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The conversation covers the assassination of Othmar and the history of the assassination of Othmar, including a practice of giving people a fair trial and the use of the Spanish military in the assassination. The speaker also discusses rumors and accusations of assassination, and gives examples of how people have caused corruption and faced small issues. The United States Congress has created a plan to prevent the spread of fabricated letters and fabricated events, including a deadline for the return of the United States to Afghanistan and a deadline for the return of the United States to Egypt. The plan is executed and many military actions are addressed.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim and 100 lobia Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah him Mohammed who Allah earlier he was so happy here to mine was sitting with a Sleeman cathedral cathedral Madras Ohana clima in Ireland Anna in Nikka. Antonio Hakeem will be shortly so today with silly Emily, one of them Melissa and EF Capote I'm about

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last week we were talking about the events leading up to the assassination with my family a lot. And I'm and I did mention last week, too, that we will be talking about exactly what happened. How did the assassination take place. However, there were some additional information that I came across, which I think is very important to learn and know about before the assassination before we cover the assassination of Othmar, even offline with the yellow tonight, and what are some of the events that took place? So what happened was that as we all know, that the filters were spreading and the Rumors are spreading in all the communities, especially places like Kufa, Basra and Egypt. Now, so this

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habit of the Ultron when they came to archive now I found on the alotta line and they said that we have heard many things which are very inappropriate. And we believe that you have to have to take some action staying quiet in Medina, praying to Allah subhanaw taala that everything will be fine although that is not what Arthur was doing. But what these Sahaba they came to the they came to arthritis and I found on the alotta line to sort of encourage him and push him to do more than what he was already doing. So what ortholite even Asano the Allah on did was that he first want to know what exactly is going on with all the different governors. And this was a practice of obika Rhodiola

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to dawn on Omaha Pablo de Allah time. And so even though I've found over the allotted time he's sent some the Sahaba or the Allah that I'm home, such as Mohammed imminent Muslimah was summer even Aziz someone who was extremely dear to the sloths Allahu alayhi wa sallam on mapping yesterday Allah Tala and and Abdullah nama these are four great individuals, people that were trusted by Arthur I am not a fan of the Allah Tala and he sent these people to all these different areas. He sent them to Bassam Kufa, Egypt in Syria, that go and talk to the governor's the Muslim governors that I have appointed there. Find out the atmosphere and the pulse of their countries see what is going on. Talk

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to the people of the of the country and the cities and come back and give me a a detailed report. Or some I have not found on the alotta on it said that he even gave them an appointed time that makes sure you come back within this time. They all came back with the exception of Amma vinyasa, he took some additional days in Egypt. And then he came back. Whenever they whenever they did come back, all of them gave a similar report that the governor that you have appointed in these respective areas are doing their job faithfully and respectfully and they're doing their jobs very well. There is no need to remove anyone because the reason I say there's no need to remove anyone is because there

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were a lot of people who were pushing or thrive nonfat to remove different people from different positions, and so forth. I have not found this is why he conducted the survey. And they went and they brought some positive feedback. The next thing that was maybe not a fan of the Athan did was that he sent a letter to all these different areas and all these different governors. And it was a rule in a practice that when you receive a letter from a middle minigun if it is to the leader, then that person will be responsible for that however, if that letter is sent, so that it is for the people of the country or the city, then the governor has to read that out before everyone. And so

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these there were some letters that were sent out by our firemen, our fan, they were read before the people by the governor's and these people they repented and every penny they they weeped and out of you know out of pity for five and I found with the Allah Tala on and the struggles that he was going with and going through, and when you and not only that, but in the letter, there was something very specifically that was mentioned. And that letter is said that if anyone has been oppressed by their governor, then I will see you in Hajaj. And I will see your governor in hij. And I will stand on your side and I will get an I will be able to serve justice when it comes to your matter if any of

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you are oppressed by your governors now, stopping here for a second think about this. The people who were accusing ortholite NotFound or the alotta on of any type of injustice, for a man to write something of this type and send it to their people or to the different Muslims living in different countries. Could we possibly ever imagined that a person like this would do any kind of injustice towards anyone else? Absolutely not. Yet, the rebels and the people who were on the

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The opposition of arthritis found they continue to come after, or it's not even that often. The next thing that arthritis often did was that he called to Medina, some of these governors. So for example, he called Abdullah Abdullah Ahmed, why we are able to be Sophia and Abdullah even aside, and he called some other previous or former governors. And he asked them that I've heard that there are rumors spreading in your city. Is this coming from you? Or is this coming from people within your city? And all them said, By Allah, this is not something that we are spreading, we have nothing against you. You have our support you have, we have your back, and we will continue to support you

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as long as you are me don't mean and then they said that this is nothing that we have concocted. Rather, these are the people in the city, that people that are gloved in Sabah. They are the ones who are spreading all these fitna. Then he asked each one of them that what do you think I should do with these kinds of people? One of them for example, say he did not allow us he said that, in my opinion, find out who are these people provide a fair trial. If they are convicted, and they are guilty of spreading rumors, then they should be executed. The next person wah, wah, Abdullah, even aside, he said that, in my opinion, I think you should provide a fair trial. And if they aren't

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convicted, talk to them. Tell them don't do it again. Otherwise, there could be severe consequences. The other person I'm living with us, he said the Yamuna mean, you should become like oh my God, Allah, tada can be harsh like Omar, because no one had the audacity to speak in front of Oman or do anything for Omar, you should be like Omar. And he said that I cannot become like Omar because Omar had a different style. And I have a different style. And I don't want to go and in these times, be harsh with these kinds of people. So I would recommend that he says that I would believe that treating them in a harsh way. And being strict with them is not the most wise option here. While we

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are the unsaid that let me give you two other suggestions. He says that first suggestion is that you leave Medina you come to Syria, and I will be there with you. And I will help and I will help you and I'll protect you. And arthritis, federal done very gently, he said that I am not going to I'm not going to accept that request. He says Secondly, I would say that if you don't accept this that I will send for you a Army and Army from Syria to protect you in Medina to which again, are thriving. I found Rhodiola. Don, he said respectfully, he turned down the offer of why we Rhodiola. And he says that I appreciate you coming forward and doing something of this type. But right now, this is

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not what I want to that's not what I want to do. So keep your army if I asked for it, you bring them you can send them if I don't need them, then there's no need to send them now, at this moment with my iPhone or the other and found out that there were two to three people who were who were spy on there to two to three people from the rebels who have come to Medina, or it's my fan, he's sent to people undercover to go and find out what exactly their plan is. When they came to these two to three, these two to three people was mentioned in the books of history. They asked them that who are you? Where have you come from? They said that we are people with our blood and saliva. We are We are

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here in Medina, how many are how many of you are there right now in Medina? Is the only just two or three? And they said no, there are many of us. So they said that. So these two undercover people by Northland they asked these people these rebels, that what is your plan? What is your plan? And so they said that what our plan is, is that we're going to go to a minimum meaning we're going to talk to him. After we finished we're gonna go back to our cities and tell the people that we went to them, you don't mean he did not listen to us. And we are going to create lies against our thought if not often. And therefore we are going to then take matters into our own hands. And we are going to

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ask him respectfully to step down as a Khalifa and if he chooses not to, then we will take his life.

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At this these two people they left that gathering they came to our side but I found on the altar and they informed him. It said that at now some of these people from goofy and bizarre we're already in Medina.

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The salt of Jamar took place after that these two people they stood up who were the undercover who were serving as undercover people by archive and I found all the time and they came forward and they said that we heard such and such people making or creating such a such plan against you all this habit of the alotta on whom there they all said to me was vibrant I found that oh Amin what we need these people are here right now. These are the people who are causing corruption and fitna they all should be executed or thriving. I found all the data and said that no I will not do that. This is not I have not been sent as a as someone who will just take lives like in this way. Even though if

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these people have done wrong to me, it is still not right

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I just go in I take their life. So what then Earth might have been I found did was that he made these people sit down. And he went through each of their issues, each of their issues now because of times sake, I'm not going to go through each one. But just briefly, I'm just going to explain or provide you some of these examples or some of these complaints that were provided or they were presented by the rebels. First of all, they said that and you know, when I explained these to you, you will see that how minut these problems were, but they made these into such big issues. For example, the very first thing they said to our thriving fan is that every single time was Lhasa

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam will travel he will perform solving the puzzle, which is the the shorting slot, or as I like to call it, the discounted Salaat. Okay, it is the short, short form. Now, he he, these rebels, they said that when you go to Makkah, you don't do exactly what a salsa, Allahu alayhi wa sallam did, but you pray the full Salaat now think about it is such a small issue, such a small issue. I was able to alpha and said to the Sahaba the alot and I'm home that Do you agree that I have family there in Makkah? Yes or no? The Sahaba said yes. So he said to the rebels that the reason I don't pray southern facade, and I pray a fruit salad is because I have family living over

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there. So I consider that place as home. And so that's why I don't pray a shortened salad or the slot.

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The half salad, I don't pray. I don't pray the sort of almost half hour pay the first slot. The next thing they said was that there was a land during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and obika the Allah Tala on and I'm going to Katara the Allah Tala and this was a land that was basically allocated by these three people. And on this land, the camels that would go in war that would to help the Muslims or the camels that were given in zakat would be grazing on that land. These people they accused or thigh have been assigned or the Allah that are under you are grazing so many of your own camels on their own on that land. And when that land became short, you took some

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other land and you expand that line without discussing with anyone. He turned around and said that that is not true. In fact, you're wrong. What I did was that when if you notice if you ever came to me and talk to me, you will learn that the camels of zakat increased. And the camels that we bought we got from the spoils of war, we are putting them also there and they have also increased. And he said that from the time I began serving as a Khalifa and from that time to now, the only camels that I have in my possession only two camels arrest I have given them away for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So it is not the on this land. I have more of my camels grazing. In fact, there are more

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zakat camels have come in, and more camels, they serve for the purpose of war. Then they accuse Northmet and all the Sahaba said yes, you're absolutely right. Then they said that you burned all the other masala hive and you kept only one must have. This is a disrespect to the Quran. And he said that the reason I did this is because the people were reading different must haves. And I fear that there could be a division in the OMA that's why I dispose the other copies of the Quran. And I put together one major copy of the Quran. I made many copies of that and sent that out. So that I make sure that during my time, there is no division in the OMA the sahaba. They said yes, you are

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absolutely right, this is exactly what you did. Then they they then they accused arthritis. And I found that you employ young people, and you say you you appoint them as governors, or some I have not found or the other and said that, respectfully speaking, if I see that there is a person who has a certain skill set, I will put them in that position, regardless of their age. Secondly, if you look at Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said this, if you look at the people who were appointed by Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were more younger than the people that I had been appointing. And you looked at the Sahaba, and the Sahaba, all said, yes, indeed, you're

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saying the truth. So nonetheless, the point is that each of these claims or each of these complaints that came to atari, I'm not a fan of your time. He explained that thoroughly. And he gave them a very, you know, an answer that he was fabricating, but a truthful answer, a genuine answer and the Sahaba they agree to each of these answers. Now think about this. When people have come to Medina, to possibly create an attack against arthritis, I find it worthwhile. I have not found his sister with all these people and he's answered all their questions than is as if their plan has fallen apart is as if their plan has fallen apart. So when now what happens is, is that these people, they

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make another plan, and they make a plan that now when we come for Hajj, and you haven't remember Keeping this in mind geographically speaking, when you're coming from Kufa in bustle,

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La and Egypt, you're going to be coming from north of Saudi, which is currently Saudi. So that means that what people will do is that they will first come to Medina. They will spend some days in Medina, then they will proceed south towards Mecca to the Hajj sites. So what these people they said was that let's make a plan. And he said that there were many groups that came. Approximately there were four groups that came from Egypt, there were approximately 1000 people that came from Kufa. 1000 people came from Barcelona, and these are all rebels. These are all rebels. And some say that all of them were rebels. Some say that majority of them were rebels. But the plan that they had

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created was that when we come to Medina, people, everyone will stay in Medina and then after that people will proceed to Mecca, we will stay behind in Medina, we will stay behind in Medina, and we will take control of Medina. And we will force off my job not a fan to step down now, when all this happened, and not only that, but then they came to our Thrive that I found or the Allah Tala and they created some objections or thrive not found again, he gave them their answers. And then the most important thing that happens here, again, became they had many terms, or three agreed to all their terms, because they're not against put on. So now he agreed to all their terms. And then he

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said, Now I asked you respectfully to go back to your hometowns. Now, here's the here's what happens. Now, as these people are back, going back to going back home, it said that one person was traveling to Egypt, side by side with this caravan that's going back home to Egypt.

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It said that this person, he had a letter, it was a fabricated letter, completely made up letter. And in this letter is said that this is from Amin, what we need are three even I find to the governor of Egypt, that there are some people who are coming back to Egypt. As soon as they get back to Egypt, you are instructed to imprison these people and cut off their limbs. This is what the letter said, once again, it was a fabricated letter. Now, when these people they saw this, they saw this, they got upset. They said how can Earthman go behind our back and say something of this type. They made a U turn and they made their made their way back to Medina. And now the question is, was

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this letter truly from Northland or not? And the answer is no. And why do we know that this letter was not from Walkman for several reasons I want to give you first of all is if Osman wanted to send this letter and he would have given us very specific instructions. I mean, think about it. Logically speaking, if you're giving a letter to someone and you know that there's a caravan that's going to Egypt, you will instruct that person to make sure that you don't get caught by this caravan. You know what this person who had the letter, you know what he was doing? Every after few minutes, every few minutes or a few hours, he would pass by that caravan. And he would add very suspicious. Any

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person who was actually carrying a letter from Earth man, if that really wasn't there from Earth, man, they will not behave this way. They will not behave this way. So that goes to show you that this was a fabricated letter. The second thing was this, you know where Egypt is? You know where it all happens. Okay. When you look at them on the map, this is where Egypt is. This is this is where Saudi Arabia is. This is where Egypt is. And this is where it all happens. There is absolutely no way they never had Twitter, they never had Facebook, they never had emails, they never had text messages. There is no possible way that the people of Iraq these people were going back to bazaar

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and Kufa, they wouldn't have found out because they found out about this immediately. There is no way because when these Egyptians turned back and came back to Medina, the Iraqis had also come back to Medina. That means that this had to be a plan. In fact, when they came back to Medina, our leader the allotted and when he saw this, he said by Allah they have created a plan in Medina prior to their departure from Medina. This is a plan that they have put in place. This is something that they have already put it then after that it says that the person who was in charge at that time his name was even a bit a bit sorry.

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Even a bit sir, was the person who was supposed to receive this letter.

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I mean, think about it, he's supposed to receive this letter. He is actually on his way to Medina to visit with my family Allah tonight. If he was coming to Medina, why wouldn't with man even sent a letter his way to begin with that means that this letter was not for Mothma it was a fabricated letter, this letter the next day and another reason I was given by the orlimar that why this letter was conservative fabricated letter is because when these people were in Madina, Munawwara when they were inside machinima Wait, they said, The Sahaba said execute these people. What did Earthman say? I'm not going to execute these people. Why would Earthman then send a letter to a governor that

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execute these people?

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Oh, it's not it doesn't make any sense. And if he wanted to get the rebels executed, he would have sent a letter to each of these places. He will send it to Barcelona. He will send it to Kufa he will send it to Egypt but he send it only to Egypt. That doesn't make any sense either. The next thing is that the two people who put this entire plan together they had not even left Medina they had not even left Medina because they had created a plan. You're gonna go you're gonna this letter is going to be discovered this fabricate lesbian is letter is going to be discovered. When you come back to Medina we will be here there were two or three people with two or three individuals. They said that

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when you come back to Medina, we will be here. If this was if this was a truly a letter from North Korea, but they will not be sitting in Medina they weren't they stayed in Medina, they had no business in Medina, they had no family in Medina, they had no business in Medina, they had no jobs in Medina, why would you be sitting in Medina unless this was a plan that you put together. And lastly, these fabricate letters were not the very first time that were created against arthritis and I found all the data on In fact, there were some even fabricated letters that were created against Alibaba mythology bloody Ultron and against the Mother of the Believers I shall have you Allah Tala

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Aha. And people knew that these were fabricated letters. So now think about this. This letter is now they find this letter, they make their way to Medina and they begin to besiege they began to this the siege begins. And they begin to surround Medina and that is when Arthur I Blackfan or the Allah Tala, he begins to hear rumors, and he begins to not first it was a rumor, then he actually heard some people saying that it's time that it looks like the Earth man. It doesn't seem like he will step down some once a hobby, and we'll move on, move IRA.

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In us, he came to our time and I find He says, Yeah, I mean, what mean, if these people are so much against you, why did you just excuse me? Why did you just simply just step down? I mean, all this can be resolved. And he said, No, I'm not going to give up my Khilafah because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told me not to give up my Khilafah or do I even know almost such a great, smart, intelligent man, someone who was extremely, extremely close to Professor Salem. He's a son of almond, ricotta Rhodiola. And he comes to our thriving family, he says, Absolutely not, you will not give up your Khilafah you will not give your Khilafah now, we will go and stop right here.

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At this time, at this time, the sahaba. Many of the Sahaba they came to us, my family, Allah to nine to provide their support. And many of them said that now it's time for battle or time nonsense. I don't know we are not here for battle. We're going to try to resolve this as much as we can. And then what they do is that they take control of that area, and then they enter into the house of automotive and our fan. So we will talk about that next week and his assassination, his burial. We'll talk about all that next week. Next week we inshallah will be the final session regarding the life of automotive and I found it a lot and I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he gives us a

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less He gives us the ability to learn from our past. May Allah subhana give us the ability to learn from the spirit of the qualified Rashidi. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from any kind of fitness does that Kamala Haider Subhan Allah we humbly Subhana Allah 192 Allah into selfie Luca wanted to read a document the Hyatt Santa Monica Monica la Heyyo barakato