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Don’t Raise Your Children The Same Way You Were Raised

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Yasir Qadhi

Channel: Yasir Qadhi

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Episode Transcript

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One of the most famous sayings of audio the Allahu ion, when it comes to raising children's is the following. Don't raise your children the way that your parents raised you this is a little alarming saying this Don't raise your children the way that your parents raised you because their time and their birth is a different era than your time and your birth. This is what I did. Oh the Allahu Anhu said 1400 years ago that may be the techniques of your parents might not work on you. And if he said this, so long ago, when generally speaking culture was much more stagnant and similar. What do you think about our generation one culture is changing every 510 years and especially especially when

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many of us in this audience are actually changing cultures. We are switching cultures, the culture is you have been born in is not even the culture your child is being born in