Nadim Bashir – The Inevitable Journey #04

Nadim Bashir
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So I'm already gonna play with okay to

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Mr. Lohan or who will 100 later but I mean, was there was someone that also the Mohammed Wallah, early he was a hobby as Ryan was selling with St. Monica Athena cathedral Mombasa Chanukah Alma Illa marlim Tina in Guantanamo Hakeem Roby, surely Saudi Arabia, silly Omri, one of the municipality of Gokhale Ahmad. So Inshallah, today, I want to continue exactly where we left off from last week. Last week, we're talking about those people who will be rewarded in the grave or in the Barsuk, and those who will be punished in the Barza. However, before that, there is one part,

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one piece of, you know, that's key information that comes before all of this, which I want to actually get to before I get back to the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So let's talk about the questioning in the grave first, because that usually comes first. And then usually it's the the reward of Allah or the punishment of Allah subhanho wa taala. So I forgot to mention this last week. So let's cover that first. Number one is that just to make sure that all of you do remember?

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Who are the people who are going to be who will be saved or who will be saved or the punishment in the in the grave? Does anyone remember from last week? There was on site test you

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but there was few people I mentioned who will be spared of the punishment in the grave? Anyone remember any of them?

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Someone who reads who recited all Moloch?

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What else? Yes. The shahada, yes.

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Prophets. There's some other ones. These are easy ones. I'm looking for some. Some there's one in particular, there are a few in particular, if you remember,

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you remember I said there is a person who dies on a certain day,

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the day of Friday, and what do you call there was one other person who will be spared the punishment in the grave?

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It starts with a meme, I gave you the Arabic word it starts with the meme.

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you know, the more obvious what is the more obvious

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The guard, the person who stands who guards the the, the the border, not put a wall, but guards about the borders of the of the Islamic country or the summing state? Also, what are I remember I remember I mentioned this last week, who are considered as the Shahada. One is the people who died in the battlefield besides that, who are considered as they are given the hokum of the shahada, but they will be given a bath and they will be buried. Who are those? Yes.

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Mashallah, the one who dies of a stomach disease? That's one?

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Someone who drowns Yes. What else?

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A person who gets crushed

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due to something that's that collapses upon him. Yes.

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So someone who dies due to burning due to fire. And there was one more Yes.

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Someone does. He's already mentioned. There was one he mentioned that

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a woman who dies in the state of giving birth these are all considered as the Shahada.

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dimensioned by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now let's get to the question of the grave first of all the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He mentioned the Hadith narrated by Northumbria but I found he says, can't interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either forever I mean definitely may yet walk off our alley. Whenever the last time he would bring someone he will stand there. And then he will say is still feed only a Hiko that seek forgiveness for your brother seek forgiveness from your brother. So there is nothing wrong there is nothing wrong and standing around the grave and seek repentance for that brother and for the person who has just been buried because

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of how someone says what's the loo was what was a loo that's the ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah Who at Def beat ask Allah subhanaw taala Allah makes them firm. Why for endo Alanna use al because right now he is going to be questioned. Now another Hadith. There's a very beautiful story. In fact, the most important part is that last thing, what Ahmed Ahmed ibn Allah OS, or the Allah I know who he says, but because the beauty of the story is so beautiful. I want to quickly go through this. I'm going to ask you Allah time is mentioned that while he was on his deathbed, he wept for a very long time. And he turned his face towards the wall. His son was standing there. And he says, Oh, Father

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did the promise I'm not give you the good news of such as such. And did he not say good things about you? And then I'm going to have in the US he turned his face towards him towards his son, and towards the people over there. And he said, the best thing that which you can count upon is the affirmation of la ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasul Allah, okay. That is the best thing that you can affirm at the time of your death. Why? Because brothers and sisters, that time when shaytaan uses all his might, and he put ever you know, what do you say, when you say in English, putting all your eggs in one basket, that is exactly what Shavon does, at the time when a person is about to pass

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away. Why? Because if a person, if a person escapes from the traps of shape on at the time of death, then he is God. He's Alhamdulillah, he is he is gone, he is saved from Shaytaan die is the only that is the last time when shaytaan uses all his mind to try to trap that person. Do you remember the story of the man named Bursa? Remember the story of the man named Barcia the man who amongst Bonita saw in he was left. He was left behind. He was a he was a worshipper of Allah subhanho wa taala, a very pious man. And then slowly and gradually, there was a a there were three brothers and their sister that used to live right in front of the house. And they these three people, they went on an

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expedition, and they asked this man to look after their sister, and slowly and gradually shaytaan began to deceive this man till he led this man to committing Zina. And not only that, but then he had a child from that woman. And then when this these three people were about to return, he thought that what's going to happen to his reputation in the community. So what did he do? He killed them, he killed that woman. He killed that child, and he buried them. These three brothers, they came back. And what did he they asked her where is our sister, he said that they passed, she passed away, but shaytaan came into their dream. Now of course, there are different heights about this, but we're

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talking about bunnies. So this is the time these are people from amongst many saw Ian. So then they saw a dream that that they were told about their whereabouts they went they dug up those places they found a woman next to her there was a child and they grabbed this man. And at the very end shaytaan said to this man, that whatever you want to do, if you want to save yourself today, just makes to do to me right now declare that I am Europe and I will be able to save you and he made that declaration. And he may so June before a police at that same moment. And at that same moment his life was taken away. So you have a man who was considered as a devout worshiper, but his ending was

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his ending was that he fell into the trap of shaytaan. So this is why it is extremely important that we always ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala first of all to take us at a take us in a way that we are recited or the Kadima La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah because brothers and sisters, honestly Yes, what we do in our life does help but at the same time, we don't know how we will leave this world and that's why we always ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for for safety at that same time. Nonetheless, honestly when I saw the altar on he mentioned that I have passed through three phases in my life.

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And in this he mentioned two phases. He says that there was one point in my life where there was no one who I used to despise

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He's more than Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if I had the opportunity, I would have taken the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Then he says that they came that there came the second point in my life, that I came to the swosu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And I said that why don't you extend your hand so I can take the shahada, and as soon as I saw Salem, he extended his hand, he pulled away his hand and he asked them the Prophet Allah Islam as the Why are you doing this? You're the one who came to me and now you're pulling back? And he says, yes, so Allah, I don't know if this is enough, because I have done things to you, which I'm not very proud of. To which was

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Lhasa Allahu Allah He was some he says, I'm gonna try them. And Islam. Yeah, do Americana Kabbalah what Anil Hirata do America and Kabbalah will hijack the Americana Kabbalah that Don't you know that Islam basically admits everything that you have done before. And not only that, but he also admits everything that you have done before. And he also admits everything that you have done before. And so therefore there is nothing for you to worry about. And at that time, I'm even asked, he says, had I died, and that in that in that state, I would have most certainly gone to Jana. But at the same time, the Thursday he mentioned was that we stayed alive after the death of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam, and I don't know where I stand today. And then he said to these people, he says that when I pass away, first of all, I don't want people crying, people, you know, at that time, they were people who used to be paid to cry behind the janazah. So he says, I don't want these kinds of people around me. And not only that, but I don't want any fire because when there are people, sometimes certain people will pass and they will pass away. And as their janazah in their in their bodies taken to the graveyard. Sometimes there'll be people who will light a fire, and they will follow the body. He says, I don't want any of that. And he says that when you bury me, this is the

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this is the most important thing, which is related to our subject today. He says when you bury me, I want you to stand there for the period of time that it takes to slaughter and sacrifice a camel and distribute is meat because at that time the angels will come and at that time, your support is is greatly appreciated, meaning that I can use your support at that time. So this is why the Prophet SAW Allah while he was setting them we always find that this was a very difficult time. And the problem he would always ask the people to make is too far for this person. Not only that, but about the grave and what happens inside the grave. There's a hadith narrated by a smuggler, the Allah

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Tanana, which is a Hadith that really, if you truly understand what we have talked about in the past, remember we talked about the Gen. The fitna of the Gen. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, there's a hadith that there is no such thing, as I did not see earlier but I saw it. I saw it at this very place on mine I ever saw paradise and *. It was also revealed to me to me that you would be tried in the graves as you would be tried with something with the term oil of the junk mean that just like the fitna of the gel is so severe, likewise is the fitna of the cupboard. It is so severe. So that's why, just like we always find from the Gambia that they will

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always seek repentance seek the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala which will always seek the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala when it comes to our state in our grave in sha Allah. Now at the same time there's a hadith narrated by Hadith there's a hadith of Bara even either the Allah Tala and he says that won't go to the Arabic right now because of time. He said there are too soon to severe angels that will come to him. And they will be very abrupt with the person and they will make him set up. They will ask Him Who is your Lord? And He will say My Lord is Allah. He was he was asked What is your religion? He will say my religion is Islam. And they will say that what is this man who was

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sent amongst you? He will say that this is Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they will ask him how did you know? How did you know? This person will reply that I read the book of Allah and I believed in it and I affirmed that everything that was in there. Now this is according to one Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. According to another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Adi was sending them the only three things that will be asked is the Who is your OB, What is your religion? And who is your prophet? And at that time, when all the answers are been given, Allah subhanaw taala says regarding that time you thought betta Allahu Latina Amma No, Bill Kohli 30

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feet higher the dunya and akhira. This is mentioned in Sudha Ibrahim Allah says, Allah will make those who believe those who are believers firming that if a person departs in this world and he's a firm believer in Allah, Allah will give him Tibet in sha Allah in the grave to give the right answers with the firm saying in this in the life of this

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Well, at the same time, when a person he gives a role all the right answers is mentioned that there will be a gentle breeze and fragrance that will come to him, and his grave will expand for him as far as the eye can see. And as I mentioned last time, if you ever go to the graveyard today, there are graves attached with the other graves, because there's only more space. If you go to many of these graveyards. So when the when the Hadith of the Prophet Psalm says that it will expand, then we should never understand expansion in our worldly terms. When we talk about expansion in the hereafter or in the terms of bursa there it means something totally different. It is mentioned the

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Hadith provenant Salam, as a Muslim, we don't question it. We believe in it. And we say that this is going to happen, how will that happen? Only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows, at the same time, they will come to him, a man

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with a handsome face with fine clothing with a with a beautiful scent, and he will say receive the good news which is pleasing to you receive good news of the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the gardens containing the Everlast her everlasting delight. And not only that, but there's another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which mentions that when a person gives the right answers, then there will be a window that will be open, and the Malayaka will say, and there will be the first this person will be shown the fire Jahannam and the Malayaka will say that this could have been your place had you not believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. But because you believe in Allah

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subhanho wa taala, then it will be switched from Jahannam to Jana, the Malacca will say that this is your final abode. And at that time, this person when he sees that, now imagine you're seeing something you want it. Now this person will say that when will the Day of Judgment occur. And at that time, you will be told you need to be calm, you need to be calm, that time will come. Now on the other hand, when a cough it goes into the grave, and this happens, same thing that will happen, he will be shown first aid a window of Jannah and you'll be told that this would have been your place had you believe had you believe at that time it was switched to the fire Johanna and in the

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cupboard, in the cupboard, he will receive the heat and from the fire Johanna, I'm gonna just think about this one is the fire of Jahannam

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but one is the heat of the fire Jahannam and that heat, just the smoke and the heat, this is not Jahannam this is just a glimpse of Jahannam and he will not want the date of judgment to occur. He will not want the day dijamin to occur. So you know brothers and sisters, you know, the reason you know some people that ask Is that why is Allah subhanaw taala so severe and his punishment? You know, this is why is Allah Subhana Allah like this, first of all, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us all of us a life. And Allah has given us the opportunity to do to do right and to do either we can do right, or we will do wrong, this is all about a test. And just like in this dunya when people

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ask this question, I always tell them the same thing. Think about the country that you live in, if you follow the rules, if you follow the rules, you're fine. If you don't follow the rules, what happens there are consequences. Everywhere you go in the world, when you break the rules, there are consequences. Why should it be different with Allah subhanho wa taala. And if you think that there are, you know, the consequences in this dunya are not severe, there are consequences in this dunya that if you think if you come to know of them, then they are extremely severe also. So that's why based on who's giving the punishment, they can decide how severe the punishment is going to be. So

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this is what's going to happen to these people who are the kofod in the grave. Now, quickly going back to the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, I'm not going to go through the Arabic I have the Arabic over here, but I want to quickly go through this hadith because this is about the certain people who will receive the punishments in the grave. You remember last week I finished my lecture upon the first type of people that will receive the punishment in the grave. You remember who are they?

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The one the person who does not protect their clothes and their body from urine. Okay, so I talked about that in great detail. But there's another Hadith that prophets I send them that will give you the chills. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Someone I have an agenda broke down and said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam very often would ask his companions that anyone see a dream meaning I first saw the Fajr so the dreams will be narrated to him by those whom Allah will to relate. One day the problem some said last night, I had a vision mean that he saw a dream in which two men mean that there were two angels came to me, they woke me up and they said, proceed. I said out with them, and we came across a man lying down and

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And behold, another man was standing over his head, his head holding a huge rock.

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He was throwing the rock on the man's head, smashing it. When he struck him, the stone rolled away. And he went away after it to get it. And no sooner had he returned to this man, his head would heal, and will be restored in his original condition. The thrower of the rock did the same. And the two companions, the two angels, they said, I said, No, the person says, I said to my, to the, to these two people, who are who is this person who's being struck with a rock? They said, no questions right now, just proceed. Now, one thing I want to explain here is that, you know, subhanAllah, you know, these kinds of concepts. I'll be honest with you, a lot of the video games that our kids play, or

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the TV that our kids watch, or even we watch at times, there's a lot of these kinds of glimpses in there. Okay, there's a lot of these kind of glimpses in there. For example, if you study Greek mythology, you know, if you have been to school here in America, and you studied Greek mythology, there's a lot of beliefs about certain people who disobeyed gods, okay, they're Gods not, of course, they're not like true in us. But according to Greek mythology, and these are people who have been, who are in damnation mean that they have been cursed till the day or towards a certain date, and forever. And so I remember I was I was, there was a, someone told me some time ago that there was a

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video game, we're in this was happening. And the same thing was happening, that there was a person who was saying the same exact thing, that this person that this this is a Greek, a Greek game. So there was this guy was saying that this certain God has put me in punishment. And this I'm I go through pain all day long. And before the next morning, my body comes into its original form. And then again, I'm punished again and again, and Subhanallah, when this youngster you told me about this, this, this is this hadith came right away, in my mind. So when we hear these a hadith, the Prophet SAW Selim, you see a lot of these kinds of resemblance in his dunya. And these kinds of

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people who believe in some of these kinds of things, nonetheless, think about this, there is constant when a person, if a person crushes your head, there's a certain pain that you go through, and that pain is going to keep on recurring, isn't like okay, the pain is gone, you suffer through it once, no, by the time this person, he goes, and he picks up this rocket and comes back, your head comes back into his original form, and then again, his head is crushed. So, there is a verb after either the problem inquired who is this person, they said, just proceed. So, he says, that we proceeded, we came to a man lying in a position and another man standing over his head with an iron

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hook, and he will put the hook in one side of the man's mouth, and he would tear it, he would tear that off that side to the back of his to the back of the neck mean that it will start here, and it would cut all this all the way till he came here. And then and similarly to his nose, from the front to back and his eyes from the front from the front to back, then, he turned to the other side of the man's face, and he did the same thing, he inquired who is this person they said, and once again, so, if they if the person being being given this either, he will start from here, so, his all this is being torn to here, when the person giving the other will come to this side, and he would do this on

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this side, by time he will reach the end here, this form would have this plate, this side would have come back in this original form. And this and this switch just keeps on happening.

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The person said, Who is this person, they said, proceed. So, we proceeded, we came across a a baking oven a canoed and the the narrator says, the narrator, he says, I think the person said in that oven, there was so much noise and voices, the problem added, we looked into it, and we found people, men and women without clothes and, and behold, a flame of fire was reaching to them from underneath.

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And when it reached to them there and when it reached them there, they cried loudly. I asked, Who are these people? I was told proceed. So we proceeded, we came to a river. And it was the narrator says that it looks it was read like blood. The Prophet said, I've added and behold, in the river there was a man swimming and on the bank, there was a man who was cooler collected many stones. Behold, while the other man was swimming, he went near him. The former opened the mouth and the ladder on the bank of the river threw a stone in his mouth.

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out, whereupon he went swimming again. Then again the former returned to the ladder. And every time that former returned, the ladder would he would open his mouth in the ladder with throwing stones in the mouth. And this kept on going on. And I asked Who is this? And I was told, proceed, when we proceed till we came to a man with a repulsive appearance, the most repulsive appearance you have ever seen a man having, besides him, there was a fire and he was kindling it and running around it. I asked my two companions, who was this man, they said, proceed. So we proceed till we reach a garden of deep green, dense vegetation, having all sorts of spring colors, and the myth of the

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garden there was a tall man, and I could hardly see him, I could hardly see his head. Because of this, because of his great height. And around him, there were children and such a large number I have never seen before I said, Who is this? They said, proceed. So we proceeded to we came to a majestic huge garden greater and better than the garden before I've ever seen, my two companions sent to me a send up and I send it up, the person says, so we ascended till we reach a city build of gold and silver bricks, and we went into its gate and asked the gatekeeper to open the gate, and it was open and we enter the city, and we found it in men, with one side of the bodies as handsome as

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the most handsome person you have ever seen. And on the other side, as ugly as the ugliest person you have ever seen. My two companions ordered those men to throw themselves in the river. Behold, there was a river flowing across the city, and his water was like milk and his whiteness. Those men went and threw themselves in it and returned to us after the ugliness had disappeared mean that they jumped into the water. And by the time they came out, all that ugliness had vanished, and he came in the best shape. There was some added he asked, Who are these people that this place is Jana trodden, and this is, then the person was told, this is your place, this is your place, I raise up my site,

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and behold, I saw a place like a white cloud. My two companions said to me, that that palace is your palace. I said to them, my may I enter it, they said, As for now, you will not enter it, but you shall enter it one day, I asked them have I ever seen? Have I seen many wonders tonight? What does all this mean? And what I've seen, it's mean that I've seen a lot of things when I asked questions. You did not give me the answer. You told me to proceed. So now I need answers. They said, As for the men who came that you came across who's whose head was being smashed. This is a person who studies the Quran and neither recites it nor acts upon it. And he sleeps it he sleeps, and he neglects his

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prayers. You know one thing that I want to stop here and just pause here for a second say this

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you know, we are today nowadays, we are in martial law on one side this is good, but many of us are so particular about making our kids are five.

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We are so particular about making our kids have fun. I want to make my kids have fun. I want to make my kids have faith. Is it a good thing? Is it a noble thing indeed, don't get me wrong, but the same time when we make our kids have a little Quran or have a lot, the intention should never be that I just want to make them a half of the intention should be that half of inshallah they will become but my goal in my intention is that I want them to be from the people of the Quran. I want them to be acting upon the Quran, and I want them to be followers of the Drina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The reason I say this is because unfortunately, there are so many files today out there

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there are so many for file today I know they are doing such sins, neglecting their prayers involved in so much haram. And it makes you wonder people come in they asked me that how can this person do such and such haram? How can this person kind of miss such and such sin while the Quran is in their heart? And I always remind them that when their parents put them into the Quran program, what was their intention? What was their Nia if they Nia was if the NIA was I want my kid to come in the front and read a hadith and everyone says mashallah, Mashallah. And I want my child we recognize it from the entire community. And that's all that you will get. Is there anything wrong to have those

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kinds of wishes? No, we all want great things for our children. We all want our children to be recognized. We all love when children when people praise our children, there's nothing wrong in having those kinds of wishes. But at the same time, that should not be the goal. Long time ago, believe it or not, when you say the life of our ruler of our own

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and people during the time of the tambourine and the type of time you're in, there were people who were not even scholars, they would just fall in love. But there was SubhanAllah. So much Turkey, so much lucky. Why? Because they were never taught the Quran. They never memorize the Quran for the sake of memorizing, memorizing the Quran, or to be honored one day by being by this person being called a hafidh, or Hafizullah. The idea or the intention of the parents was that I want my person to be following the deed of Mohamed Salah Salem. So the best thing that I can do for my child is to put the Quran in their heart. That is what the intention should be. This is why you have a lot of

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poor fella said who commit sins. A lot of them commit sins, there are a lot of them who are committed, they're committing haram day and night. I know so many her father who take drugs. I know so many of her father, they had I've been told about this, that they drink. I know this, unfortunately, is so unfortunate when you hear these kind of stories, but you hear this kind of stories. Why? Because the intention was never correct to begin with. So that's why it's very important that when we teach our kids put on, we make the right intention. As for the man who we came across whose mouth and mouth, nostrils eyes were being torn, from from back from front to back

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on both sides. This is a man who would go in the morning, and he was spread lies all over the world. When we talk about lies, think about this. You know one thing is you don't want to say the word lies what's the first thing that comes to our mind? A person who goes into community who spreads lies in the communities right? That's That's what usually we're told. But this is any lie. That means that people think about this people who make lies against the deen of Islam. There are people who go outside Islamophobes they go out in the morning they spread lies about Islam Islam is this Islam is that Islam is Islam is that not only that, but people who spread lies about other people, any kind

00:31:57 --> 00:32:38

of lies a use spread. These are the people who will be given this kind of punishment. As for those people without clothes, the men and women that you saw, these are the people who commit a Zina. As for the man you saw that who was given a stone to swallow. He this was a man who was in that river, that Red River. This was a man who used to consume Riba and usury. For the bad looking men who you saw near the fire, kindling it and going around it. This is Malik, the gatekeeper of Jahannam and the tall man that you saw in the garden of paradise in the garden, that was Ibrahim adding Islam and the children that you saw around are those people who died upon al fitrah. The narrator added

00:32:38 --> 00:33:16

somewhere I'm in a jungle he says that some Muslims as a part of the Salah on Messenger of Allah. What about the children of the mushy goon? This is a question that we many of us we ask the the polytheist the pagans, the the idolaters and the disbelievers those who died in a very young age possum says also the children of the machico and mean that those children will also there now once again, but there are some there are some reports that we find that these people will be in araba. At the same time, when the problem he sees this, what he saw was that even these children who died at a very young age, even they were near Ibrahim alayhis salam, the Prophet said, I'm added my two

00:33:16 --> 00:33:54

companions added and the man that you saw half handsome and half ugly, were those people who had a mixed who had mixed an act of good with another with the bat, but Allah subhanaw taala he forgave them, Allah subhana forgave them. So the most important thing that we always ask Allah Subhana Allah is that Allah forgives us before we depart from this world and in the hereafter. Yes, we are all have done. We have committed sins. We all have shortcomings are we ask Allah subhanho wa taala? You've heard me saying this before, and I'll say it again. Don't ask ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. For Yes, there are people there are people out there who have committed wrongs against other people. You

00:33:54 --> 00:34:35

have dictators you have people who have who are oppressors and rulers who are oppressors and so forth. People who who wrongfully consumed and they mistreat their people. We're not talking about those people. When we talk about ourselves, don't ever ask Allah subhanaw taala for justice. Don't ever ask Allah Subhan for justice if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala began to serve justice with justice with us. We will never we will not be anywhere then we will fail we will collapse for Allah subhanho wa Taala that's why we always ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for these oppressors. We asked for them for justice. But when it comes to ourselves, always ask for the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and always

00:34:35 --> 00:35:00

ask for the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the most important thing. Inshallah we'll go in and start right here. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala He gives us a Hassan Halima May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us ability to answer the questions properly in the grave. May Allah subhanaw taala make all of our graves a garden a paradise in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala for all those people who have passed away recently in our community, but they're clear kasi his mother passed away, brother

00:35:00 --> 00:35:02

Are with Joe had his mother in law passed away.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:38

Brother maboob Rahman, his, his sister, your sister, your, your, your aunt, his aunt, she passed away. So all these people who have passed away we've made many other announcements. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala the all the Muslims who are buried wherever they are around the world, may Allah subhanaw taala forgive them. May Allah subhanaw taala make their graves that garden a paradise. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy upon their souls. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make, give, give them Jana in sha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us Jana inshallah. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:35:39 --> 00:35:53

give us the ability to act upon what has been said and heard exact Mala Hey, for your time, so I'm already going to leave it okay to Subhanak along with some dignity to Allah either in the Anta stuff. Look, I want to break Zachman Maha Samadhi from playable or Catherine

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