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The speakers discuss the challenges and struggles of the past, including the lack of education on Islam and the lack of knowledge about internal conflicts. They also discuss the use of narrators in Islam and the importance of keeping records and sources to protect against false and inaccurate information. The speakers emphasize the need for proper understanding of physical and mental problems faced by Islam's followers and the struggles of Islam's spread across various countries. They also touch on issues such as the rise of Islam and the potential consequences of actions from a former employee.

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR human 100 La Habra. Alameen was was someone that was sold to him Muhammad while early he was a hobbyist mine was selling with a steamer and cathedral cathedral my boss of Hanukkah, Illuminati Loma Linda in Italian Hakim, rubbish sorry. So they were silly Emery Warlock the melissani of Gokhale. So we continue with the story or the seed or the biography of automotive and iPhone or the yellow line. And last week, we began talking about the challenges and the fitness that began to occur during the time was manual, the yellow line, and want to simply remind you all that the Prophet sallahu it was some he did talk about these fitness. When you say the life of

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orthopedic implant, often he rules for 12 years. First six years were six years of peace, no problems, prosperity, more control of more places, more places were being conquered. But then the last the last six years of the life of ortho banal fun, were quite difficult. And when you talk about difficulty in life of arthritis and I find that difficulty simply increased every single year, but when we talk about the Sahaba or the alotta on home, because when we talk about arthritis, but not often and then after that, we will talk about aliotti Allah Tala and some of the key differences that took place between you know the allotted time and I show the Allah Tala Anna is very important

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as a Muslim to understand this, that when it comes to these people is important that first of all, we should try to educate ourselves about these people. However, some Allah ma are of the opinion that we should not educate ourselves about these people and their issues and their their conflicts. Because majority of that people don't even have the basics of Islam. They don't even know the basics of Islam. So if you don't even know the basics of Islam, but you're going to start trying to understand the conflict between the Sahaba of the Allah that I'm home, then this could potentially lead you to a person losing their Iman and disrespecting the Sahaba of the Allah that I'm home.

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Hence, there are all Ummah and not just not just some, but there are many orlimar who are the opinion that first try to educate yourself about about Islam. And then when you get into the subject of history, you can study these stories. It is important to understand too, that when we study the lives of the Sahaba or the alotta and we study their internal conflicts, that we do not have any kind of disrespect in our heart for the Sahaba of the Allah that I know. Allah says in the Quran, Radi Allahu Anhu Mara Diwan Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah. If Allah is saying that He is pleased with them, then there is no person who is in the position, or who has the

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authority to say that I object so and so Sahabi or the Allah Tala Iman, so we study about it. But at the same time, there comes a limit that we say that we cannot go beyond this. Now, when it comes to the Sahaba or the Allah that I'm home. There are also many books are written about the Sahaba and their internal conflicts, and the orlimar. They say that these books that are written will fall into three categories. The first category of books that are written are books that were highly critical, and highly disrespectful towards us, The Hobbit or the Allah that I know there were books written. For example, there was a book written by a person, his name was thaw Hussein, he wrote a book by the

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name and fitna financial Cobra, he wrote this book in which he contained many fabrications, many distorted ahaadeeth. And not only that, but he created a lot of He manufactured a lot of information in there, which simply has no basis in Islam. And there are other books like Alfetta, to cobra, that were written by other people in which they portrayed the Sahaba as people who were simply they had eat, they had an ego, and there were simply hungry for power and prestige. This is how they portrayed the Sahaba the Allah that I'm home. The second category of books that were written about this habit of Yala, Don Juan, were written in a respectful way. However, there was some one Amma who

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wrote books and they had sort of questioned, not criticize the sahaba. But simply question them and saying that, you know, the scholar who wrote the book will question that, I don't know why he would do this. And so they will question the action. Now, who is amongst those scholars, a very famous scholar that many of us are very familiar with, especially for those of us who who come from the the sub cotton area. There's a scholar by the name of Maududi that many of us we have

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We We hope we know his name, we have heard of his name. And what happened with Modi, I will tell you being really honest, I had this conversation one time with my own teacher about Modi. And I remember my teacher telling me this very clearly I remember this very well. He was telling us about Modi. And this is like this whole, our entire class was having this conversation. And he said that Modi rode many amazing books, he wrote, he wrote many amazing books. And a lot of his articles that were printed and published, they were extremely beneficial to everyone who read those books. However, at the end of his life, he made some remarks about the Sahaba, or the Allah TriNoma. He said some

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things that could fall into the category of controversial and because of that, some of the Allamah in overseas, they simply

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they, they tainted all the other work that all the other work that he had done. So they basically took that what he said, and he said that if a person of this figure can say something of this type, then that means that all his other books are questionable, and all his material and his books that he has written, there are also very questionable. And that's why you will find like, for example, in India and Pakistan, there are many people who are highly critical of Modi, for this reason, although if you look at it, some of the books that he has written were quite amazing. I mean, they he wrote very, very good books. So just because a person made one comment, you cannot really simply ignore

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all the work that he did. Yes, the comment that he may have made about this habit of the ultra unknown, or some questionable calls that he made about the Sahaba Rhodiola that I'm home, that's between him and Allah subhanho wa taala. But for us to simply criticize a man for this reason is, is an injustice. Then you have the other group then you have the third category of books, and these are books that were written about the Sahaba of the Allah that I'm home in light of the correct standards and the correct chain of thoughts. I'm trained chain of narrators. Now, when I say chain of narrators in Islam, there is a science called a Jehovah Deen, there is a science called a general

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with the idea. And if you go ever to a bookstore where they have predominantly Arabic books, and you see books about a smart origin, those are books on a Jehovah did agenda with the idea it was a science that was established by the AMA, in order to determine that what is the background, or it was a collection of information about the background and the life of all the people who are narrating the Hadith. So for example, if there is a Hadith, and you see that this hadith has been rated by Imam Bukhari, who took it from this person who took it from this person, and the chain of narrators goes all the way to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam that is called a Senate or the

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isnaad. So what the orlimar they did was the decree the science called jakka, without deed where they took all these people, and they did a research on their background. And what they will do is that they will write about their life. And then finally, they will write the what did the scholars say about this person that if this person is found in the chain of narrators, then he is considered as a reliable source. So what they did was that they collected a lot of information. And this is stored in like the smile digital books, and you will find this all over the Islamic Islamic bookstores. And these are books that are usually found in the Arabic language, they are not usually

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in the English language, there might be some dark translate in Urdu, but there are very less in the English language. Nonetheless, when you compare Sunni books that talk about the Sahaba of Yala, that ran home versus books that are written by Shias regarding the Sahaba of the Allah that I know, you will see a clear difference. The difference is that all the reports that come to us in our in our Sydney books, or Allison ology my books regarding the Sahara, the Alta and home, the only reports that are accepted are those that have a reliable source and a reliable chain of narrators. Whereas when you say the Shiai books, if their Imam said it, or their leader said it, whether he had a chain

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of narrators or not, they will not look at that. They will say if the person wrote it, it must be reliable. And that's why in our deen in our Sunni Islam, that's why we are very critical about every single thing that comes even when we study history. If there is something that is fabricated, we have to leave it we have to leave it at the same time there has to be a clear balance. So we are not going to take every single thing that has mentioned the history and we're not going to ignore every single thing but there is a clear balance that has been established by our own our historians and our Mohammed dethrone our experts of Hadith. So this is the clear difference that you see when this

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size was created and this information

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About the Sahaba began to come in the polymer, they began to separate that they will say that this information has come to us, but in the Senate, there is someone who's not reliable. So they will ignore it. And then they will say this information came in it is reliable, so they would accept it. And then they will, then they will gather all the information that they could possibly collect. And then they would preserve it, and they would document it.

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Even if at even a SharePoint site, even Taymiyah Rahmatullah Yanni, he mentioned that if there are any books that are written against the Sahaba or the alotta on home, it was his personal suggestion that there should be a rebuttal that should be written, there is a rebuttal that should be written. On the other hand, you had other mahadi phones such as the Habib Imam, Adobe Rahmatullah in LA, he was a very famous scholar in the science of a Jehovah Deen, he simply said that those books that are written against the Sahaba, and they have information against the Sahaba, which don't have any reliable source, those books should be simply burnt. Because if you try to write a rebuttal, you

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know, if you try to write a rebuttal, then someone else is going to write another rebuttal. And that's why if you study the books, like if you go to Islamic library, and you see books written by a Sunni against a Shia, or a Shia scholar writing a book against Sunni Islam or Sunni Muslims, you will see that it's a never ending story. One writes a book, the other one writes a book, the other one writes a bigger book doesn't wanna write the bigger rebuttal. It's just a never ending story. This is why Imam Abu Dhabi would say that all these books should be collected, and they should be burned so that it does not it no one has access to any of these books. So this is something that

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they would say, and in these books, in these books, the third category of books, these were books written in the support of our Sahaba, Viola Anwar, and whenever the conflicts came between the Sahaba, the Allama, was simply stopped there. And they will say that this is the point where we need to stop and what took place between the Sahaba and what was going through their mind, what was going through their mind, that's between them and Allah subhanho wa taala. Because you and I, no one has the authority to question the Sahaba of the Allah that I'm home now, when we talk about the fitness that occurred when talk about the fitness occurred, there are many a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam and the orlimar. They discussed that why did was slow so I sort of mentioned all these Hadith regarding the upcoming trials and fitna, so I want to share with you for a few reasons number one is the reason why the prophets are mentioned so many a hadith regarding the upcoming fitness is to make us aware and to prepare the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. See the reason why the person would do this is because this is what Allah subhanaw taala did to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, if you said he saw a straw, so the straw Subhanallah D as Robbie Abba de Laila Mian Masjid Al haram era Majid Akasa it talks about a certain mirage in the beginning I yet

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this was a sutra that was revealed in Makkah, right before or went two years before the migration of the problem Salam, or the Hijra of the Prophet to Medina, many orlimar they say when they study this entire surah and they analyze it, they say that this Surah Surah is straw was a sutra that was revealed to the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam in order to prepare him for the upcoming journey. And not only that, but to provide the province Salam, a blueprint of what Medina is and how are you supposed to give Dawa to these people. So when you see Medina if demographically when you see when you say Medina who was in Medina, we know that the idol worshippers were in Makkah, who was in

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Medina, primarily it was a monastic one who were in Medina and the Jews who were in Medina. And that's why in Surah Israa, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned a passage, a passage that starts with Wakaba rabuka Allah taboo, Illa iya will one day they are Santa, this passage, there is approximately almost two pages in the Quran, many Allamah In fact, many Sahaba of the autonome who were experts in the seed, they say that these were the 10 commandments that were given to Bani Israel in these are the 10 commandments are mentioned in surah Israa. So this was sort of a blueprint given by Allah to the Prophet Salem to prepare him for Medina. And so the Prophet SAW

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Salem he used the same strategy for his ummah, anytime he could prepare his ummah, for something that is inevitable, the prophet Salam, he will tell us about it. So one of the reasons why the Prophet saw him he told us about these fitness so that we can be prepared. Another reason why he told us about these fitness is so that we will know who are causing these fitness and the problem he mentioned in many different Hadith and when we can squeeze or juice out from all those a hadith is that the fitness will not occur from outside the Muslim community. Yes, there are some fitness that will be created

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From a way from the Muslim community, but there are a lot of fitness that will be created from internally from within the Muslim ummah. And so Subhanallah when you look at Muslims overall today, Muslims are suffering more at the hands of other people who call themselves Muslim. That's, that's the world that we live in, that we are living today Muslims are not being as harmed

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as they are being at the hands of people who call themselves Muslims. So this is the world that we live in. So the Muslim he told us just to inform us that this is what's going to happen. Another reason why the Muslim he told us is because he wants to tell us that these are the people who are the hypocrites, and when, when we know who are the hypocrites, then we make an effort we can make a sincere effort to be on the side of those who believe in Allah subhanho wa taala. Another reason why the person he told us about these terms, these turmoils in these fitness is so that we as a community, make sure that we don't be part of that fitna. We are not the ones who are putting more

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fire or putting more feel to the fire, but rather we should be the ones who can identify a fitna and then make a sincere effort to overcome that fitna. And it's important that you know when you see the province I'm talking about fitna, he understands that these things are going to occur. And rather than putting these problems under the rug and ignoring it, it's really important to come out, say that there is a fitna coming, and then to teach us how to overcome the fitna because, you know as a human being, there's two ways of overcoming a problem. Either you face it head on, or you simply put it under the rug, and you try to ignore it. The problem did not ignore the problems. And this is

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something you know very amazingly, we learned something from the prophets of Salaam is that when it comes to our issues of our community, that we should not just simply put them under the rug, we should not ignore Islamic topics or Islamic subjects. Because in our society, or many of us where we come from, there are some certain topics that we consider them as taboo, taboo topics that we don't want to talk about this budget. We all we all talk about these topics, but we haven't talked about some certain topics that may be construed as taboo, but they're not really taboo. They are part of our Islamic tradition. So it's important that when it comes to our issues we simply had, we face

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them head on. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told us about these things also tell us and to teach us that anyone who goes through these fitness or anyone who who are challenged by these fitness, this will be a means of their sins being forgiven in this dunya. Now let's get to the some of the problems and issues that are smarter the Athan he faced

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when it came to OH MY GOD, ALLAH Tada, I'm studying about Omar Rhodiola on and how he was able to, you know, move across land, we know that he was able to topple the Sassanid Empire, he was able to top it topple the Byzantine Empire for the most part, yet there were still remnants of the Byzantine Empire, the SAS empire, there was some remnants of them left. But nonetheless, for the most part, Islam was spreading far and wide, whenever Amara Rhodiola and would come to a place where he felt like that there was no need to take over that place. There was no need. You remember I talked about the Sahaba had reach a certain part, which is currently India or Pakistan, they came there the solid

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situation there, they sent a letter to Amara Violetta on an alma or the other and he simply said there's no need to go all the way there. Just come back and stay here close to Medina. So this is something that we see in the time of Omar Rhodiola. And not only that, but there was a lot of treasure that was coming at the time of Ahmed. Now if you think that there was a lot of treasure in the time, well, Omar, then you don't know that the treasure had multiplied in many folds. During the time of Othmani Bananarama, the Allah Dylon. And as people were coming into the fold of Islam, we have to understand their problems. Salam is gone. Oh, look at all the data on is gone. Omar

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Earthdawn is gone. And now you have people all over the areas in Northern Africa. You're talking about Syria, Iran, Iraq, all these other countries, Azerbaijan, all the Western countries. Now Islam is spreading all these in all these countries. And you have so many people who are coming into the fold of Islam. And they really don't know what true Islam is. They're getting some education, no doubt, but they're not getting all the education. Now what happened was that while they're not getting all the education, and the sun was spreading, and his son was becoming rich and rich by the day, and by the week, what happened was that there were many people who want to become a Muslim, or

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they wanted a stipend from the government and they wanted some some money from the government because they said that if Islam is increasing, and Islam is bringing all this treasure, then as a Muslim that I feel like I'm entitled to some of that money. So what happened was that there were there was a lot of

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Love of well, that came into the aroma of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as we talked about last week, with rhodiola, and what was it? What was his issue with the OMA the province sent him at that time, he's thought what he saw was that the OMA was going far away from the right path because of their love of wealth. Now with mine Rhodiola line, he noticed the same thing too. Now, is he the one who is is he the one who is encouraging all this? Nope, he is he is one person, he is a Khalifa, he's calling for the nominee in his immediate meaning, or three but not a fan of your logline. He is in Medina, and how can one man control the feelings of everyone else, it's

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impossible. However, what it worth one or the other, and he tried to do is that he began to contain it as much as he could, he began to contain it. But what happened was that the more he would try to contain this problem, then the more that people will begin would become upset. And so what happened was that first of all, there was an enormous amount of wealth that came into Islam. This was bringing the love of this dunya into the people. And then as the families were getting richer, the slaves of the families, they began to have demands and families to the girls are going up. They had many, many demands. And slowly and gradually, you saw a lot of changes in society. Not only that,

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but then if you study history of all the lands that were conquered by Muslims, there was somewhat of a pushback from all those areas, slowly. And gradually, these people began to develop that resentment towards the Muslims, they began to dislike the Muslims, even though the Muslims who were in power, they were the minority, but they were the ones who were in control. The majority were those whose land was taken away from them, they were still they were still permitted to stay there. But they felt like our land was taken away from us. And even though they did not have a problem with Islam, but because of their tribal loyalty, and because at the end, they still do understand that

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this land that didn't belong to us no longer does belong to us, they began to build up their resentment. And slowly and gradually, by this time, the Sahaba or the autonome, they started pass up passing away. So Earthman or the O'Donoghue started assigning governors, and the more the governors you would assign to different people, people begin to have more problems with the governors, and we were talking about that next week. But then not only that, you had another problem and the time was not found on the altar. And that is very similar to a problem like we have today. There is an ayah of the Quran where Allah Subhana Allah talks about the Bedouins he says allow rob a shot do Coughlin

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when he Falcon, the Bedouins are the worst in disbelief and hypocrisy. What a judo and they are more likely to be in a state of ignorance or ignorance of the limits of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allah Maha Buddha mountains Allah, Allah Oh, sorry. So these people, they were ignorant. They were

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they were at the highest level of hypocrisy and disbelief. And what happened was that in aether in pockets, there were pockets of areas around the Muslim nations or the Muslim areas where people they weren't cuz they were calling themselves Muslims. But because they lacked knowledge in the Quran. They lack knowledge in Islam, and the Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Soon what they began to do is that they began to disrespect the whole Ummah, they began to disrespect the governors, they began to develop a, a deep sense of tribalism. These are people who were completely ignorant from the teachings of the Quran. And not only that, but these are people who are hot

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tempered in nature. They had this mentality that it's my way or the highway. And they at the same time that this group began to start, and this group developed over time into the time value of your waterline. And not only that, but then it talks about that they were strict. When it came to religious affairs, they were extremely strict. They never never say the Quran. They never say the son of the Prophet SAW Selim. But they were applying their own definition of Islam, they will read the Quran, they will apply their own definition sounds like a group like we have today in the world. Sounds like another group that we see today in the world. So these kinds of people began to emerge

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during the time of arithmetic but I found on the hola Tron. And these are the people who began to begin to encourage others to stand up against orthopedic fine or the alotta and then not only that, but then you had some other issues that came up against it with mono the alotta on but these were once again, small issues that were really not an issue. But these were the rebels, the rebels that existed during the time of ortho, if not a fan who made up these issues. For example, I want to share with you just some of those issues and you will see that how baseless these accusations were, I guess automatic not fun. No

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but one was, as we talked about last week that he assigned some governors, we talked about that last week. Some of the things that he did was he applied his own. He had for example, one time he went for Hajj, one time he went for Hajj. Now you and I know for those of you who have done hij, when you go on the second day of homage, you go to where

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where do you go to Secondary College?

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Where do you go secondary, high genuine, out of Okay. When you go to Arafa you pray South Omaha and you pray to the officer right at the time of south of Ohio, and you pray to look out for the Lord and to look out for

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for southern acid. When it was my evening, I found out later on he went, he prayed for God for the heart and he prayed for God for for arson. And the people who are against the people who do dislike or smell the Athan all the time, this is one of the accusations they made against what was mine that this is why we go against him based on what they this is not an issue. This is strictly an HD hottie matter when someone came to authority but I found with the ultra own and said that why did you pray although when the when the phone call when they come to this and they see the feral and they see the action of arthritis and often even they at times they will scratch their head and they will say that

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why would arthritis not often do something of this type? Because these residences were in Medina in Makkah is what is he's Mousavi. Right technically speaking in Makkah, why would you pray for it, but still, you cannot use that to go against a Khalifa. And this is what these people they did. They took these these small minut problems or not even a problem. It's an issue jihadi matter, and they tried to use that to go against what was not even our fun. So they said that this is a person who first of all burn the Quran, but he did it for the right reason. He burned the Quran for the right reason so that the the Quran a copy of the Quran that could potentially cause fitna on the OMA or

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thrive and often got rid of it, then not only that, they say that he was not present at the BIA, why the reason why he was not present there for Davia is because or when he was not present there when they when they are took place is because the BR took place because of him. He was not there because they thought that he was killed. He was not they say that we this person is not good person. Why? Because he was not there in butter. He was not there in butter. Why? Because of how someone told him you are to stay at home and take care of my daughter who's his wife, she was sick. That's why when the problem wasn't for her but then when he came back he found out that his daughter had passed away

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she was that critically ill. So he made all these baseless claims against arthritis often and when someone came out with time to have fun and asked him Why did you pray for our cause in Arafa in Ottawa for Lauren acid, he said that for me Maca is also a home for me. You're in Santa Monica is also a home for me. That's why I prayed for DACA is not a big issue. It is certainly not a big issue, then they will say that. So there was a Saviola on home on Mabuni acid as a hobby that we are very familiar with. I might have been the acid had had this agreed with us might even have fun with that and in some issues is disagreeing a problem? It isn't really a problem Sahaba disagreed on

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Rodon and Oba or the otter and they disagreed on obika had implemented some rules which on the Rodon he changed immediately as he became the Khalifa there's nothing wrong with that people can disagree with one another. But what happened was that one time cyber because of your time and money so they both came to the house of orthogonal fun outside the house of our time with our fine you have two people who are guards they're standing there because the you know the times are getting a little critical, anyone can be coming. So there are two people outside the door of our thriving dolphin. They came and they said that we want to meet with Khalifa Khalifa meaning they went inside they said

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oh with man are the only woman in there are two people here who are here to see you. They want to meet with you. He said Who are they? These are the two Sahaba are the Allah Tala and whom they said automata often said to his guard that told these people right now that I'm taking some rest, I will address their need later on. I'm not saying just go away. I will address it later on right now. I'm just taking some rest.

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So I'm going to console log on he left a mapping Yassa he was sort of persistent. He was sort of resistant. He says no I want to meet or thrive but I find now I want to meet him now. This is not going to be delayed. I want to talk to him now. So the guard said that no, he Emile meaning said he will talk to you later on you will you will talk to you later on. You go away now. He said no, I'm gonna stay here. What happened was the guard took his stake and he simply hit on my vinyasa slightly, lightly, very lightly. He simply just please go away and he you know he does strike him lightly. Now what happened was later on when I finally found out about this, he got upset the guard

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he says you are not to treat

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To someone like on my vinyasa one the earliest convert to Islam, you are not to treat him like this and I condemn your action. But what people who are against Earth might have not found the rebels and namely she even she has, they say that or smile, even though I find order the guard to hit not just hit. Now this is what the guard did. But what they write against Orth man is that this guard he beat up, he injured a mob and Yasser to such an extent that some of his internal organs were about to come out. This is the way they write against Earth man, brother, y'all Don and they also say that this was a command that was given by author of no offense, and when he found out he had approved it.

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Now let's be clear about this. When the rebels came to the house of Australia with the iPhone to take his life. One of the people who was there defending Northland real time was on Mabuni acid.

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If Mr. Binney acid was someone who was victimized by Earth man all the time, you will not see this person in the house of Earth man trying to defend or as man was done at the time of him being murdered or him being becoming shaheed. So these are baseless claims that are made against what's not found or the allotted i Now, what happened was these people they came to our tribe and often they came from different places, they came to Medina, they met us vitamin often times, they brought up all these issues, and Northmet Obernai fan he he clarified all these issues with them, and we'll talk some of those, we'll talk about some of those next week. Inshallah, when he clarified all those

00:31:36--> 00:32:20

issues, but then what happened was that there is a, there is there is mention of a letter that had surfaced from where to the surface, we'll talk about that. But in this letter, it was said that, once again, there's a whole story behind it, that when these people and what is said in the books of history is that on this letter, it was written, that when these people who have come all the way to Medina to object to me, when these people go back to their respective homelands, then their lives should be taken. Now did Northland write this? We will talk about all this and where did this letter come from? And when this when this letter emerged from nowhere, when this letter letter emerged from

00:32:20--> 00:32:57

nowhere, that is when the rebels they got together and they said that if this man wants to take our life, then we have no problem going and taking his life. And this is where the assassination of Ottoman Rodon took place. So we'll talk about that inshallah. In the upcoming weeks now we won't have class next week because inshallah I will be gone. The week after that we will see Inshallah, because I get back on Sunday, so, we may or may not have class on Tuesday, but the Tuesday you shall out for that. More certainly we will be discussing probably the last two sessions on the life of automatic Northen whether you're gonna pray to Allah subhanaw taala that he protected us from all

00:32:57--> 00:33:15

the different types of fitness. I mean, Allah subhanho Take take our life in a way that we are believers in Allah subhanho wa Taala and may He resurrect us amongst the meaning and then with the pain on the day of judgment I mean, what will it mean is that from Allah Hi, so hello humbly so Hanukkah longer how many there should to Allah Allah Allah internet, selfie Luca? Multiple, exactly. Mohyla somebody comes