A Closer Look Don’t Let The Shaytan To Be A Soldier

Waleed Basyouni


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the danger of causing physical harm by the use of shotox and the influence of one's soul on it. They also mention the importance of avoiding dangerous behavior and the need to be careful in the future.
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Now pay him Rahimullah

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mentioned something interesting, since can be caused directly by the shape one was put to you the spider. But also it comes from your own soul.

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And I'll tell you, I fear the sins that inspired by your own soul than the shippon

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I'm afraid I'll say this again, I'm worried about the sins that inspire by your own soul by your own neffs than the shaytaan

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because the shaytani R the legislature Jim Yunus, he goes away. But your nerves you say I was the regime still. It's it is basically the desire that you have developed for the Haram inside your heart. And that's so dangerous. There is a difference between someone who will hit on a girl and a guy who's a player

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there is a difference between somebody that she turned Muslim and he did adultery and someone who just loves that he never stopped

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he constantly falling into it.

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There is some when the Haram became part of who you are

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at so dangerous

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and I tell you when do you reach this level?

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can ban Rana Ruby him? Man can we accept your son?

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It is basically you keep doing the haram 123456 until your heart completely corrupted Yes.

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So be careful because if you do that the sin became from within the Shavon even the Shavon can learn from you

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can learn from you some tricks

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and consuming gin to IBLEES a fella Matata deal Hello, US behaviorism in d&d is that I used to be one of a belief soldiers and when I came on and ranks a bliss became one of my soldiers. See how corrupt the human being can be. So be careful don't let yourself so attached to the Haram so it became something part of who you are.

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Because you're not you're you're Allah created you pure halacha Abadi when I created my servant pure Allah says I didn't Muslim