O You Who Believe #18 – 8 Things That Stand in the Way of JUSTICE

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The upcoming Islam series covers major events in the century before the Prophet, including the importance of men and women’s rights in society and the negative treatment of women in certain societies. The speakers emphasize the need for a culture of justice and integrity, as well as the importance of performing justice and standing on the side of one's parents. They also emphasize the importance of justice and the need for everyone to stand on the side of justice.

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said I wanted to come home to law here but I can't do Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah him Hamid while early he was so happy at the Marine Alhamdulillah we are in sha Allah in the process of starting, or I will say continuing a series that we have started once ago called Oh you who believe you holiday the m&r. The purpose of the series is to cover majority of the ayat of the Quran that began with your levena Amano. And the reason why we started this before and I want to reconvene this inshallah is because if you think about it, whenever a king has a very special announcement to make, he calls all his people and he

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delivers a very specific message. But imagine a king or a ruler wants to deliver a message only to some very certain people, then that means that this is a very special announcement given by the king or the ruler. Now Subhan Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala we find in the Quran that many times Allah says yeah you Hannah's. For example, in certain 100 Allah says, Yeah, you and so in halacha and alchemy, and Declan will answer either if sometimes we find like in the beginning of certain Nisa Allah says, Yeah, you harness it the aura Comala the Halacha culminates in Wahida. So we find those kinds of ideas. But when Allah subhanho wa taala, he begins by saying, Yeah, you're Latina, Amma

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know, like me, you know, when we say yeah, it means that you're calling out to a people and you're trying to get their attention. So it's as if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has a very specific, a very important message to deliver to you and I as believers, that this is something that I want you to do, and Subhanallah all the ayat that began with yo yo Levine Avenue, you will see that Subhanallah the messages are extremely important. So that's why I want to re restart and continue the series we had begin in the past from sort of Bukhara, current, logically speaking, and we had reached all the way midway to the point of certain Nisa, and today inshallah we'll be continuing this series. Now,

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having said that, before I get jump, or before I get into this idea that I want to share, which is ID number 135. Certainly, sir, I do want to give you a very brief background of what sort of Nisa is certainly some known as the women is actually a sutra that establishes the rights of certain people in the community. See if you Saudi Arabia, and especially the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he came into this dunya and when he was a prophet, one of the very first things a prophet, some he did was that he institutionalize the rights of certain people in the community. So we find that how orphans are treated in society, we see the how women were treated in society. And

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then we find that in Mecca, the primary focus was Tauheed, rissalah, Accra, the castle, Gambia and so forth. But when we come to Medina, then Allah subhanho wa Taala begins to talk about that, what do you need to do to thrive as a successful community, because if this community is successful, the community of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam, then all the other all the other communities that will emerge in the in the future, they can model themselves after the community of Rasulullah saw Salam, hence, Allah subhanho wa taala. He brought down injunction after injunction stating the rights of certain people not in certainly so if you say the surah to begin with Allah subhanho wa

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Taala he institutionalize the rights of the orphans. Then he talked about the rights of women. He talked about those people who were neglected. They were they were

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they were neglected after people will get married or they were deprived. After after people died, sorry, after people died, they were neglected or they were deprived. And so Allah subhanho wa taala, he set up the system of motif, then after that Allah subhanho wa Taala even mentioned that, who are you allowed to marry? Who are you not allowed to marry? So through our suddenly said, Allah subhana wa Taala he establishes, and he tells us about very important things that must be done in a society in order for society to thrive and flourish. Now, the idea that I have chosen today is something that will unfortunately first of all, I will say that we are not really applying this idea in our

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Muslim communities, because when we talk about law in order, if the laws are established, if the laws are implemented, then order will remain in society, but when the laws are abandoned, and the rules are being abandoned, then the order will

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no longer remain in place. Hence, chaos will take over that community and Subhanallah throughout the entire world, every single Muslim community, you see even the countries that are under Islamic rule or suppose the Samick rule or Muslim rule, we see that how much chaos has overcome in those societies. So the question that many people ask is that then, what is that one thing that Allah subhanho wa taala? Or if there is that one thing that we need to really apply in our life, that can bring order to our society? What exactly is that? And that is what this idea is referring to? So ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he says this if you're living in Amanu Kurokawa Amina Bella Vista shahada and

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Allah whenever ALLAH and fusi come I will well he then well a Caribbean II Hakuna honey Ian alphapay Run for Allahu Allah be Hema for leitet W el Hawa and Tadeu were in Telugu I will totally do for in Aloha Academy matamanoa hubiera This is number 135 from Southern Nisa, Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that how can we keep law in order in our society, we have to apply justice. And think about it in a society where justice no longer remains. Absolutely chaos will take over. And this is what's happening everywhere we see that there is no longer adult, there is no longer test in the societies that we live in. Every single society has been plagued with in justices, whether in

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justices are happening against a certain group of people or a certain individual. We see this happening. And this is why we find every single Joomla hotbar. At the conclusion of the Joomla hotbar. The Imam or the haughtiness resides in Allaha mobila Adam when your son were either in the callback and I want you to reflect upon this is Allah subhanho wa Taala even before bringing air Sun, which is even excellence this is what we learned. Air sign is excellence out of Islam ima and air sun, air Sun has the highest diraja It has the highest level, even before Allah talks about air sun and he mentioned air sun, he mentioned Aladdin. You know why Allah meshes Aladdin, because even

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if you have people in a society that want to apply their son and the highest level of spirituality in their life, but if there is no Arden if there is no justice in society, eventually these same people who have any type, or any shape or form of air, sun in their life, eventually that air sign will go away. And this is what happens. We see this in our society Subhanallah that there are people who are actually good, good at heart, good at nature, they have religiosity in their life, but because this society has become so toxic, because this society has been plagued with injustice, and lying and cheating and deceit and so forth, then this is why these kinds of people they become the

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same way eventually. And this is you know, Subhan Allah in the Quran when Allah says and he mentions things in a certain order. There's a reason why Allah mentions certain things in a certain order. So and Allah says in Allah here I'm rubella Adela, what your son Allah mentioned other first, why because there is so much importance and there's so much emphasis emphasis on justice. Now. Let's go through this idea. Let's try to understand this is the very first thing Allah subhanaw taala he says cool, Allah Amina, but notice the shahada and Allah Now Allah subhana wa Tada here says that stand firm for justice, cool new aware mean, this word Calam comes to the word pamoja guna Coleman, which

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is which means to stand up, but call wham is a fairly mobile ah ha it is an is a word of emphasis mean that you just don't stand up whenever you want. But you have to be very firm. First of all, when you stand for justice, and you stand up for justice at every single juncture of life, and at that time, when we stand up for justice, we are setting the standard, correct, that this is what Allah has deemed correct, and this is what he has deemed incorrect. And for this person, there is no feeling there is no person who can sway this person away, but they will stay on justice. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala he knows the human being is filled with weaknesses and weaknesses, meaning that

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sometimes we become emotionally compromised. Sometimes there are people that can that have so much influence on us that can sway our decision. And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala he does not only simply say, Do justice and that is it. But see Allah subhanaw taala knowing us he tells us about potential weaknesses that can overcome us in making this decision that can prevent us from making or doing justice. So what are those? What are those things that can prevent us the very first thing Allah subhanaw taala mentions a group of people because people in

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influence other people. So what did Allah subhanaw taala say in this first group of people, he says, number one is first dude. He says, First do justice. Then he says in the, in this category, wallow Allah and fusi come, this is the first category of people who is that it's me, myself and I. So Allah subhanaw taala saying that, first of all, you yourself will stand in the way of justice. Deep down in our heart, I know, when I'm doing something that is wrong, deep down in my heart, I know when I'm standing on the side of wrongs and injustice. But if it comes down about if it comes down to my ego, if it comes down to I will, my reputation will take a very serious hit in society, my

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stock will grow my stock will fall in society, I may lose my respect, it will affect my family and so forth. Allah Subhanallah say even if you think that all these things will happen to you still, you cannot stand you and your personality and yourself, you cannot stand in the way of justice. Secondly, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, You must perform justice, you must stand on the side of justice, even if it's against your own parents, SubhanAllah. Parents when it comes to parents,

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I mean, there's so much that I can say to be honest, when it comes to parents, many of us think that no matter what the situation is, I need to always stand on the side of my parents. If my parents are right, I will stand with them. But if my parents are wrong, they're the ones who have you know, they're the ones who created me one way, they're the ones who raised me, they're the ones who pay my bills, they're the ones who take care of me. And so therefore, no matter what it is, I need to always stand on the side of my parents, some people become even so I will say, they, they compromise when it comes to justice simply because they feel that this is what I owe to my father, this is what

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I owe to my mother. And it's unfortunate that we also find at times parents, they blackmail their children, they and they they know and they touch those same emotional feelings on those nerves. And they know the weaknesses of their children, that they usually pinch that nerve. And they usually, you know, they touch that nerve. And they usually get to the weakness of their own children, that if you don't stand on my side, even though the mother knows that she's wrong, the father knows that he's wrong. But if you don't stand on my side, I will not forgive you on the Day of Judgment. First of all, these are things these are wrong things to begin with. Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us

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that if your parents are wrong, you know, deep down inside, if your parents are doing something that is wrong, they're calling you to do something that is wrong. They're telling you to stand on their side, despite the fact that they're wrong. Allah subhanaw taala saying that even at that time, you are not to stand on the side of your parents, if your parents are right, hello, as you say on their side, but if your parents are wrong, then they are wrong. And subhanAllah I will have to say this that many times we find these kinds of situations happening when there are divorces in our society, parents are they become such that no matter what it is, I am right, they tell their children you got

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to stand on my side. Brothers and sisters, listen this very carefully. If you stand in the way of justice, you are a part of that chaos spreading in society, you are a culprit of some of this chaos, and these injustice is spreading in your family. And Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, there is no relationship on the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask you so first of all is if you are a person and you are put in a position, where you have to judge and the person sitting on the other side is your parents and you know, and your parents actually have done something that is wrong, you cannot stand on their side, you cannot once again they are your parents you are to show them love

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your to show them respect, but you cannot stand on their side when they asked you to stand on the side of wrong or they call you to wrong. And as parents, my humble request, please do not emotionally blackmail your children. Do not tell them that if you don't stand on my side, despite the fact that I'm wrong, I will not forgive you in the hereafter. Because if there's anyone who has to answer in the Hereafter, it is you as a parent, then Allah subhanho wa Taala then says will occur Rabin, there are relatives, sometimes there are certain relatives that you have love and affection for. If the relatives are standing in that way, Allah subhanaw taala saying that if it comes down to

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justice, versus your relatives, you are always to give to give the side instead on the side of justice now, so Allah subhanaw taala here talks about people, what kind of people can stand in your way Allah mentions that but then Allah subhanaw taala also knows that emotionally we are compromised. So Allah Subhan Allah is saying that IE Hakuna honey and oh * Iran. Imagine there's a honey there's a person who's on trial, or there's a person who is rich in the family, or there's a rich person in the community and they are wrong once again, if it comes down to hook and justice versus our rich person, a person

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Some may sit there and think that you know what, let me give this person let me side with this person, perhaps, you know, tomorrow I may need some help from him. And tomorrow he may repay the favor that I do for him today. So for your materialism, for your for your gain of materialism, you are giving this person preference over what Allah and His Prophet Salam has deemed as Huck and the truth, you have to answer to Allah on the day judgment. On the flip side, oh, * lead on Allah says, which means that even if there is a 14 person, imagine there's a there's a poor person, and it comes down to truth, and the HUD versus a poor person, and your heart melts. When you see a poor

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person, you see a poor person and your heart is filled with sympathy and empathy. And you say, You know what, no matter what the situation is, because your heart, you're thinking emotionally, you're not thinking logically at that time, you say, You know what, I'm going to give this person I'm going to say with this person, you know, this is why Subhanallah our Dean has even taught us that when someone comes to you, and they're crying also, and you give their side and you listen to them, and you believe them, that means that you have been emotionally compromised. You took more interest in their emotion, rather than what the what the whole truth is. This is why so bahala think about

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Jacoba you some, when the brothers of use value some they're all coming and they're fake crying, the Jacoba is some buy into there and buy into that cry. The he just sympathize with them. No, he realized that there's a bigger story here. And he just said for saloon. Jimmy, this is why it's very important that when people in our families come and they start crying, and they're trying to gain our sympathy and they're trying to share a story with us. You cannot believe everything that you hear till you don't hear both sides of the story. Then Allah subhanaw taala says fella at that time, we all have our entire deal. Then at that time, there might be any any other ulterior motive that

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you may have that this is why you're not standing on the side of justice. Allah says fella Toby oil however, do not stand do not do not follow your desires. As an as a result, you leave justice. And then Allah says we're entitled Whoo, Oh, totally do for in Allaha Kenyatta, I'm gonna hubiera Allah then says, If you distort the testimony, or if you distort the truth mean that you know the truth, but you are not sharing the truth. Why? Because then you will, you will be doing something that is right, and you have some other ulterior motive. That's why you distort the truth, even at that time, Allah Subhan Allah saying that, beware, I'm watching you, because what you're doing is that for your

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own sake, for whatever reason that you have in your heart and your mind, you are not standing on the side of Huck and justice. And then Allah says, Oh, totally do that, you know, for example, totally don't means just to simply push it off and just ignore and you, you turn away from it, what that means that imagine you're being called, and you're being dragged into a certain situation, you know, the full reality, you know, that this person is right, and this person is wrong. And the person who's wrong, may be your parent may be a close relative, maybe your best friend may be someone who's extremely rich, someone who has perhaps helped you in the past. And guess what, you say that, you

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know, what, if I come in, I'm gonna, you know, there's gonna be some bad blood, if I come in, I'm going to have a testify against the person that I really like, and so forth. So let me just stay away from it. You know, what that does is that, first of all, is that you show that your feelings for the other person is more important to you than standing on the side of hop. But then number two is this Imagine, if you testifying, or you coming forward with evidence or information that you have, that justice can be served, and you keep that away? You know what you're doing, you are actually allowing chaos, to fester and to grow in a community and in a family or in a society,

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because because of your testimony, because of you coming forward, perhaps justice can be served, and everything and law and order can be restored. But by you staying away. You only propel that chaos was spread in society. Allah Subhan says even if you are doing something like that, Oh, totally do you are you're staying away from it. And you are. You refuse to give testimony for in the LA County matamanoa hubiera. Then remember Allah subhanaw taala is watching. So brothers and sisters, always remember that justice in our society is something that is extremely crucial. There are so many Hardy there are so many ayat of the Quran also that I can share with you. But because of time I don't want

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to go into everything. But think about it today we always talk about justice. Justice starts from our own families. It starts from our own teaching our own children. But if we are the person who are teaching our children, to always stand on the side of justice always sit on the side of Huck and we as a person as parents, we are not teaching that same thing. We are giving a distorted information to our own children. On one hand, we are teaching them something and on the other hand, we are doing something that is different just

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as Disney star from our own homes, we have to teach our children what is right and what is wrong and how we should always end up on this on set on the side of justice. When we learn about Omar Maha Pablo the Allah who can see in ours in Islamic history we always learn that chaos came into this OMA at the time of orthodontic we're not a fan. This is not a knock against Northam I'm not a fan of the hola Juan this is just the the person and telling us that it that the fitness will emerge in the time of ortholite not fun, or the hola Juan as it being Khalifa. So what we learn is that in the time we're going to hook up to he made a search he he established so much justice, that even when a

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Christian man in Egypt was was wronged, and he did not get his justice, he traveled all the way. He traveled all the way to Medina to get his justice. And Ahmed and hakab gave him his his justice. And if this is what on earth did that Spirit sent a strong message to the entire Muslim world that no matter if you're a Muslim, or you are of any other faith, if you are wrong, as a Muslim, it is my job to serve in established justice. This is why there was no there was there was of course there's always gonna be some fitness. But Law and Order still was overwhelming. available everywhere and it was everywhere. It was afterwards that when people would lie and cheat and there was so much deceit.

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This is why we have our problems today. So I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to always stand on the side of Huck always err on the side of justice. I ask Allah subhana wa Tada to make us amongst the opposite lien. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us amongst the Allah ideally in those who who do justice in this dunya and then we ask Allah subhana wa Taala for justice in the hereafter. We ask Allah subhana without to give all of us ability to understand these ayat and apply them in our life. immunoblotted I mean, does that Kamala Harris salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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