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Envy and Faith…

Episode 18: Envy and stinginess cannot coexist with faith in the heart. Guard your iman by disconnecting yourself from the love of this world and taking advantage of opportunities to be generous.

Ramadan 2017

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. everyone. Welcome back to the faith revival. So the last two episodes we've really been talking about, well, we've been talking about either having too much of it, wanting too much of it or not having any of it and how all of that can have a certain impact on your Iman on your faith in a person has to be careful to guard their faith from the Now listen to these two ahaadeeth these two narrations that hint around the same type of disease, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. In one narration, he says all along it was a lie you're standing on if you call the abdon wokmon le man will hazard he said that the heart that what cannot coexist in the heart of

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a servant of Allah, our faith and envy, Eman and hassad faith and envy cannot coexist in the heart of a person. In another narration the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that a show Well, he man, stinginess and faith cannot coexist in one person's heart. So if you recognize in both of these narrations, two things that cannot coexist with a man, both of them have to do with wealth, envy. And, of course, the Prophet slicin taught us there's a healthy type of envy where you don't want someone to fall off a cliff or get hurt, you just want you envy their, what they have, indeed, so a person who has knowledge and they use it for the right reasons, and a person who has money and they

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give charity, so you envy them and that you wish well for them. But you also want to catch up with them and doing hassle. Not everything else is harmful. It eats our good deeds, burns through it, like fire with the profit slice on himself. Why? Because you are after something of this world. And you want something of this world so much now that the Uncontrolled Love of wealth that we were talking about two episodes ago, now leads itself to you actually, wishing harm on someone else and saying, you know, and looking at them, and instead of being grateful for what you have, focusing on what they have, and wanting it at all costs. So the profit slice and I mentioned envy, can cannot

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coexist with a man and a person's heart. The way to solve envy very quickly. Number one, when you see something that someone else has, make dua, that Allah subhanaw taala keeps that blessing for them say a lot about IC. O Allah bless them in that wealth Allah bless them with what they have, and try to disconnect yourself from looking at it right do not look at it and stare at what they have too much instead make the art for them. As for stinginess, the prophets license that stinginess and eemaan cannot exist in a person's heart. If you hold back now, so now you're the one who has the wealth. You're the one who has that ability to do something. And if you hold back what is

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restraining you is the voice of shape on the voice of the devil. And there's a lack of trust and there's an attachment to that wealth that Allah subhanaw taala wishes to break. When you have faith in your heart, you will quickly expel that stinginess and when you hear opportunities to bring yourself closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. You will give openly and of course in Ramadan, the prophets lie some was described as Rehan morcilla. As an blowing wind, he was always generous, let alone Islam. But in Ramadan, the prophets lie some was like a blowing when the wealth was just coming out of him and in all different directions. His charity was like a tornado, it was

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indiscriminate, and where it hits anything in front of the profit slice and I was touched by his generosity and his charity, and that was because the impact of a man that elevated a man in Ramadan that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had and that we are also taught to have so again, envy is fought by making the app for the person that you see has something asking a lot to bless them in it and trying to disconnect yourself from the love of this world. stinginess is fought by charity. When you hear an opportunity when you hear someone calling you to give for the sake of a loss of what to give, especially for yaqeen Institute. Make sure that you give a shout out of when you are

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called to Allah subhana wa tada and try to expel the stinginess from your heart so that a man can settle within it does that come along? heighten inshallah, tada, I'll see you next time. So now when it comes to hands on accounts,