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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The importance of the Hadith and the Sun parable in the Islamic culture is discussed, along with the "has been said" and "has been done" in the history of Islam. The "foot of the heart" is emphasized as the most important day of the year, with pride and satisfaction as messages of pride. The importance of being aware of one's actions and timing events is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to be aware of one's actions and not let them sit and wait for the next day.
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I'm ah man I'm about to do for her here Little Drummer Leila tonight Halima to move out like I said with you, Alex. I'm gonna solid Jana cdmo Yasuda Allah, Allah you're so happy when what are these next drama? It was at night on Ibaka and this name dystonia to increase your Salah, on the prophet Ali Asad, Islam. And tonight I'll tell you why. I say this every Thursday every Friday night or in the Islamic calendar and the Islamic days. Tonight is Friday night. That's how we that's how it works. And you know that because Ramadan kind of forces you to learn that piece of how things work. So tonight, we call this Friday night. We don't call this Thursday night, even though

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in the country we live in this is that's the culture. But for Islamically we call this the night of Jomar it's like right before it and I'll narrate for you tonight the Hadith that points that out. And so you know why I say this? So Yahweh and email him unnecessarily yo Abu Dawood webinar manager, fee sunnah to him. We are sorry, the Sahaba and Oh, Sydney Oh, stop coffee. Oh Allahu Akbar Allah and abuse of Allah, Allah, you said that it is a collection of necessity. A Buddha wouldn't even matter in there soon. All three of them have the books, or the collections of Hadith that they have are called a student.

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And of course, they're studying understanding a little bit of why the names are different, like why wasn't mustard and what's the what's the Sun, sun? And what's a John Mayer, and what's Mr. Gerlach? And what are these books why they call these names are important. This is historical and it's and it helps you comprehend how you know the evolution of the science of Hadith of how this kind of grew over time. And these books are the Sunnah. Nyssa is obviously the most authentic of the four DVDs is a jam. Yeah, but it's also as soon as well, but those four I wouldn't say it didn't meet him in manager. They're all they call them all sudden, but the most authentic of the forest and then it

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didn't really, I mean, even matters the least so hadith is only a hadith is only narrated and measures most of the time on authentic if it's only that's the only place it's narrated. Usually it's not then because maybe 10, a hadith that are only interested in mice that are authentic that one of the scholars did like a study and put them aside so people can know what they are. Anyways. Oh 707 The Prophet Allah salatu wa salam says, In mean of Bali, a Miko Yahoomail Jumuah fee he holds them for free he

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fee hidden NEFA for fee his Sokka x zero meno Salah tra fee for in na sala tech home arrow.en la said Allah is awesome indeed, amongst the best days of your week, or the best of your days is the day of Joomla the day that Adam was created in was the day that Adam died and was the is the day where the enough clot happens meaning when that first

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blowing the horn that ends time and this is the day that Asaka happens in meaning the time where you're blowing the horn and we all are resurrected again. All happens on the days of Friday. So it's a day that has a lot of significance in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Now, obviously, these not everything that I pointed out are things that we look forward to but this hadith is different than the one I narrated to you a few weeks ago or a week ago where I told you he pointed out that it's the best of days even for us and he pointed out what in the examples he gave her all the best here you can't argue that enough when when time ends that it's something good for us know because that means the the chances over the story of the human race ends there look there was nothing more to give so it's not necessarily good for us but as a day isn't says the best of your days is available to the Father is significance. I said I translated it because that's the

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borrower's English language can go in them in Albania yami can be found to be very precise and the translation what he's saying is amongst the most high amongst the highest rank days of your days, that's what he's saying the lysosome and that in the ranking is not something that you and I do the ranking is something that Allah subhanaw taala does so he ranks the day as very significant and on that day certain significant things happened then was created item died.

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Of course those the study of why those things are important so hold different honestly this is not start with the Hadith I'm trying to do today so I'm not gonna get into it but it's important to understand why that's significant. And enough center soccer meaning the the establishment of your milk pm at the first blow in the horn the second blow all happens on that day. So what So what was his Okay, so So what what do we do? It's an it's a highly volatile zero middle sada tra efe to perform a salah upon me as much as possible so Allah Allah He only goes to sleep and cathedra

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but that was his the piece of advice that this is a day there's a lot of significance to it. So make a lot of salah upon me for insalata komaru Berto naledi because your salah upon me is it muddled I mean he's going to be shown to me I'm going to be see I'm all see it. God ya rasool Allah, que for Toronto aregbesola Tuna.

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Yanni believed

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How was it that you got to see it and you're you've been dead for at that point you I've been passed away for a very long time. And there's nothing in your ribs meaning that there's nothing left of you Bacala in Allah help Lama idol earlier you said

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Indeed Allah subhanaw taala has made it haram for the Earth to take the bodies of prophets. And that's a whole different topic of discussion that I'm not going to get into today into tonight. But the prime value is not somebody who's trying to explain it to us is that he is still aware. This is the point in my opinion, that's important. That's the point that I believe is significant. All the other details aren't. The point he's making is that he is still very much aware. So Allah Allah CIBJO symptom of what's going on? He is not somewhere else where this is just happening. No, this is Uma, Allah Hi, Simon salami. During his lathe, he washed over physically. And after his death out of

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his system, he watches over it as well spiritually, he continues to watch over Assadi who swallows me watches. He is human, but he does watch he's aware. He knows who is doing what and who was putting in what effort because This matter concerns him greatly.

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The legacy that he left behind out of his slot to Islam, the future or the destiny of the Quran and and the teachings that he left and the way of life that he that he established for us. Some is something that concerns him a great deal. So he continues to be aware of it and he gets a lot of wisdom as it goes along. He is never in a position or in a state where he is unaware of things where he doesn't know what's happening. No he knows to the point where if you say Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina rasool Allah, he is aware of that. He is made aware of Italy, he has sought to send you gifts in Amsterdam and he sends his sermons back to you. So Allah is right.

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That's important. You know why it's important.

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When any when there's a supervisor, and supervisor leaves,

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things tend to

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you tend to relax a little bit, right? It's just how it works in any environment. If the supervisor is there, you're working hard, they leave for the day, you sit back in the chair for a few minutes close and he is not here we will do it on our own time. Or you start to assume is still very much aware of what he left behind. He may not be here physically Alia Sato said I'm gonna watch over you and remind you what you need to do. But he continues to watch and he knows what's happening. So Allah has remained to the point where even a salah upon him it is thought was arrived his doorsteps and he responds to it. And that's I think the point here that's important and you'll Mondrian why

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specifically, is a day where he looks forward to the summer that you've performed by him and he has sought wisdom from the night of July. I need to throw it the whole day. It's beautiful for us to continue or honestly that's one of the things I hope to achieve within this community is that whenever we talk about Italy on the member, the people solely because he will do it when I came here the first I remember I remember very vividly I came in 2013 The moment I remember you and he would give his his you know, the beginning of the show Mahatma and Hamdulillah. I tell him and I knew a lot more sorry I'm I'm everyone's just sitting there looking at him. And I was the only person

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indexing and I got very I felt almost a little bit out of place for a moment because the only person whose voice came out genuine, but it was very weird. How is it? How is this Yamaha like if you don't do it other times, I can't understand even that but I can at least give you I can cut you some slack but it's Giovanna and the guy is someone in front of you is saying Salah Allahu Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Azza wa Germaine, then automatically you should find joy in this you should find joy in its meaning should bring some it should bring serenity and tranquility of the heart and if it doesn't, then you need to find out why it doesn't, because it must, it must bring something to you and you

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suddenly it Alia salatu salam mentioned the words that fill your not only your mouth but your heart in your mind because you enjoy saying it because you love him out of your slot to us and we hope to be with him. And he told us specifically this is a very significant day. Increase your salary upon me, some of them are Hollywood's like big money and Allahumma salli wa sallam America and if you're with me, I'm gonna say Inessa II will Imam Abu Dhabi will email move no manager Kowloon fee tsunami him may send an OCLC photography or the Allahu Anhu clarified in the video so Allah Allah you li wa salam in the mean of Bollea, Yanni comio Meldrum or V. Julio Murphy hippo Bill goofy hinda

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photography Hasakah for x zero middle salah, Tiana Yfp for in Asada, tekumel rubato, Nalley pouca rasool Allah Teva throughout all the while you can tune into anybody to BA in Allah help Rama had a lot of the MB Sakuraba audios struggling condition Allah Allah Allah and still be able to really go some Allahu Allah MOBA. Like I want to implement a CD that Muhammad Allah

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