Navaid Aziz – Im A Muslim And Im Proud Part 1

Navaid Aziz
AI: Summary © The importance of history as a pivotal moment in the history of civilization is discussed, including the importance of learning and educating oneself to become a Muslim. The three core elements of Islam are discussed, including pursuing knowledge and achieving happiness in one's life. The success of Islam as a free body and the power of character to show behavior is emphasized, along with the use of audio centers during Battle of Butte to show the power of character and the importance of justice in achieving peace. The episode also touches on the history of the European monarchy, including the Queen's visit to Afghanistan and the king's visit to Afghanistan, and the importance of honoring the Islam's support system and living according to one's obligations.
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want to start when I was early on fusina on it See ya da da da da

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da da

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da da da

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da kind of wash. I don't know how to follow suit Solo Solo.

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He was talking, he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira.

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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I would like to take you back into history, in fact, a very pivotal moment in our history as a civilization. And that was the day that the Amir, the halifa.

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He opened up for this, Muslims Finally, after much time had opened it up.

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And as Amina

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is on his way to Jerusalem, he has one of his close companions of Aveda.

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And looks at me.

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And he says, Yeah,

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I've met rulers of Persia, the rulers of the bicycie, the rulers of Rome,

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and in their clothing, and I explained it so luxurious, so pompous. And then I look at you. And then you can imagine,

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with this humble clothing, with patches on it, perhaps even a few tears, and he says he amirul momineen. Are you not more deserving of this luxury, not more deserving of this magnificent lifestyle?

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And then

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there was a coin that he had thrown that get coins completely This is anyone who says it is following his footsteps. He says, Yeah, boveda had anyone said this, other than you, I would have dropped off their lights,

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he will send you a more simple message. He never actually implemented this. But just to scare the people, you know, just show him who's the boss. Now, the point being, this is where the crux of our discussion will begin.

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We went on to say and to share something that needs to be written in gold on the walls, in our hearts. Remember, in our minds, he said that no, come on.

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We are a people who Allah has honored and given dignity and given respect through our Islam.

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And when we speak that honor, dignity and respect through other vendors now, that is one of our suppliers,

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and distributors. And this is where I would like to bring about our topic of discussion, I Muslim, and I interrupt. In our day and age, if you look at the climate of the world, that the state of Oman, you will see that there are certain elements in it that make us so proud that the revival of Islam, people are returning back to the religion, people are going to understand that people are learning 13. But then you look at other elements of the Muslims, non Muslims, that there are still some of the biggest criminals in the world. It is our countries that have the biggest oppressors. And then you try to figure out what is going wrong on this panel, and the other is messengers from

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They told us what went wrong. What went wrong was we became a nation that tried to seek respect through other dentists. We became a people who sought money, we sought power and we started Greek. When we left our very fundamentals, we left our principles. I want you to think about the first revelation and the second revelation that came to the messenger of a possible love on yourself. And the reason why I asked him to reflect upon this is because what a daunting task, it must have been for the Messenger of Allah, to actually become a prophet, to go from just a regular man to become a prophet of Allah subhana wa tada and call the people to Islam. So how do you

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instill confidence, instill power inside the Messenger of Allah, some of it was set up so that 1400 years later, we can become proud of it. And this is the secret to become a a proud Muslim, proud to use the very first revelation of us it

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was what, what was the first revelation Oh people, a drop, read, learn, educate yourself. And then look at the second revelation that also kind of went on here.

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And the first the second commandment is given to the Messenger of Allah, Allah. Allah subhana wa tada says,

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stand up and call the people. So you see over here a strong correlation between learning and increasing in knowledge and educating oneself, and then implementing that knowledge. And this, in essence, is the recipe for becoming a Muslim to becoming an oma that has respect, honor and dignity. Have you ever thought about how

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to gain confidence? It was with these two concepts. And then the third commandment, he was given the third commandment, he was given by Allah subhanho, wa Taala, for mid laner, in that banana, that stand up in the night, and pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So knowledge, action upon that knowledge, and building a relationship with your very creature. And you will see throughout history, the bright moments in our history have been what the leaders and the Muslims have in Congress, all three of these elements, knowledge, action, and a good relationship with their very elite. So what is the essence of answer? What is the essence of power and respect? It is none other than Aziz

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Machado himself, one of the most beloved names told us his analysis, and that is why you see it repeated

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so many times. And not only does Allah subhanaw taala use this name so frequently,

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and assess it explicitly, that if you desire

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for the future, then all the answer is for us

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alone. So now us calling 1400 years later, how do we get to this? How do we turn back to our golden age on the stamp that we once had? Firstly, it starts off by increasing ourselves in knowledge. And this knowledge that we desire and desire is of two categories. Number one, knowledge about our very deep itself. And number two, knowledge of the great people that have left their legacies behind.

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So let us increase ourselves and knowledge of this beautiful religion. Let us talk about what are some of the fundamental principles of this religion. One of the most fundamental principles about religion is that we can proudly say that we are the only or at least one of the very, very few religions that counter to monotheism, that not only do we believe in one creator and one sustainer but in fact, the crux of our religion is that we worship Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. And this is the most fundamental pillar of our faith, something that we can be proud of. And this was the crux message of the Koran, the crux message of the Prophet out of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam. In fact, the slogans of Islam have said, if you were to choose just one theme throughout the scene and one thing throughout the Quran, you will see that both the Quran and the Sunnah revolve around worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala. alone.

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What is another theme we find in our beautiful religion, we find the theme of love. The real commandments to love are commanded to love our people. In fact, we will not enter gender until they become people who love one another. The message about

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them said,

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No, one I'm totally no Hi.

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My name is Andrew.

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He said, You will never enter Paradise until you believe. And you will never believe until you love one another. So shall I guide you through that screen which will increase you in love for one another, spread this allowance amongst yourselves as planula. I've been to many Muslim countries, but I've never felt love like I have here in Malaysia.

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I remember a calling to the Islamic University of Malaysia yesterday, delivering the Juma football. You know, usually after the gym, you'll get two or three people coming to ask your question. But I had something yesterday that I've never experienced in my life before. And that was literally without exaggeration. Two to 300 people coming up to me saying Can I take a picture with you?

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The first experience but for me, the most was out like the people were they were always cops.

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And then when I left the university, you have all of these students and all these future leaders in shut up as you're walking through the university. Everyone's saying a tsunami, tsunami.

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And I thought to myself, I find a lot. This is one of the great legacies of Islam that has been left behind that we wish peace with one another as we walk by one another

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So one of the key elements about religion, love for one another, what is another key element of our faith, mercy and compassion. For those of you who study it, you'll notice that when you study hugging your ship, the first thing you will usually teach you is

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your heart

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that have mercy upon the people of this earth, and the one who was in the heavens, he shall have mercy upon him. This was one of the fundamental components of our contact with one another. In fact, if you look at what Allah Subhana, WA tada sent the message, it will send them, how does Allah define it, define it one way or the

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other, and that we

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accept as a mercy for all of mankind. So where is that person today?

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a key element from our favorite is forgiveness. You look at

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us on Instagram, he was betrayed by his own brothers. He was treated unjustly thrown into a well, in fact, originally get his thoughts, let us kill him. But then one of the brothers said, No, we'll just throw him into a well, he gets thrown into a well, he's picked up taken into slavery. He's accused of something foul, and then he's imprisoned unjustly. And then while he's in prison, the people he's supposed to to help get him out. They forget about it. Think about what a difficult life that is. Now, some years go by. And then he confronts his brothers again, he's in a state of Asia is in a state of power is a minister now. He can have the lifestyle, he can have him in prison, he will

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have he hasn't executed. But what does he do? He shows the epitome of forgiveness. He says that the free body

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that no approach or blame be upon you today, we have a surprise to either forgive you. For him. He is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful of all those that show us. And when was this repeated? It was repeated by the blessings of Allah Azza wa sallam when he entered Makkah. for 13 years, he was persecuted his companions killed physically mentally emotionally abused. And then he entered McKenna's state of eisah doing what he could have done. Again, he humbles himself in front of the camera. And he tells the people that believe it, that no blame or reports will be upon you today, they will often give you and then all of God entered into Islam. And that is kind of showing you the

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power of character showing you the power of integrity, showing what wins the hearts of people showing one of the key fundamentals of our beautiful religion, forgiveness. And you can go on and on looking at the key themes in the format and the key themes and key themes in the series.

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And this will increase you in being a proud Muslim, because how many religions can claim that their religion is so perfect that it calls to the oneness of Allied is worship alone, and then it calls to such good conduct and character. And then what else does it call to it calls us to justice, our spinal analysis here again,

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that be just for indeed it is the closest thing

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and look at the example of the

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audio center during the Battle of butter. One of the first confrontations the Muslims are having with the disbelievers at that time. There was a man who was brought straight in line. In fact, he was sticking out and his stomach was sticking out. So the messenger was off it was he took his stuff, and he hid his stomach so that he would stand up straight. Someone who was courageous someone who's brave, someone who looks as if he's going out for battle. And at that time that man he took offense. You said almost in general, I wanted a retribution. You hit me unjustly was not hard for now, what is the message? Think of what the situation they're about to go into their first battle.

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Everyone's on edge. Everyone, you know, is nervous, they're anxious. The messenger

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you know, your place to get back in line. We'll deal with this later. When he didn't do that. He showed us that even in such moments when the odds are against you. You have to be just because it is with justice, that also kind of a child rights victory. And it's so what did the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he walks up to the man he says here is the staff and he looks up his shirt. He says Go ahead. And

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now what do you think his companion was he wants to hit the Messenger of Allah who would in his right mind will do that. So

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the man he bent down and you

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and it was never even in the times of war. They weren't afraid or ashamed of showing up their love and affection for one another, especially the message of a loss.

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So these are fundamental themes, fundamental characteristics that we need to live by. So this is the first element of knowledge, getting to know what our religion is truly about, then you move to the second element of knowledge that I'm speaking about. And that is getting to know the luminaries of our beautiful faith. People who have left behind great legacies from the people who have left great legacies are

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showing the effect of perseverance during the time of

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the Muslims went out for an expedition to move. And during that time, a group of Muslims was captured at the height of which was Abdullah bin.

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ability. His group is Legion. They're in present, now the ruler of Rome at that time, he had heard about the companions, and he had heard how literally, they were like, superheroes, that these were people who during the day, were out on the battlefield fighting, and during the night, they're standing up, and Claire was

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barely sleeping, barely eating, barely eating anything from this world. And at that time, he thought, you know what, I want some of these superheroes to join me to be a part of my family to create a greater legacy for Rome. So once they captured the Emperor, the ruler, he didn't kill them, he didn't persecute them. But rather, he turns up,

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and he says, Look, I would like every one of you go, every single one of you just married my daughter, meaning have children lead from the lineage of the companions become superheroes.

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He remembers who his leader is.

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The man who literally threatening to chop people's heads off? So he's like, no way, you know, even with a ruler of

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armor said, No, it's not how can you marry the enemy of the daughter. The Emperor is not used to hearing No, he was shocked. He's infuriated. He's very upset. He goes back to the shaver, he contemplates, and Dylan, you know, deliberates, take some time.

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A couple of hours, maybe a day goes by, and he comes back. And he says, I'm not accustomed to hearing them. But I can understand the situation that you were in, you are seeking protection, not only will I give you the height of my daughter, but I will give you half of my kingdom, half a boom, this is one of the biggest empires at that time. He says, all you have to do is marry my daughter, and I will give you half of my empire, and I will let all of your companion scope up.

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He does not even need to think about it doesn't even contemplate it. And you can imagine how difficult this is because the two biggest desires for a man are women and wealth. And here he is getting the best of both of them. But he knows again, that is the legend of a lot. American football business leader, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is His Prophet, and there's a greater purpose to be lived, rather than just the luxuries and desires of this dunya. He again says no to the Emperor a second time.

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So what is the Emperor to this time, he goes back, and he invites all of the prisoners. And this time, he brings a large cauldron of hot burning oil. And I want you to imagine, if you fry something, once you put the oil on a hot tank, you hear that sizzling sound, the sound of boiling oil is even worse. This is not the system anymore, you just take your published copy. And that's what's happening in this course.

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So the Emperor, he brings on all the prisoners without gloves. And he says, I'll give you one more chance marry my daughter how after the kingdom

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says no again. So what does the Emperor do this type of he takes one of the prisoners.

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He lifts him up and throws him into this cauldron of boiling hot oil.

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all you hear is that the fries

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and then at the top of the cauldron, you see these floating moments without any flash

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at that time or whatever. He starts playing

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the Emperor he rejoices he thinks he's wonderful.

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But he lets up the alpha and the rest of the prisoners go back to the President.

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And then he comes to me says, Look, I can destroy all of you Linkous just very much.

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He says, This is the fourth time and this Emperor is

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now the Emperor is ready to give up. And that returns is

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just kiss me on the forehead, and I will let you go.

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He still says no, it's not

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Good enough for him to be debt free. He says, Let me and all the companions go and then official forage.

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Looking at that time, you know, he's upset. He's like, there's no way most

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of us do it.

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He kisses him on the forehead, and the Muslims are like free the kingdom.

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A messenger from amongst them, he hurried back to America for the last one. And he told me

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that today, one man free the nation through a single case, Omar caught up onto the mongering he repeated to the people that today one man free nation through a single kiss. So as a bullet, comes back into Medina that each and every one of you kissed his forehead. So I want you to imagine that this legion of prisoners of warriors is coming back into Medina, who's standing on a number to welcome them

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who's in the muskie the rest of the companions. And as I was coming in, on a loved one,

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and each companion

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This is a lesson in perseverance that we as a nation, we will go through trials and tribulations, but we will never break our backs, we will never separate ourselves except to a loss of autonomy. And that is the result of victory. Now that man that one companion was killed. Do you know why a beloved without one cried at that time, he was later asked about it. He didn't cry, because of pain. He cried because of joy. He said to me, if I could be that companion, then I can go through a minute of pain to live in an eternity of paradise. In fact, if I could relive that moment with the amount of hair that I have in my head, numerous amount of times I wanted to show because he realized that

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Paradise is your ultimate support. Let's move on to other luminaries that was perseverance. Let's talk about luminaries in philanthropy. For those of you who attended the football yesterday, I mentioned a noble companion by the name of the stallion.

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He was from the poorest of companions, how poor was he? He owns nothing in this world, except for two pieces of clothing, his upper garment and his lower corners. And one day messenger bots volume center is collecting money. She's asking people to give in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. swear by the new sound and he comes to the Messenger of Allah. So Allah sent him and he says, You know, I only have these two clothings and he gives a portfolio and he sits next to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, perhaps a sibling would give advice to charity to me to give it out in the world, Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And he sees coming up to me and coming, and they're giving money they're giving whatever they have to Atlas messenger, some of our games, send them till the time comes when

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he starts crying, and he walks away.

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Why does he Why Why does he walk away? Is he crying because he's asked to give? And it's not once again, no, he's crying because he wants to give but he has nothing to give. He just has to store funding, which if he gave away you will be muted completely. It was so beautiful. I love reserved,

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has done an

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audit with tears, not because they were asked to give and didn't want to. But because they weren't asked to give. And they had nothing to give the look at the lights of

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that when they

00:23:45 --> 00:23:54

needed money. He brought everything that he had. He's asked what do you do leave behind for your family. He says I've got the behind the line this messenger.

00:23:56 --> 00:24:40

This was a generosity that was unknown before the companions and was unknown after the time of the companions. But it is a part of our great legacy that we can be proud of. And you look at the stories of the companions thereafter. And you will see that there are many other great examples, taken example of courage have been borrowed from it. The Muslims are in an expedition and they are outside a big fortress. They get through their arrows, nothing's penetrating. They can try hitting the door. Nothing is penetrating it. The only way to defeat and win this expedition now is if someone is thrown over the fortress, defends himself and opens the door.

00:24:42 --> 00:24:50

The companions are asked which one of you would want to do this hands Our hands are going to lose the first time. It was the manual.

00:24:51 --> 00:24:55

And I want you to imagine this almost as if it is, you know,

00:24:56 --> 00:24:59

an image out of wily coyote and the Roadrunner

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You know how he felt he was always doing like crazy things for yourself or slingshots and catapults. And he did

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00:25:08 --> 00:25:49

He got onto the catacombs. He got onto a caravan, they pulled it back, and they threw him over the fence over the gate. Now you will think he's been thrown into the enemy, how is he going to survive? This is suicide. But look at the corrigible by bumalik, not only as he's thrown over, he defends himself opens the door for the Muslims and the Muslims. When that expedition, I asked my dear brothers and sisters, where is that courage? We're not in a tug of war right now among the Muslims are saying, We're not fighting. But where's the courage of leadership? Where are the people who need to stand up for this religion? Everyone has become so busy in their lives, so busy with the affairs

00:25:49 --> 00:26:14

of this world. But what about the affairs of the hereafter? Who is going to do them for you if you do not do it themselves? So this is all a part of our cosmesis theoretical knowledge. Let's get into our discussion of how do we as Muslims now become a powerful, mighty, respected, dignified nation. Once again,

00:26:15 --> 00:27:03

I would like to share a quote with you from the famous poet Rumi. He says, yesterday, I was clever. So I thought I was going to change the world. Today, I am wise. So I have decided to change myself. And this is how people will change when each individual takes it upon themselves, not to change the world, but changing the world to changing yourself first, because this is what it is all about. This world. It consists of individuals and open until we fix the individuals starting with ourselves, starting with our family members, and our closest friends and neighbors. We will never truly be able to make a difference. So it always begins with yourself first. What do you need to change in

00:27:03 --> 00:27:21

yourself and in ourselves, we need to do everything with the sun. Meaning that not only does it need to be for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. It needs to be as the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded, when he I was asked by my son,

00:27:22 --> 00:27:24

Sir, he said,

00:27:26 --> 00:27:31

it is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala, as though you can see him

00:27:32 --> 00:28:20

and know that even though you cannot see him, know that he sees you. Meaning that your ultimate goal is to one day stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to see his beautiful face, the greatest luxury in paradise. How do you get to that stage in this world, knowing and realizing that Allah subhanho wa Taala itself is watching you. So everything that you do in this world, do it with proficiency do it with excellence, and this is why the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said 40 by the coalition, that indeed, excellence and proficiency has been combined, in everything, even in the way we sacrifice animals, and we prepare them to eat. We do it with

00:28:20 --> 00:28:26

excellence, even though it is such a trivial matter. This is, so we live our lives.

00:28:28 --> 00:28:37

Number two, is living according to the ultimate relationship we have in this world.

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