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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Valentine's Day, including the origin and origins of the name, the dehumanization of women in the church, and the importance of showing love to oneself and others. They stress the need for schools to provide candy for children and for parents to give their spouse. The speakers also touch on the spread of Islam across various countries and the importance of not forceing anyone to travel with them. They briefly mention a woman who was killed in a dream and the importance of not forceing anyone to travel with them.
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Mr. Newman are 100 local beer I mean was there was someone that was suiting him Hamid water early, he was obvious mine was some of the same architecture cathedral, my God. So Hanukkah Iron Man, a llama Alana in the Kantarjian Hakeem will be shortly so today we are suddenly Emery, one of them listening of Coco Lee.

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Before I begin with the or continuous series of the Sahaba rhodiola, I'm home. And currently we are covering the life of orthotic of an orphan or the Allah. And there are some very important events that took place in the time of birth matter the law to the onset of the military expeditions. We'll be talking about that today. But before that, I want to talk about something that is more has to do with context. In our current situation. Today was a day in the American calendar a day that celebrated across the world in many different countries. Some idea that we're many people, they spend so much money on cards and giving gifts and candies.

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Greeting Cards, teddy bears roses. And so there's a lot of influence, of course, within the countries where Muslims live. And then there's a lot of participation by the Muslims. And what I'm talking about is Valentine's Day. And I quickly just want to just say a few things regarding this day and how we need to teach our kids about what this day is, and how we need to teach our kids that there are other there are alternatives of showing love to our spouse or showing love to our family members. First of all, is that the question is that where does Valentine's Day come from? What are the origins of Valentine's Day? And if you pick up any book on history, regarding Valentine's Day,

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you'll find various reports. I mean, there are so many different reports on Valentine's Day. And subhanAllah. When you see a day that is so highly celebrated in society, people don't even know what is the origin of this day, when you go back and you say the origins of Christmas, the origins of

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Halloween and things of that type, you'll find so many conflicting reports, so many different reports that it's hard to even imagine that there could be a report that could that could include, or that could be inclusive of all these different or various reports. And this is something that you know, when you see all this and you compare that to Islamic history Subhanallah Islamic history is so well documented, that you don't find too many or various conflicting reports. Of course, there are always going to be some of those reports that are conflicting, and date. But going back to Valentine's Day, when I was going through the history of Valentine's Day, in just trying to go

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through and trying to understand it, it was hard for me to gather all of it, but I'm just going to share with you exactly what I gathered. And this is something that is that is according to one, one report, according to one report in the month of February, agreeing to according to the Romans was considered as the month of fertility, this was a month where the woman would come out into the streets and what they what the what the leader or the the leader would do is that they will sacrifice a goat and they will sacrifice a dog and they will take the skin of the goat and they would turn it they would tie it until it became into a leash and or became into a

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whip. And what they will do is once that has been created, they would dip it in blood and then they will tell the women to walk in the streets. And the women believed that if they were whipped by that, that that lash or if they were victims of that

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I have that whip, then eventually this would mean that in the next one year, they will become more fertile, and they can provide more children. And this was the mythos, this was the idea. And then what will happen is that all the names of these women were put into a basket or a box, and there will be a drawing. And so what would happen was that one young man who is unmarried will be brought forward, and then this woman will be brought who has been waived before. And if her name came out, she will be given to this young man. And these young men did whatever they wanted to do with these women. And eventually, what happened was that there was a person who was living in that kingdom who

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saw what was taking place. And this is something that they could not digest. They knew that what the women were going through was not right. This was open oppression towards women. And he stood in the way of the, of the Emperor to be stopped this practice that was taking place in Rome. And so when he began to oppose the leader, this leader turned against him. And what they did was that they took all the people who was following this leader, and this person who was who was resisting all this movement, he had a great following. So when the, when the Emperor find out, found out, he took all these followers, and he imprisoned them. And then he took the leader, and he brought the leader

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forward. And this leader, he again reiterated what he was standing for he was standing for justice, he was standing against the oppression, and eventually he was sentenced to be executed. Before his execution. Before his execution. He wrote a small letter to his wife, expressing how much he loved her, and how much he cared for her. And at the very end, he wrote that your love St. Valentine, St. Valentine. So this guy, he's considered as a saint, according to biblical mythology, and he is someone who stood up against injustice, when he wrote that he was that he was executed and he was executed on February the 14th. He was executed on February 14, and hence From that day onward, there

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were other people who came and they remember this person. And this was a day that was celebrated to remember the sacrifices and the things that this man Saint Valentin he stood up against, but when you study the, the history behind this particular day, the the background of this day, it's about the subjugation, the dehumanization, the victimization of women. Now, when you study our when we study our own Dean, it's it's hard to imagine that you see people today abusing their spouse, you see people do whatever they want to do, there is something not everyone Miss, you know, abuses their spouse. But what happens is that everyone believes that on this particular day, you do whatever you

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want, and this is the day you show your love. And then what happens after this day and what happens before this day, it does not really matter. When you say the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is a way to show love. When you say the word the concept of hope in Islam, the concept of love in Islam in the Quran, and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Love does not only mean that you say I love you, love does not only mean that you buy a flower, or you buy a bouquet of flowers that you buy a teddy bear or you buy some candy in the shape of a heart. That does not, that doesn't mean that you actually love your spouse, but we see from the life of a saucer

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam, how he was able to show love to his family, the way you show love to your family is by spending time with them, by understanding them by being there for them in times of ease in times of difficulty, to spend time with your family to show that love to them to show that respect to them. The promises some says the head you know, some people they say that we celebrate Valentine's Day. Why? Because the prophets of salaam said to her do to her boo that you give gifts, ALLAH SubhanA will increase her love. The problem did not say that to do that on the February 14. He said you do that throughout the entire year. You should often give gifts to your spouse, this will

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increase the love if the spouse can if the wife can give a gift to the husband then that is good to you. She she shouldn't do that. But we what we learn is that the only way to show love is not through giving giving flowers and giving candy. There's many other ways of showing love and this is something that we need to teach our kids. You know yesterday a young child came to me he said to me that tomorrow I'm going to be going to school and he goes to public school. Tomorrow. My teacher has asked me my teachers asked me to bring candy for Valentine's Day. Should I take candy shine?

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I take candy. Now I remember when I was a young child I went to I was there was no assignment schools. I went to a public school. It was Valentine's Day. I did not take candy because my parents told me that Valentine's Day is something that is unlawful. I agree with it. Now I don't take any candy. I did not understand what is the concept behind it. It was haram you know long time ago, they will say haram you don't ask questions. Today you say haram, your children are gonna ask you why? Why is it haram? Why is it unlawful? What's wrong with it? When I went to school I naughty Can you guess what? I did not get any candy either. When I do not take candy, you don't get any candy

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either. I came home very upset. Why? Because the only thing a child thinks about he doesn't understand or she does not understand what exactly is Valentine's Day. To them. The only language that talks is candy. Chocolate means everything to a child candy. No, no child will resist candy. Every child loves candy. So when you send them to school, and you don't, you don't give candy to them. And when they see they don't get any candy. Eventually they say you know what? I want to bring candy. This child came to me yesterday. He said should I take candy? You know, I said to him, I say you know what? Take the candy right now. Take a candy. And the father said, but what about It's

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haram. I said, You know what, there's a time and a place for education. There's a time and a place for education. You want to show your own child, what does love mean? You show your own spouse love, and they will understand what love is, in our cultures, in our cultures, there is no concept of love and respect in our families. Our kids don't see that in their parents. I'm not saying that you cross the limits in our society today, you see parents doing things which they are not supposed to do in front of children. I'm not advocating for that. I'm not advocating for that. But at the same time, how many of you are how many of us, we give our own spouse gifts in front of our own children. The

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children never see that their children never see that when they grow up. They don't know how to be a good husband. They don't know how to become a good wife. Because they don't see that happening between the husband and the wife. They don't see that happening within their own parents. And whatever they see in their parents is what they will adopt whatever value they see in their in their parents is what they will learn. So it's important to understand that the best way to show love to our spouse is, is not by giving flowers, I'm saying not do not give them on this particular day, give them whatever some give them some other time. Imagine how happy your wife would be if you took

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some flowers for her at a time when she wasn't even expecting it. I guarantee you she will be happy. I guarantee you she will be happy. How many of you have a unexpectedly she's not expecting it. You took something for her and she didn't she was not expecting it. How many of you very few of us and how happy they become. This is the best way to show that love. You give gifts. I'm not saying don't give gifts, give gifts, give roses, give bouquets of roses, whatever you want. But don't do it on this day, but do it throughout the year so that our kids learn that it doesn't. It's not only one day that we show love to our spouse, there are other days that we show and from this inshallah they

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won't have to be worried about Valentine's Day. They won't have to think about Valentine's Day because it will be part of their nature that there are other forms of showing love and I will show love to my spouse. I will I will show love in other forms as we learned from the Quran and the Sierra of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this is something that we all need to understand. And you know, the thing is that once again, I told our child to do take the candy because the only thing that child understands is candy. That's the only language he understands. And there's another time where you can educate them it's like a graveyard you know, if you have ever

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been to a graveyard at the time of burning someone, every one is extremely emotional. Everyone is extremely sensitive. So one person gives one fatwa the other person disagrees with that fatwa. That's not the time of educating people. People told me that Why did you tell them this is a bit ah, at the graveyard because everyone is emotional. Everyone is sensitive right now if I sit there and try to start teaching at that time, they want to understand that they will turn against the person who's trying to teach because everyone is extremely emotional. There's a time of education and there's a time to provide that that perspective on the matter sometimes it's the right time

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sometimes it's not the right time so I just wanted to cover that before we actually get into today's original topic. So we're covering about with Rando the Allah Tala on and uh one thing that I wanted to cover a few things I want to cover about what's going on with the Allah Tala on is his key expeditions and there was one important thing that happened during his time, which I want to cover about first thing is that when you study about orthonow, the Allah Tala and his conquests and all the land that he was able to take over it as we all know that during the time of Amara, the Allah Tala and he did

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Go east Rhodiola time did go ease. But during the time that was planted the Allah and Islam has spread into Iran, Iraq, and all these other countries, to Jackie, Stan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, all these countries. Now once again, there was no country lines at that time. So when I say Azerbaijan don't understand that this was the entire country, when I say Iran or it off, don't assume I'm talking about the entire country at that time. At that time, it was it was it went through kingdoms, and it went, the the territories were based on kingdoms and cities. So this is how they would determine that which city is under whose rule. So Islam, this spread through parts of currently

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Iraq, currently Iran, of course, he had already gone through and gone to Syria, but that time, it got all the way to all these other countries that were part of the Soviet Union. But now after the separation, and after they were defeated, it became Russia and all these other countries became smaller and smaller countries. Islam has spread all the way there, in addition to that is important to understand that today, Iran is as as we know, it is majority, Shia is majority Shia. And of course, there are always going to be some speculation and difference of opinion as to how many or what is the percentage of Sunnis in Iran, the more the more amazing thing about Iran is that Iran

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has had a history of being a predominant Sunni country, it was predominantly Sunni, and a lot of the major Olamide came from, from Iran, I mean, the that area, for example, remember how it came from those areas, even Muslim cave in those areas? Imam Al Ghazali. Imam Ghazali was an amazing scholar. He came from Iran too. But later on in the 1600s. What happened was that there was a forceful conversion that took place, there was some leaders that came into the picture, who were Shri. And what they did was that they forced everyone, they took away privileges and rights from everyone who was considered Sunni. And eventually there were a lot of people out of fear of their own lives out

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of our sheer fours, they entered into the Shi sector, and that's why the Sunni the Sunni said, lost a lot of his supporters in Iran for that reason. And one thing for many for many of us to know is that Azerbaijan, like Iran is a predominant she country there are more she has in the country of Azerbaijan than there are more than they are Sunni Muslims. So once again, when you study the life of Orthology, Allah Tirana, of course, these things did not exist. But later on, there was a lot of conversion that took place. The all these places when they weren't considered as they were under the rule of the assassin and Empire, which was the Persian Empire. As I mentioned before, that when you

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say the life of Ahmed or the Allah Tala, and this kingdom lost a lot of his power. You remember I shared with you the one the kings of Persia, his name was his the good, he lost his life. Remember, I shared with you the story that he went from one country, one city to another city, and later on, he and he never he would disguise himself as an average person. Later on, he went to a person who was a baker, and he had a bakery, he slept there then later on the baker found out that this person is yesterday that he killed him in his sleep that happened during the time of worth money, but I found with the alotta line that this person he began to run during the time of during the life of

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Omar, but he was killed during the time of automatic Abdolfattah the Allah Quran. So Islam has spread. And once again, as Islam was spreading, there was a lot of pushback from the Persian Empire, there was a lot of again, pushback from the Byzantine Empire, but every single time they would come towards and they will advance they will try and take reclaim some of their cities, or throw the Allah Delana he would push back. And one thing that was mine with yellow Dawn did which was very different than Amara you'll often find is that in every single expedition, the whole alpha or to qualify the leaders of those expeditions, they will write letters, after letters to O'Meara Yala,

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that are under what should we do? What should we do? What should we do? On the other hand, one of the key differences between the Khilafah horsemen of the Ultron and Amara, the Ultron, is that while the Omar was the one that he will receive many letters, and He will guide them step by step. Or if man was more of the delegation, person, he would delegate more and more, and he gave out a lot of responsibilities. Not only that, but there were some key decisions that were made by Amara, the Allah Tala, and regarding the land that were conquered by Muslims, or Amara Liotta and made some key decisions regarding those lands, whereas Earthman or the Allah Tala, and he changed some of those

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decisions, which is nothing wrong with that every person had their own style of SDI that every person had their own way of leading the Muslim ummah. What happened was that there was a lot of pushback, but eventually the Muslims they were able to spread all

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All the way to these countries and we will talk about this some other time, that during the time of orthophoto, the Allah Allah and Islam has spread all the way even to China. And it makes you wonder, it makes you wonder that you know before we have heard so many times that Islam reached all the way to China during the time of automatic Northen or the Allah Dylon. But what happened in all that land between China and between Iran, Iraq and all these countries? Well, Islam did spread to some capacity in all these countries. And it went all the way into China. And as we all know that Saddam Wakasa, the Ultron, was sent by automatic dolphin or the allotted time to China. Now, all these

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provinces that were under the Sassa empire, as the Muslims were coming, and they were conquering land by land, all even though they were considered as the Sassa Empire, but they were told that you have to be responsible for your own piece of land, and you have to defend yourself. So what they will do is that every single time they were being attacked by anyone, they will reach out to the surrounding tribes for help, as we all know that Islam spread all the way to China, in that direction, so that is the east as far as the North is concerned, we do know that there was a lot of push already from the time of almond or the alotta line. And during the time of Amara, the Elata on

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Jerusalem had already come under Islamic

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King, Islamic rulership, Egypt came under rulership and Syria had come under the the rulership of Islam and Muslims. But at the same time, there was one place there was one place that while we are the Allah athalon, he had his sight or he had his mind set on and that was Cyprus. Now while we are the Allah Tala and during the time during the time of Amara Cataldo, the Allah Tala and he not once but many times he asked for a lot of you a lot the line that I believe that we should go to Cyprus, now why is Cyprus so important? Cyprus is important because Cyprus is an island, and why is considered as an island, all the people who would travel from Europe all the way to Syria, and Iran

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and Iraq and Philistine and all those places to Egypt, they would pass by what country Cyprus, so Cyprus became like an important port for many of these countries. While we had a lot of iron, he told Omar the alotta line that I believe that while we have a great army, we need to begin building a Navy. And and the and the best way to do that is that we need to start building ships. And we need to start going to Cyprus and we need to find our way to get into Cyprus so that we can have some key control over everything that is taking place over there now. We all know the alotta on did was that he understood that there was someone else that there was someone else who had traveled Allah through

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water and that was a hominid and also the alotta line and so he inky as omnivores will be allowed to run the look I haven't traveled by water you have traveled by water. So you tell me how is what is the experience of traveling through water and I'm not so the Allah Tala on in you know, he explained it in his own words, but the gist of his message was that it is extremely fearful and is extremely fearful. You have no control over your situation, you are in the sea the minute anytime your boat can tilt, anytime your ship can tilt and if it does tilt, then everyone can lose their lives. Basically you told them what are the Allah Tala on that traveling by sea or by water is extremely

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risky. So he says that I would not recommend traveling by water. We're not really allowed to and he received this feedback from IBM and us, he told him why we are the Ultralight and that we are not going to do this. And that is it no more No more questions no more ifs and buts the case is closed. Now MA We are the Allah Tala. And during the time of Earth man or the Allah Tala. Again, he sent a letter. And he told it was matter of the Ultron that I believe that we need to create a Navy for ourselves. We need to create ships just like everyone else is doing and we need to go to Cyprus, or Smilow. The Ultra and the very beginning what he said was that I know what you're trying to do. Oh

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mother passed away that you're going to ask me thinking that I'm going to say yes. He said to Malia he said that I was there when O'Meara Viola Don was writing that letter to you saying no, no, no to Navy, or there should be no ships built from the Muslim empire. And he says I'm going to stand by the decision that was made by the Khalifa, Amara, the Allah Tala and while we are of the Athan, he persisted and he said that no, we need to have it we need to have it we need to have it. So as one of the alotta answered that okay, I'm going to permit you only on two conditions. You can create a navy, you can create, you can build your ships and you can go to Cyprus, only two conditions. Number

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one, you have to take your wife with you

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Do you have to take your wife with you? Why would he say you have to take your wife with you? Because he knows because anyone, and you know, men in general are Pete, you know, men are people who would take risks. But as soon as you include family, as soon as you involve family, what's the first thing that a man usually does? You think twice, right? So he said that if you are willing to take your wife, that means that you are 100% determined, and you know exactly what you're doing. So you have to take your wife with you. That is condition number one. Condition number two, you cannot force anyone to travel with you. Whoever wants to go with you, they can travel with you. But if

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someone someone does not want to travel by ship with you that you cannot force them at all. That means that this expedition that you want to take all the way to Cyprus will be Oh, totally on you. You can go to their people, you can encourage them, but you cannot force anyone to go with you. Now what happened was that shockingly, surprisingly, there are many Sahaba Ravi Allah Donna who said to automatic NASA, that we are willing to travel with you. Now, the question is that, why would so many Sahaba all of a sudden they would come forward, and they will say that we are willing to travel with you. There is a famous story about a woman who, who existed during the time of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she was alive till then.

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Her name was on the Haram on the haram. On the Haram what she did was, she was one sitting with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And what happened was that she was looking, you know, and when I say this, I want you to take this with a grain of salt. I want you to understand what I'm about to say. She was, you know, going through the hair of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. As you know, some, a lot of people they do they just go through the hair that they would go through the hair, you know, they would try to see if there's anything in the hair, if there's any lies, if there's anything in their hair that needs to be removed. So she was going through the hair of

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Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, and he fell asleep, the province or something he fell asleep. After a while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he woke up and he had this huge smile on his face. So OMA haram said that old prophet of Allah, why are you smiling? I mean, this is something that I have never seen before. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that in my dream, I saw some people of my Alma that were shown to me campaigning for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And now listen to the words of the Prophet. He said, saving in the middle of the sea like kings on thrones. This was sort of a, this is something this is news that the Prophet some is for

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telling us from before that not only will you travel by land to go and you will campaign for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala but you will travel by sea to for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala OMA haram says that I sent to the saucer a long while your Sunday yes to Allah make dua that I am amongst that group, make dua that I'm amongst that group, the provinces are made dua and says OMA haram, you are in that group, the province has sent on went to sleep, he went back to sleep. After a while again, he woke up and again he had a smile on his face. Again on the HoloLens is that why do you have a smile on your face? And the problem is has some said that some people have my own malware

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shown to me campaigning for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is just a very general statement that was made by rasa Allah while he was salam. Ala haram said that yes Allah make dua that I'm amongst this group, the Prophet SAW Selim said on haram you cannot do that. You may you asked me to make dua. So you can be amongst the first group I made that dua Inshallah, you'll be amongst the first group. It said that when while we are the Allah Tala, and when he was getting people together, OMA haram shared these are Hadith with them. And when they heard this, they realized that it is this is something that we are destined to do. And because the Prophet saw this

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in a dream, this is a message. And so we are going to travel by sea by water, and we're going to reach on Cyprus. Now. At that time, it said that as they got to Cyprus, now, okay, one more thing before I went before I go forward on the Haram when I said earlier that she was going to be here of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what does that tell you about Omaha? Ron's relationship with the Prophet SAW Salem.

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Let me ask you this. Can a non Muharram go through the hair of someone else? Yes or No? No. What does that mean? The OMA haram was what to the province of Salaam.

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She was a Muharram. Right? That's what we learned. Question Is that how was she a Muslim tourists wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam? There are many. There are some. There are some opinions that are given by the older man. One of the

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one of the predominant opinions or the more accepted opinion was that she was the Foster and of the Sula. So Allahu Allah, He will send them. So because of that the Houma has been established. She is considered as Amara, that's why she was with Roswaal saw Salam she was going to the hair of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam. The second thing I want to mention is that when you sit when I say that the that she was looking to the hair of the Prophet sallallahu

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He was set up for anything or for any lies. Some of you may think that does that mean that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was dirty? Does that mean that he was filthy? Now that does not mean that as we know that the prophets of salaam was an extremely clean man, he always sort of for hygiene. One thing is that this goes to show you that the Prophet SAW Sanam like everyone else he was a human being, he was a human being, because something get into his hair. Absolutely. I mean, how many of us, we are so particular about our cleanliness here, but as soon as we travel overseas, and we're there overseas for probably for one, two weeks, one month, two months, there are some lice

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in our hair, does that mean that I am inherently untidy? Does that mean that I'm here inherently dirty as a person? No, it doesn't mean that it means that you are just a human being and it can happen to you like it happens to anyone else. Likewise, Ross was awesome was not because he was a dirty person. So that's one thing I want to clear. It said that as they got to Cyprus, for whatever reason, will love the island. On the Haram she got into an animal, and it said that the animal got sort of, you know, he got spooked a little, and it moved without a Muharram having clearly a balance on the animal because of which she fell down. And she, she injured her neck because she broke her

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neck, and she passed away on the spot. So that if you go to Cyprus Today, that same place where she's buried or close to there, there is a Majid over there till today in Cyprus is called the masjid of Omaha. Till today, and if you, you know, if you studied history, there was a lot of people who came through Cyprus and that Majid did, it was attacked. In the middle two, it was somewhat damaged, but they were able to rebuild it. And even till today that Majid does exist. Well, Allahu Allah, I was, I was even told, or I heard that if you go on Google, you came in search this, this budget, it doesn't exist till today. Now, what happened was that when these people, they came into

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Cyprus, they came into Cyprus, there were the people who were living there who were living under the control or leadership or rulership of the Byzantine Empire. As soon as they came in, the Muslims came in, they had heard about the people they had heard about the Muslims. As soon as the Muslims came in, they ran away, they ran away thinking that these people are here to take over our land, and we're going to remain hiding, we're going to remain hiding until the visiting Empire comes in, they help us out. When the Muslims came in, they said, Look, we mean you no harm, we just we just want to be part of this society. But in order and they said that, okay, you can live here, but this land

00:32:27 --> 00:33:04

does not belong to you. And the Muslims said that, okay, the sun does not belong to us. But at the same time, we need to get some clear things, we need to make some things clear. Number one is that while you're living here, and while we are here, you cannot support the visiting empire. Number two is that if you find out that the visiting empire, people from that empire are coming, then you have to inform us. Now what happened was that down the road around two or three years later, what happened was that the Muslims were under attack in Cyprus, because these people who were living in Cyprus had violated the terms of their agreement. And later on the Muslims, they were able to fight

00:33:04 --> 00:33:41

back and they were able to take a portion of Cyprus into their hand, not the entire thing, but they're able to take a portion if you go to Cyprus till today, there are many Muslims who are living there not not predominantly. I mean, there are some people from the Middle Eastern country there, but you find people from all over the world who are living in Cyprus for livelihood, but there are Muslims today in Cyprus. The next place is the the West. So we talked about the east we talked about the north now we're talking about the West as far as Egypt is concerned. It said that North Monroe the a lot that I took over Egypt at that time, and it said that till today from that time onward

00:33:41 --> 00:34:17

till today it is considered as an Islamic country. I'm living also the Allah Tron even though there was a push back initially on what are the alotta understand I'm living in the US to go and fight and take over Egypt is that that that there was a push by the Byzantine Empire, or people from the Byzantine Empire, they were able to take away some cities, or thumbin, or the alotta unsent, I'm never gonna ask again, that you went through the time of Amara Viola that I'm, you know, that country more than anyone else, you go there, and you take over all the land, or all the cities that have been taken away from us, and go ahead and reclaim those cities. And he said that he went with

00:34:17 --> 00:34:24

the Muslim army and he was able to take all those cities back into the hands of the Muslim, the Muslim kingdom now,

00:34:25 --> 00:34:59

at this point, they went wild, he took over from Egypt, they extended more west. So they went into Tunisia, they went into Libya, they went to all these countries. And it said that then they began to head south, they began to head south. As they began to head south. It said that the Muslims came across some armies, who were who were an expert in attacking the eyes of the opposite, opposite army. As you all know that when you go when you study any army of the past, they would arm themselves from head to

00:35:00 --> 00:35:36

Total. But if there was one place that was not armed and that was exposed, it was the eyes, right? It had to remain exposed, so that people can see. Well, the Muslims did come across an army, they did not exactly fight them, but they came across them and found out what they did. As they were traveling more south into Africa that this army they will not attack the people they will attack the eyes of the opposition. So they will make them blind and there was a lot of historical reports that they have made many people blind have the opposite of the opposite army. So as the Muslims are coming in Saudi into Africa

00:35:37 --> 00:36:12

and this is if you look at Africa right now we're still talking about the northern part of Africa. They're simply starting to make their way south as soon as they found out about this. They informed the entrepreneur the alotta and this is where we have come to know or it's one of the yellows on and said that there is no need for any of these cities right now. You took right now the northern part of Africa belongs to us just come back so then they left that they left their expedition they quit their expedition going more towards South Africa and they went back to they went back to their their cities where they came from initially so so this is some the expedition that took place during the

00:36:12 --> 00:36:50

time of Earth man Are you allowed to die now as an as a Muslim? You will look at this and say wow, Mashallah. Look at the expedition's. Look at the achievements of ortho and Rhodiola the line but the greatest achievement which we'll talk about next week in sha Allah briefly, the greatest achievement was not these conquest. The greatest achievement or its motto the Allah to the iron was the preservation of the Quran was the preservation of the Quran. So we will talk about this next week because Hanworth man or the Allah Tala are not taking up the initiative, to protect the Quran to protect the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We could have found ourselves in a

00:36:50 --> 00:37:24

situation like many other religions, like when you said when you see when you see Christianity, there are so many different Bibles, so many different denominations. The other day, I had a meeting with one of the pastors of this big there's a big church here at Methodist Church on Parker Road, Parker and Spring Creek, Spring Creek, right. So that big church over there I had a meeting with the pastor over there the other day. And so I asked him this question, I said that, you know, what kind of denominations exist in Christianity and he was talking about this, he said that there are so many different denominations. There are so many different denominations that even many of us we don't

00:37:24 --> 00:37:59

know all the denominations and each denomination, they have their own Bible. They have their own book that they use there's so there's so many had with manual Yola, that I'm not taking up the initiative to protect the Quran, we as Muslims could have found ourselves easily in that same situation. We could have had different arms, but it was overthrown with the allotted time, who took the initiative who was given that that ability in that dough fit by Allah subhanaw taala to protect the Quran, and hence today, it doesn't matter where you go on Earth where you go, it doesn't matter if you go to another sect of Islam, someone who believes that someone else or believe they have

00:37:59 --> 00:38:31

different slightly different theologies and Anna sunnah with Gemma. It doesn't matter where you go, the Quran is still the same, this credit goes to first of all la subhanaw taala. But then secondly it goes to Earthman or the Allah Tala and because he made a sincere effort to protect the Muslim ummah. We'll talk about this next week in sha Allah, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala He gives us the ability to act from what's been said and heard exactly Malachite Subhanallah you humbly Subhana Allah 100 naturally will lie either illa Anta selfie Luca wanted to be like Dr. Malachite, salaam Alicante why Brocato

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that really, the army was led by just

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like you

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