they are. He's only in a position to give words he doesn't have any military at his disposal. But he is still willing to go and literally try to force them to accept out of desperation and good for them. Allah says no, you don't have to worry that much for them. You haven't been sent as a guardian over them to watch every one of their moves. Let's start adding in the most hated, you can force them and this occurs in another place Allah azza wa jal in Surah Kahf he says, well, not

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

entirely him be Jabbar, you are not, you know in any way, shape or form going to force them at all. You are not pleased as one. You haven't been installed as someone who can force them in any way. The reminder in and of itself is enough. They have to find it in themselves. That's it.

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

This is by the way, a beautiful illustration of that you cannot have it

00:40:04--> 00:40:15

there is no forcing anyone in the room and you can't force them. Even the messenger is told you're not there to force them. You're just there to nothing more than remind, remind, remind, remind. Now imagine the power of reminder

00:40:16--> 00:40:53

imagine the power of reminders of Han Allah in the context of rd that we you hear a halt while you hear speeches, you have already heard this. But you know, unless it's productive in a vacuum or in a meeting, reminder will benefit believers. The reminder helps even if you know you know you have to study for a test but you're not doing it and your friend comes over and says man you better study and you go Yeah, you're right I should and you go start studying. You didn't you know you have to study you did, but did the reminder benefit. It helps you right? This is a need of the human being to benefit from reminders of Han Allah. So Allah azza wa jal tells His Messenger less than other

00:40:53--> 00:41:25

Hindi Messiah Illa manpower la vaca. Now the word Illa is interesting, because linguistically it can come in the meaning of Lakin. How so how we would translate this as is as far as the one who turned away and disbelieved is concerned. But the other thing here is, the word Illa is literally an exception. And Allah did use it in the surah, except the one who just believed and except the one who turned away and disbelief. So the meaning would be, you are in a position to have authority over them to force them

00:41:26--> 00:42:06

x and the only exception will be those who turned away in disbelief. The way this meaning comes out is eventually the messenger will be victorious and he will have authority over every one of their moves. And then He will say to them that three Bala Coolio there is no harm coming to you today. But it will he have eventually a complete authority over them Yes. And that's captured just in the word in LA. But now in the in the regular sense. However, the one who turned away in disbelief This is the past tense that's been used. Now when our kafala which illustrates the anger of Allah in the previous sohrabi found why yet the agenda boo has Ashkar yet agenda who is Mubarak is the present

00:42:06--> 00:42:23

tense. The person who turns away over and over and over again present tense has a similar continuity in it. But in this solar the anger of allies manifest whoever turned away at this point, and still disbelieved. Even once this the one is past tense illustrates oneness, and he'll do singular event, even if that happens now.

00:42:25--> 00:43:05

For you Zeebo, Hola, hola, de Bella, then Allah will torture him, then Allah will torture him. Now Allah mentions his name, he doesn't say Oh, the diva, he will be tortured. You know who the cut how it was, how was it created. He used the passive form before, but now he mentioned his name, Allah will torture him. And it's almost as though he is telling his messenger Salallahu alaihe salam, at that point, the case is hopeless, there is no reason for you to remind them after that. Allah will punish them for you and people who love. Now the word adapt, you know, either comes from the word Adam in Arabic either but Raja, for example, when a person leaves eating or eating because of severe

00:43:05--> 00:43:49

dehydration, it hurts them to even eat, because they're dying of dehydration. This is called an adult. And from it, we get the word adult, it's one of the worst kinds of punishment you can suffer it is dying of dehydration. So that literally means punishment, but it's really a torture or painful kind of punishment, a level of excruciating Lee then giving them giving him a torture. I double up again. twice, you're ugly, boohoo. And then if that wasn't enough, either Well, about the greatest punishment. So the greatest punishment is for what Allah says, in love and tawanda Kapha in lament Allah wa he turned away in disbelief, meaning he was being given the reminder. What did he turn away

00:43:49--> 00:44:26

from? What's the context? The context is that of being reminded, he walked away from the reminder and denied it and denied it? You know, Allah azza wa jal says, Allah subhanho wa Taala. When I can get there, by the way, he was mentioned there to, you know, he turned away and there the context was turning away from the prayer, turning away from praying what the window kosala was mentioned before that here allows me just talking about the reminder, the importance of not turning away from reminder and what kind of people will not benefit. And so it this this illustrates to us a long standing struggle of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam against the kuffar who kept turning

00:44:26--> 00:44:51

away and kept turning away until it reaches this point, where Allah says even if they turn away now, you add people hula, hula double Aqua, and notice that your ID is Madonna. So the continuation of the punishment the Find the beginning of the ayah shows you that it is a result of the previous ayah then as a result, a level torture. Finally, the last two is in Elena bomb. By the way, I should have mentioned in another

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

element of cohesion between this soul and the previous one in the previous surah Allah mentioned the greatest fire and then the yes lead now right

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

Cobra and here for you as people who Allahu Akbar again the greatest, the greatest, both mentioned this in the elayna Abraham it is no doubt only to us that their final return will happen the word rejuva means return. But iaV is Li moonta hedmark said for the final final return, meaning once you know you, you come home you return home, then you go out again then you return home then you go out again, even when we go into the graves, that's not a final return because we're coming out of the graves too. But Allah says to us is their final final return? It is only to us that they will return well they're not going anywhere else in Elena Yaba home. So the first part was the return the second

00:45:42--> 00:46:15

home in Elena is about home then the word foma here, which means thereafter or the then the grammar of it suggests that it for whatever meaning it isn't, just don't just think they have to return to us. You should know thereafter. In Elena his other home there is no doubt that their accounting their their complete. audit has been taken upon us. Alena means it is mandated on us. We have taken on ourselves to engage in their accounting, remind yourselves of the IRC, right?

00:46:16--> 00:46:56

Ooh, tiaki taba who, you know what? avahi mamanuca kitabi Yemeni. But so far you have civil servants. You see Allah right? Allah says we've taken upon ourselves to do that himself. And we learned there that if Allah does the hisab you're destroyed. And Allah says we've taken upon ourselves to do their hisab In other words, these people are destroyed. Because the one who we read the Hadith here, also that explained the one who's given his seven years here, what's what happens to him? He shows his deeds, and the angel doesn't even look at it. Go, man. Okay, you go. It's all right. I know what's in there. Right? But the one who even gets read one line gets right out of his

00:46:56--> 00:47:25

book. But what happened here? That's it Holika has been destroyed. This person's finished. He's doomed. So here Allah azza wa jal says in the Elena Hassan, we have taken upon ourselves to do their their their audit, their accounting, the accounting of their deeds, in other words, they have been destroyed. In other words, they have been destroyed. May Allah azza wa jal protect us from that destruction and make us from the people of Paradise the highest of it. So tanika llamo, the handig and shadow Allah Allah in the into the stouffville, coming to waco salaam aleikum wa