Many Muslims are Satisfied with Giving Outward Respect to the Glorious Quran

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Muslims with respect to the Quran hamdulillah but many of us they go beyond the limit. They get so much respect that they forget for what purpose the Quran was revealed

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you know we keep the Quran on the topmost shelf

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Alhamdulillah they keep it so much on top that difficult to reach and the Quran catches dust

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in the Quran is a book of guidance, it's a guide book. Suppose if you're studying the guide book is normally at a shelf which is reachable

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you know it's kept on a shelf which you can reach the easiest you won't keep it on top very difficult to take a stool to get it down.

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So Quran in the book we shouldn't be reformed every day. It shouldn't be handy

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and many of us muslims you know, retire the Quran in a pure silk cloth

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and then we tie a knot on it.

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Suppose if you won't read the Quran, you start thinking okay five minutes to open the Quran

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five minutes again to tie the Quran 10 minutes

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the thought of you opening the Quran and again tying it will be a deterrent and if you have 10 minutes does minute hole name your band name is

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if you have 10 minutes time, you know to open the Quran roll 10 minutes a better note in the Quran.

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See, we have to respect the Quran but the main respect is in the heart.

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I'm not against keeping the Quran on top don't get me wrong,

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but see to it that it is accessible.

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It's easily available for guidance.

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You know many for Muslims. before touching the Quran, we scrutinize 1000 things as though it's an RDX bomb. Quran very shoes can test the Quran

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Can I read the Quran while standing? Can I read it in the office?

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All these things, they prevent you from reading the Quran, we scrutinize the Quran hazards and IDX bomb going to explode. The Quran

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is a book of guidance.

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That is the reason many of us Indians object to know the art of martial law, the way they treat the Quran, they give respect.

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But as though it's a guide, it's available. We Muslims give it on top shelf, you know, in India, it's catching dust.

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And rarely will we find people when they are five minutes 10 minutes before the Quran because there is no we have to have that frame of mind. And then we have to see 10 things we can't be in shoes, we can't stand and we have to have a hat over your head, et cetera, et cetera.

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See, many things are good, but don't make life so difficult. That the main purpose of the Quran is for guidance is defeated.

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And very often if you go to the Gulf countries, you know many of the Arabs and they come for Salah a few minutes before you find them taking the Quran and reading

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in India, rarely will you find that

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and suppose someone reading the first row and someone takes the phone and read from the second row. There'll be a personal object. How can you read the Quran in the second row? The back is facing the Quran haram hulless.

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And if you have to sit in the mosque

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and suppose at your home or in the mosque, if by mistake if you happen to read the Quran, while the backface in Qibla hulless you will get Fatah haram

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you know you can read the Quran with your back facing the Qibla. back facing the cover. I've been to haram several times in Makkah several times. You know, they have this terrible Quran, they have his classes, you know, and the students sit in rows,

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many of the backs fails the Quran of the other student who's carrying around the hand and many of them the teacher is facing the Kaaba and the students bad stuff is in the rubber.

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So where do they get this from? Which was the Quran which I did I don't know.

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So we have to love the Quran. We have to respect

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but we have to know that the main reason the Quran was revealed was for hedaya was for guidance.

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Once the Indian Imam very good curry, he went to Saudi Arabia and because he was famous, it was Margaret. Time. So that was the very literal Imam. Imam you lead the Salah. So the Indian Imam,

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he goes and he leaves the salah for Mangrum

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he decides and he finishes the salah. And when he finishes the salah one Saudi smiles at him.

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So then he asks

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that was the problem. Was there any problem in my crap?

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So the Saudi told him? No, your credit was wonderful. I was only wondering that when you restart

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Did Surah Yusuf, you put use Overlay Salam in the well, but before you complete the salah Why didn't you get him out of the well?

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This anecdote would be understood only but those people who read the Quran and understanding those who don't need the Quran understand even not be able to understand this anecdote

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the Saudi was telling him

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if you need for use of it speaks about the story of visit Islam that how he was betrayed by his brothers and his brothers put him in the well and later caravan comes and you say well Salaam has got all the wealth. So the Saudi tells him that you decided very well, but in your Salah, you put yourself in a surah Minda well, but at least before ending the fellowship, I bought him out of the well.

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That means we start

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the surah

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from anywhere and we ended anywhere without realizing have we completed the meaning or not?

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We Muslims we have several excuses

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for not reading the Quran with understanding.

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And we always give excuses for not reading.

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We have the time to read books, volumes, memorize them. But the Glorious Quran, which is the last and final revelation, Allah subhanaw taala unfortunately, we don't take our time to read the message of our Creator Allah subhanho wa Taala