Who Are the People of Taqwa?

Nouman Ali Khan


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Episode Notes

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives a compelling lecture on the people of Taqwa and how we can identify them.

 The lecture begins with the reminder from a passage of Surah Ale Imran. Allah SWT calls us to the Friday prayer. The commandment occurs in Surah al Jumu’ah:

“And he says to us that when the call is made: Rush to the remembrance of Allah”

Also, in Surah Ale Imran, Allah says:

“Obey Allah and the Messenger so that you may be shown mercy. So that all of you may be shown mercy.”

In this ayah, Allah has attributed the obedience of Himself and His Messenger ﷺ with the one who is hopeful of getting mercy.

The true muttaq never loses his hope in Allah. We should imbibe and inculcate the essence of a true muttaqeen. We should suppress our anger, forgive others lovingly, out of love for Allah. When we wrong themselves, we should immediately turn to Allah.

May Allah make us of those who never lose hope in Allah. 

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Aloha Medina, Mina Latina, Amano Rami la policia, pollifax whatever, whatever So, the sub Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Amira, banana me,

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inshallah tada and today's brief Goodbye, I'd like to share with you

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a reminder,

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a reminder from a passage that belongs to sort of Emraan the third surah of the Quran.

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First and foremost, just something very basic that all of us already know. Allah azza wa jal invites us to the Friday prayer the commandment occurs in Silikal. Juma

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and he says to us that when the call is made, for sila decree law, rushed to the remembrance of Allah.

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So instead of calling it the football, or calling it the prayer, he called it the remembrance of Allah, the essence of the football is what to remind ourselves of Allah. It is a means of refreshing our commitment. It's a means of refreshing and individual at the same time, refreshing an entire community. And the best means to do that is the remembrance of Allah. And speaking of remembrance, there are different kinds of remembrance of Allah. But the best of them, the ultimate remembrance of Allah is what a lie himself called the ultimate reminder the foreign was a kid will remind with the foreign can lie in the hot sky. No, on the contrary, this no doubt is certainly a powerful means of

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reminder, in who Declan Moody, it is nothing but a reminder. So one of the essential roles that the foreign plays in the life of a believer besides despite its knowledge, and there's a wealth and infinite wealth of knowledge in the Koran, one of its central roles that it plays in the life of a Muslim and in the life of a community is that the Quran is a reminder. And by definition, a reminder is something you already know. A reminder is not new information. If I remind you you have a flight at seven o'clock at something, you knew what you forgot. So a lot of agenda reminds us in the Quran, and this lends to an appreciation of why there is so much repetition in the book of Allah. Allah

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Xhosa says the same thing many times, many, many times he mentioned Stockwell, for example, many many, many times. And the proportion to which something is mentioned more. It illustrates how quickly people forget that which is mentioned more

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So if Allah mentions over 200 times you mentioned stopwatch, it is because even if you know about the clock you forget to apply it. You forget to think about it you forget to realize it when the time comes. So you need to be reminded over and over again as do I. So reminder from Tanya Moran, Eliza just says, Well, I'll see you soon, Don moon, obey Allah and the Messenger of Allah Han who send them so that you may be shown mercy so that all of you may be shown mercy. In this ayah Allah azza wa jal has attributed obedience to align His messenger with the one who is hopeful of getting a lot of mercy when I do. Those are the ones who are hopeful for the mercy of Allah. So anyone hoping

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for a lot to show mercy on them need to first change their attitude about obedience to align the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam there's no mercy outside of obeying a lion, His Messenger, so that you may be shown mercy be in obedience to Allah. And by the way, a couple of Biafra before there's a there's a prohibition. Yeah, you handed in Amanullah taco Riba about a couple of hours before Allah says, Those of you who believe don't consume whatever, don't consume all forms of this detestable form of earning the most common occurrence of which is interest. It's not limited to interest, but at least that's the most common form. Don't be consumers of it, even if it multiplies

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one on top of itself. And by saying

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illustrate something that why would people get involved in rebar anyway? What's the incentive? So you get something out of it. You weren't you work so hard to earn this money, and the banker comes to you and says, let it work for you now, let it multiply on top of itself. So you want to do it so you succeed. So you get the most out of your efforts. Allah xojo gives an alternative in the same iron

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law, instead of consuming labor, I give you an alternative, the alternative is be conscious of Allah. Now what do you see an alternative I was thinking maybe give me an alternative form of investment. Somewhere else I should put my money Allah azzawajal offers the incentive, the alternative have Taqwa of Allah. And then he adds the unlocking to free food. So that you can literally apply if left is to see the fruits of your labor so that you may see the fruits of your labor have Taqwa of Allah, the very reason for which one would get involved in robots to get something out of it. And Allah says, you want to get something out of it, you want to succeed, you

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want to see your investments come through, I'll give you an alternative. It's stuck.

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And if that's not enough, now, under the name, Catherine, the very next

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fear that if you're not going to be careful and cautious of a lot, then here's another incentive why you should get rid of him out of your life. Here's a fire. Be cautious, be be aware of the fire that has been prepared or in depth. You can see it has been prepared for disbelievers just by saying that that's a mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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It has not been preparing for Muslims and has not been prepared for believers. The IRS began Yeah, you had Edina amanu those of you who believe you shouldn't consume Riba you should have Taqwa of Allah, you should have Taqwa of the fire, so and that fire which has not been prepared for you but prepared for and Cassidy. So long as Odin is reminding us Don't act like those who are headed for the Hellfire, just by saying that he could have just said just feel the fire and that's enough, but he added those that is prepared for those who just believe me or not.

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And then he says what Allah Allah will find fine, we're afraid of the fire, but it gives us an additional incentive. We don't just want to be escaped, we don't just want to escape the fire we want to be entered into a loss paradise.

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And that's the mercy of Allah. So he says he gives us the other incentive will be aligned the messenger so that you may be shown mercy. I gave you this introduction because the real passage that I want to share with you is what's coming next in the IRS is a very unique place in the Quran. And in this place, Allah azza wa jal mentions a certain category of people.

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There's certain attributes, certain personality traits that these people have. And these traits are so important and so powerful that Allah mentioned, the beginning of it is the mention of gender. And in the end of this passage, there's a mention of gender again, and in between there, these people. So the mention of these people is sandwiched between the mention of gender, the beginning of the end of religion. So who are these people? We want to be from these people, we want to at least embody some of these characteristics. So we are hopeful for lagenda.

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become the choice of words is just incredible. Run, run towards forgiveness from your Lord.

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And this is an alternative because just the IOD before talking about people that are running towards worldly benefit

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They're running in the opposite direction. Allah is giving you something else to run towards the first thing, forgiveness from your Lord, run towards forgiveness from your Lord. what that implies for you and I is, first of all, you don't run towards something that you don't need. You and I, we never run towards something that we don't need, you rush to work because you need to get there on time you rush you hit the books, because you need to pass the exam.

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We rush to things when we need them. So first of all, we need to acknowledge that we are in need of a loss, forgiveness, and who will realize that they need to be forgiven by Allah, except the one who realized they've done something wrong. The first thing the believer has to internalize, no matter if we are good Muslims, we are not free of sin. We are not free of disappointing the standards Allah has set for us. After all, it is a law who says about all of humanity, including the Muslims, now,

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they didn't appreciate a man like he deserved to be appreciated. The first thing he tells us, run towards forgiveness from your Lord, do not feel ashamed of or become indebted.

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And the second incentive, one towards these this garden, this gentleman whose expands whose real estate whose size is comparable to the heavens and the earth combined. You know, this hits home, when you get a little older, when you're younger, you're not going to understand and appreciate the power of these words. But those of you that are older, those of you that are married, those of you that have kids, you will appreciate this. When you're younger, you don't care about money, not so much. So long as you have clothes on your back, whatever. It's all good. You can live in an apartment, you can roommate with five other guys, it's all good, no problem. When you get married,

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you see I need to move on to a house. I can't be in that apartment anymore. And we need to buy a property and should be in a good neighborhood. And if this was not the right size, we need something a little bigger, and the kids are growing older. We need something with more bedrooms. What about a backyard? What about this? What about that we run towards a house, we run towards permanent residents. We don't want to stay in temporary housing, we want to stay in permanent residence. It's a status of stability. So Allah azzawajal offers a stability run towards this garden. This amazing real estate, which the square footage is huge. It's the expanse of the heavens and the earth. And

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who has this been prepared for a 13 these are the people It has been prepared for those who are truly cautious, afraid, careful. These are the 13 Who are these books again? Allah Xhosa speaks about the people of taqwa all the time. But in this passage, there are some specific attributes that I want us to try and remember and implement in shot lontano. What good are these reminders if they don't affect our life, and there's even a Poon FSR evil Baba do the first attribute of the people of taqwa he says, Those who spend in ease in times that are easy, and in times that are difficult. Of course you're spending implies spending for the sake of Allah investing in that real estate that you

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get later on. You don't get any pictures of that real estate yet. There are no brochures there's only trust you have to trust the one selling it to you Allah subhana wa tada any other salesman tries to sell you something without showing you the product. You say I don't trust you, man. Lola is a widget is selling this commodity Jarrod? Should I tell you have a sale for establishing will be really cool. Congratulations on its trade agreement that you've made by selling us something soprano Watada? Why would a large soldier need to sell us something? It's not like we need to let you know when you buy and sell. There's an exchange. But everything we own is a loss to selling doesn't make

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any sense. He's our owner, too. But a large soldier speaks to us in terms we will understand because human beings are greedy. When it comes to business deals, our ears open up, really there's a good deal. I can get something out of this. So lasota speaks to us in the terms we understand and the terms that are in that incentivize things for us. So last question here says and Athena even for those who spend when it's easy to spend, and when it's hard to spend, and what is it that they spend a lot I didn't say unwind at home here. He didn't say unwind. He says I'm wiling and wealth and assets in other places. In this passage. He meant he didn't mention it. It includes wealth, but it

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includes time. It includes your youth. It includes your energies, it includes your priorities. It includes you're planning, you give that up for the sake of Allah. You sacrifice things for the sake of Allah, you've invested things for the sake of Allah and soccer literally means to lose something to let go of something. So we let go of the things that which we love. And we let them go for the sake of Allah to acquire this attribute of tequila and the Buddha sama Baba, this is the first characteristic. Now listen to the second one. It maybe you could say I don't know. I don't have

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Anything to give? I don't have any money.

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But the next attribute all of us can manage with Kaldi, Meena.

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Allah says those who swallow their anger, those who swallow anger, and the wording is very, very powerful government is actually to swallow. Now, there's one thing, you know, when you're chewing food, if I'm chewing food, you could see my cheeks moving, right? And you could tell that there's something in my mouth. But if I swallow it, then would you know that I've eaten something? No, it disappears by using the word scab and count the mean and lay the letters origin has illustrated that we have to have such a good control over our temper, that when you do come across something that makes you upset, then when you do get into a disagreement with someone entirely obnoxious, as

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upsetting that makes you not only do you have to be quiet, you can't even show the anger on your face. You have to swallow it as though it's not even there. The imagery is incredible. You have to have the self control. And this self control is increasingly difficult, especially for younger people who are hot blooded, you know, somebody says something we don't want to hear, and our face fires up. For those of you that are younger and you play sports, you're playing basketball, somebody fire, you know, fouls you somebody blocks your shoulder, something immediately your cheeks turned red, you have to exact revenge, right? how easily we get angry, you're driving your car, somebody

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cuts you off, and my God, this is the end of the world. Right? your dignity has just been just been compromised. You must cut him now. Right? Well call the mean away. This is an attribute of a believer and the Islam file is used in English we call it the active participle. Simply speaking What that means is, they do this all the time. They do it all the time. There are all these opportunities to get angry. Little things, little things at work little things at the home. Easily the wife gets angry at the husband very easily the husband gets angry at the wife, little little things make to make you angry at the children. Learn to swallow your anger, become a person that

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perseveres through these things. If little things annoy us if little little things get angry, if you make us upset, how do we expect a lot of those into forgive our big sins, we expect from Allah that He doesn't get angry at us. And yet here we are exactly angered every little thing. It shows a lack of restraint. So when Calvin and and the second the next attribute when I Athena and in us very difficult, they forgive people out of love.

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Not Vaseline, not laughing.

00:17:30--> 00:17:35

Laughing is someone who forgives, but is someone who forgives out of love.

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You know, when you forgive someone and they offend you, and you forgive them. First of all, most people say brother, I know that was a nice hot bar. And I know I should forgive but my situation is special. You don't understand this guy was really messed up. He doesn't deserve forgiveness. By the way. You never forgive someone who deserves it. By definition, forgiveness means to give it to somebody who doesn't deserve and you're not forgiving for them. You're not exempting forgive, you're not giving them forgiveness because they want it or because they deserve it. You're doing it for yourself because you want to be in this list. You want to be among these people that are considered

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with the team. That's why they forgive people, especially those who work for the sake of alarms though, is if you volunteer at a Masjid, or an Islamic organization, especially in the situation of family, there's a lot of feuds, there's a lot of things that come up and people get friction among each other. This is where I found once friction

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among yourself shaitaan will no doubt he will try to cause dissent among you. And these are the times we have to remember what I've seen and in us, you know the Sahaba understood this really beautifully. Well. how some of the Allahu anhu is one time he's sitting there and his servant brings him drink.

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And when he was pouring the drink, he dropped it. He dropped the drink. Of course this upset the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu. So immediately he recited This is

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what could have been avoided.

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Those who suppress their anger, those who swallow their anger, Hassan says have you low hung on to it. I've swallowed my anger. He heard the I said okay, I'm not upset anymore. The sermon continues to recite, he says, Well, I've been analysts, and they lovingly forgive people. He says, Look, I forgave you too. Then he then he recites the end of the ayah. Allah says Allah who you hit with mazzini it is a law who loves those who excel, who excel in their religion who excelled in their consciousness of Allah. He says, Go, you're a free man. He said, I'm free. Because just because he heard the ayah these ions are supposed to exact change in our behavior. So here we have three things

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allows the what it mentions, and

00:19:47--> 00:19:59

those who spend when it's easy, and when it's hard, when Calvin and Hobbes, those who suppress their anger consistently, and then when atina animus and those who've pardoned people out of

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Love and hear implies also out of love of a loved one thing about forgiving people because it seems to be a big problem for Muslims. We're very nice to the secretary at work and to the boss. When we come to the machine, we come with a frown.

00:20:12--> 00:20:28

There's a problem. That brother Yeah, he's nice. May Allah forgive him. And you start with all the flaws he has. We're not forgiving of people who are very cutthroat when it comes to each other. We have to learn to be different. And in this regard, I share with you just one reminder that I shared with a few students last night.

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Probably few of there can't be any comparison between the love he has for us little loss of alohar the sentiment anybody else. His love for the messenger surpasses anybody else's. So the Aloha envoy is a llama on iOS. And on top of this, his daughter is married to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu artesan. So not only does he love Him because He is the Messenger of Allah, He loves him because his family,

00:20:58--> 00:21:41

his daughter is accused and sort of nude we find the incident his daughter is accused. And his daughter is accused by someone who he used to give some allowance to. Now those of you that have daughters, imagine your daughter is accused, in an ugly way, like our mother was accused woman what meaning it just imagine the rage you would feel the anger you would have. And on top of this, add that this is not just anybody's daughter. This is not just any woman. This is the mother of the believers. So accusing her is an attack not just on her, but on her husband and on the Dean of Islam. It's an attack on the dignity of Islam altogether.

00:21:42--> 00:22:06

This incredible violation, this enormous, enormous, you know, attack. And here we find a book recently called the law of how big this man's heart is, he exacts his anger by discontinuing the allowance. That's all he does. He just continues giving allowance and alarm so we just have such a high standard move up and down as much as you can.

00:22:08--> 00:22:12

Unless it's such a high standard for him, he tells him he gives them advice in the Quran.

00:22:14--> 00:22:33

And he should forgive out of love. They should forgive out of love when they should turn the page and a Buddha and Yellowfin Allahu la Koon Wouldn't you love that allow would forgive you. Now listen to this carefully. On the one hand, imagine the scale, okay, there's a scale. On the one hand, there's the anger of

00:22:34--> 00:23:01

the Allahu anhu against this man, it's fear. He deserves to be, you know, punished. But on the other hand, Allah gives him either your anger weighs more, or your love of being forgiven by Allah wears weighs more, I'll give you the choice and as a Buddha and your fellow mahanakhon. So when you get the next time you get upset you and I get upset, remind ourselves is the offense that you have that has made you upset does it compare to the anger and the situation? Have a look at how

00:23:02--> 00:23:33

does it compare? And does it compare that if you forgive our love of Allah, in a loving fashion, if you forgive, then what allies offering you is your forgiveness is your anger and your revenge worth more? Or is the forgiveness of Allah that he's offering us more? What is worth more to you, you will forget about whether the person deserves it or not, whether they're a nice guy or not, whether they even acknowledge they did something wrong or not, you don't care. All you care about is allies offering you Your forgiveness. And

00:23:35--> 00:23:38

this is the next attribute will follow.

00:23:39--> 00:23:54

But the one I want to conclude with and I only have a couple of minutes to do so is something very peculiar. You will think I'm going to keep going on with a list of good deeds, good things that I can do. The next idea is about bad deeds.

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00:23:58--> 00:24:08

cusabo those who did something lewd, shameless, vulgar. Whenever they committed an act that was shaming vulgar in any way shape, or form factitious tend not

00:24:09--> 00:24:16

to shun any act of shamelessness, whether it was stealing something with the eyes, they gazed at something they shouldn't have your animal.

00:24:17--> 00:24:57

He knows the stealing of your gazes. He knows that too much of what the chests are hiding, whether it was a billboard, whether it was a banner, whether it was some Facebook friend you made, whether it was some texting you were doing in the middle of the night. Well, there was some inappropriate interaction, whatever it was, whatever shameless thing you did, these people are being described that they may fall into this trap. They're not immune. They're human beings. It might happen. And we're lucky it's so much easier to understand now than it was ever before. You can't take a trip you can get in your car Unless Unless you're exposed to fresh out hundreds of times where you get to

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

work. we're bombarded with it.

00:25:00--> 00:25:13

So we're guilty of this, whether we like it or not, we're breathing it into the culture of fracture, we're breathing it in, when the arena is a 501, ammo and foster home, or they wronged themselves in any other way, they didn't wake up for the prayer.

00:25:14--> 00:25:16

They didn't give them because

00:25:17--> 00:25:40

they didn't, you know, give sadaqa they weren't, they didn't keep family ties, they wronged themselves in any other way. Allah is describing them in like this. Why? Because they will make mistakes. But then there's something they do after the mistake and this is the point I want to make and I'm done in sha Allah. He says when the Athena is Aisha Allah and fossa home, Zachary law. They remember the law.

00:25:41--> 00:25:43

I want to tell you about a trick of shape on

00:25:45--> 00:25:57

when you go late to work, and your boss is angry at you because you're late. And lots of people work at your office, you know what you do, you avoid eye contact and sneak into your cubicle. You don't want to sit you don't want to face it.

00:25:58--> 00:26:11

When you when you have a bad report card, and you go home to your family, you're in sixth seventh grade, you got a bad report card, you sneak into the house, there's no slavery going home. You sneak in and you kind of go and you pass out you go to sleep.

00:26:12--> 00:26:14

Right? What happened in school, nothing.

00:26:15--> 00:26:55

When you disappoint someone, you avoid contact with them. You wait, it's natural. In this case, when we do something shameless, when we wrong ourselves, who have we disappointed? Allah xojo who do so disappointed Allah. So naturally shavonne takes advantage of this. He comes to you and he says, you're going to go pray now. You hypocrite. You do the shameless thing. You do this and that and now you want to go attend a class. Now you want to go Do you know why bother? You should be you know, you're such a two faced person. So this person says to themselves, yeah, I shouldn't go pray because I'm too faced. shaitaan takes advantage he distances you from Allah and we're embarrassed to go

00:26:55--> 00:26:57

before Eliza. But the truth was,

00:26:58--> 00:27:04

he does something wrong, he does something wrong. And immediately what does he do? He remembers Allah.

00:27:06--> 00:27:07

Allah does not even

00:27:08--> 00:27:44

a common law immediately. First of all, is the movie and then they asked a lot of forgive for their sins and the word for sins here who comes from venom actually a tale that was you're not proud of that that was humiliates you. Something you did that you're not proud of. And they asked a lot of forgive those embarrassing things that they did. woman you're flew by in the law, who's gonna forgive sins, if not Allah, who's gonna, who you're gonna go to where else you got to go? Who knows the things that you and I have done wrong, except ourselves and alone. There's way there's a lot of things in our closet that Allah has not exposed, and only Allah knows. And we have to find the time

00:27:44--> 00:28:12

to ask a lot of forgive. This is the the main attribute of people that are described that enter gender, economic enough into it, even Tachyon, and how the author coming the sandwich between mentions of gender. And the last thing I share with you about this, this final passage, I was one time I was with my family. And we were at a mall, and this other mom hurt her child, she was yelling at her child. This mother was yelling at her child and the kids crying his head off.

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And she even gave him a little you know,

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but you know where the child went. After he even got hit and yelled at. He's still holding on to the mother. He's not letting go. Everywhere else around there, these ugly, gigantic strangers, he doesn't want to deal with them. Even if she's angry, even if she's disappointed, even if she's upset his whole world. His whole shelter is old protection. Where's he gonna go except his mother? And it made me think so Pamela, when you and I sin.

00:28:44--> 00:28:47

When you and I disobey alone? Where are we going to go?

00:28:48--> 00:28:51

Where else is there to go? Who do we turn to?

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we don't we don't have anywhere else to turn. So even if we disappoint Our Lord, even if we fall short of the standards, he said for us, the true what the hopeful of July, he never loses hope in Allah.

00:29:07--> 00:29:42

Don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. No, you're not allowed to lose hope in the mercy of Allah. This is the attitude we have to internalize the alarm that was Amicus from among them with talking to lawmakers from those who spend when it's easy, and it's difficult. Now lawmakers from those who suppress their anger, male lawmakers from those who forgive people lovingly in part or that part of them out of love of Alonzo as a male lawmakers of those who whenever they commit an act that is not not becoming a believer, they immediately remember Allah and they asked a lot of forgive their sins for who is there to forgive the sins except Allah, Allah azza wa jal protect all of us and our

00:29:42--> 00:29:48

families, especially our youth, that are faced with all kinds of trials and tribulations, so Chronicle, Moby Dick.

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And stuff like

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Hi buddy, Latinos.

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Another hot minute begin. Mohamed el amin why the

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chain in the la vida de Luna Nabi

00:30:14--> 00:30:22

amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam, Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed masala tada Ibrahim

00:30:23--> 00:30:28

al amin in the Camino Majeed Allahumma barik agha Mohammad Ali Mohammed

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amin in the middle Majid regatta la rahima como la la in the La Jolla mobile edition eater is in Florida. And in fact, it was mooncup whether they call La La Jolla, la Motta stone, Arkansas in masataka Mini Nikita makuta