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Nadim Bashir
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Bismillah AR Rahman Hyundai local behind me and also there was someone that was sort of Muhammad wa ala early he was a big mine was selling with the Sleeman Kathina to my boss ohana, Clyde mana Ilana Anantara in the Italian Hakeem luxury so today we're certainly only one of them in the Sony of Glencoe. Yeah, my bad so since it is very late, we're going to keep

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these sessions relatively short. First thing is that last week we talked about earlier the alloga on during the era or the lava bucket or the Ulladulla. And today, we're talking about on model the olive adiala line and his contribution during the time of almost even a hotdog or the gala dinner on next week Inshallah, we will be talking about his contribution during the time of Northmet, even the iPhone or the Allah design, and then Inshallah, after Ramadan, we will begin to discuss about some of the conflicts I took, that took place during the time of audio the yellow to the on between himself, and for example, I showed the alotta Lionheart and why

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We are on the allotted line and so forth. Some of the the matters that took place because they require a lot of time and trying to squeeze or try to explain exactly what transpired between the Sahaba the Allah Tala and home in such a short period of time after Isha during these days is quite an injustice because we really want to understand exactly what happened between the Sahaba EULA and home.

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During the time of Amara, the Allah Tala and not once but on many occasions, Alma Rodon was heard saying that the best judge who exist within our time is Eileen on the Allahu taala. And, in fact, a person by the name of a person by the name of Masaru. One said that there were six companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that people will take their knowledge from. It was almost a viola to line Oliver the yellow line. I'm delighted when Mr. ruder the Allah Tala and Abu Musa eyeshadow, the alotta line, Zaid Bin sabot, rhodiola line, and finally, God obey even a god or the Allah to the Andes were six companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that people will

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come to them to acquire knowledge. Masaru also says that in one time, at one time he said that if there were two people who are the most important out of all the six Sahaba or the Allah that I'm one from whom they that knowledge was taken from it was Ali's or the Allah to dawn and Abdullah Evan Masada, the Allah to dawn. On one instant must rock also said that there were three main scholars after the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one existed in Medina, one existed in Kufa, and one existed in Shang who was the one in Medina. It was a little yellow tonight, who was in Kufa it was Abdullah bin Masuda the Allah Denine and who was in Sham, it was a Buddha or the yellow

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outline. And just on a sidenote, if you actually study the school or the school of thought of Imam Abu Hanifa rahmatullah wa ala, you will see that majority of his opinions are taken are taken from the FIP of Abdullah bin Masuda the Allah Quran, because I'm loving Masuda the Allah Tron was in Kufa and that is not far from where Imam Abu Hanifa he grew up and where he studied and this is why they took so much from Abdullah administer the Allah Tala and the next thing is that how when it came to the judgment of God Allah to nine, one time a woman was brought to Oman and Cataldo the Allah Tala and she had committed adultery. So Amara, the Allah to Allah inquired about her and what he's the

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the judgment or the ruling that he passed was that this woman is to be taken to be stoned to death while they were taking this woman they ran into any adiala time. I need all the Athan asked that Where are you taking this? Where are you taking this woman? They informed him that this is the judgment or this is the ruling

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or the corridor I would say of almost a quarter of the allotted time and we're carrying out his orders. So aliotta unsaid that no you turn around and you go back to OMA or the hola Don and I am coming. So they took her back to amado Yola to nine when Omar saw this, he asked that I give you instructions, why are you not carrying out my orders? So they said that I leave those on ordered us to come back. When I leave order and came back and I want to inquire from him. He said that don't you remember the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the roofie Allah Palawan Salah that there are three people who are not held accountable for anything, they are not going to be held

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accountable meaning that the pain has the pen has been raised from three people. What that means is that the melodica they jot down or they document every single thing that a person does, but there are three there are three types of people that when they do anything, the pen has been uplifted meaning that nothing regarding them is written number one a sleeping person till they wake up. Number two, a child till he becomes or he reaches the age of where he becomes a macula. McAuliffe means that the outcome or Sharia apply to him. He reaches the age of puberty. And finally, a third the third person is someone who has been afflicted with insanity. So he aliotta unsaid that if you

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look at the mental state of this woman, she is not mentally sane. She is not mentally sane. She is mentally insane. And that is when Omarosa and he inquired more about her, he investigated more and he realized that Ali Rhodiola Don was right and he withdrew his his cabal or he withdrew his orders to go and stone her. Another similar event that took place was when a will

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was brought to Ahmed all the time. And he ordered once again that she committed Zina. She used to be stoned, when they were taking her away. They ran into it all the time. I used all the time He overturned the ruling of Omar or the allotted time saying that she is expecting a child and you cannot order an execution. Or she'd be staying in this in this situation till she gives birth. So in this situation when Omar inquired, then he did find out that yes, she indeed she is pregnant, she is expecting a child. So then he withdrew his orders. Now, at this moment, many of the RWA films that are offered are those who are against the Sahaba Rhodiola Gronholm. Those who are in favor of Allah

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the Allah Tala and they say then look at these stories and what we learn from these stories is that the OMA or the alotta and was not someone of sound mind in sound judgment Subhanallah I mean, what kind of false accusations you can make, you can make against Ahmad or the Allah Denine upon which ignorant they me I shall Islam Imitate me allotment Allahu Allah He writes in his book that if you look at Amara, the Allah Tala and first of all the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has clearly said and he has talked about the wisdom that did exist within amo Viola to line he was a man of sound judgment. He had the ability and he had and he ran his Khilafah time, or he he served as

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Khilafah in a very amazing way. So he writes in his book that one or two situations here and there, if Almighty got them wrong, if Omar he writes, If Omar was arrogant, then Omar will never take the opinion of a leader, the Allah tonight, but we understand that Omar was a person first of all, he was a Halifa. He was a person of sound judgment. And not only that, but he was a humble Khalifa, that when people informed him otherwise, and they had proof to back it up, then they would then Omarosa and who he will never be arrogant about it, he would take their opinion. There was another incident that or another situation that took place during the time of Amara Hatha, rhodiola to the

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iron. And this was something that was suggested by Eileen or the ultra iron, which was that during the time of Alma robiola to line those who were involved in drinking any type of alcohol, there is a a HUD that is applied to them, but during the time of amo the Allah denied based on the opinion or the suggestion of Ariola time, that was doubled that was doubled. Now based on this the ALMA have of course different Imam Shafi Rahmatullah Ali Mohammed humble, they both say that the hard for someone who drinks intoxicants, it is 40 lashes, whereas the illegal Viola to the iron on top of the Allah Tala and Imam Malik Muhammad Elijah Ali Imam, Abu Hanifa Rahmatullah Ali are all of the opinion that

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they are at lashes in the case of a person when he drinks but once again we see that how Alma Rhodiola did it and he he he went with what Ali or the Allah on who said, and he trusted his word. A woman once came to Alma or the Allah Tala iron and said that and she claimed that she was she was raped. And she brought the man who she was alleging that she was raped by and initially on what are the Allah Tala and he said that he heard both sides of the story. And he and once again the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu, including Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were not highly motivated, they did not have knowledge of the Unseen. So whatever came in front of them, whatever

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the VA had, or the apparent came before them, there were human beings, they would make a judgment based on the situation and based on the evidence, there was something that this woman had put on her clothes, and which which would she use as evidence that she was that she was abused. And so in this case, or her rights were taken or she was raped. So in this case, almost rodeo Don had said that this person who had come in to raid the man he should be punished. Right after that I leave with on came into the company of Ahmad etiquetado, the Allah tonight, and he asked our legal tunda What do you think about this situation? Can you please explain your situation? They explained that they

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presented their case before the allotted time, our legal time, he went and he asked a woman that where is your evidence? And when she presented her evidence on the close, legal Dawn, he ordered some water and he poured some water on that area where that where the evidence did exist. And after he did some inquiry when he began to touch, I mean, these were Sahaba they were not very scared and touching the evidence. So when he began to touch the evidence, he realized that

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that this was something fake that this woman had put on her clothes. And that is when Alma rota and he changed his judgment. And then it was the woman who was then she was, she was punished because she she made some false accusations against this man, this innocent man. So once again, we see how what a person ID all the data on was when it came to when it comes to inquiry when it came to investigating, when it came to automotive photography, Allah to the ion and his expenses. It said that while he was serving as a Khalifa, he could not give much time to his business. He had a business, he cannot give time to his business. So because of that, as a result, his business began

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to decline, he began and as a result, he began to make less money from that, and he began to become financially tight. So what happened was that he asked the Sahaba the autonome that what do you suggest I do? So some Sahaba they came in, they said that look, the battle MAN IS THERE YOU ARE the Khalifa, you are serving the Muslims, you take as you deem fit. He took an opinion from other Sahaba of the autonome. And they said that you should take this much amount of money, he came to it with your time and Ally Rhodiola Rhodiola. And suggested that Oh, Amina will mean take the amount of money that you need for the morning meal, or the afternoon meal, and the night meal. And that's all

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i i believe that you should take only this much. And Omar ricotta liotta on he made the decision based on the opinion, or the suggestion of ally or the Ultron. He took his judgment in that matter. When it came to.

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In Iraq, there was a land that was conquered, and almost all the time did not know whether he should distribute it or he should keep it. Even in that kind of situation. He went to Arlene Rhodiola to Rhonda, what should we do? I leave it on who said that I believe that you should distribute it. If there's anything left, then you should keep it for the Muslims for future usage, just in case anything does occur. And almost all the time, he says that I had already made this decision to do this. But when Ali Loganlea gave me the same decision, it made my decision more affirm. And then I went with that. In other cases, for example, when he sat down to decide that how are we going to

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determine the Islamic calendar? From what year are we going to count Islamic history? So it then he took an opinion from the from The Hobbit ojala Tron home? It was Ali whether you're the one who suggested that we should begin our Islamic calendar from the year of the Prophet sallallahu it was some he made him out to Medina and we till today we know that the Islamic calendar has been based based on that once again, but however that was the year what about the month? Because we know that the year starts at what month, Mahara? Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. So the question is that where did Muharram come from? That is something that came from from Omar even

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Nakata badiola That on that he said that when a person goes in the month of the hijab for Hajj, based on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whoever does Hajaj and he does not engage any kind of like

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intimacy and they do not do any kind of, they're not involved in any kind of argumentation and they perform all the rights of hygiene they come back the Prophet alayhi salam says Raja ik Yeoman well added to Omo, the Prophet alayhi salam said that they returned as if they are a new human being meaning that they are completely sinless. So oh my god, no Hatha Raja Donna said that the month or the year will begin at Muharram because when you go for hygiene dinner hija it is a fresh new start. So therefore the next month is well haram, we will start from haram and other

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and other times when Alma Rhodiola on he would go out like during his time, the Persian lands were conquered few times he had to leave Medina, who do you leave behind to take care of Medina. He left the island or the alotta and when Omar wrote the Alta and went for Hajj, who do you leave behind in Medina to take care of the affairs of Medina he led a left alley or the alotta line. So having said that, we understand that how much respect I leave all the data on had for how much we spend on my head for it in real time. What about the love now as the the robot field they have so much hatred for Omar Baba, the Allah the line. And so there are many people who make a lot of false claims and

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they fabricate a hadith or fabricate events to prove that Omar ruota I did not love or he did not like the annual bait or the adult bathe we're not in favor of Alma Rhodiola to line so just to give you few instances, number one, almost zero the altar iron once told Huson heat

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Hold, in fact for saying the center value of your time and he referred to him as, oh my son, he says, oh my son, why don't you ever come back to visit us? Now it said that once.

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I amaro rodeo, Don was sitting inside the same room, talking to him while we are on your time. Outside is his own son, Abdullah binominal, Viola de Lyonne. He did not have any permission to come inside. So when Hussein came, and he saw that the son of Oman Hapa was standing outside, he said that then I need to be standing outside. When Omar inquired who was outside and he came in, he said that I did not come in because number one, you were talking to more IWEA but number two, I saw your own son standing outside. Alma Rhodiola. Don, who said that in this situation, you have more Huck, you have more hot that you have more hard to come inside and sit with me. And even in that

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situation, I would make my son stand outside, had Omar Rhodiola and have anything in his heart against the adult bait. He would have never treated the the son of allinone Athan in this way, another another thing that took place, which tells you that there was nothing between Alma or the Athan and the animal bait is the biggest proof is that I lead or the Allah the lion. I lead or the ion permitted, almost inevitable the otter is to marry his daughter, and he had a daughter from her daughter, and he named her own Mickelson omen. coutume was one of the daughters of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. But Ali also had a daughter by the name of omit Khartoum and Omer Rodon had

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married her and from this marriage, there were two kids that they had one child. They named her Rokia and the other one they named, they named him Zaid. So from this marriage, they had to now said that Zaid, one time he went to the masjid or he went somewhere where there was an altercation taking place and he suffered a blow to the head, and because of which he died instantly. And when his mother woman consumed found out about this, then she out of the emotional state that she went through the emotional grief that she went through that was the cause of her death. They pretty much died at the same time. And it said that they both were buried at the same time. So once again, had i

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Li rota if there was anything between Isley and Omar all the time I leave would never give his daughter to Oman or the allotted time for him to marry. On other occasions, it is mentioned that

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there was one incident that happened after the time of obika Viola and as we know that Fatima was still alive, and she passed away six months after the death of US law. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam and we'll finish on this insha Allah. What happened was that Alma now this is actually that happen. This is very true that happened that Omar Royalton went to Fatima Rhodiola Tirana and explain to her the situation that is taking place, as I have explained before that there was a delay in the br of Iloilo your time upon obika Viola line. So she he had gone to Fatima and said that look, this is the situation that we are we are at it said that Fatima when they came back when I leave or they're gone

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and came back home, fought in my den talk to her husband Ali or the other one and suggested that you should I think you should go and do Bae upon Oh bakudo The old time. Now the RWA field or the Shias? They say that Omar Rhodiola and went to the house of Fatima and threatened her this is what they say they they he threatened her that if Ali comes back home and you do not order him to come and and take bait or do based upon a bucket of yoga and then I will collect people and I will burn your house to the ground dry field they say and they have documented this in their books. And there is no proof. There is not a single authentic report from any Sahabi Rhodiola and iron home because had

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this happen had this happen. Fatima could have made a big deal out of this she could have spread this to the other Sahaba that I had been threatened like this by Amara deuteron. But there's not a single report from any companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there on Mauna Kea came and he threatened the daughter of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in this way. In fact, what actually happened was when Ahmad came to follow him out of the Delta Ana, he first said that your father is the most dearest person to us and after your father, the family of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the most dearest to us and that is when he presented his situation. And there

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was no threats that were made by Ahmad

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kappa Rhodiola Tehran, and we had to be very careful about this because Soheila I mean, there's so many books, false books false. I mean, there were fabrications,

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made up stuff made up a hadith where these people people like obika are the Allah that I'm and Alma or the yellow Tron and northwave to find their reputation has been tarnished, and they were fought and they were fabrications made against them. So this is one of the fabrications that took place against open metadata. And as I said, there was nothing that suggested that, in fact, if, in fact, when Omar Rodon was about to pass away, if you remember last time I shared this with you that he said that there are six Sahaba Well, the Alta on whom who are fit to be the Khalifa after me and one of them was Ali Viola and and of course, he came down to earth man, and I leave on time, and the

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suggestion was made in the favor of automatic not a fan of EULA to nine. But even after this, even after the death of Amara Cataldo, the yellow time, Omar, I mean, early on, he came to the body of

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the autobahn and he says that if there is any person I admire, it is a person like I'm going to help out with the Allah athalon. And he said that Omar was amongst those people that the prophet of Saddam would was heard often saying that I have a burqa and Omar does such and such I, Oba and Omar went somewhere it's such an such I obika and Omar does such as such, so he began to talk he began to say great words, and he began to praise all monitor Hautala the all time and his style of leadership and his Khilafah and how he governed the Islamic the Islamic State so so there was really nothing that was between there was nothing in the hearts for each other against against each other in the

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heart of Omar on the altar on or I lead over the altar on the island bait, the children of Ali Raja and they had love a lot of love and respect for Orban and Cataldo, the Ultron and Amara photography. In fact, one last thing

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in fact is that one time there was some spores aboard that came to Medina and the and the Omer rodeo time. He said before I even start with myself, I want to start with the add on bait of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the Amara had a lot of respect for the adult bathe. And this is something that was between the Sahaba wrote on all the Sahaba they had a lot of respect for the debate. So inshallah we'll go ahead and stop right here. This was pretty much in a nutshell of course there's so many more things I can share with you but because of time, we'll stop right here. Next week inshallah we will talk about or thumbin Eileen leave whether your time in the time or in

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the Halacha of or it's not even I found your time, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he gives us the ability to act what's been sent her to me Allah subhanaw taala grantors the love of this habit of yoga on home, the way the Sahaba loved each other for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala there's akmola Hey Subhan Allah Hamdi Subhana, Allah 191 in the Anta and I still feel like I want to break because I can locate some article on the law here but I'll get to

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