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The importance of acquiring knowledge and understanding before acquiring it is emphasized, along with the need for seeking the right people to see the person who said it. The importance of learning about one's deen and finding beneficial knowledge is emphasized, along with the need for asking for the right people to see the person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from sources and finding beneficial knowledge.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine about a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh to all my brothers and sisters, wherever you may be I ask Allah subhana wa Tada to keep you and your family safe. Ask Allah subhana wa Tada he accepts our Salaat

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our fasting our pm our sadaqa our tilava our Oscar our do us whatever we good wherever good we may do in the month of Ramadan. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. I mean Ramadan, I mean, so in the past few days, as you know that I've been talking about Iman, today inshallah I want to get right into the different branches of faith and the different branches of iman. Once again, a lot of the information I'm getting is from the book of email or by happy Rahmatullah. Are they known as a Jameer shorebird Iman Jimena de charbon. Eman which is that based on this one Hadith once again, his entire volume series goes back to the one Hadith of Abu Hurayrah Ravi Allah Tron where the

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prophet said Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, an E man will be the own whistleblower owner shorba. That Eman consists of 70 our branches of law to her kotula either in the law, the best amongst them is to say that either in the law will add an email to other Anatolia and the the lowest amongst them is to remove an obstacle from one's fate from one's path. And what higher or short but to me an email in higher is a branch of Eman and faith. So when Imam Rahmatullah Ali when he divides all these, he actually divided them by heart, tongue and actions. So when we talk about the heart, there are many that there are many that are related to the heart. There are many that are related to the

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tongue, and there are many related to the actions. And so the ones that we're going to be talking about right now is the ones related to the heart. Now, the ones related to the heart are not so much compared to the ones related to the tongue and the actions. But in all there are 77 branches of faith. Now when we talk about the what increases our EMA and what decreases our iman is quite simple, if you go through the 777 branches of faith, by imam or by happy Rahmatullah Ali, for example, today, the one branch that we will be talking about is knowledge, acquiring knowledge. Now, what that means is that if you acquire knowledge, first of all that is a sign of your iman. And

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number two is it will increase in your iman, now Imam Alba T never mentioned that if you do this, then this will decrease your iman, because what he actually mentioned is that when I mentioned something, if you neglect it, then that will bring your Eman down. So once again, if we're talking about acquiring knowledge, then that means that the more I studied, the more I learned, it will increase in my ima and this is a sign of my Eman. But if I don't study, if I don't acquire some basic knowledge about my own Deen, then my Eman will go down. So this is what we're talking about today is the importance of acquiring knowledge. Now the very first thing is that, you know, when it

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comes to acquiring knowledge, there is there is knowledge. And then the opposite is Jehovah Allah is ignorance, knowledge and ignorance. Now, ale leads to European. And knowledge leads to conviction and faith. Because when a person has knowledge about something, then you grow conviction about it. Just to give you a very typical example, this pandemic that we are going through the very first time when we heard about this pandemic, it was it was an it was an idea that was in our mind. But the more we began to learn about it, the more we began, we began to have conviction in our heart that there is there might be some reality to this. And you know, when it comes to your pain, there are

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two things that build your pain. One is called real money again and white one is, I know your pain, when you have both of them together establishes something called happily Akin. So it means that you acquire the knowledge of something, and now you have conviction about it. And then not only that, but then you pair it up with seeing something and then you will have absolutely no doubt in it. So once again, go back to the example of this pandemic. We heard about the pandemic, we began to read about the pandemic that is real. Through that and our conviction began to build up

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And then we began to see pictures from around the world and how this virus is affecting people's lives around the world. When we saw with our own eyes, then then we realized that there is absolutely no doubt that this is a reality and we have to be careful. So hence when you have real, it establishes the occasion and conviction. On the other hand when a person does not have him and they are Jahan and they are ignorant about their Deen, then this will create doubts. This will create doubts about their own deen and this is why Subhanallah even I myself when I have to deal with a lot of the youth when I talk to a lot of the youth and so forth. And we see that there is so

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much doubt especially within our upcoming generation, regarding their deen and this is why so many people are resorting and they are leaning towards atheism and not believing Allah subhanho wa Taala The answer is quite simple. The reason why they have so much doubts in their deen is because they're very ignorant about their Deen because I have seen this myself. The more you study the more you learn about our deen the more you're going to say Subhan Allah the more you will say, You know what an amazing thing that we have people who have studied their Deen in their in their religion, then they have absolutely no doubt that the Quran is the Absolute Truth. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam is the is the absolute truth And subhanAllah forget about even Muslims, people who say that it Allah, I have come across even people who don't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala but because they acquired knowledge, they came to the conclusion that there is a prophet known as Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala very beautifully in the Quran. He says what Paul Halley yester will Lavinia Allah Moon will Lavina Jana moon, those who have knowledge versus those who don't have knowledge, they can never be equal, they're never the same. And subhanAllah even when you see a person who has knowledge in you know, when you observe their

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tolerance for other people, versus a person who has no knowledge, their tolerance of other cultures and other religions and other faiths are very low. Because knowledge opens up your mind, it expands our mind, and we're able to see things in a very different perspective. This is what happens when we acquire knowledge. I want to share with you a Hadith of the Prophet Allah Allah he was sending them actually is about a Buddha or the Allah time, or Buddha or the Allah tahan was in Damascus. And this hadith actually shows us that what are the virtues of studying and acquiring knowledge in our deen? So while he was sitting in Damascus, a man came to him and asked him, in fact, Buddha asked him

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first that what has brought you here, my dear brother, he said that there is a Hadith that I heard that you have relayed this from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning that I heard that you are the Rawi, you are the narrator of this hadith. And a Buddha that asked him, Have you come here for any other need in Damascus, like Have you come for any other worldly gain? And he says, No. And he says that have you come here only to seek the knowledge of this hadith? And this man he answered in the affirmative, and then a Buddha or the ALLAH and he said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that anyone who's trends a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy

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for him the path to Jannah man's man Salah Katha recon yell kami Sophia in mind, sal Allahu Allahu Taala con el Jana. And then he says the angels the lower their wings, for the student of knowledge and approval of what he does. All the creatures in the heavens in the earth, even the fish in the depths of the water and the seas. They seek forgiveness for this person. The superiority of a scholar over a worshiper is like the superiority of the full moon over the rest of the stars. Indeed, the scholars are the the heirs to the prophets, Allah, Allah ma, MBA, and he says, surely the prophets did not inherit dinar or did hums. But they left behind knowledge. So whoever takes it

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in he has indeed acquired a huge fortune here with a Buddha Rhodiola to another saying that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying in short and in a short summarized version, that seeking knowledge is something that is amazing. And not only that, but the animals they make dua for this person. And not only that, but a person who has knowledge versus versus a person who is simply just a worshiper is like the superiority of the full moon over the rest of the stars.

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So this hadith actually shows us the importance and the virtues of studying knowledge and acquiring knowledge and SubhanAllah. You know, when you go back into the lives of our own map, in fact, before we even get to the lives of our dharma, we go into the Quran. And there is a very famous story about seeking knowledge about a man who went to go out and seek knowledge. And that is a story of Musa and Hadith. When Musa Allah use them as men, Allah Munez, who is the most knowledgeable amongst all the people, he said, Ana I am. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to teach him reciting Islam, that there is someone else who has more knowledge than you. And so hence this was a journey of a student

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and a teacher. And if you go back and you study the books, we will learn Subhanallah I have come across documents and works of our alumni and so forth, that they have extrapolated from this one story of Musa Anna Heather, so many lessons and so many gems for a student of knowledge and a teacher who's teaching about knowledge or who's teaching about Deen. There are so much that has to be learned. Not only that what we learn about about a human solid on the alotta and he traveled from Medina to Egypt protest one Hadith you have Javid, Radi Allahu anhu, who goes from Medina to Syria. For one Hadith. You have Saeed bin Jubair, who goes from Kufa to Makkah to insert of one Hadith and

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the books of history are filled with stories that they will travel only for one Hadith. Imam Muhammad Allah, how much he would go out in search, and how much work he did just to put one Hadith in his very famous collection this or he has to Hey, so our Allah ma, they went through so much in acquiring knowledge. Today, brothers and sisters, you and I, we sit behind our screens, we sit on our phones and our tablets, and we are acquiring knowledge. And so the question is that, first of all, is that when we have a pulse Ethera have all this information at our disposal at our hands, first of all, is what should we be studying and what should we not be studying? See, there are a lot

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of people that I've come across that they are focused on information that is beneficial versus information that is not beneficial. So what we should be learning is that will benefit us. This is why going back to going back to a very famous do of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do either you and I we have heard Allah Houma, Ines Luca, Illman, Nafisa O Allah grant us knowledge that is beneficial. And so you know Subhanallah today we have knowledge of so many different things. A person who is a sports enthusiast, they will have knowledge of so much of sports, if they are a basketball fan or a football fan, you know, they will have so much knowledge about every single

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thing about that sport. Today so many people have so much knowledge about so many things, but that knowledge does not benefit them in this dunya and neither in the akhira Okay, but what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in fact, what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is telling us, that we should be making dua to Allah to grant us knowledge that is beneficial to us. Now, one is a person goes and they study history, they study everything about history, they study so many things about you know, other things about our deen and so forth, that they are lacking the basic bare minimum in there again, for example, what's very important to first understand and learn is Who is Allah subhanaw taala? What

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are the names of Allah subhanho wa taala, Who is Allah in general? Not only that, but we should be learning about our own prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the seller of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we should be we should be focused on learning how to read the Quran correctly, how many of us we don't know how to read the Quran correctly. So there is basic knowledge, that first of all, that is more important compared to all the other knowledge out there. And that should be given the priority because I've come across people who knows so much about so many other things. But when it comes to their own slot, they don't know how to read Quran correctly,

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that is more of a priority. So first of all, knowing that what to study first, and what is beneficial to us. Not only that, but learning about those things that will increase our spirituality. When we learn about the Rama of Allah subhanho wa Taala when we learn about the forgiveness of Allah, when we learn about how amazing Allah subhanho wa Taala is, the more we go into the Quran, the more we dive into the Quran, the more we study the Arabic language, this will all lead to one thing and that is appreciation for our deen and hence that will lead us to what an increase in our iman and so this is why it's very important to understand this also when it comes to

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our basic life things. For example, Salaat we all pray a lot every single day

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We should know the basic bare minimum of FIP about this. I mean, what are the basic things about salah that we should know, we don't need to know all the opinions, we need to know what is relevant to us when it comes to zakat. If I'm a businessman, I should know about the Zakat rules that is relevant to me. So this is why there is basic bare minimum knowledge that we all should be acquiring, acquiring. And this is knowledge that is beneficial to us. Finally, the last thing I will mention about knowledge, and there's so much more that I can mention. But last thing I will share with all of you is the hadith of Jabot, or the Allah. And this is a very well known Hadith of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Jabra says that we set out on a journey, and one of our Sahaba he had a great injury on his head. And there was a split in his head. And night when he went to sleep, he woke up and he had a wet dream. And that is that is of course, he's hence in the state of Geneva, which will require him a whistle. When he asked someone about this, they said, No, you have to take a whistle. And when he took a lesson, and he took a bath, because of that injury, it intensified. And because of it because of it intensifying, he passed away. Now later on when this matter was related and conveyed to the prophets that Allahu Allah he was sending them. What did he

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say? He says, in a mass effect or a swirl, he says that the cure of ignorance is asking questions. So first of all, is that the Prophet SAW, someone's telling us that instead of us just keep on resorting to online and shell, Google and all these other sources online, there are some important things that we should understand when it comes to acquiring knowledge. Number one is, we should always ask there's nothing wrong and asking, number two is, we should always be asking the right people see this person was who Jabra is talking about. He asked the question, alright, but he asked the wrong person that question. And so today's SubhanAllah. And I will say this very frankly, today,

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we have so many people who claim to have knowledge, there is so many people on YouTube and so forth. But at the same time, what we need to understand is that there is something called a scholar, someone who has dedicated a part of their life to studying knowledge. See, I'm not talking about knowledge about just, you know, learning from fewer Hadith online, and so forth. No, I'm talking about a person who has studied knowledge, because even when it comes to fit, for example, you know, fit is not just black and white, sometimes 50, you have to look at the situation and the circumstance in order to make the right call. And so it's not always black and white, but the person

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who has studied FIP, the person who has studied or pseudo FIP, they can tell and they can say this is the situation and then hence this will be the fatwa. Not only that, but when we ask the person, the person, you know, and this is highly recommended that you should always ask the person who is part of your community, you know, today's Subhanallah, we want to get online and we want to take photos from people from around the world. And they may not even have a clue about our current circumstances. So if I need to study in if I need to have a fiver question, and I need to ask someone, if I'm living like, for example, if I'm living in Plano, I should be asking some scholars

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here in Plano, or in the Dallas Fort Worth area. But when we go around, and we want to search the web, and we want to ask someone that they may not even be aware of our circumstances, then this is not wise. This is why we find in the Sahaba of the autonome Sahaba, they will go to different places. They were the scholars of their town, and the people would come and they will ask them, they never would travel, like 50, you know, 50 miles, 100 miles, three 400 miles to ask one question. If there was a scholar in their area, they will simply always resort to them. And finally what we learn about our deen, especially when it comes to knowledge, you know, when a person graduates from a

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reliable Islamic University, or an Islamic seminary, at the end of the day, they may get a certificate that this person has a degree or a person has a jazz and so forth. But you know what's the most important thing they are given? They're given a Senate, they're given a sencilla. What that means is that when we talk about knowledge, there is a sonnet from the teacher all the way back to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that is what you call knowledge. Now, if a person says I just simply attended a Halacha, and now they want to come and start giving fatwa and so forth, that is not that's not the best way and neither should you be asking a person like that. So this is why

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it's very important that number one, it is important to learn our deen. Number two is what are the virtues of studying knowledge I shared that with you. Number three is what should we be focusing on and what is considered as beneficial knowledge? Beneficial knowledge is that knowledge that will bring us eventually closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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If that is the objective of knowledge, and the fourth thing that I shared with you today is that learning the importance of studying from the right sources. So inshallah there is a lot more that I can mention about knowledge, but I want to stick on to this Inshallah, once again, this is as emammal by Hockley mentioned in his Charbel Iman. This is a sign of faith and this is when you study knowledge, this will increase in our faith. So inshallah we have now started this journey of going through some of the branches of faith, ask Allah subhanaw taala to increase in our iman May Allah subhanaw taala increase in our faith, may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us knowledge that is

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beneficial to us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala the knowledge that he has given us, may he May He give us the ability to benefit from that knowledge and whatever knowledge we already have. May Allah give us the ability to benefit from that knowledge. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to increase in our knowledge Mirabilia Allah mean finally as I do all the time, just gonna go through some of the wires because this is the time for Soho so you can make the wire with me you can say I mean Insha Allah, Allah Houma in Nica, 412 Hibbeler 454 Anna Robina men fulfilled and we're Hannah want highroad rocky mean? Robin Alpha filling out the Rubina Walker fader and say, Tina, whatever phenom algebra, Rob

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banal attina Wattana Olaru Seleka wala Josina Yamanaka Yama, in Nicola to caliphal me odd, Robin Avila, Amna and fusina We're in them to fill in with our Hamner in a Coonan has it in Robina to Zuko lubaina by the it had Atana will habla Mila Donica Rama in Naka, Intel Wahab Allahumma Inasa Luca la for well Afia for dunya will Akela Allahumma Inessa Luca la for wala Afia fi de Nina Wallonia Anna Lena we're Marina Allahu Musto Latina Latina was an admin being a Veena woman how fina one a man in one Shama in a woman phoneclean Woman Filipina when are all too big? A knock dad I mean Tatiana.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala make dua for families Robina habla Nam as well. Gina will be Tina Kurata Are you on? What you're doing with Athena EMA? Rob voz Ernie an ash Colonia medical Letty and I'm Talia while while they were anomala Solly Hunter law what are the hidden need erotica theory bedika Solly Hain We ask Allah subhana wa Taala for guidance Robina attina Mila Donica Rama where he Amrita Raja yeah mocha Libelle Kullu Sabbath alumina Allah de Nick, Allah Houma como Saudi Falco, lube, Saudi Fluvanna Allah Karthik Allahu Allahu Omarama, Taka Raju Falletta kidney either NFC terracotta I mean, what else literally shut an equal La La

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Allahumma la Salah in la magia Alta Huzzah. Wanda that hasn't either she Salla Allahu mfine Behala alikhan Haram ik will only mean before the government see work. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for protection from the fire Jahannam and admission into Jana Allah Houma Inessa Luca Jana Makarova II they have an accordion a woman, when are already becoming a now or Makarova they have an accordion Oh Ahmed. Robina attina for dunya Hasina will ask you what he has an Joaquina either now, Robbie are all the becoming Hamza to Shailene where all the bigger OB and you have the rune Allahumma in the old becoming fitness and now why there have been women shooting women shutter Lavina will *er

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Allahumma in the older becoming an HMI well husband, while others they will Castle while borehole. wahala Dane wahala battery John

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Robina in men fulfilling our Hamner we're antihero Rahim in Robina in men fulfilling the lubaina working out but now we ask Allah subhana wa Tada also to clean our hearts Allahumma Habibi Dana Iman was a in houfy kubina. We're currently in El COFRA Woelfel Zuko, Wallacea and Allahumma Dona Maria Rashi in We ask Allah subhana wa Taala for beneficial knowledge Allahumma in nessa Luca Ilma Nafeesa what Amala Mata Kabbalah what is Anwar see what she felt I'm in colada Allahumma Inanna Oli becoming an MLA infer I'm gonna call biller Yaksha mean of Silla Teshuvah Omen dua it'll use the job Allah whom in Nana's Luca BNL Alhamdulillah ilaha illa and tell my nan but they are somewhere where they

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will have year they'll generally will be Crom year how you up are you are you can make it into Are you want Inshallah, inshallah will come out tomorrow we'll take another branch of Iman and we'll be discussing that ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala to preserve our iman increasing our iman

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And let us leave this dunya with iman. I mean Allah Subhan Allah resurrect us with iman Amitabha Alameen wa Kamala Hey. Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato shall hold on Melbourne Levy.

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Lin NASCI whoa Bellina

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Meenal Hoda wonderful on

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Femto. Shahida

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Gomez Shahar fellow Hillsong. Woman again and Maddie one elewana says,

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you read on libido moto usahawan you read to be Punahou low Serravalle to Camilo light that I wanted to be on Long Island.

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The school