Hasan Ali – Reflecting on the names of Allah #14

Hasan Ali
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Just one lie about Mohammed alameen wa salatu salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala he was nine Silla Malik Mara has like over two brothers and sisters Welcome to a another session of the, of reflecting on the names of Allah azza wa jal, and we're going through these names insha, Allah, Allah. After hearing these names, you are not only learning what the meanings of these names are, but we're engaging with them in a way that we're trying to reflect on the names. I'm trying to bring them in our own lives. The main thing is that we connect more and more to allow them to through these names. So there is a whole thing about Eman which is belief, and yaqeen, which is conviction, where a

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person is convinced and we're going to get to that later on inshallah today.

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And to know that we must always move on, because you know, I'm Shafi Rahim Allah, he famously said that he man is like water, if it remains flowing, like a stream, then it stays fresh. But if it becomes stagnant, like a pond, or a place where where the where there's some water that just staying there, then you get mold, and you get other things that that grow inside, that water doesn't become suitable for you to drink after a while. But if it remains flowing, then it's fresh, it's fresh. So what we want to say from this is that Allah azza wa jal has given us Eman, and we've got to continuously work on that Eman to keep it moving. like to keep it alive. Every day, we have to try

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and do something to boost it, it's like it's like when you got a phone. And the battery is always you know, as you're using the phone, even if you leave the phone alone, even if you get the phone alone, you'll see after a while the phone, you know, the percentage is going down slowly, but surely it's going down. And to keep the phone you know, something, you know, charged up or something that you're going to continue to use, you have to keep on charging it. critical moment comes when the phone will go to you know, below 20% below 10% and so on, and then the red thing comes up, which is showing you that you know you better charge it otherwise it's gonna become quite critical. Now, the

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thing is,

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the man is very much like that, just to understand like that, that once you've got if you've got high Eman and so on, you know, you're good to go. But once it gets to a very critical level, then you find that the functionality is not going to be as good. So already you've got these kind of you know, these phones are built with trying to save power when they're getting to a low kind of, you know, percentage of battery percentage. So he man functions very, very well when a person keeps it, you know, going, we you know, we've got to we've got to put our, our reminders in there, we've got to put our continuous belief in there, we've got to continuously worship Alaska has got to continue

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to remind ourselves with the things that are connected to Eamon and as long as we continue to do that, so it's a continuous thing, okay, it's not a it's not a thing that we, we do, and then we let go, I mean, think about it, the joints in our bodies, we move every joint every day, more or less, okay, there's not a single joint of our body that we just leave, you know, still for for an entire day. You know, in Thai 24 hours, we don't do that even when we sleep, we're moving our body so the limbs are moving. And that keeps the joint you know, something that that is that doesn't become stiff. But if you think of it, Eman is something which if we just leave it, okay, I'm saying I

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believe in a lot and that's it if you leave it but you don't give it what it needs to keep it you know, keep it moving, keep it's something which is flexible, you don't make it something which is which is oil if you like okay, so you've got certain compartments that you have, which if you oil them, then they you know certain mechanical stuff that if you oil it, then they they they work really well. But if you if it goes dry, then then it doesn't function as well. So with all these examples we can look at as your email is something which needs to be looked after.

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And if you know we've got for example, the the

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the believers that are around us, okay the environment that we have the connection with those believers, we have the we have of course the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal in our Salah in our dua and so on so forth. We've got our connection through a lot of connection to Allah through the Quran, we've got so many different ways of making sure that we always work no keeping that in mind something which is, you know, which has been charged up. Now, the moment we start to get to a low level, you find that, you know, it doesn't have the same connection with allows origin. And that's when we'll start to complain and say that, you know, I try I'm trying all of this but I don't feel

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If you if you've been in that state where you're not feeling that connection with Alaska as well, I mean sometimes even people who are influenced a lot they can sometimes like and test them by taking that good sweet feeling away. But if you haven't been feeling it or you don't feel it at all, you know, there's nothing that really happens I'm sure you know that there are listeners out there that you must have gone through so you might be going through this right now. Like Ramadan comes and you know, there's an assignment is abuzz and everyone you know, gets into the mood of doing some kind of other worship but are probably wondering just kind of feel a bit numb to the whole thing that

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nothing is really you know, affecting me, you know, he's just routine and just stay even with Salah Okay, on daily basis, you do saliva, if you thinking every time you get a saliva, you know, I just want to get this over and done with, I just want to just get it over and done with when these things happen, then it's a sign that your Eman is at a low. And if the man is at a low, then you're going to feel like that. And what you need to do is you need to give it that, you know, attention that TLC that tender love care, a man needs that what does that mean? That means that you have to then get doing more because you have to

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you have to look at you know, you have to engage yourself with Oprah. And again, you have to come back to Alaska with some hustle or with some devotion or with some thought with some reflection, and so on. And that is the point that one of the point of doing these names, which is that it makes us a lot more aware of a man's agenda when you're aware of a lot, a lot more. It's different from just knowing that a lot, you know, unlike cysts, because most most Muslims Okay, they believe a lie exists, but just merely believing that He exists without all these qualities doesn't make us feel that great connection with Allah azza wa jal. So we need that and we need this boost of Eman on a

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regular basis. So anyway, we can get straight to the names and high alpha you and I'm hoping that you're using these names and saying Yeah, hallelujah you a one who's ever living or one who you know keeps everything running and governs everything sustains everything and so on so forth, you use these names, and think about the meanings of these names to get close to Alonzo church. So you come to the next name which is a word.

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Now a word it has a meaning that Allah is the one who finds things. It also has a meaning that he is in no need of anyone and he is independent from wood. So why did you can you know you anyone who knows Arabic come from while Jim dal which shows that you know you find something now in the Quran Allah has used this name and he's using various places but you know one of them we find in a Surah Taha where allows region says to the proximal asawa Dhaka now he found you in a state of war land he found you in a state of love or in family in the state of looking for you know, a path okay for her that so he guided you to that path like this will also allow her Islam and a lot of the you know, we

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know pre Prophethood Okay, before he was 40 years old before he got his revelation. He was very very concerned about the about the people of Makkah and how are these people going to find a way to become a better civilized people? Now, this was a lot obviously, you know, up until that point, he was still you know, 100% he was on the Abrahamic or Ibrahim Isla salaams Milla. Abrahamic faiths are the middle of a bygone era. So he was, you know, this was awesome was on on full 100% or head and you know, he never ever worship any of those idols, nor did he believe anything of them. But what he was looking for is he was looking for a way he was looking for a way to make these people realize

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that there's something wrong with what they're doing, you know, they need to leave the the wrongful acts that they have, and the person was and was in a state of wanting to find that pathway. And Allah says, whoa, I did occur, I found you in a state where you were looking for this pathway farther. So I'm the I'm the, you know, Allah who guided you to that to that pathway, meaning I made your profit and I gave you the Sharia and I gave you the Quran and Sunnah and through that you guide people to this set up and study. So this thing is the boy Jessica, Allah has found someone in a certain certain place or certain state or in a certain way, and we've got to understand is that

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Allah azzawajal when he wants to guide us there's nothing between us and between him to stop him from guiding us. What does he What does it need it needs our Inaba. Okay in one of the names are like his his, you know, he he's the one who

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or one of the things I said in the hologram is that he guides one who turns to him by the way he might need, okay? A lot to Allah guides one who turns to him. Now what this means is that he, we could be in a state. And of course Allah knows our state. But Allah mentioning that he finds us in that state, and then he guides us to something shows that he is now ready to show his affection and affection towards us, and he's ready to do something for us. Okay. Now, if you've, if you're in a state that you're looking for a way, okay, I'll give you one one, right that I think that a lot of a lot of people who really want to probably get married to someone or they want to find someone to get

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married to, but they they're not sure who that person is. And I'll tell you one thing that a lot of us this name, yeah. Why do you do your Why do you do what you do with your life? You know, for all those people who are who are looking to find a spouse use this name. And use it again. And again, usually, like I told you yesterday, which is, you know, we start out with is the farm and so on, and you're using it from the heart and you're you're repeating it again and again. So you ask Allah, Yahweh to do one who finds not that Allah doesn't know what it is, please don't get this wrong. When we say a human being find something, a human being lost something and then they found it. We don't,

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we don't mean it like that. It allows them what we mean, but allows, is that fine for me? So yeah, why did you do you know what it is? She know all your creation, you know, every single human being out there? And who would be the best person for me to marry? But yeah, what did you do? I'm asking you to find for me, that's, that's the meaning that we are giving here. So use that. Yeah, what do you do? Now, if you've lost something, you can also use this name to find something. And there are a lot of people, I personally love people who've lost something. And they've continuously said, Yeah, why did you the average of the last lesson for somebody lost the keys, or they lost the last some

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paperwork? So something that they need to define? And they use this thing? Yeah. Why do we Why do we or why do we? Or why do we avoid and avoid repeat again and again, again, Alhamdulillah. Allah, you know, showed showed them what it is not that Allah doesn't know where he's at a lot also needs to find it now. They will not. But he will show them and will guide them, but it is.

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The other second being that we have a budget that is a light independent, and he doesn't need meaning that is from the part of Arabic which is which meaning that look a lot is a lie sufficient in terms of being enough for for you and for me. So if you want if you think that Look, I don't want to depend on anyone else, I just want to depend on you. And I want you to find especially this is being used for

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me, would you come the words are being used in sort of to talk? Okay, so I like saying that, look, if you get to a state where a divorce is absolutely inevitable, and it's it's happening, and what are you going to do? And how are you going to look, sometimes, I'll make this very clear, divorce is the last last last resort for anyone, okay, you must consider every possible, you know, avenue to try and

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find a way to sort the problems out between the spouses, before you actually make that final decision. Okay. And please, you know, one of the things I want to say to you that a lot of times people get influenced by others to make that divorce.

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You know, they make that intention. But what they don't understand is, or they don't understand is everyone's situation is unique. And people a lot of times can influence you to make a decision. But they won't be there for you tomorrow.

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Please think about this very deeply, you're going to be you're going to be more or less on your own.

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Even the closest people to you, they won't be able to give you full 100% support and everything that you need

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is one of the things that people wake up to after they've done it. So what I'm trying to say to you, after you've made every single, you know, you've gone through every single pathway trying to reconcile and so on. And then you know, if there's a person out there who thinks, well, this is it, I have to make this decision because you know, my spouse is not someone who I can live with at all. And I've tried and I've tried to forgive I tried to make reconsolidation, I'll try to get people in between our project everything and there's no way we can live together anyway, if a person comes to that point, and they face the you know, consequence of Palazzo divorce, then Allah says, Allah says,

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Don't worry, don't worry about the future.

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Allah can expand for you from his would from his independence means that look, all you need to look at the future because you can't see how you're going to make things work. Unless it's at that point in which they come by if you've got a law on your side now please, you know, don't don't don't just take this lightly. You know, please make sure that you if you're going to make that move, and if you if it's absolutely necessary, like like I'm saying to you because I think from the cases that come of divorce, a lot of them were unnecessary, and there's a lot

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Don't get influenced by family members, friends, you know, people who've been divorced previously, who've also gone through this. And notice I'm here to just jump out to just get out.

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And especially if there's kids involved, it's a very, you know, there's a lot of effects that happen. And there's a lot of research that has gone into what these kids and these are not just research today only. We're talking about decades of research decades, actually, decades of research, and I've studied my you know, I've done a degree in psychology, and we've had to study what happens to children, in terms of the upbringing and growing up when they're growing up with a single parent, or when the parents have divorced in a while, the effects of that and there are a lot of effects you might not see. So today, you're going to see some of it, you know, decades, decades later, maybe

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two, three decades later. So anyway, the point is that Allah says mean, which Allah says, Allah, Allah will expand, okay, from from the, the, you know, his independence and so on, what he will do is unlock and expand for people.

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Whoever depends on a lot, obviously, we're going to talk a lot here from our hospital, whoever depends depends on a lot in the right way that light is enough enough for them. And whatever situation we're in, and whatever independence you've got a luck and Allah says he can expand what what he meant in that I sort of collapse that from the from whatever, we've got a lack of expand our situation and make it better in a in a financial way. Anyway,

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this this name a legit, it has two two meanings. One is, you know, one finds, and the other one is the one who is independent, and he's the only one that we need in certain situations. So you can call him with either of these names in that in that particular with that particular thing in mind. So the next name, we come to excel magic, okay, invalid, recovered and muddied. And we've got a magic very similar names, that we've got very similar in terms of its roots. So there's not much to cover under this name. Except that allows you to look sometimes in Arabic, you use the file form like magit, and sometimes Majid so Majeed have a, that kind of structure means that there's a lot of

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it there. So, for example, when you say Allah did, Allah is powerful, and inshallah Allah is most powerful mean that he has all the power, when we say, Allah, Allah has, you know,

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you know, he will forgive animals for food for the foreigners, another another another way of, you know, not another pattern form in Arabic. And it means that there's a lot of forgiveness of an over and over again. So al Majid we covered before, which shows that he is not only not only has everything in his possession, but he's also noble and is also generous, and he gives it to people and magic is a very similar form that mean that he has that he has that novelty and he has that shut off, or that reserve or the dignity that allows, you know, that that whether we accept it or not, or whether we offer it to him or not, he has all of that dignity and know in the noble qualities, and

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in his very generous and he's generous in his giving. Now, the next thing we come to is unwired. Okay Ville one now already I think in one of those other session before I told you that when we covered alcohol I think I told you about a wide that Allah is alone. Now I had which is which is a name of a lot that comes in some of these nighttime in some situations I've had an obviously in a class, we've got Pula, who I had say a lot is one. Now what is I had me Look I had means that there's no second, I had mean there's no second, there's no third, there's no fourth, he's just one one and only Allah it means that they can be a second or third. But however, when Allah says Allah

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and what he means is that he is very unique. He's very unique in the way he is. So

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Allah azza wa jal being Allah hate being the one mean it means that he is the one and only in whatever qualities he's got, there is nobody that will be unique like him in his qualities, or nobody that can match him in his qualities. Now, I hate when we say our head and we look at his uniqueness because he is the one and only in all of his qualities, nobody else can compare to him. What we need to understand is that in all of these, all of his features, attributes are in his existence in his being in everything, he is unique. That's the meaning that we are looking at here is unique. So when you come across anything of Allah, even the fact that we know look, Allah watches

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us Allah seasons, we covered this, Allah says, Hey, elbasy are Rocky. He sees us

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He watches, but he is why he's alive most of these, which means that Allah is unique, you're not going to, you're not going to like I know we relate to seeing with our eyesight. And we can understand, okay, aside from seeing something, even if you say if we were to say, okay, we can only see in one direction Allah sees in all directions, we can understand seeing but he's seeing still is something which is unique. No none of his creations see the way he sees

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none of his creation. So, for example, our eyes, they need light to be able to see, without that light, we can't see there are animals that can see in the dark, okay? Even whether we look at those animals or we look at human beings, there is no comparison whatsoever to the to the sight of Alaska, our hearing cannot be compared to the hearing of Alaska, our speaking or our doing in anything that allows us of our knowing when Allah says Allah, Allah, He knows everything. And we also, we also have experienced what knowledge is, we know certain things, there is absolutely no comparison between the two, nothing out of nothing at all. I mean, we can't even make a suggestion of how Allah

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really knows, or he sees, or he thinks because he's alive, meaning he is the one and only that there is nothing else like him. Anyway,

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it doesn't exist, it does not exist. So what we what we take from this is that Allah azza wa jal is, is so unique, that all of his qualities are unique. And we're not supposed to, I want to, I want to just add this in, please make sure that you don't fall into this trap of trying to visualize a lie in a certain way. The best is that we know Allah is watching us his existence existence is there he is in our invisible world, in a world that we can't see, he's there, okay, he's there, he's watching this, he's seeing as he knows us, he sees us all the time, he hears us all the time. And that's what we have as a thought in our minds, but don't fall into the trap of trying to say, okay, you know,

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there's this feature a lot mentioned or put out or this other feature, and it, you know, I can understand through through, like, for example, for example, ally might have said he might have stopped, you know, he said in a line, he's used the word align, which is an AI, okay, and it shows that I'm watching you, or something. So you're not supposed to think of Allah having an eye, like any of the eyes of the creation? Not at all, not at all I have been that we don't do that. We, we, we look at these, you know, versus we, you know, we believe in them, we know that they're there. And we leave the mean for last, the mean that Allah knows best these things, you know, actually mean in

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the Quran. So we don't visualize at all, any figure to Allah, any form of shape to Allah, any nouns with any limbs or any, you know, direction for Allah? we don't we don't do that, you know, he is beyond all of that. So, a great way of understanding allows them is to understand that he is beyond, okay, so even the fact that, you know, we've got certain,

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you know, we said, I add some things about fold above and so on, the way we understand is that he is beyond, okay, he is way beyond any of our imagination, any of our thinking and our conception, any of the ways that we could possibly think of it. So we shouldn't dwell into these things where we try and you know, grasp the actual way Allah azza wa jal, he does the things that he does, because, you know, rousselot has told us that Tucker roofie halophila has told us to reflect on the creation of Allah not to reflect on Allah in that sense to understand how he looks or how he is and so on, so forth. So, Allah He tells us that he is, you know, in essence unique.

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The next one we come to is a summit now, a summit means that allows Adela he is you know, a solution we have in Surah ikhlas, Allah who Allahu Allah, Allah has some lights on what does that mean? That means Allah does not need his creation at all, but his creation made him 100% both these meanings come together, then you get the meaning of a sermon. So on the one hand, Allah does not need this creation at all, I mean, not even for anything and what for, for, he gives them everything, everything possible, their life is dependent upon him. And then the fact that his creation need him and depend on him 100% so it's a dual meaning, right, so this is what in this name, some of what it

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does is that it really makes you feel so much in or of Allah because there's a lot

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Who doesn't mean need me at all, but I need him 100%. Like, if you were to think of me and my parents, I can still benefit my parents in some way. They my parents might say, Well, I don't need you, but I still can benefit in some way. Especially when they get to old age or whatever, what I could do them some favors, I could help them around. Okay, there's no one that's like this. But we have relationships with where we have 100% 100% that, you know, we need but they 100% they don't need and at the same time, we're talking about like, forever and forever. There's there's no there's no one like that. And that is the the

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name of our summit, and also lasala salon in Zoe's glasses. Yeah, I had your summit. Yeah. Malema leader, Mulan. Oh, one who is one one and only. And you have some other one who we 100% dependent depend upon? But you have no dependency upon us. You don't need us. Yeah, Millennials that are one who has never given birth, or never been given birth to, you know, I'm asking you, okay, so these are these are us from the props and Allah Islam. So that's the name of a summit, a very unique thing of our two way thing that we understand. And the final thing that we come to today is our call, the two names are recorded and unlocked.

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And recorded is the one who has power. And I'll moqtada is the one who executes that power. Okay, I'll call it also means the one who has the power of the things that we're able to see. Okay, and also Nazi but I'm more specifically to do with things of power that we can't see. Okay, subtle power that he has. So that's the way we understand these two meanings. So are they, the one who has power are the one who executes that power, who gives it out, he has power for everything, but he will execute that power to wherever he wants, or whatever he wants. And the other way to understand is that our power there is, you know, he has power power that we see we don't see but our motivation is

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very subtle power that you know, very, very, you know, D power that we wouldn't be able to grasp. That's the kind of power so, you know, when when you look at some of these stories, the Quran, when allows was as he saved the messenger, sometimes it's unlocked or that you know, this is a power which, which in some ways was an unseen power and a power which in Allah says in when you say the prompts on the law, he suddenly says that, you know, certain times of angels there were angels even in the Battle of

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who name Allah says, Would you know Lamoureux, Allah says there were there were my army there that you never saw. Because Allah said angels to help them in a way that you don't see the angel that but they're helping they're they're making the Muslims winner that particular you know, war, or that battle Battle of her name. But Allah says, These are this is an army of man which you never saw, which I which I kept hidden from you and this is our most of the artwork meaning that he is doing it in a very subtle way we don't even understand there are certain things that happen in our lives and angels do something we don't even know. And that's how that works. But there's certain things that

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we are aware of, and that will be from you know, as seeing our father, or the most powerful one at work. Now, what I want to say to you earlier, which I started off with this session is Look, there is a man and basically there's a man and the jockey there's a belief and there's something to be fully fully convinced. Why have we got these names are carded, for example.

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And I woke up and then in the Quran, you've got a deed, a deed now this is named added in the piranhas alpha data has

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appeared many times like well who Allah condition for the He is the one who

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aware everything he has full power, in natural evolution for Allah, you are the one who has full power over everything we you know, we see this repeated again and again.

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Why is the last we didn't repeat this in the code. And again, and again and again. And the reason is this, that Remember what I said to you in the in the beginning part of this this session, which is we need to keep our event charged. We need to oil our email, keep it charged to keep it functioning by giving it these things that it needs to be fed into these things that need to be fed into our email. Now, what is this thing that I'm trying to say to you, what I'm trying to say to you is that we all have belief in Allah. But there's something called your kin, which is being convinced, absolutely convinced about these about the things that we know about the laws of logic. So to move

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from this mere belief to being convinced, we need repetition. We need these things to repeat to us over and over and over again. That's why the Quran if you look around, you'll see well acquisition for the integral equation for the integral equation for the new series. Again, and again. Well, long haul acquisition cost. You'll see again, again, we repeated aleida has power over everything.

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He has power everything surely he has power over everything. Surely you all have power over everything. Why is the Lord repeating this again and again and again and again?

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Why? Because repetition is something that makes you believe take you from it takes you from a man to fully being convinced. So for example, right now, if you saw a yellow m a yellow and watching your mind McDonald's, right? So to bring that up while you're fasting, but if you saw a particular you know, brand if you saw this, this brand like this, okay, what I'm doing is this look, I'm sure a lot of you are thinking of Nike, Nike, right? Now, that has been repeated to us, that advertisement has been shown to us again and again so many times that you just have to see that symbol. And you know, straightaway, that it what it means the same way. Okay, the same way.

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If you if you think about it, if we're able to absorb these, these the meanings of these names, and we repeat them again and again, and we read the Quran, or we come across these names again and again, and we absorb them, you know, in a repetitive style, like we've seen me once we've seen again, we seem tomorrow's in if you didn't see me again, again, again. When you do this, then it really makes us go from a man to yakking which is full conviction. And now you're one of the top believers once you get to your team. Once you get to that, that level of belief where you convinced about all of this, then you're a top believer, you're a top believer, and amongst all of us that are

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certain believers, we're at the low end some of the middle some of the top end molars, we put us at the top end of Eamon Amina O'Brien, please go through these names. understand these names, reflect on these names. Think again and again about these names, absorb them, let them take you from email to you again, amen to full conviction that allows them you know, these qualities and things are there. And I fully believe in them and I can feel the sensation of them. I mean, you're a believer in zachman, Ohio. I said I want to lie about it.

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