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Good morning, welcome to rely

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on yourself

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a lot less than 2%.

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Just obvious you will not receive attempting to meditate or we can study, we can come up

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here in his home. And we also also kind of Thailand are synonymous with humor that he can and to close these lessons and to subpoena conditions upon us and to raise us for the NBA.

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And those whom he has mentioned with him, I mean,

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today I would like to go draw a picture.

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You know, as you're walking down the street, and you see someone drive by in a beautiful motor vehicle, what happens inside?

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And like they asked us a question is, do you know that you've been with him? You've grown up with him. You've lived with him? You went to school with him? You are walking, he's driving in the latest Mercedes Benz? What goes on on the inside? How do you feel for

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him tonight versus Allah subhanho wa Taala addresses this issue? What's

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happening company

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emphasize the point then the story of the two sons of Adam, when they gave in sacrifice, one lump sum kind of work to highlight. So one of the sacrifices was accepted and the other wasn't. So he says to his brother, love to learn but I'm going to kill you. Why was he saying I agree with you, because a fire was burning, raging on the inside. He could not bear to stand the sight of his brothers. slaughter and sacrifice being the sexes before Allah subhana wa Tada. And he's rejected thrown out. idea, brother, my dear sister in Islam, when you see goodness received that brother passing by with his motor vehicles,

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on to more and got me as

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a good dog for him and make a good for yourself as well. In fact, when you make a good to ask for that brother, then what happens is a lot.

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He calls us the angel to make a dua for you. And they make it on your behalf. So that jealousy within your jealousy, hatred, what it does, it burns you up on the inside.

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But also

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be careful of jealousy.

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for indeed jealousy eats up at the good deeds in the same way that fire it up.

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And so Canada also has a look at it, it talks about the fire burning. Why? Because when you are jealousy burns inside, it hurts you. You can't stand to see goodness me that person. You know, when you're jealous of someone else, what you're actually saying is you're alone. You have given this man, I'm not having my wife give us Jimmy the degree of the writing. These things are not in my in your control. We don't know whom Allah will give him he will deprive that is not our choice. That is a must. So the minute you start to question it is as though you are saying, why would you give this man take it away from him? Absolutely not. This is not the attitude of a believer. This is not the

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attitude of one who believes in the last day. Imagine that. You are jealous of that man today, they just want to put a scenario into your gaming. Imagine that you are jealous of that man what is driving past and you have no idea that also kind of what Allah has tested in most cases. He's about to die maybe six months from now. He there was a story that we heard very recently, a few years back by a brother who was extremely wealthy. He died of cancer using literally imagine the people on the outside looking and celebrating his life. Everything that he had in order to do this

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you see how the reality is actually very different to what you imagined it to be. So never think of another man's bounty and be jealous of him. Male was kind of what Allah protect us. And may

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Allah grant us the ability to be happy with the degree of the Almighty. I mean, also a lot more sentimental about a cat and maybe you know, why the AlLahi wa sahbihi Germaine