Omar Suleiman – Qur’an 30 for 30 Season 2 – Juz’ 11 with Sh. Yaser Birjas

Omar Suleiman
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Santa Monica cuts everyone welcome back to on 3430 hamady Lionel but I mean tonight we are the three neighbors she has to adjust the one the only the chef the chef

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is with us and handed it out but I mean my neighbor my colleague and ham that a lot of but I mean and you know we're all within a 10 minute vicinity but like shit yes there's literally like down the street so hack Alicia so it's good to have you on a little better next time share with us from my office here

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and shift yes there's not on a green screen that's like actually the wall I saw there's like nothing behind you.

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You can sample

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up that's Apple style.

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I know the question is lingering right now. I mean being that sure all our neighbors so chef Omar

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is that chef he answers best because you weren't 100 series I know this is a question I say your neighbors so I know everyone's asking is that whose best isn't shake elbows. I'll tell you the story about the best and then we'll get started inshallah. So that test I didn't give it to him actually. Just the

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best that is the answer style is not as best Okay, I wasn't gonna wear the vest for the meeting Mohammed Salah ly Selim recordings but then I work for a mechanic someone gave it to me for an account so this looks pretty good and it was the same day as we started recording so you know I'm gonna keep it and then she asked her saw me that day and he said You stole my style.

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I just put it back on the rack and I'm like Okay, show me Sorry I'm not gonna do it again so

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I can I can give you permission and

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no one where is it better than Schiff? Yeah, so even if

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it looks amazing on you, Mashallah.

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Have you seen? Here's the 10 on 10 one Mashallah. The 10 best in the 10th Oh, have you seen that one? Yes.

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I would love to, I would love to give to one but Mashallah tovala can I probably require maybe x x? Okay, cut it out.

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All right, double facepalm you got a double faced first time in history.

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And so on that note, we'll get started tonight. Tada hamdulillah. We're in just 11

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Tabata Cola, and Ramadan is moving fast. So just 11 means we're officially now on the second third of all Milan, we completed suit tober the beginning of sorta Toba, of course, in just 11 you will notice that you still have some of the continuation and then you get into sort of Eunice and to sort of hood. So inshallah tada I think the majority of what we're going to be spending time with because it's the bulk of this juice is actually suta Yunus and it is a powerful surah Subhana Allah that takes us back to a Mexican climate. So now you're seeing us transfer from Medina to Mecca. In terms of the themes of the Koran that are coming

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towards us. And of course, it's almost as if, and I know we elaborated on this last year and it's in your companion reader of the Quran 3430 ebook. It's like, you know, just when you're starting to get complacent, you move on to this just when you are settled in the community feel of Medina and some of the context of that community. in Medina, you get back to the creed that was being emphasized in Mecca and lived in every way throughout Medina. So this is McKim.

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Once again, and the verses according to the professor, the dawn of suta units were revealed over Mecca, so over over a span of the period of Makkah, so it's not one particular time period. But you can actually find that there were different verses that were revealed at different times of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in Mecca. Now, of course, I'm going to focus on just some of the relationship to the sila inshallah, and I'm very excited to hear the insights of chef and Chef he acid. But if you go to verse 10, and realize that the stories of the prophets are being given to the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, to affirm him in these moments where he is facing the rejection

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that those profits faced as well. And so you find in verse 16, of surah, Yunus Allah subhanaw taala says could lo sha Allah who matter to them? What are their I can be here for cat lovers to feed them or moron Min cobbly he flr tappi don't tell them that had Allah will I would not have been the one to recite the Quran to you, nor would Allah have informed you of it. And I have spent a lifetime among you before this. I've spent a whole Nabisco fee komamura means I literally spent a lifetime amongst you 40 years I lived amongst you and you you know who I am you you know you have praised my Aflac you've praised my characteristics you know of me as a saw that I mean as the honest and

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truthful one. And now you're acting like you don't know the profit so Lysa now you're calling him names. Now you're accusing him of sorcery. Now you're accusing him of

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Wanting to divide the community. It's not like the profit slice on them is an unknown person to you. It's not like he's an outsider, by your testimony he is who he is sallallahu Sallam in terms of his character. And this is something that we also can see, by the way, in the story of Sana how to his Salaam that also comes up in sudo, who's worth the mood says to sauna, the moon says to sila his Salam as they as they rejected him in that, you know, but Quinta foenum I would do one couple of harbor that Osama, we used to see you as a noble person we used to see you as, as a person we had high hopes and right you were an intelligent person, a brilliant person, a person who offered so

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much to his people. So, you know, you see this, this parallel here with this verse with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that he is mentioning it his thoughts was some or rather, he's being told to mention, you know, if it wasn't me, then who would you rather it be? Right? Who would you rather be amongst the people? Is it just tribal reasons? And am I really unknown to you to where you you don't trust me to deliver you this message as Allah subhana wa tada has sent it to me, how did all of those characteristics suddenly go out of the window for you when you set aside? I mean, the honest and the trustworthy one, before the profits of the lifetime received the Quran. And the same thing

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with slaughter heavy his saddam when they mocked him and said You used to be good, but then this message has ruined you. So you know, this is a reminder to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, that their hatred of you is irrational. It's not founded in any reason, I feel that it's archelon. They're not thinking properly. And it's about the message and it's not about you, it's not about any deficiency in your character. sallallahu alayhi wasallam there's some other incidents in the theater I'll just quickly one of them. A beautiful verse in the put on here sort of units as well were lost pounds I mentioned the London accent and husana was the ad. For those who believe is an husana is

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excellence and more excellence and more and a bit more so actually what the Allahu taala at home, was once giving a hoot about and he said I remembered when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam told us what this verse means because they asked the Prophet slice of them. We understand the Latina ask them and husana that for those who excel is excellence in return we understand that means Jenna and her son that is Jenna. But what's more than Jenna so he said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that on the Day of Judgment Allah Subhana Allah will have a call or call out to the people of Jenna be Sultan yes marrow or whether homochiral Honda in a way with with a voice that the first and

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the last of them the highest and the lowest of them and Jenna will hear Yeah, hello, Jana. Oh people have agenda in Allah wa either como husana was the other Oh people of Paradise Allah has promised you and husana excellent, which is paradise and more for husana As for his not his agenda, and his agenda was the other another either watch or Walkman. And the other and more is looking at the face of the Most Merciful so being able to see a loss of Hannah wattana is more. So how Allah is even more than anything that Jenna has May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be amongst those that gaze upon the face of our Lord day and night in paradise in the companionship of our beloved Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah I mean, lastly, inshallah to Allah, what I want to do is actually compare something that stuck out to me, the end of surah tober and the end of surah Yunus so certain Toba is the profit slice at the height of his power in a way that he has the ability to exact revenge on those people in the profit slice I'm still acts with a high level of character, nobility, and it is a warning to those that have destabilized and disbelieved and plotted from within and without, and it's also an invitation to repentance, right? surah Yunus is the prophets lie Selim at his lowest point, being mocked, being, you know, in a place of extreme vulnerability, and being put

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down at his Salatu was Salam. Look at the way that Allah talks about the messenger sallallahu Sallam at the end of each surah literally at the end of each surah Allah has something about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so in order to Toba, Allah subhanaw taala says la caja Kamasutra men and physical mozzies when it Hema I need to hurry sooner an eco econ Bill mininova Oh, from Rahim, this is such a hard verse to translate there has come to a messenger of Allah from amongst yourselves has ease on either Hema. And the Prophet slice alum is distressed he is hurt by that which hurts you by by that what you encounter. Howdy asuna alikum and the prophets lie some of them is so dedicated to

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your welfare to your well being right in this life and in the next he cares

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much about you your well being in this life and in the next it pains him when you are pains and your well being gives him wellbeing so the license makes him happy. But in what meaning are often Rahim and he is tender and merciful and compassionate to those that believe some of the lahardee he was set up so he has a special he has a special place. So Allah How are you? So I'm with Allah subhanaw taala and the people the believers have a special place with him. So Allah aarnio sulla for interworld alphacool has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who led to a kill to a horrible option. I mean, if they turn away from you, oh messenger of Allah sallallahu aarnio some of them say to them a lot

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of sufficient for me, there is no god but He in him I have put my trust and He is the Lord of the mighty throne. The dragon that we say day and night, the DA Rahim it stands out of the prophets lie some. So that's the tone and sort of Toba. Right like, you know if you haven't recognized that now recognize how much this this man's how the license is merciful to you, and how invested he is and your well being. And if you turn away then all he can say is has to be Allah all he can say is a lot of sufficient for me. At the end of surah Yunus Allah subhanaw taala says say to them oh Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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say to them Korea you are Nast caja como Huck, then rub decom say to them, oh Muhammad sallallaahu salam, O people, there has come to you the truth from your Lord the truth has come to you from your Lord femenina teda for innama yeah to the NFC he woman one letter in the mail Lulu, I need her one that and it can be working so palace the same tone but but it's fits this the theme of sort of units, that truth has come to you from your Lord. So this is about you at the end of the day. You have to accept this for your own well being. Whoever follows the true guidance does so for their own good and whoever straights then that string is to their own detriment. And I cannot be a guardian

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over a guardian over you as much as I love you. I can't be your guardian SubhanAllah. So then the the last two verses of surah Yunus match the last two verses so Toba, the last verse of surah Yunus then says what Tibet now you have like what's the hattah? Yeah, kumala Whoa, whoa, hatred hacky mean and follow a messenger of Allah what has been revealed to you and remain patient until Allah brings forth His judgment. He is the best of those who judge. So the last two verses of circuit Toba, a reminder of who the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam is to the people, and then a reminder to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam to seek help and Allah and be patient with Allah subhana wa

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Tada. Both verses have the same messaging embedded within them. But that fits the theme of the pseudocysts panel. I just thought that it's a remarkable consistency, even though they're not revealed chronologically in order that that's the way Allah addresses us about the messenger sallallahu Sallam and then addresses the messenger sallallahu Sallam about the people. So inshallah Todd, I'll hand it over, Chef. Yes, if you'd like to share any reflections on that fellowship from the Los Altos I'm Ursula, our as you were speaking about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the connection really, that you could see in the story of euros and building that, although with a

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connection with sort of the Toba. As you can see, there's a theme over here which is about the profits or loss and credibility. And that is, that is one of the major things that the Quran came with obviously, that specific appearance and sort of junus is mechi Quran and the macro Quran there are three major themes that revolve around number one is to hate, the oneness of Allah subhana wa tada speak about the hidden all its aspects, obviously. And number two is battle man speaking about the resurrection and the Day of Judgment, and people are going to be standing before the Lord subhanho wa Taala shall be answering for what they have done and so on. Number three, the

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credibility of the messenger, but this is a message now who is delivering that message to you, He is the messenger that you all know. So to establish the credibility of the message is also dependent on the establishment of the credibility of the messenger which is why Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the Prophet salla Solomon many different formats like you described, you know earlier. So in the eye that you coded on the last panel that spoke to the people of Makkah about who the man is, who's who's your man, he said, Papa levy to Fukuyama. I've been living with you for long enough to know, organize, return to know me. Right, right. So eventually, Allah started and that he is the same man

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that you all testify for his truthfulness, you called him a sonicwall. I mean, so what would he change? If this would be the case? Right now, that's one thing and then the ecological demands of the profit afterwards. And I just like you said about the industry that a tober there are lots of how that speaks about his love his manager who he wants to them. So all of this to establish the credibility of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because once you realize the carrier is trustworthy, the message is trustworthy. Why would the message be a lie or be false? So

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That is something extremely important that establishes the credibility of the messenger which is why a lot of the Arabs you know, and even today Subhan Allah still, they're going after the messenger, not the message because they don't there because this as the message because it's too powerful to them to deny the truthfulness of the message. So they go, the soft target the man the human being, and they try to put all the weakness of human beings can be in the carrier and the messenger. Once you establish that weakness, you realize, you see, so the message must be false. But definitely the prophets Allah Salam is way above what they say about him, as Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned

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about him, and Allah subhanho wa Taala his message will remain as he says, My full, which is basically is going to be preserved and Allah preserved the message and preserved the honor and the reputation of the messenger sallallahu alios and

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Viber Maharashtra

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sola salatu salam ala rasulillah, who Allah Allah, he was The Omen what I'm about.

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So Subhanallah, Chef iasa was mentioning the message of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and how the importance of recognizing who you are taking the message from and look at who he was and what he's done. And as we know, the postal system was called the sonicwall. I mean, I saw that he was a trustworthy person that he was a trustworthy individual, you can leave something with him and you wouldn't have to worry.

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And the Messenger of Allah, Allah, why they were sending him with this message of Islam was exactly that. And as a chef mentioned, as well, the portions of the matki verses pertaining to the toe heat and it's better mind being the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala the true monotheistic belief and the confirmation of the resurrection That we will return to Allah subhanho wa Taala. When we look in the chapter of unison, after the prophets, Allah Subhana, Allah mentions the word of the situation of those that associate partners with him unjustly. He then goes on to mention a question or actually instruct all of us were primarily the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and telling him what to

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say to the people. And some scholars mentioned that this could be considered a conditional sentence and the sentence is as follows in chapter, the verse number 31, and chapter unice, where it says that there will be lamina shipowner Jean Paul Miyazaki akumina summer he will have the ammonium Nico's summer will ever Sora what yummly Kusum, our Massara or miyoko, Hagerman and Maggie to your head, you know what I mean? And hey, well, may you be rude amrop Paseo por una Allah for pull flr tekun

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was ordered to say to the people, Allah says, say, who provides for you from the heavens and the earth from the sky and the earth? And who controls the hearing and sight? And who brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead out of the living? And who arranges every matter? Then say then they will say Allah, so say to them, do you not fear him? Are you not mindful him? So this is some kind of lie, dare we say a rhetorical question, because it was known that the Musha deikun, or the polytheists of Mecca, they believed that Allah the Creator, the maintainer of Harlequin, logical moudaber, the one that creates, provides and has

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control of all affairs, the one that does these things that these that he mentions in this verse, They believe that it was the creator Allah. So here, we're going to go over Subhanallah these portions of the question he says, maybe others will come in as someone who provides from you from the earth or from the sky and from the earth. So when we see the sky, we think the rain, what comes down from from the sky is primarily we would say, the rain because the rain here, the pertinence of it, or the relevance of it, is with the autumn, because when the rain comes down, it therefore supplies, the vegetation, the crops, everything that is needed to supply ourselves in a form of

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risk, because that risk can be in financial transactions of a barter system, or it can even be with what we eat as we go to the produce section that cannot take place except by the will of Allah subhanaw taala bringing down the rain. And this is very, very important because those are those of individuals that were farmers and that lived they had to really live on this they had to rely on the President on the on the provision of a lawsuit kinda with data sending down the rain from the sky. Then a lawsuit kind of without it goes on. And he says I'm Megan Nicholson, well Masada and who controls it has authority over these two most important senses, the sunlight, the hearing, and other

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sorry, the seeing division.

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And some scholars mentioned that these are the primary elements that are used for Huda in regards to seeing and hearing hearing the message and seeing the profit or the message of Allah so as I'm seeing what he is doing, or hearing about him, who has ultimate control over that, meaning that to several factors, meaning that how the senses are activated, how they are used, who has ultimate control over that the one that can easily take it away.

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Then he asked like, then he asks after that, when you put your hair I mean, I'm at your kuju megi terminal height? And he says, and who is the one that brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead out of the living? So many scholars have talked about what exactly is the living out of the dead being the living out of the dead, some scholars will say, okay, it's like the egg that comes out of the chicken or comes out of the animal. And some scholars will say, okay, it is the Subhanallah The, the human being when they're in the fetus in the womb of the mother before the soul is blown into them, that is considered maybe it's they are not alive yet because the soul hasn't

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been blown into them, as we know, how do you through the process of there's 100 the process, so, when he mentions the stages of gestation mentions the stages, that for him for Hopi, he roar, after a certain amount of days, 40 days that the roof will be blown into the the spirit will be blown into that that fetus and then the person will be considered alive even though have they haven't been conceived as of yet or, you know, brought into this world as of yet. They will be considered alive but before that they are considered Megan they're considered well we could say lack of better words dead or not living as at that moment. So some scholars would say that that is the living from the

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dead as a Pinilla when we see this life and death in Islam, particularly there are two stages. When we are there for actually there's two forms of life and two forms of death. The scholars mentioned subtitlers mentioned in the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the chapter of often verse number 11 were those that the ones that were punished by law some kind of went down and they will say, follow what I've been a matter of entertaining what I hate enough maintain fat turn off nappies and Rubina, Rajan Mensa be, they will say, oh, our Lord, I met 10 of 19, you have caused us to die twice. And the first death is when we were in the womb of our mother before the spirit of

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life was born into us. And in the second death is the actual death of the human being were upon there in the waiting period called the barossa. Before the Day of Judgment, well as an ethnic team, and you have given us two forms of life being the life that we are living now in this physical world, but then the life played on whatever call which is the afterlife, the show me last month, our lives in the afterlife, and Jenna inshallah Tada. So here we understand this concept of life and death, the loss of power without Allah is instructing the process on to ask them who was the one that is able to bring this out of that, who has the capabilities of doing that, then after that, he

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said, some kind of love, he said, will make you that guru. And on top of all of this, bringing the dead bringing the dead out of the living and the living out of the dead. As we see, even with the land, the barren land comes from it, vegetation, bringing all of this and the human being and all of these forms, which has the census who controls the census, and who is the one that provides everything on this earth, may you debit or summer being that he provides all of these things and brings into existence, but maintains it and brings it in synchrony and harmony, mainly debit, per se, what they will say a lot. And this is very important in regards to to hate. And I'll conclude

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here, in regards to the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In Islam, we have the scholars have extracted, what is called tawheed, the monotheism. And they say there's primarily three categories and some would say two, but most importantly, it's to understand what necessitates what we as human beings have this what is called a fitrah, the natural inclination and response to the presence of a deity, one deity. Now the scholar say that there's something called tawheed, or will be that is the Lord, this oneness of His Lordship, that he is the one that has control and authority over all of these characteristics of creation of provision of preservation of forgiveness, he is the ultimate

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authority and all of these, with that knowledge of these characteristics of a law of God, the Creator, that demands a request something from you, that or it contains, it contains the fact that you knowing this, it requests for you to worship Him alone, when you know that he is the one that brought you into this earth. Why go to someone or something else that does not have that authority or power. And that's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was instructed to bring that back to them, to show them that look, you believe that Allah is the Creator and the Sustainer of all of these things. For that tune? Are you not been mindful and fearful of the one that will take you away

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from this earth and ask you with his knowledge Subhana Why did you turn and divert your thankfulness, your ultimate gratitude, Your Worship to other than Him and this techniques to panela In conclusion, you know, talking about short, he mentioned in his in his beautiful tips here.

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It mentions that this sentence could be even conduct considered a conditional sentence, basically saying, you know, ask them, ask them the question, if the one you know, that was to do all these things to provide you with all of these things, what would you say? What would you say? They would say a lot for what

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So let's get going. Then, when understanding this, they will surely say Allah, the result of all of these things that they know they will respond. It is a lawsuit kind of what data that will be their response. And this is even from a downward technique of telling people about Islam, you come with the universal aspects of what they all agree upon, that Allah as a creator, the Sustainer they maintain with that reality. it necessitates from us that we understand and contains the fact that we should turn to Him alone. And that's why he asked the vehicle question, do you not then fear a lawsuit kinda went down and be mindful of him. And the verb is a tequila effort I took on just a

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reminder for all of us in this beautiful chapter, as we know, that is a chapter of tequila tawheed, of reminding us of the importance of the oneness and the monotheistic belief of a lawsuit kind of went down, and then he has controlling authority over all things, which by default, inshallah necessitates that we should divert, or we should put all of our worship to Him alone milus upon God and make us of those that worship him to the best of our ability with excellence, Michelle

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Zakouma, she has a turban and a lot of a lot of meals that allow someone to kind of you know, Mohammedan while early or sacrifice along with Islam and Kathy Arthur, my, my bad, and also my reflection on sort of Genesis, so many I and the story itself is just so profound. However, on Allah subhanho wa Taala an hour at least when the surah was named Eunice. It's for a reason because although most Allison was mentioned there, no has mentioned the surah as well too. But it because Allah subhanaw taala brought something unique about communes, the people of Yunus were mentioned specifically here as the people of Yunus. There wasn't for any other nation and before he was at his

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center, and what is that? That is because the count of unions the pupil of humans are the only people The only people that are lost power to send them a prophet, whom after he left them they believed and there are a lot as I mentioned about them as something very unique in the eye and number nine and loss of hunter says falola Correa tune, Amma Tanaka Emmanuel, he says you cannot have only there had been a society or people which believed before seeing the tournament add up and therefore benefit from from its belief, like the people of Eunice Kala in LA coma Eunice Amman, they believe he said subhana wa mamanuca Jaffna animada Bal fizzy when they believe we lifted from them

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the tremendous disgrace we'll have the dounia in this life. Well, Madonna, Mila hain, and they also enjoy it for a while.

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Why is this so important? Because this message was given to the prophets, Allah sent him to deliver to the people of Mecca, and telling them that Listen, you always going to have a chance, you're always going to have a chance, you're always going to have a chance, as long as I'm still around, you can still have a chance. And that is because Allah subhanaw taala is telling us it's all about believing in that message. And that message is what brings you that sense of relief and sense that sense of comfort. So with that being said, my main reflection on this is coming also from from an AI that was before and this is sort of the story of of unions. And a salon was made as a as a as an

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example of the meaning of this as a I want to live or like to reflect on is it number 57. In surah, tunas for Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the message of the Quran. He says yeah, Uranus is speaking to mankind kinda Yeah. Are you a nurse? But at camarilla? Toma, Robbie, was you found Lima for sudo? Well, houden warahmatullah in one minute. So Allah subhana wa Taala counts for us in this area for elements about the Quran about the message itself, like What benefits do I get from the Quran? And what benefit do I get from this message? So he says a panel with the Allah. Yeah, you are not all mankind? Oh, people got ajah at camarilla, Jet calm. I mean, allamuchy in the Arabic time

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when something comes to you, but this mess, it doesn't really come to that fashion. So it's basically it was delivered to you. This was given to you. And it has what was given to you just like a gift you got right now you didn't Yes, you did not solicit that you didn't ask for it. So we are gifting you with this. And that is the gift that is coming your way has these four major elements that we all need in this life. What are the number one he says Allah Monterey, La Moneda. In the English translation really of the book, they say a warning. Well, I'd like to give it another meaning. But just let's go over the words first and then we talk about and shallow data the meaning

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of these words. So the first thing was Martha. And you could say a reminder. I mean, Rob become neurotic come from your Lord. What she found only Martha sadu healing or pure for that which is in the hearts. Well Huda guidance warahmatullah money and mercy for the believers. What are these four things number one, we said Marina so Marina usually is

00:30:00 --> 00:30:23

Use it as warning when you want to do more or there's like admonition, and you only admonish somebody just like economic as a form of punishment in one way or another, or chastisement and so on, like a discipline in them. However, he more or that comes also in the meaning of Technicolor and Allah subhana wa referred to the Quran and the message to us that care in many different color in color in Africa. Indeed, it is such a reminder for you.

00:30:24 --> 00:31:06

And reminder is a cure for what the reminder is a cure for forgetfulness. The reminders for God is a tool for forgetfulness. Also, if you look at it, if you look at it as a warning, you say it's actually more like a wake up call. And a wake up call comes as a cure for what, for heedlessness, when we have ruffler, we're not paying attention, you need someone to remind you need someone to give you more either someone to hit you with a wake up call, you might not like to wake up at seven o'clock in the morning, you might not want to wake up at five o'clock in the morning. But you know what, if there's something that you have to do even have to do, yes, you may be resentful, but you

00:31:06 --> 00:31:43

accept it. You know, when you when you're when your alarm starts, you know, kind of like blasting in the darkness of the night because you have to wake up, whether it's for Soho, or you want to wake up for yourself you care. Or if it's somebody because I have to go to work. You hate it in that sense, but you know what you just accepted and you take it. So lots of how do I say that this is like a wake up call, we send you a wake up call. Because as human beings we call the Arabic language insane because we forget a lot. So it's like a lot of forgetfulness happens over here. And because there's so much forgetfulness, obviously then we need to always have that kind of reminder to keep us awake

00:31:43 --> 00:32:19

all the time. So the Quran is more like a moment. It's a reminder, it's a it's a it's a wake up call, so you always stay alert. That's the point of it. To stay alert, number one number two, he said Meraki comm before the segment have become so it's coming from your Lord. I want to ask them how they use the word Rob, just like chef Abdullah was talking about earlier about the loss of hundreds lordship and he's providing for everything, because he is your Lord so he cares. And because he is your Lord, he sustains that what is best, what is beneficial to you. And if he knows that this is most beneficial to you, He will give it to spend on water. And that's exactly what

00:32:19 --> 00:32:53

happens over here. He is given a wake up call, he wakes you up, because He cares about you. He is sending you this message because He cares about you, you might not like some of these elements of this message. But you know what, it's for your own good because Allah somehow this has another idea, as he mentioned, sort of Devaraj but Allah yellowman Holla Holla who knows better than the one who created he knows best? what is best for you because He created you, he made you so he knows what is best for you. subhanho wa Taala so this is a reminder for you and I that from your Lord who really cares about you that you need to do the right thing for yourself inshallah, number one. Number two,

00:32:53 --> 00:33:33

he says what she felt on Lima for sudo the word Shiva means cure. I will say if you that's an answer to an illness and sickness, okay, he says Lima for sudo. Specifically, this is a healing and a cure for what's in the heart in the chest basically. And the reference in the Quran is around 400 references, the chests basic the sudo. Usually, it means what's behind there, which means it's the heart itself. And when we talk about the heart, we're not talking about that piece of flesh itself as much as the functionality that comes from the heart itself, which is what your heart is where your intentions, you know, when you intend something, when you have a resolution on something, when

00:33:33 --> 00:34:10

you want to determine to do something, yes, you think about it, but you have to also, of course, you know, to have the conviction, that conviction is something that's in the heart for yourself. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us you're saying I'm sending you also a cure for all the illnesses that you might have in your heart, the weakness, the uncertainty, the anxiety, the the the fear, all these things I'm I'm giving you a cure to this, all of this in the Quran, she found only my first sudo so it couldn't be those those ill feelings, and also the shobo heart. If you have any doubts, any doubts, any wrong perception and your own conviction that you have your heart hold on to

00:34:10 --> 00:34:49

these things you have because they're not benefiting you anyway, yes, you believe in these things, but they're not making you any good in your life, you're still feeling weak and anxious and not certain about it. We have sent you as she felt a limit for sudo a cure to that which is in the heart. So whether it's something as ill feelings hazard Reba, something as envy and so on, it will heal that because you believe in Allah Subhana Allah and a higher purpose right now. So all these things will just go away. They matter. So the number three, call wahida and guidance. Now when it comes to guidance, guidance is a cure for what or in response to miss guidance, as Allah subhanaw

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

taala by the prophets of Allah says, what are the lowland for HANA? So he found you astray and he guided you, you will go in the wrong direction. So you go to the right direction and

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

Why we need guidance for anyway, because this life is a journey. We're born for a purpose. And if we don't serve that purpose, we are going to go astray. And if we go astray, we are not going to reach our destination. And obviously that means resentment. It can be depression, it's going to be a lot of things that happens in your life, unpleasant events will happen. And so I need that divine GPS. And that's what guidance comes over here. Even Abraham Allah did a beautifully he described the meaning of guidance since he was talking about certain Fatiha, which is what we always ask in Salah every single day multiple times, there was rotten stuff, the rotten stuff in guidance, the straight

00:35:41 --> 00:36:21

path Gardasil straight path, we asked Allah more often frequently, because we don't want to get lost on this journey. And that's why the Quran is that divine GPS that each direction we're to go we're not to go do this, don't do this stay here on the approach this gives you give you the path, the straight path that leads you to success by the light and in this world and in the hereafter. And even a claim he speaks about Ganesh has three kinds of guidance, there is a data illustra guidance to bring to the straight path. And then guidance, Allah surah when you are on the spirit itself, you need to have guidance to remain on the surah not fluctuating and not dropping out. Because just

00:36:21 --> 00:36:56

because you're walking on this path doesn't mean you're gonna stay there forever and less than 100 you have confirmation from Allah subhanaw taala for this and that constant guidance to stay on the salon. And also I need to say that on this set up, I didn't guide us through the path as well. Why because I need to keep going I need to keep going forward. So I need constant reminders and constant you know directions to keep going into the right path in sha Allah Azza wa Taala so the Quran is also guidance that brings you to the right path to stay on it and to go through it and shall moderate success Bonilla as the origin. And the last point he Allah subhanaw taala speak about the

00:36:56 --> 00:37:08

Quran he says call our Mattoon little more meaning and it's a mercy for the believers. Is that exactly mean when we look about when we look for mercy, what is the opposite of mercy torture terminal, really.

00:37:09 --> 00:37:47

And Subhan Allah that is the essence of the Quran, it's Rama. If you don't have the Quran as Allah Subhana Scott described, you know if you don't have the Quran, woman out of the and decree which is the Quran over here, and Allahumma Isha tanganga if someone turns away from my Vicar, my reminders might have my color and my message for in Allahumma issued on Bangkok, this person shall live a life of constraint, a life of hardship, maybe not physically, they might be wealthy and rich, but 200 they can't even enjoy it. Because it's not it's not benefited at all. But the Quran brings out drama as Allah subhanaw taala says alladhina amanu autopia in Nakuru, umbilical La, la with the killer

00:37:47 --> 00:38:27

document in Nakuru, those who have faith and their hearts find peace and tranquility to the vicar of Allah which is the Quran here and the remembrance of Allah zosen Allah biblical lighted men and polu through the remembrance of Allah, these hearts will find peace and tranquility, that Rama comes in place of that other and Rama, that mercy that comes in the place of this hardship and also it brings that peace and tranquility, in your hearts and in your life. After all of this, these four elements that Allah spoke about, of the Quran, he says karma to reminder, a wake up call against heedlessness and being you know, always asleep. Number two, having healing in the heart from the illness, of

00:38:27 --> 00:38:47

ignorance, of desires, and also of the shadow, heart and doubtful matters. Number three guidance against going astray. And number four, having rough man mercy against all the torture that might go through our hearts we go through into all as all of us Allah concluded the following. He said subhana wa Taala called before lilla He will

00:38:48 --> 00:39:30

say to them, yeah, Mohammed in Allah, His grace and His mercy, let them rejoice, called before the law he will be rahmati fabrisonic Ophelia for who, who will help manage my own, they should rejoice in the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah and the blessings of Allah He bestowed upon them, not what they what they hoard what they collect in this. So, so how Allah if you look at this idea, it's a summary really, for all what you need to know about the Quran, and how the Quran can be truly so beneficial to you in this dunya before I even think about the ACA Why do I need the Quran for why I need this guidance for this is it it's a wake up call to always keep you alert and always attentive. It gives

00:39:30 --> 00:39:59

you a handler healing to what bothers you and your heart. It gives you guidance when you feel astray on that journey. You need guidance. So you have the guidance and hamdulillah and it gives you that sense of peace and tranquility. Even if you go through hardship you still can find that face that turn that peace and tranquility and shallow about photon Muladhara zakka Maharaja monocle have a very very apt tie in of all the different aspects of the plan. It's probably just made me think Monza naniko called Anneli techcon this was not revealed to you too.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:36

Cause you distress and by extension the oma of Muhammad's line salon. We are where would we be without this books? Pamela? Where would we be like truly, you know, I just got shivers thinking about like, where would we be if we didn't have the guidance of this book and it's the way Allah give gave it to us through the prophet sallallahu sallam. It's not It's not like full of technical legal details in a way that it could get lost, right? Like those things. There. There's very little legal detail on the port and most of it is elaborated on the Sunnah of the Prophet slice Allah, which is constant reflection or reminder that comes through the Koran, molest pantai bless you and

00:40:36 --> 00:40:37

reward you know,

00:40:39 --> 00:40:48

Chicago you have any reflection? No, I sell a nutshell. Very, very, very nice. You You said it. So a lot of bad things. I mean, honestly,

00:40:49 --> 00:41:15

those who would like to receive the puffers and advice for those who would like to see especially in Ramadan, a more powerful reminders from the Quran focus on the Maquis sutras the mother is surahs gives you details about the after about you know reward and about you know, the Amal and the deeds and also gives you a sense of history of what was going on in the Medina and society you're supposed to speak about sort of unfold, for example, has a story of the Battle of better and sort of

00:41:16 --> 00:41:18

lm Ron you have the story of

00:41:19 --> 00:42:02

HUD, for example, also talks about you know, the relationship with the people of the book and so on. But those who would like to have a strong wake up call, like you need really you need a strong shot of viani of wake up call just like especially right? You want that and double shot of it, is you need to decide and read the Maquis surahs because they're indeed so powerful the message is just somehow and that's why I was always give advice to people whenever they want to ask some of their friends are non Muslims to read the Quran said hey, let them read some of the of the Makhachkala that is a really strong wake up call and it shakes peoples of hunter the courts lon

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why rather quick though before I let you go chef have to ask you this question. It's been bugging me lately

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pleasure to have you and a reminder to everyone and shout out to please download the ebooks, the quarter and 330 companion guide the E book on a dry day by chef Todd Wyatt and also to please consider donating to you again with the night tada so that we can continue to embark on this Prophetic Mission together better than that and continue to produce free resources. Does that mean well hate on cinema it complements Allahumma Catan

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we want to really concentrate on the new Muslim experience, the Convert experience, how would we explain it to someone that just newly converted to Islam

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