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Irshaad Sedick
AI: Summary © The history of Islam, including its implementation in the Middle East and use of salicylates during war, is discussed. The importance of change in forgiveness and remorse factor for actions is emphasized, along with the need for change in behavior and empowering others to come back to their hurt. Subhanallah emphasizes the importance of helping others to make it easier for them to come back to the bed, and the use of "meditation" in the context of the incident is also discussed. The episode concludes with a discussion of empowering others to come back to their hurt.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool Allah wa le he was a hobby or more while at war bad Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome to our next installment of surah, two leukosis or specifically the lesser of Nabil Moosa, Allah salat wa salam, which takes place in a somewhat chronological format in Surah costs as well as many, many other places in the Quran. So far we've reached verse number one number 16, in which nahi Moosa Allah salatu salam is making do it Allah subhana wa tada begging for less forgiveness after he accidentally killed someone we need so to assist one of the Israelites against a cop because

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apparently there was some trouble taking place they now be more salicylate to Islam, we said was very strong, it was a big bolt person. These there are many innovations about these both any strength and we saw that when he gave one shot firewalkers Abu Musa one shot to the cop truck, auto LA and that cop died and he didn't even intend to harm him. He just wanted to do stop the fight from taking place. So we see that something is going to unfold the plot is going to thicken because nobody musasa Islam is about to experience something and of course all of this is within the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala either. Just the point on tilba Nabi Musa la salat wa salam is teaching us

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the factors of Toba and we see this in the next verse, verse number 17. We he continues, this is the

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end he says, color of the beam and untie Leah says oh my load because you had favored me. file an akuna vorherigen mcgeary mean, so I will never help the criminals. He's now saying Oh Allah, you've given me so many favors. He's really also less forgiveness, Allah, Allah Allah tells us that he forgave him at the time. But now he's also telling a lie Allah you continue to be staring famous on me, I'm never gonna do that again. So he completes the full circle of Dober through Toba as Imam nawawi Rahim Allah Allah Allah Allah delineates in Riyadh masala hain in the Bible of Toba and many, many other scholars in books, dealing with matters of the heart and so forth. He mentioned that

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teutoburg consists of number one, immediately stopping the sin number two, promising Allah Subhana Allah, you will never go back to the sin again. That's whenever you also just thought this year that he will never do it again, and mp3 to have deeply most about that sin. In other words to the great having committed that sin. And we spoke a little bit about this in the previous lesson. So that's the three tenants of Toba, there's a fourth one if you sin has to do with the rights of another human being, then you have to return the rights as well. If you do these things, in either the three if it's just between you and Allah or the four if it's between you and others, then it is a

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guarantee that you will be forgiven by Allah subhanho wa Taala This is an amazing part of Deen at that evil many of them become a lead and Bella The one who repeats from his sin is like the one who never committed that sin in the in the first place. This is of course the month of Ramadan. And we know man sama Ramadan man chama Ramadan man commelina Qadri, Eman and the Serbian ofuro Allah Houma, Taka dem among them me just by fasting standing in taraweeh. Standing on later to record all sins are forgiven. But we must always remember when when the Hadith speak about this all sins being forgiven. It's always referring to my innocence in the sense that your sins will be forgiven, even

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as even if it's as much as the form of the ocean because these are all minor sins but major sins no murders Zina, etc. It's not like you can you can just fast in the month of Ramadan and automatically go you know, you're forgiven. And you continue making Zina you continue committing murder, whatever the case may be. No, of course it doesn't work like that, which is why the tenants of Toba ensure that you don't only ask for forgiveness and have your sins wiped away, but that you also change. So the key to Toba is change. So that's a side note by Toba back to the story of NaVi Moosa la salatu wa sallam he goes on and he is now

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showing us the remorse factor. So for us about Haffield Medina at the next morning is you know, going about in the city hall even fearful and yet Iraq is in an anticipation is, you know, looking around and he's thinking, what's gonna happen, you know, who saw me, you know, it's behind the law, you can only imagine that type of remote that he's feeling

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He's a good person good people feel remorse and regret. And they feel guilty when they commit sin.

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Not for the sake of guilt, but because of it being a motivating factor to turn back to Allah Subhana Allah, for even Marriott. While he's thinking like this, suddenly, Allah the estanza, who will amps? That very same Israelite, you know the person from his own tribe, who sought his assistance yesterday, Bill amps yesterday, who is now seeking his assistance again. So that very same person whose life is saved, and, you know, by accident, they will kill these his opponent, thinking that there was some squabble there was some argument between the cop and the Israelites of must be the cop to was, it was in the wrong and of course, the COP is powerful. So he's the oppressor son of a

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moose. I wanted to stop the fight for wakasa, who Moosa the man, the man was killed accidentally. Now we must address at this time, of course, felt that, you know, the Israelite was, was being replaced. But now he sees that same Israelite having another argument with a different person. And again, calling NaVi musala set of steps, he realizes this man is argumentative, this man is looking for trouble. And he's just relying on other people to get him out of trouble. So we can learn a number of things from this webpage. We don't want to get too much off topic, I'm going to try to actually shorten the lessons inshallah. But we should be we should be amicable in our dealings with

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other people. We should try to not be troublemakers, we should try to not rely on other people to seek

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to to get us out of trouble. And that's one of the lessons that we don't have time to get into the details of but nonetheless, so let me move Sally Santos Anam is also wise he's not he's not going to be from among those who simply just continue assisting someone who has a problem. And then you actually don't assist them you enable them. So you find this in our communities, you know, you find somebody has a a, especially with social issues, whether it's abuse, substance abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc. Often what happens is the victim

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Subhanallah I don't want to get into this it's not a topic you can just touch on and then leave. But the point that I want to make is the lesson that you can take from it is when you assist someone, make sure that you are actually assisting them and not enabling them to basically need you to come and assist them again. So you don't just you know, help someone out and by you helping them out you're actually making it easier for them to go back to the to the bed that they find themselves in. Rather you need to help someone out in a way that will genuinely bring them out of the bad situation. So now we move on to Salam is now really ticked off. And he says call Allahu Musa Musa

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Elisa tsmc steam in NACA, you know how we, you know been, you are clearly a persistent troublemaker, you are causing the problem. Now, this big man that removes allyssa to Islam, is now scolding at the Israelite, who's having a fight with a cop. But now we must realize that Islam is also an abuse of allies. So a good man, he doesn't want to see the men being punished or being worked or being, you know, beaten. So he goes over, he's gonna assist. But of course, he's not going to make the same mistake as he did before. But now as he approaches the men, now, the Israelite thinks, oh, my goodness, have emerged as coming off to me, because he just called me now, he realized that I'm a

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troublemaker. So now instead of assisting me, he's actually going to come and beat me up. So furama and arada yovel Tisha, when Moosa Alyssa Salaam wanted to go and you know grab hold of the person below you I don't want lahoma the enemy of the two of the meaning the cocked because they were the enemies of the Israelites. Carla even says, the person who or the Israelites we just spoke about was now thinking of Moses coming to beat him up. He says, yeah Moosa. Oh, Moses, I to read to entaco toolani Do you want to kill me? Can I katal enough some bill amps, like you kill that man yesterday, Subhana Allah. And now of course, the cop who's standing the who's busy arguing with this with this

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Israelite is now you know, you just heard the evidence from an eyewitness that never moves alysa to ceram was actually the perpetrator of the crime of the day before. Before that moment, no one knew but Musa and the cop who died and the Israelite and of course I was behind with Allah so the cop died and we moved to a new into the Israel like no one else knew in LA LA except Allah. But now this silly man this is right. He basically gave the game away. So now NaVi musala citizen, I'm in trouble. So he says, Do you want to kill me like you kill that person will MCs today into redo it?

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You do not want in law except and takuna to be just barren, a tyrant fill out in the land, want to redo and you don't want an akuna minal musli hain. You don't want to be of the of the good doers you don't want to be from among those who do good. So this man is obviously now taunting me masala salatu salam, and in his way trying to stop him from killing him. And of course this man doesn't have a lot of wisdom because if somebody is on the way to kill you, and you think that they're on the way to kill you, you don't stop them by telling them that Oh, you're such a tyrant and you're not a good developer and you don't do things well. So clearly this man was a troublemaker. And

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again, like I said before, we can learn a lot from this, but we don't have time to get into all of the lessons or we will be extending the lessons for way beyond Ramadan. But Subhana Allah, the reason why Allah mentions all of this to us, because in the incident in and of itself, there's a lot that we can reflect on and we should reflect on it.

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We take it to the next verse inshallah. Xiao Raja don't mean apostle Medina. So now the news the cat is out of the bag as they say, Nabi Musa Elisa to SONAMOO felt Did someone see me didn't someone see me? Now the fee is gone because now he knows that he's in trouble. And you know, a Leno's beast how much time passes by but now he moves as obviously hiding, trying to get away from from trouble or jet origin and then a man and advisor comes mean across all Medina from the furthest part of the city. Yes, I running. I don't know who of you. We're actually present in our surah, Yaseen goddess. And we we explain this expression. What do you mean apostle Medina to Raja Raja Raja lumenok, Hassan

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Medina is a slightly different expression in Surah, Yaseen and other places as well, and the type of picturesque description that is given here in the Quran, and that it's about a man coming and the vision that you get is this man running over hills and through valleys and he's out of breath, and he's just exhausted. And he's coming with with with some important news, and that's an expression that is often found in the Quran. And in a hadith in and in seventh century Arabic, called Moosa. This advises his own Moses in mela, indeed, the image emissaries right the the Mullah, the people around the king. Yeah, Tommy Runa Bic, they have commanded with you meaning they have commanded that

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you'll be killed. Lee aka Toluca, that you must be killed Fallujah. So rather leave flee. In Nila kameena nalsa hain, I am here to give you good advice. So So behind Allah,

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this is the the place in the story where we can now see action is really starting to pick up and it moves to LA Serato. Sam is now no longer a welcomed guest or even family member in the house of the phaedo. He's no longer considered one of the friends or allies, but he's now considered as someone who betrayed his own people because they considered him of the cops. And at the same time, he never musasa to some fields that he had broken Allah subhanaw taala his law, his own people that he was actually trying to assist in ours to flee from where does he go? What does he do? What happens next? This is we the story really starts to pick up in terms of the lessons we can throw from it, but we

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will throw those lessons from it. When we proceed. Tomorrow night inshallah. Allah sallallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad to behind a law behind me so behind Nicola homovanillic, no shadow Allah insha Allah and Mr. fuuka wanted to be like I said, Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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