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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of justice and being aware of one's actions in society, as well as the use of cutting and sallaming in divorce and separation cases. They stress the need for individuals to apply their son for the job and anyone with a pure fit minor is considered a factory worker. The speakers also touch on the definition of "fit minor" and its use in asserting political views, as well as the struggles of individuals committed to actions that cause harm and the need to consider the potential consequences of them.
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Today inshallah and in the river hearts I want to go through an idea that we often hear every single Joomla hotbar at the end of the Joomla hot by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada we always hear and we cite in the La Jolla, Marbella idly one year Sunny, we're either in Cordoba, y en el fascia you will monkey with bone, your income level with the Quran. In essence, Allah subhanho wa Taala he is saying that there are three things that he's ordering us to do. And there are three things that he's ordering us to stay away from. Okay, so the things that we must do, what's the first one? Allah subhanho wa taala. I'm going to I'm going to quickly go through these three, because I want to focus on the last

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three. The first thing Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions is Aladdin justice, justice with Allah subhanho wa Taala justice within our community members, justice in terms of standing always on the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in the Quran, yeah, you will Adina Amanu Kunal Amina bill is the shahada and Allah, wallow Allah and physical. I've talked about this before. There are eight categories of people mentioned this idea that when it comes to these eight categories, make sure that when you do justice, you don't do only justice at other times, but when it comes to these eight people, you have to also apply justice, who are those, the very first one is Allah Subhan. Allah

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subhanaw mentions ourselves mean that if I know I've done something that is wrong, and just as a not on my side, that I need to still own it for that and there are a people mentioned that I am, and we also find that in for any society to flourish, and in order for any society to move forward and make pure developments, justice is required. This is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when the very first things he was able to establish was justice, that he was always there before Justice even in fact, before he became a prophet, he stood for justice. And that in the story of helpful for those A man came from, from Yemen, he sold something to a person from Mecca, he never got his money

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back. And so he went to the Kaaba, he began to call out the people of Makkah. And at that time, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even before he became a prophet, he was part of a pact. And that pack said that anyone who comes to Makkah, they will not be done, they will not be treated unjustly. So we see that even before Islam, even before the property, son became a prophet, he stood up for justice. Then the second thing Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned, well, your son, your son, and every single thing, in fact, even when it comes to separation and divorces, we see how ugly it becomes in our society. Allah subhanho wa Taala says even if you have to do something like that,

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then you have to apply your son for him sir couldn't be my roofing out the City Hall, bring your son do not go after each other, do not try to skin each other alive and did not try to take everything they have just because you want to come out on top for him sack me my roofing out of 300 Our son, if Allah is telling us to apply your son in something like a divorce? What do you think about the rest of the Armel the rest of our our affairs, of course, we should always apply our side. And the third thing Allah mentions to us too for us to do is what etha it is a pullback and give to those who are closest to us. Give what take care of them, give them money, give them aid, help them out, support

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them any any which way you can. So these are three things that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions, and we've heard many hotbeds about that. But the next thing that I want to mention is what are the three things that Allah tells us to stay away from? He says what yen ha O'Neal fascia, what is fascia? Some have translated fascia as immorality. In order you can call it behind. Some people have translated as shamelessness. I even saw one translation one explanation of fascia, someone who someone said that's something that is not considered as acceptable, something that is considered as unacceptable in society. But Subhanallah I don't think that that translation is valid, or that

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explanation is valid because we are living in times where *ing shot everywhere is becoming common, and since it is becoming common is becoming normal. So that explanation is not correct. Here's the right explanation. Allah subhanho wa Taala has Karina you and I was something called the fitrah. And the fitrah is something that is considered as pure meaning that a person who has a pure fitrah a person who has noble character, good character, good demeanor, if they hear something, or they hear someone say something, or they see someone dressed in a certain way, or they see a certain action being done right in front of them, they feel uncomfortable inside. That is considered as

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higher that is what they're doing wrong is considered as fascia.

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So in our society if a person has a good character, good demeanor, and that means that they don't use luminous in their speech. They're not vulgar in their speech, but whenever they speak, they say something that is righteous. They always use positive demeanor. They don't use their tongue to slander against others don't use your tongue to use vulgarity against others. Then this is a person that when they hear the fascia, it makes them uncomfortable when someone crosses in front of them, when someone uses filthy language in front of them, they get uncomfortable inside, they can sit there, when they see someone doing something that is considered as factory Sha. They become

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uncomfortable when they see a person dressed in a certain way. They look at that and they look down right away, that's a sign that they are uncomfortable. So that is considered as far as SHA anything that is considered as shamelessness is considered as factory shot. And when it comes to factory shot, first of all, we learned from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he was on a person who committed Phoenicia, who did not even get close to Asia. In fact, it was Rudy Allah on he says that the Prophet said Allah while he was salam says that a true believer is who lays a little mini bid for iron. Well, Allah on what alpha Haish Well, buddy Roswaal Sam is telling us that a true

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believer is a person who does not taunt others. A true believer is a person who does not curse at others. A true believer is a person who does not commit indecency who does not commit Phoenicia and a true believers, a person who does not abuse others. This is what the Prophet alayhi salam was telling us. And once again, it's not about only the people in public, it's about also the people at home. If we're using indecency at home, if we're using Phoenicia at home, if I'm using if I'm using my tongue in the wrong way at home, then if I'm taunting other people at home, then the property someone's telling us that this person is not a true believer. And not only that, but once a man came

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to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Aisha, our mother is sitting with the prophets of Salaam. And when this man comes, the provider you sit on knows that this person who's coming to see him is not a good person. And that's why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said the word an evil son, he is to his tribe. When evil brother he is to his tribe mean that this person was coming. He's not a great person. He's not a person who has a positive influence on others. But when he came to the Prophet SAW Sanlam the person sat down with him and he talked to him very respectfully. I should have the Allahu anha she says the problems or send them to get us to Allah. I've never seen

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something like this. You know that he's not a good person. But yet you sat down with him and you talk to him and you showed him respect why if he's not a good person, what are the prophets all along while he was telling me he said he says that oh, ah Isha. Have you ever seen me speaking in a bad or in a negative on a dirty manner? Do you have you ever seen me using filthy language? And then he says the property some says the worst people, the worst people in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment are those whom the people leave undisturbed to be away from their evil deeds mean that you are so toxic, you commit so much fattening shot, that if other people feel

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uncomfortable, and they leave away from you, the property is something that these are the worst people in the sight of Allah on the Day of Judgment. Once again, this is not a point for us to point fingers at others. This is a point for us to point fingers at ourselves. Allah subhana wa Tada says, well in namaha, Rama Robbia Alpha Haish the first thing Allah mentioned this ayah is the Allah has made haram what alpha is and what kind of our fish Marwaha minha wa Bhutan, any kind of furniture that you commit in front of the public, any kind of furniture that you commit behind behind closed doors in secrecy? How many things do we see online? That is considered as Felicia pornography is

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something that is so common within the OMA today? In fact, it is so sad to say this, that if you if you study the top 10 countries who viewed the most amount of pornography, six or seven of them are Muslim countries, six or seven of them are Muslim countries. Allah is telling us far harsher in front of the public is haram but fattening shack behind the scenes behind closed doors is also considered haram. And we also find the Hadith on the story of our mother I should have the Allahu Taala on her when she was slandered the very story the very well known story of IFFT

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is mentioned that of course after a very very long time after you know few weeks several weeks, Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent down some our yard to exonerate our mother I shall be along with Alana and

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And at the end of that passage, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in Lavina you're a buena and Tashi Alpha Orisha those people who love to spread fire and show what is spreading Phoenicia mean, when there is an right before this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, he says what the cooloola be afuera he could malaise Salah can be here anyone there are hypocrites who are saying things about our mother. I shut up the Allah Tala Anna, and they have no knowledge of how often does it happen that today in our societies, people are in launching claims accusations, they hear one side of the story. And they've already made up their mind, or Dean has taught us there are two sides of every

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single story. And if a person does not know the entire story, and they've made a judgment that you have committed a great crime. So these people who go in society, and they speak about this, and they launch slanders against other people and not only just using their tongue

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many people get online nowadays. They are keyboard warriors, I call them they like to get on the internet and just you know, express all their frustration on the internet Lords all the accusation as they wish without even going through the Islamic proper standard of declaring who's innocent who's guilty. Allah subhanho wa Taala in this is this is an iron in reference to them also. The fact he shall whenever they say a slander, Allah is referring to as a factory shop in the Levina your A buena Anta she Alpha Aisha fillerina Amarula dunya well done for them there is a severe punishment. So that is why factory shot is something that we must stay away from. The second thing quickly I

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will mention is Allah subhanho wa Taala says, to stay away from it is considered is called a moon car. What is one car, one car is considered any kind of sin, any kind of sin. And since that, by the way since the lead to other sins, small sins, open the door to bigger sins. One sin will open the door to another sin. That's why we stay away from sins. What happens when you and I can we commit sins, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada deprives us from knowledge, Allah will deprive us from this, Allah subhanho wa Taala will create difficulties in our life, we will become deceived from Allah subhanho wa Taala and our heart overall will become hard that no idea of the Quran no Hadith other problems

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Salam can penetrate that heart. So this is why it's something that we have to think about and the last in the province. The last thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, While bumpy bumpy means oppression, it could be oppression towards Allah subhanho wa Taala when we commit haram, it could be oppression against ourselves, like Allah says in the Quran in Hola Hola, yas Remo, NASA che Wallach in a NASA and for some y'all the moon when we do something that is wrong, we're not hurting Allah, we're hurting ourselves we're doing boom against ourselves. And then finally we can do loon either some people they do against other people, Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that well, but it means

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that we have to stay away from these things. So the three things we stay away from is factory shop. Number two is what's number two? Well mooncup sins in general will be oppression oppressing anyone else. And Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned three these three sins. Because these three sins are contagious. These three sins will not only impact you they impact us in our entire society. We see outside how much fat does exist nowadays. And not only does a Fantasia exist, is being proud