Tom Facchine – Are You a Trustworthy Muslim

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of trust in Islam and the need for guidance to avoid damaging the reputation of Islam's supposed supposed supposed success. They also mention the use of color in Islam and the desire for people to be "just" and not associate themselves with any movement or movement. The speaker emphasizes the need for guidance to avoid damaging the reputation of Islam's supposed success.
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Being trustworthy,

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comes first.

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Sometimes these days, people take an interest in data,

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inviting other people to Islam.

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That's wonderful. But sometimes when we think of data, we think of debates. We think of some sorts of intellectual combats. The Bible was changed the Trinity is blasphemy. How could you believe that the universe did not have a creator?

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Again, all of this is wonderful Eliza gel uses these arguments in the forehand.

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But sometimes, our Dawa is missing a key ingredients.

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Because being right, does not mean that we will be believed.

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Are we trustworthy?

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A beautiful message delivered by someone who is not trustworthy is like a sports car without a steering wheel. It's not going to take you anywhere and no one's even going to buy it. No matter how nice your looks from the outside

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our profits, although it was

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understood that the importance of being trustworthy and how essential it was to the spread of this man.

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This is why he was asked, why not be that good Euro

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Yen me Allah, and he hasn't even moved

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on. But the economy

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of the labor Job asks the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Chana believer for decades.

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Can he have an illicit relationships?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it's possible. Yes that is possible.

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Also Allah had yes even

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color coded with that and then he has the prophets of Allah

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cannot believe or steal

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the prophets of Allah alayhi salam replied, it's possible that that could happen.

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All the NWO ma Elliott people know me

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on a lab

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to match Valhalla school he saw it he was second of all.

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Setting the caliber letting me know.

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Then he asked the Prophet cannot believe or lie.

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He replied, No syllable body was

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then the province of southern recited verse 105 from so it's

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only those who don't believe in that lies.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was walking one day in the marketplace in Medina. One day after it had rained.

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He pacified a green seller who was selling grain out of a basket like they used to do.

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Strangely enough, the green looks dry. Even though it had just rained.

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The drop was a little odd, he was stuck his hand down into the basket. And he found that the green underneath was last.

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As Tyler had just put dry green on top of the white stuff to cover it up.

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The prophets of Allah, Allah He was salam confronted the man. And he confessed that he didn't want people to know that his brain was wet, and not by it.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam corrected him and said, My posture for the stability of our Muslim, whoever cheats has nothing to do with me. And another why a man was shenana 37. Now, whoever cheats us, he has nothing to do with us.

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If someone is going to cheat, it's better than he doesn't even associate himself with us. Because we're trying to bring a movement. We're trying to bring guidance. We're trying to bring the lights to the world. And if you cheat someone, if you are associated with this movement,

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you will damage the reputation of Allah's guidance, and everyone else that follows it.

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It's better than nobody thinks that you're a Muslim. We want nothing to do with you.

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If we follow the guidance of the prophets of the love bombing, the sudden amazing things will happen. Malaysia, Indonesia, these are all Muslim lands without a single battle being fought without a single sword being lifted.

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Because the Muslims who went there for business, they feared Allah. They were honest. They looked out for the rights and it's

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presence out there customers more than they looked out for their own rights and interests

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and that is the best thing that you could do for job

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to be trustworthy

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