Nadim Bashir – Khatira – Important Guidelines For People Giving DAWAH

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The Alameen wa Salatu and the difficulty of facing fears in surah Taha are discussed, emphasizing the importance of strong faith and connection with the Lord. The use of words like "fit on" and "fit on" in stir up emotions is also discussed. The importance of being a good fit on and being a good person for oneself is also emphasized. The use of words like "fit on" and "fit on" in Arabic language is also discussed, along with the use of "naught" and "naughty." The past and future of Musriente Islam, including his use of language to stir up emotions and make people feel emotional, and the importance of being calm in one's approach to religion is emphasized. The speaker also mentions a judge's decision to change his behavior and use the par borrow to explain the feeling of being out of one's own land.
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Somebody's gonna take a look at Mr. Lujan Mohammed hamdulillah he'll be the Alameen wa Salatu was someone else who to him Mohammed wala earlier, he was a big Marine.

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Right now in Saudi fajr I recited to a TA. And even last time when I was here with Fajr when I left South Africa, I also wrestled poha last time. And the one thing is that today inshallah I want to take this a very important reflection that we can take from this beautiful surah. First of all, this entire sutra primarily revolves around the story of Musa alayhis salam. And the reason why, by the way, if you think about it, if you study the entire Quran, there is no other prophet who's in whose stories the word the word hope, or any variation of the word hope has been used more than Musala Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala over and over again, he mentioned that Mousavi Islam, he could have

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faced fears but Allah subhanho wa Taala he helped him to suppress and overcome his fears. Let the half letter Have you hear this often in the Quran? For Harada Minh Ha ha even Yetta rock club when he went to Medina and and the man said that told me your story. He says Wakasa la casa por la la Hofner Jota Minakami Dalemain again and again and the reason why is because and the reason why Allah mentioned the story of Musa is so much so much in the Quran is to console Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that just like Mussolini, Assam faced many fears, and overcame many challenges. You owe us allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will face also many challenges. But take a lesson from

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that. And not only that, but remember that just like Allah was on his side, Allah is on your side. That's why these stories are mentioned in the Quran. To console us allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in essence to console us when we're going through our own challenges. One thing we learned about Sua is that Mussolini Assam is being prepared to go and give Dawa the story of musante Assam in surah Taha precisely mentioned, that Allah subhanho wa Taala first introduced himself in Nany, and Allah that I am Allah na EDA is far above the knee, that you worship me well, upIm is solid and a victory. And not only that, but you praise the Lord for my remembrance. So it is almost

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as if Allah subhanho wa taala. In, in, in preparing a diary for someone to go and call someone to Allah subhanho wa Taala we see that they need to have a very strong level of faith, very strong level of iman, not only that, but this person who's giving Dawa than they should also be very punctual about their Salaat we also find in the same Surah that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he's reminding Musa alayhis salam, as part of giving Dawa while turning fie victory Do not ever lose remembrance of who I am. constantly remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and hence a dari someone who's strongly engaged in Dawa, they need to have a very strong, strong connection and closeness with

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Allah subhanho wa taala. And they do that by the vicar of Allah subhanho wa taala. And finally, the most important thing I want to mention today and I want to revolve my entire talk around is that Allah subhanho wa Taala is also telling Musa alayhis salam that for Kula who hold and lay you know, when you go to fit on, remember that fit own is an arrogant person. He likes to instigate people he likes to really, you know, touch upon those things are going to emotionally stir up people. And what he's going to do is that he's going to try to stir up your emotions, but when you talk to him, Do not be arrogant with him, no matter how much arrogant he's going to act with you, when you talk to

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fit on. You are very calm in your approach. And subhanAllah we find that when Musa alayhis salam went we find that first of all when Mussolini's on when to fit on think about the arrogance of fit on here Musa Ali is Saddam is saying that in Kedah oh hey Lena and then either buy them and cut them or whatever law call for Murghab boo coma yeah Musa so here before Musala you Sam is telling us is telling fit own that we have been sent by our Rob to you. And so first of all fit on could have said okay, my Rob, he didn't say that. He says call for Mara Bukoba Musa, he says Who is your Lord or Musa? Instead of saying because he already knows right right away the Musa is saying that he is the

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Lord of Iran to the founders are willing to accept that because he's saying that hon. Allah Allah so he's saying that he shows his arrogance first. Definitely Abu coma yeah Musa so he's trying to now stir up the emotions of Musa you Salaam. And he says, Look at the strong response of Mussolini. Some. He says that what Buddha Levy, our talk who let's say in Holika, who from ohada. He says that he is the one who gave everything is existence, Kula che in halacha. And once one beautiful thing that we learned about the word alpha in the Arabic language is that the word Alpha always had

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As usually too much rules, and always has two objects. For example, I can say, I gave a child a piece of candy. And I said, there's two objects here, the child is one object one before one. And the candy is also or that you know, some food that is also another Mfold, or another object. So we find that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions our thought Kula che in halacha. He is the one who gave everything its existence, and some of the Allama they say that if you switch it around, also, it makes also complete sense that he gave existence to everything, it makes complete sense. Paul Kula che in Hong Kong from ohada, Allah subhanho wa Taala then says that he guided everything, what

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taught us how to do certain things in life, it is only from Allah subhanho wa taala, we were never taught when a child is, is being weaned. And when is being fed by its mother, who taught the child how to learn and how to be fed from the mother and how to and go through this process. It is something that is this intuition that is put in the heart of a child by Allah subhanho wa taala. And now further on once again, see fit around was smart. One thing we don't realize is that Phil was extremely smart. He gave he asked a question Who Sally some give a very strong response. Now he's saying that okay, let me try to stir up the emotions of everyone around me. And he said that for my

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bad in the Quran, Allah. See, he knows that everyone is very sensitive about their families. He knows that everyone's sensitive about their past and about their ancestors, their fathers and mothers and so forth. So he says, Yeah, Musa, what do you think about the parents of all these people sitting around us? And what if your own is expecting is that Mussolini, someone's gonna say something wrong? He's gonna say something sensitive or probably insensitive about their parents and Mussolini. Someone's gonna dig himself a hole and he won't be able to get out of it. And what did Musa alayhis salam he say? He says, Rob buena levy out of color el Maha in the rugby field. keytab.

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I don't know about that. That's not something that I know about the real, where everyone is and so forth. That is indicated it is with Allah subhanho wa taala. Lay your little rugby, Allah Yun, sir, my Rob does not, he does not deviate. And he does not forget whatever is in there. He knows what's in there. But that's not my place to say anything about it. And that's my prerogative. And so he just simply left it at that. And he took a step back, and then Musa and then fit around he thought because he thought the muscle in someone's body himself a hole and fall into it. Then he began to instigate him even more, and he began to cause even more corruption or more, you know, he tried to

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stir up the emotions of everyone around him. And when Musashi Islam, he showed him his ossau and it turned into a serpent and so forth. What did he say? He says,

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these three gentlemen, Adina BC, aka Musa, that you're trying to come here and drive us out of our own land. You remember, I one time here, even till today, many people they say that Muslims are here in this country, because then we'll drive you out of your land, Sharia law, Sharia law, this whole thing, this whole thing that you saw, that we saw, at one time, this big hype, founded the same thing to look people, these, these two people have come to drive you out of your own land, they want it, they want to make this land their land. So he's doing the same thing what we saw happening in this day and age. And so at that time, even Musa alayhis salam, he took a step back, and he never

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fell into the emotions, this emotional game that Phil was playing. The point I'm trying to make is that when you're giving Dawa, you're always going to come across someone who is extremely arrogant, someone who's never going to be wanting to listen to the truth, someone who's going to always try to emotionally stir you up. And as a diary, you can never become emotional, when Java are the Allahu, and when he went to Abyssinia and over and over again, he and the Muslim were being called to the courtyard of the Joshi, and he was trying to present what Islam is in the Quran. They're trying to come and put words in the in the ears of Najafi and the Joshi is sort of like he's in the middle.

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He's on the fence. He has no idea who to believe in Java and the Muslims are coming over and over again, you know how much at a time it can take an emotional psychological toll on you that how long are we going to keep on going through this? But Subhanallah one thing that we learned about Jaffer is that he never lost his composure. He was always very calm in his demeanor in his approach, he was always very, very calm. And this is why some of the alumni they said that the fact that the Quraysh kept on getting upset the Quraysh kept on you know, getting angry, and Jennifer was calm about it. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that led the judge to changing his heart and laying the Muslim

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stay over there. So this is why a diary always remember as Muslim

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When we go out when we talk to someone about Islam, someone may say something very foolish, and they have absolutely no reason and they don't want to hear about it, but they're gonna keep on saying something that may emotionally get you, you know, get you fired up. But as a dairy, you can never become emotional because the minute you become emotional, and you're emotionally compromised, you can lose your cool you can lose your temper, and then the person who's giving Dawa, they look they look bad, and the person the other person, they look calm and they usually win the battle. Last thing I quickly want to mention is that in giving Dawa also sometimes a person might be afraid,

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He kept Mousavi Islam calm because see, Musala is something human being he understands that I'm going back to the land where I'm a fugitive, I'm, you know, I'm a wanted person over there. My posters are everywhere around that time that if this guy walks into town, he used to be arrested. If I go over there, what they're gonna do to me, and that is when Allah subhanho wa taala. He tells Musab at some let the Hoffa in the NEMA Akuma I smell what are all I am listening I am hearing why listening and hearing because you know when you're facing up against someone who is arrogant, you want someone to sit there and listen to your story. You want someone to let sit there

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and listen to you and your in your case. And not only that, but you want them to see what is going on. Allah subhanaw taala is telling wizarding Assam in an EMA Akuma first of all I am with you. Just like when Allah subhanho wa Taala we find the Quran that when vaca was was afraid in the in the cave, what did the Prophet SAW Allah why there's something he say? He says Allah has an in Allah humma Ana, whenever we are in a situation but we're doing something that is good. Let us be a consolation for us. That Allah subhanho wa Taala has this thing and Allah subhanho wa Taala he's watching and perhaps the person may get away, but Allah subhanho wa Taala since he's watching and

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he's listening, Allah will hold that person accountable. So these are just few things that we learned about giving Dawa the etiquettes of giving Dawa from Sua and there is much more inshallah next time I will mention from this beautiful sutra by the way once again this sutra many people when they when they are facing fears, they usually come back to this Surah to read this surah it's a very powerful surah if you get the chance to read this surah on your own also I asked Allah subhana wa Taala to give us their feet of what we have heard and what we have learned today immunoblot Alameen desert como la Hey assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh in

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Luna Allah

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swallow water he wants to label this NEMA

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in Alladhina you know, no one wants to hold on.

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To Nia.

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