Nadim Bashir – The Smiles and Tears of Prophet Muhammad #11 – Muhammad was hungry

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speaker shares stories about man and woman who have met the Prophet and bought dates. They discuss the woman's desire for sex and the possibility of her murder. The speaker also touches on the importance of preparing for the day and finding beauty in the morning, as well as the poor experience of the woman after eating fresh dates.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here but aka to Mr. Heyman hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he Muhammad wa ala early he was a big marine and welcome to another segment of the smiles and the tears of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, just ever imagine if you want something so bad, and you need something so bad in your life and you actually got it. At that time, how many of us would actually at that time remember Allah subhanho wa taala. Let me share with you a story if an ibis on the Ultron who I mentioned that one time during the afternoon time obika Or the Allah Tala on who he came out. Now, usually at that time, during the afternoon time, they will stay

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at home, they will take some rest. And at that time, or book or the other day, he comes out of his home, and he is extremely hungry, he's starving. He has nothing at home to eat. He comes outside he goes to the masjid. And there he meets or even a hotdog or the yellow Tron, or whatever the hopper says our worker What brings you at this hour to the masjid. He says that what brings me at this hour to the masjid is hunger. I'm hungry, I want to see if there's anything to eat. That's why I've come here. Only Hip Hop says that that is the same reason that has brought me to also to the masjid at the same hour. So at that time, while they're talking and discussing with each other, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he also happened to come to the Missoula that same time and they and the Prophet saw some he asked them that what brings both of you at this hour to the masjid and they say it's hunger. And the Prophet saw some says that the same thing has also brought me to imagery to it is hunger. I'm hungry. Now at that time they prophesied Some said that since all three of us are hungry, let's go to the garden and to the home of a Ube Ansari or the yellow to iron. Now remember if you go back to the history of Medina, the history and the scene all the problems of psyllium

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a human soul with the Yamato and where he where he used to live, of course very close to Medina. So at that so they went to his home. And he was they were informed that Ebola Yuba Saudi is not currently at home right now he is in his garden, taking care of his date palm trees, and he'll come in a short while so they just sat there in his home waiting for him. After a short while a human saw with the Athan comes. And even he is sort of in a shock that and he asked his question to all three of them that what brings you at this hour to my home, it was not usually one of those hours of the day where people would visit other people out there homes, but here it was, is unusual case. So

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that's why the prophit is them along with obika in Alma or Yamaoka on Houma boy, his home, they all three said that they're hungry, and you and Saudi Arabia or Don went into his garden, he bought some dates, he bought some fresh dates, some rightful rightfully ripe dates, and some HalfLife dates, and he bought them and serve them to the province that Allahu Allah he was sending them. After that. He said, Let me go and sacrifice a an animal to cook and so that they all can eat the province awesome, told him that make sure you to not slaughter an animal that gives in his milk. Then he went and he it's mentioned that he slaughtered a sheep or lamb. And he could have it he roasted half of it. And

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he cooked some bread. And then he served all this delicious food to the Prophet SAW Salem and his two companions. The very first thing that he did before he start eating for himself he's hungry, but he understands that he has family members also they are hungry. So what he did was he took some bread he put some meat in it and he first sent it to the house of Fatima or the Allah Tala on her, because she was also hungry. Then later on, after that messenger had had gone to, you know, take the food to Fatima. Rather your god ha there are some he began to eat, and his two companions and now you really are what time they began to eat also. Now here's what we find. And this is why I'm

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sharing the story with you because I this time the problem he has eaten. He is humbler he has to take care of his hunger. his two companions or three companions, even they have they have eight also, but at that time, it was also a long while he was some as he ate this. He then he had tears in his eyes. Now you think about this. Why do you think Paulson has tears in his eyes? He just you know he just got food. He got fresh food.

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The reason why he had tears in his eyes that he began to, you know, shed those tears, is because he said that this meat and the bread and these fresh dates and half ripe dates, all these are blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala. And you are going to be questioned about them on the Day of Judgment. Subhan Allah think about that. I mean, so hungry, after taking care of his hunger after eating something, the very first thing that comes to the mind and into the heart of Ross was a Salem is that the fact that we have these blessings, we have these buses, it was not as if the person would have this kind of meal. Every single day we learned from the prophets of Salaam, that sometimes he

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will come home, and he will ask, is there anything to eat? And when he was given the answer in the negative, he'll just say in the saw him and he'll begin to fast. This was one of those days where he did not do that. And this was not the normal case where the prophet of Islam would have these kinds of cooked meals. Yet once in a while, he had a very fresh cooked meal. And what is his response? That you'll be questioned about this on the day of judgment and because of that, the problem he had tears in his eyes, brothers and sisters, how many blessings do you and I we come across every day? Alhamdulillah many of us we have home cooked fresh meals every single day. How many of us do we

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think Allah subhanho wa Taala how many of us actually think that we will have to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the snare and for this blessing. This is why we repeat this idea full mana to Luna young man even on a nine that we will have to answer to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the blessings that He has given us for the AI to become Africa, which are the size of Allah subhanaw taala you're going to reject and deny. There are so many things that Allah subhanho wa Taala he has given us so many signs around us so we can remember Allah subhanho wa Taala so look at the Prophet SAW Selim. He's crying, he has tears in his eyes, after he ate a fresh cooked meal, because he

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reminds himself and his audience about the hereafter. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the ability, that we have the same awareness of the akhira the same awareness of the Hereafter. And I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the ability to prepare for that day, the day where Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about this in so many places in the Quran, a day of fear a Day where people are going to be just as is going to be served. And as Allah subhanaw taala the way he talks about the Yama We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us a beauty to prepare for that day. immunoblotted I mean, does that come Allah Hi As salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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