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Navaid Aziz
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of "retention" and how it relates to the concept of lossless retention. They explain that "retention" refers to a situation where a person is unable to achieve their goals or objectives, and that any intention they have is rejected. The speaker also discusses the concept of "retention" and how it relates to the persona of the person.
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Now this intention, what is it? What does it mean? And where is where does it take place? What is it like is one intention, linguistically and yogic language, there are many words you can use for it, you have the word Nia, which is most common and popular, then you have the word IE order, which is, I guess, a good transitional bit, which would be to once and then you have customers, which again can be translated as desired. These are three general words, which are used to put the word intention. And now, the type of retention that we used to have is called a near which is lossless or near which is harvest, we have to be a pure intention. So, when we talk about security retention,

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what we mean by that is that we do something only for the sake or the pleasure of us. And we all need to seek closeness and any intention, which is impure or is mixed with other words and other purposes, than that intention is an intention which is rejected. And that is something which is other than our topics today. And as you

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so now, whether the intention actually takes place, the intention takes place in the hearts.

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In other words, the distinction of the intention is in the heart and serve in one situation. What is the one situation where the intention does not?

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Does anyone know?

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Anyone else is better? There is no

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The most common answers or highest answer from these two words is correct. And one of them is incorrect. I saw

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a text from the public

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where he says, when you make heights, and then finance your attention, you say

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I'm responding to your call to action.

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And responding to your call. This is established from the public solar refining center. So pronouncing the ascension,

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this conception that a lot of people have that before we sign up for Salah. So before we begin the salon upon the Center for a couple of minutes, and sometimes we'll do something sometimes they'll actually say quite loud, so you can make it seem and they'll say, Oh Allah, I'm standing in opposition towards your Qibla

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productize whatsoever. Now, this is something in all honesty that I was even taught, growing up as a child, that I was taught and taught that this is part of our religion. And this is the only way to establish the summer. Whereas in actuality, we have nothing narrative from the pockets of our audience. All these companies, all the memes that came after them that they will do. So in terms of select your intention, and your persona, when you begin when you stand up, and you know what you pay inside, know your budget for a product.

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And you say it's

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just a lot, but you don't spend anything on your tongue.

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