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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and challenges faced by Muslims in society, including the lack of housing, social activism, and the need to overcome these struggles. They also touch on the importance of learning from qualified applicants and finding success in the field. The overgrowth of Islam and the need for people to be given a cut on their monthly income is also discussed. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a solution to these issues.
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Mr. Lohana Heyman hamdulillah he'll be on I mean was there was someone else also to hear Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi as mine was some of the same on the kitchen I'm gonna throw my boss Ohana climb Anna Ilana Ilana in nickel anti hacking rubbish. Okay, so anyway silly MD, one of them this only if the holy. So we're talking about the LIFO book are you allowed to run and last week we talked about

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or last week the week before last week we talked about the bay

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matter that took place between overthrow the Ultron and it will do a lot and on and today we're talking about today and next week inshallah we're talking about few fitness that took place during the time of overthrow Yalta and which are referred to in the books of history as the the Ryda wars, or they read the battles. And, for example, there was one fitna that took place for you know, when people they were denying zakat, another fitna that took place was that there were some people who claim to be prophets. So inshallah today we'll be talking about those who had denied or rejected the concept of zakat. And then inshallah next week, we will be talking about those who claim to be

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prophets, and how over the allotted iron in the Muslims, they were able to stop them, and they were defeated. So let's talk about the wars first. The word Ryda. It means apostasy in the English language. And it means that a person who leaves a fold of Islam, now many older man, they give their own interpretation as to what is the definition of Ryda. And the the most, or the best definition that I personally found was the definition given by Imam Nobita Hamid Allahu La. And I want to read his definition word for word for you. Because I think he really in a very unique way, he covers the entire concept of what does it mean a person to come or to go out of the fold of Islam? He says, and

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I quote, it is to cut oneself from Islam either by intention, by action, or by a word of disbelief, regardless of whether one enters that word, believing in it, out of a sense of stubbornness, or for the purpose of mocking Islam or the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or the Muslims. A person has disbelieved If he rejects the Creator, or the messengers, or disbelieves in a messenger or he makes something Halal which Allah subhanaw taala has made haram or the complete opposite he has made something haram which Allah Subhana Allah has made halal. And if he rejects through Iijima, what is compulsory in the religion, or something that is not in religion and he makes that compulsory? And

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he does that with firm intention of disbelief? The Imam No, we don't have to lie it says that this person has kind of He has gone out of the fold of Islam. So the question is that were these were there people at the time? Oh Buckroe, Viola Denine. Who did? Who did perform on this who did perform read that or as we today refer to these people as more times, you know, we say this You use this word mortar as a person who has left the fold of them. Now, does the Quran say anything about for someone who turns away from Deen? And the answer is yes, there is an ayah in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa taala. He says, what a third do Allah at Abadi calm that do not turn your back in

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flight, meaning that this was a time when the Muslims were in the battle. And at that time, Allah subhanaw says Do not turn your backs. So when you turn your back as if you're leaving something, if I turn my back and I leave, I'm leaving something. This is why the word empty that has been used in the Quran. There is a Hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there are more ayat but I want to get into that right now. There's a hadith of Ursula so Allahu Allah He was selling them were in he refers to the people who came after this was all along it was salam. And these are people who completely neglected everything that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught, or he still

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Word for and so these people is mentioned that the Prophet SAW Allah has some says the time will come on the day of judgment. And he says that yeah Robbie as hobby yeah Robbie as hobby for your Kulu in Nicola Ilma lega Bhima baka baka in the home irritate duala at Abadi hem, Alka para the Prophet sallahu wa salam says that on the Day of Judgment when I will be giving water with my own blessing hands from the basin from the from the well from the blessing Well, I will be giving water to all my followers, but what will happen at that time is that the angels they will come and they will drag people out of that line. So you have a line of Muslims or a line of people who are

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considered as the OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And as we all know that we talk about in our deen we talked about receiving the intercession of Roswaal. So Allah who is on the day of judgment, and how we will respond to intercede on our behalf. So the Muslims will be standing in the single file line waiting to be given water or to be served water from the hazardous wa sallahu wa sallam, and peep and the angels will come and they will pull these people out of the line. Now out of love, that was wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam has in his heart for all of us. He will say yeah, Robbie us hobby, he will say Oh Allah, these are my US hub. These are my people. Why are they being

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dragged, dragged away? Or was he will say Allah subhanaw Say, Verily, You do not know what they did after you passed away. They walking backwards, they were walking backwards, they turn their back on their heels in flight, meaning that Allah subhanho will tell the province all along while you're setting them that even though you may refer to them as your as hub, but after your departure, or whether these people came after you, these are people who neglected your teachings. And so that's why this is not a hadith. Even though this hadith has the word tattoo, it may have a tattoo, but this is not in reference to those people who have completely left the dean and who are the fold of

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Islam. These are even referring to those people whose claimed to be Muslims, but they have completely neglected the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now the question is that why did people turn away from Islam after the death of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Number one is the death of Rasulullah sallallahu. It was salam in itself was a cause of people turning away from Deen if you remember that people believe that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam has passed away. And so now Islam is no longer there. And that is why ALLAH SubhanA wa says says this in the Quran. And this is why o book or the Allah Allah Allah He referred to this by saying, Well, man, Muhammad, Allah

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Rasool, Allah, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is only a messenger. And we have to always remember that who we worship is not Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who we worship is Allah subhanho wa Taala and who we follow is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that's why it's very, very important. And, you know, having said this, when you're looking or reflecting on the actions of these people, there's something that we see in our society today. If you know I've seen this happening maintains and you may have seen this or may not imagine there I've seen this happening where a person is following a certain scholar,

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a person is following a certain scholar. And for some reason, that scholar has a weakness and it might be a weakness in some area, what happens is that his weakness is exposed, His weakness is exposed. The people following that person says, You know what, if I was following this scholar, and his weakness has has been exposed and he has been involved with many things are wrong. I am no longer going to I'm no longer going to follow Islam anymore. I'm no longer going to pray sod anymore. Because if he was standing up if he was representing this, and this is what he turned out to be, than I don't want anything like this. And what we have to realize is that we're not told

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we're not told to obey the scholars or we're not told that you are you worship them. What we are told is that that they are people who remind you of Allah subhanho wa Taala but everyone has a weakness. And if you come across that weakness, you are not to say that I'm not going to follow Islam anymore. Why? Because you follow Islam for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala so any any one of us who has this concept, we are no we are no different than the people who existed and they said that Mohamed Salah ism has passed away and so therefore Islam is no longer there. This is one of the first reasons why people they left the fold of Islam. Some people they turned away

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because of their lack of lack of strong faith, some people they left Islam because they were they still admired the pre Islamic traditions. Some people left the fold of Islam after Desert Rose wa sallahu alayhi wasallam due to tribal loyalties. And some people left the fold of Islam, because they these were people who were ambitious. They were hungry for power, and as soon as possible. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he departed from this world, they sense that there was a vacuum and power. And so this was the perfect opportunity to seize control of Arabia. And that's why some people they turned away from Islam, and in only in the hopes of using their power to gain control of Arabia.

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Now, how would they what is why the people will turn away from Islam? But the next question is that, what did they do that they turned away from Islam? What happened? Some people, they completely just rejected Islam altogether. There were some people who denied salaat, who began to deny a lot. There are some people who began to deny zakat. And not only that, but then you had some people who began to say that they began to claim that they were prophets now that we have talked about this in one of our halacha as much in the past. But the problem is so long while you some indicated that there'll be many people who would come in the future, who would claim to be prophets. Now during the time of

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obika, the Allah Denine there was not only just one we generally know that there was only one will say the Magna Carta, but there was many others who existed during the time of overthrow the allotted time. And and Obasanjo allotted and he was able to, he was able to defeat all these people who wish they would defeat these people and get rid of this fitna, but nonetheless, this fitna continues still today. Even today, we have people who claim to be Muslims, but they don't believe in the final prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they say that there was a man that came from India. And this is a man who who claimed to be the final prophet. And although these are people who

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claim to be Muslims, they say that, that we do not we do not deny the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam but we only say that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was not the final profit and these are the remedies and the power, the unease that exists today. Now, did this did this start did this these fitness start? After the time of Rasulullah sallallahu? It was set them or did these fitness start during the time Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? The answer is that in reality these fitness did occur or they did they did start at the very end of the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and many Dolma or the historians, they say that it started in

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the ninth year after hijra, but it was it was the this concept of false prophets or people denying the God started. And it was only amongst very, very few people. But during the time when this was a long way to send them even into the 10th year after hijra, the group of people this group of people begin to grow. But they were still considered as a very minor group. And so that's why we don't find that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he did address this, but we do find Roswaal so Allah while he was addressing the two people, there was one person by the name of a sweat, NC. He was from Yemen, who claimed to be a prophet and you hadn't was saved by even a cadaver. And these were the

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two more powerful ones. There were some others but there were not so much influential, as much as these two words. And there is a very beautiful hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that even at the end of his life, he did refer that there will be two people who would come in they will claim to be prophets. I want to read the Hadith for you and then translate it. He says, Yeah, you have nothing in the other or a to lay that delicado for my own see to her, what are a to feed virar I see what see what rain mean, there have been *ery to Huma. Fina fall to her for Tara Farah, for a while to Huma al Qaeda been Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen was so horrible Yamama Subhan Allah

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rasool Allah, Allahu Allah, he was sending him look at this hadith and he says, oh people I was shown the night of Layton Okada. But I was then made to forget about it, forget it, meaning exactly what night they that occurs. Now many of us we know this part of the Hadith, but we don't know the other part of this hadith and the other part of the hadith is and I was shown two golden bracelets on my arms or on my hands, disliking them, I blew on them and

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They flew away. I interpret I interpretated those bracelets to mean that there'll be two layers to cover that will come. And he says one of them is from Yemen, and Subhanallah us for the NC was from Yemen. And he said that the other one will be from Yamama. And musetti, by evening Cadet was actually from Yamama. And there was a battle that took place, even during the time of Accra, Yolanda and the Battle of Yamama, in which many of the profiles, many of those people who memorize Quran they had lost their lives, we will talk about that some other time. But nonetheless, the Prophet SAW Allah was something he referred to this, even during his lifetime. And there is a very interesting

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interpretation given by a scholar by the name of Dr. Ali tomb, he says that the braces that flew away simply by an action of blowing proves that as great as a threat, that is, what an Elmo Saima Messiah, they seem to pose. In reality, these were not these were not, they were not powers. These are not people who possess a lot of powers, but these are people who possess a lot of weakness. And then he says that these are people who are out for their own reputation, and to gain worldly riches. And then he says, the same person, Dr. Ali, he says, that just like these two braces, were on the wrist of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they had surrounded the wrist of the Prophet

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sallallahu sallam, he says, he interfaces by saying that these two fitness or these two people will come and they will surround the Muslims, just like a bracelet surrounds the wrist. Nonetheless, this was his own interpretation. Now obika Viola on he sees that this is a problem that is occurring. Now two things. Number one is if what do we learn from Albuquerque, Allah Don and his leadership, we learned that when there is a problem when there is a problem in your society obika The Ultron he says, a young Cassadine what a high, he says that the Prophet sallallahu or your son left this OMA at a certain level. And during my time, this level is dropping, like the level of this OMA is is

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dropping. He says that this cannot happen during my time. Because overgrowth, you're allowed to die. And internally, he's thinking to himself, that as him being a leader and Islam is now on a downfall. He's basically putting the blame on himself and he's thinking to himself, that how can I face Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, knowing that the Prophet Allah is on the left that if the Ummah at this level, and when I departed from this, Omar Omar was at this level, and he says, That cannot happen, that cannot happen. Number two is the question that many people will ask Is that why did why was overgrowth on so concerned? Why was he so concerned about people not giving zakat like

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today in our times, we have people, people, people who say in their written articles about why there are certain tenants of Islam that are considered as foreign and no longer they are firm. There I've I've read articles today that say that hijab is not something that is considered as the the Islamic attire of a woman, but rather it is more cultural based. I have read articles about this. And these are research work that is done by certain doctors. And one thing that we see is that as trained Muslims we try to go and we try to explain to these people right, we say that if a person denies slavery we say that you read the Quran, you read the Hadith and salad is mandatory. If someone

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tonight today denies zakat, we will go to them and we will tell them that look Zakat is from the Quran is from the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam you cannot deny it. There was you know not only Allah Tala on he went to Oh baccarat Viola tonight and he says that Oh, Booker, why don't we just not leave these people right now? Leave these people, people who are denying the call, we will deal with them later on. Right now let's go and let's deal with this. These two people asked what LLC and we'll say never even a cadaver. Let's go deal with them first. And Olga said that right now, these people will come later on. We know that they do exist right now. They're not here. But the

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people that are surrounding us, or the people who live within us, or people who denies the cards and they are denying salad. Now the question is that how does this hurt? If someone denies the cat, does that really hurt anyone else? And the answer is yes. Because if you if you closely observe every single fitna that has occurred in this dunya every single time that occurs, it's one person who starts to fitna and that one person turns it into a small group. And that small group grows and grows

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When a fitness starts and you don't smash the fitna at that time at the at the beginning or as at its inception, then that fitna grows, that fit that grows. I look over your time understands that right now this might be a very small group, there might be a very small group. But if I don't get rid of this today, and I just believe it and I remain oblivious about it, they are going to gather more people within this group. And eventually these people will try to take over Medina and if they try to take over the leadership of Medina, then you're talking about people taking over Medina who don't believe in salatu are don't who don't believe in Zakat, and they will change the face of Islam

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and they will change the landscape of Islam for eternity. So obika Dawn realizes that in order in order for this not to turn into a fitna, in the long run, it has to be addressed right now. And at that time, overcrowded Yatra and he mentioned a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a hadith that many Islamophobes they literally have a field day with this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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the Hadith was was a Allahu alayhi wa salam says that I have been ordered to fight against the people until they say that until the c'est la ilaha illa. Now, personally, I've done some research on this and many Islamophobes they say that first of all, you will see many samples writing this hadith on their blog on their website. And they will say that the Prophet Muhammad SAW some says that I had been ordered to kill people until they say La Ilaha illa Allah. First of all, is that that is not what risotto Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, the Prime Minister was not saying they had been ordered to kill the people. He says I've been ordered to fight. Now the Olimar they interpret

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this and they give many explanations, first of all, is that when you study the concept, when you study this hadith, there's a certain context, the context was, there's certain people who were bringing your fitness and the pagans, they were fighting against the or the Quraysh they were fighting against Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, at that time, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he said this, this is not in the context where people are living in coal and living or or people are coexisting people have mutual respect for one another. This hadith cannot be applied there, you're inside. That's number one. Number two is when the Prophet says someone says fight. It does not

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actually mean go and fighting with people. It means that there is a certain fitna that is occurring, and it is my job to defeat that fitna and to overcome that fitna, that is exactly what I saw so long while he was Saddam Hussein, there probably is some is not he's not advocating that we go and first of all, we we forcefully convert people, or we take the lives of other people. Some other people have said, talking about Ovako Viola and that why would Ubercart go and force these people to become Muslims? If these are people and they said that lycra feeding, first of all, is that this ayah Allah Accra, for Deen, it relates to those people who are not at all in the fold of Islam. The people that

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we are talking about today are in the fold of Islam. They believe in the Oneness of Allah. They believe in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then these are people who say that there is absolutely no zakat. Obatala is just going and he's trying to talk to these people, and he's trying to overcome this particular fitna. He's not going anywhere and forcefully converting anyone. So let's try to get this very, very clear, because even with this many people, they bring up this objection. Finally, what happened was that these people who denied the car, they came to Medina. They came to Medina, they met with Albuquerque, Oberon and overgrowth, Ana has sensed that these

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people are not just here just to meet with us. They have an agenda and they have a big plan,

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Elbert rota and many people again, they came to overgrow readathon and they said that let's wait to see what happens. What Don said absolutely not. We will not wait we will arm ourselves and we will prepare ourselves obika The Allah Tada. Now you have to remember the reason that people have zakat came and they try to attack Medina for two reasons. Number one is that they felt like right, well, first of all, is that they realize that Obergefell Donna will not budge because these people they came to Medina, and they tried to convince I mean, can you imagine what was going through their mind? They're trying to convince a worker that there is no second rather than said you You are

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simply out of your mind. There's no way I'm going to agree with you. When they did not do that. They saw that if you remember I said this before, at the death of the saucer law while he was setting him there was a huge expedition led by Osama even to say all these people were out of Medina there was a big group of people who were not in Medina at that time. These people who denies the cause

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They felt like right now is the perfect opportunity to attack the Muslims and to attack these people in Medina because right now they're missing a good chunk of people from their own community. So right now is the perfect opportunity, however, overall are the a lot that I had prepared himself. When these people they came. They came and said that after this delegation met with Alberto Nordea waterline, after three days, they came to attack Medina, after three days, they came to attack Medina, they came, they were shot obika Viola Tron was well prepared, and the muscles were able to push them and push them away. And because the Muslims were prepared, they began to retreat, they

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began to retreat. Later on, it said that over the Allah Allah himself went amongst these people. Now in Medina, everyone told alberca, that it is not safe for you as the khalifa to go and meet with these people, they can take your life over the altar and say said that I am going he took some people with him. But he went there to try to bring them again back to the true fold of Islam. And he's and the books of history mentioned that when overcall, Radovan went, he was able to talk to them, some and it said that there was some clashes, some Muslims didn't lose their lives, they on their side, they also some loss of their lives. At the same time, there were a lot of people who

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understood that what they were doing was wrong. And they came back into the fold of Islam and overthrow the dawn he ordered them that everyone who came back into the true fold of Islam, he ordered them that there is a God has to be given in the next two or three days. And the cinema and the historian say that within three days, all the zecca had not been given all this God came to Medina It was then given to overthrow the yo love that on. Nonetheless, there were still some people who denied this ticket. And these were still a very they were very less than number. And these people were just simply the best course of action at that time was to simply ignore these people.

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And eventually these people, they they simply vanish after that. So that's why we don't find in nowadays and Omarosa Allahu alayhi wa sallam why we are challenged with so many fitness and humbler we don't have a fitna where people are outright denying zakat. Yes, we do have the problem that I will say 90% of the Ummah right now is not giving the Zakat. And for those people who are in the field of humanitarians are who are in the field of humanitarian relief, they will tell you, the homeless that God is coming, and how much they are struggling to give the car to all the people.

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One of I remember there was a scholar who said one time that if everyone gave the cat in the Muslim world today, if everyone gave the cut, then today we will not have poverty within the Muslim world. If everyone gave there's a cut, there are people who are well off, there are Muslim kings and rulers and so forth and they have so much money, even today, even even people who are not even rulers or kings, but there are many people, many Muslim individuals who are so blessed by Allah subhanaw taala unfortunately, today, majority of the Muslim ummah is not giving there's a cut, And subhanAllah I mean, you go to other places, when you go to some churches, the church there are many churches you

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go and they will tell you that if you want to be part of our church, see our our budget system works very differently. A Masjid works solely on support. You come to the masjid you give something you don't give something you're welcome to the masjid. That's not how churches work. There are people who may live here in Plano, but they might be going to sacks who are widely into a church, they don't even go to the local church. Why? Because you have to belong to a certain church. And if you want to go to a bigger church or you want to belong to a bigger congregation, then they would generally they demand that you give 10% of your check on a monthly basis. Can you imagine that? 10%

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That means that if a person is making $5,000 a month, they are demanding $500 a month on a monthly or $5 on a monthly basis.

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I mean, I'm I may be judgmental here by saying this. But if we as Muslims were told to do this today, I don't think we will be able to do it. I'm sorry to say this but I think we are in that position that we will not be able to do it. But these are people who say that yes, we will give our deen says you have to give only once a year and only 2.5% 2.5% and yet majority of the Muslim ummah has not they are they don't give their zakat at all. So it's really really sad of the situation that we are living in nowadays. But obika The Allah on once again, a one last thing I'll share with all of you and then we will wrap it up.

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Overall when you look at obey the law to the island and his attitude towards the problems in his society.

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It doesn't matter what problems we have in our society, as long as there are problems, every Muslim has to understand that it becomes my responsibility to fight those problems. If a person says that it's not my responsibility to fight those problems outside, or challenges that Muslims are facing, then you have clearly misunderstood the Syrah of a sauce, Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and the life of the Sahaba of the Ultron, whom you have clearly misunderstood. Because these are people if Obergefell Dan was so worried about his own spirituality, then he would have just sat inside the masjid and said, Allah, Allah worried about his own salad, slams the cat and Hutch and not worry

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about anything else. But these are people who not only looked after, who looked after their own spirituality, but they looked after the welfare of the Muslims too. And so that means that in our times, today, we have different challenges. We are faced with different challenges. And it becomes our responsibility that while we maintain our own spirituality, we have to fight these battles, and we have to overcome these challenges. It becomes our responsibility. And the reason I mentioned this is because, you know, believe it or not in our Muslim community, they are very weak. And for the most part, we are not teaching our children to be engaged with the society. We're not. Did you know

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that the other day there was a youngster who came to me and informed me that parents here in our own community, parents are teaching their kids that getting involved with others is haram gets they're teaching their kids as science is haram. I'm not making this up. I'm setting aside the Muslim parents are teaching their kids that science is haram. Now, I understand that one aspect of science is that you know, people, they negate God and so forth. I'm not talking about that. That's only one aspect of science. But today, unfortunately, we have so many parents, who, first of all, they don't engage into the community, they're not engaged with social activism, but they don't teach their kids

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either. And not only then on top of that, they're teaching their kids these kind of ideologies. And these kinds of concepts that science is haram and working with others is haram. And don't worry about what's going on. Just worry about your iman, that's not what we're supposed to teach our kids. That's not what we're supposed to teach our kids. Look, I will tell you a lot and I'm looking at ASA long while he was sitting him, look at the other qualified Russian and we will go through their life. If they saw a problem. They understood right away that it becomes my responsibility to fight that problem. And that's the attitude that we all need to have. So I pray to Allah subhanaw taala He

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gives us He gives us the understanding, and gives us the ability to learn from the qualified Russian and may Allah Subhan give us ability to emulate these people and follow their footsteps just like Kamala Hi. So Hi lovely Hamdi. subharmonic Allahumma We have Nick Nash, they were either in the Anta staff Heruka wanted to be exactly on the head. Somebody's gonna have to lie Brocato