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Have our families over here are very different. Now. For example, I'm giving you an example. A man came, okay, a man came. And he asked me that, in my allowed, he asked me a very valid question. And he was very serious about it too, which to me for a moment, I thought he was joking around. But he was extremely serious about it. He asked me, am I allowed to hug my wife? Okay. He asked me, am I allowed to hug my wife? Now? What's the answer? Of course, you are right. Yes or no? Now, the reason I in the very beginning, I was shocked. I was shocked. And I thought he was just he was messing around, or he was trying to get to another question. And these were just like questions leading up

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to his actual question. But this was his actual question, am I allowed to hug my wife? And I said, Yeah, why not. And his that his common was this, I never saw my father is showing love to my mom. Or I never saw my father doing anything that comes under the umbrella of showing affection to my mom. In fact, when you study the heat, when you say the families, in many cases, not only overseas, but even here, even here in America, when kids see how their mothers are treated than boys, they grow up and they believe that if I treat my wife, the way I saw my mother being treated, this is absolutely normal. This is what's part of Islam. Whereas that's not part of Islam. So the point I'm trying to

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drive to all of you is that whatever atmosphere you create inside your home, your kids will become that your kids will become that now I'm just gonna give you an example a personal example. Okay.

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In my in the house, I grew up my parents were very particular about cleanliness, very particular about cleanliness. And they were they were organized now when I grew up once again, you know average you know, your your American youngster growing up you know, when you see when you go to a room of a normal youngster, the clothes are everywhere, you know, this is their, this is their, you know, and you know, when I was growing up, that's how my room was. But when I began to live on my own guess what, subconsciously, I picked up the habit of being organized and being clean. When I was living on my own firm for a while then what happened was I made sure that everything was in the right place. I

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remember my room used to be clean and I used to ask myself that why am I doing this here? When I never used to do that at home? And the answer was that because I picked it up from my own parents. And this is this is the most important thing. Here I show the Allah Tala on her I saw the Allah Donna. She picks up that nature from her mother. Now I shared with you last time the OMA Romano the Allah Tala on her she when she migrated with her family to Medina. And she sent her own husband oboe, Viola line that go inform the province of Salem that does he remember that he married Isha. And the only thing is that the only thing that's left is the consummation of marriage. So when Ovako

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Viola on went to the province of Salem, he remembered he says, Yes, I have not forgotten and but I'm just right now busy with the affairs of the Muslims establishing the Muslims in Medina, and I'm busy with that right now, but inshallah we will take care of the consummation of marriage, no problem. And the problem he did take care of that. The second time when we find the understanding, and the hikma of OMA Romain, or the Allah Tala Anna was in the case or the incident of if now without going into great detail about that story, we all know that there was a time in the in the life of Aisha of the Allah Tala Anna, which was considered as the most difficult moment in the life of Icod. Allah

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Tala Anna was a time when she was accused, and she was slandered upon that even for a moment the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam even he was caught up into that the rumor now first of all is that

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in the story, when I saw the Allah on her she says that when I got to Medina I felt sick for a month.

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One of those nights I went out with the mother of Mr. Will the Allah salon. And while we were coming back, she tripped over her cloth or her clothes. And she said to me may miss the hubby in ruins. She says something to that effect. I saw the Allah Tala Aha, she was shocked to hear something like this. And she said that how can you say something about your own son number one, but number two, more importantly, he is a buddy companion. He is a Sahabi who participated in the Battle of butter. And if you study the status of those Sahaba who participate in the Battle of butter, their status is very is extremely high. He's not only the mother he's on

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In the son of this of this mother, but he is a Sahabi who participated in the Battle of vada. Then she informed the Aisha of the Allah Tala on her that Did you not hear what's going on in Medina? Don't you hear the rumors are going on in Medina. And at that time when she came back home, and she asked her mother, oh, middleman that are these rumors true. I mean, is this really going on? Because she had already picked up some, she was already suspicious, because the behavior and the demeanor and the attitude, the promise of something had changed in the past few days. And so she knew that there's something there's something in the air here. But she never picked up that there was some

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there was a rumor until the mother Mr. informed her she came home, the mother said yes, there are rumors that are circulating in the community. At that time, she felt she was already sick. But she came she became even more sick. And she says that I began to cry and cry and cry. And it was at that time, it was at that time that the mother of our Isha uma Romain came and gave her the support that I Isha needed, she gave her the support they a mother is supposed to give to her child in the most difficult time of her life. Instead of the mother sitting over there, sitting there with her and weeping alongside with her, she gave her support. And so this is something that's very important

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that we learn because even you know, later on we see this from the eyes of Yolanda and her that because she learned this nature from the prophet from her mother, she will even provide the same kind of help to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam not only that, in the same in the same incident, it says that the Prophet SAW Saddam later on in the story he came to ISO of the Allah Tala on him. And while he was about to get up and leave the company by Isha, he sat there and the way he came upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, after the war, he was over after the war, he had come. The province has some had a big smile on his face. And he says, Oh, I Isha. Allah has

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exonerated you, you are free. You are there. Allah has proven your innocence in the Quran. At that time, at that time, OMA Romana, think about this, I want you to really think about this. If someone came to you, or someone came to your son or daughter and accused them of something that they never did, or not even openly accused them but they were even they were caught up in the accusation. They felt like that there was something there and now they come to know that your son or daughter has been proven innocent. If they say something, at that time, a parent will say I told you so I told you so I told you so how dare you accuse my son or my daughter and they will get upset or middleman

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at that time when she saw that the province um said that oh Aisha your innocence has been mentioned in the Quran. She told her I told you Allah Tala on her that I want you to go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I want you to go to the Prophet. And what did I say at that time? She says no, I will not go and think the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at this moment, I will think only and only Allah subhana wa Taala because he has sent Aiyar to prove my innocence. So at that time, once again, you see the loving and the caring nature of a middleman and the love that she had in her heart, despite her daughter being accused and the Prophet SAW Selim having some doubts.

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When the Prophet SAW Selim, he said something that Omar Romain had she had in her heart a place for us allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and she had love for us Allah so Allah, Allah wa salam, and because of this love that she had for the Prophet alayhi salam, that is why that is why I saw the Allah that on her, she had also love for us allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So once again, whatever the nature of the mother was, it trickled down to ISIL the Allah Tala Burnham. Now the next thing about I want to mention about I showed you a lot and it was about her marriage now I'm not talking about the age of her marriage and what you know, whatever debates that are out there, but I

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want to mention about her marriage in the sense that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before him even marrying eyes of Allah Tala Anna, he says and this is a Hadith as mentioned Bukhari and Muslim, that the Prophet Allah has some informed Aisha in the days of Makkah. I have seen a dream for three nights where an angel was carrying you in a silk cloth and said to me, the angel said to me to bury some said to me, that this is your wife. The Prophet Allah is some then further on he says when I uncovered that when I opened that, that's so cloth. I found

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You in that I found you, oh Aisha, in that. And then he says if this dream is from Allah subhanho wa taala, Allah will cause this to happen. And lo and behold, yes, their marriage did take place. So so the reason I mentioned this is because that the Prophet SAW Selim was sort of informed and he didn't know in advance that he would marry. I saw the Allah, Allah Allah. I saw the alotta on her Of course, she was the youngest of all the wives of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, to the extent that even after she got married, and after the marriage was consummated, is mentioned that she was seen at a time when she was playing with like dolls, and she had like small toys, which

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other young girls will be playing with.

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She once again the reason she has so much love and affection is because she grew up in a household where there was love and affection. Her father showed her love and affection, her mother showed her love and affection. And more than these two, the promises send them showed so much love and affection to to I showed you a lot of unhappy.

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There is a an incident, where one time a group of people came from the from the African continent to visit the province of Saddam, it was a delegation that came it said that while they were inside the masjid, they began to do some of their activities, some of their cultural activities. And it was like a it was like a play that they were doing something that there was part of their culture and their norms. I show the hola hola Anna and I'm going to I'm going to come up with a tangent in a lesson to be learned from here.

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I show the hola to Anna. She says that I want to see this. Now remember I showed you a Latina is shorter, she's younger. So she stands up. And she is putting her head, her head her chin on the shoulder of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So she's standing behind the province of Salem, as she's putting her chin on the shoulder of the province of Salem and she's watching the entire play taking place. At that time. Now look at the look at the Prophet SAW Salem and his nature, that he's not only caring about himself, but he's caring about who his wife. He asked I showed the Allahu anha after several minutes into that play, or what they were doing their activity. He asked Aisha

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now he could have just said okay, you know what, Aisha enough? I have to go do my job, or I have to go somewhere else. He asked Aisha Are you? Are you satisfied? Or do you want to watch more? Do you want to watch more? I said, with the Alexa on Hmm. That I want to watch more.

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The problem is somebody cared for her. He cared for her what she wants. Now. I'm gonna come I'm gonna I'm gonna derive a matter of here. Which please, I don't hope I hope any of you don't. Oh, hope if you don't get upset with me. When you go shopping with your wife, okay? And you say Come on, make it quick. Make it quick. Make it quick, make it quick, you know, look at the look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Just look at his nature. He understands that I shot is enjoying herself. This is what I shall once instead of saying, you know, once again, instead of just walking away, he asked Aisha Are you okay? Do you want to watch more? Yes, I want to watch more. He stood

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there. He's watching. Aisha is watching. Do you want to watch more? Yes, I want to watch more and he stood there. This is who the Prophet SAW Selim was and this is the nature that we need to sort of bring within ourselves is that we need to have that same kind of love and caring for our own spouses and our wives. I show the Allah that ANA is said that on the night as you know that the prophets of salaam would have different nights dedicated different wives. On the night, it was a coincident, that in Baja and this is mentioned in Makati, that on the nights the province of Sun would spend the time with Aisha the Allah Tala on her. On that night, the province of Salam would bear a lot of

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gifts. Gifts would come to the house of the prophets of Salaam. Now the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when they knew about this you know, they came to a Muslim out of Yola, Anna and they said that almost cinema why is it that only gifts come on the days when the Prophet is with the eyes of the Allah Tala Why not on any other date, okay, why not on any other day. Now? Almost tomorrow the Allah Tala Anna, she came and she brought this concern up to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet SAW Selim he got a little upset and he simply walked away. He simply walked away.

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Oh, Mr. Murthy, Allah Tala AHA she didn't realize the province of Sun came around after a while. And again almost Salama asked he put it up, she put forward and her concern. Again the Prophet SAW Salem, he got he got a little upset. She did this for the third time. And then the Prophet adding some settlements selama that don't trouble me by harming I shall you a lot and I'm here for for by Allah and he's swaying upon Allah subhanaw taala that divine

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inspiration or divine revelation has never come to me while I was under the blanket of any other wife except for Isha Rhodiola Aha. Now the owner mother expenses are two different ways. One way is that and this is some this in both ways are generally accepted. And the way I understood this is that the worry of the worry that would come from Allah subhanho wa Taala via Jabra Italia, his sunnah would only come now once again, we're talking about I showed the Allah to Anna has time and all the other wives who existed not including copies of the Allah Quran because Khadija is not alive at that time. So we're just talking about all the wives who are in marriage with the Prophet and

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some of that time, why he would never come to the Prophet SAW Salem, while the prophet was with any other wife. The only time where he would come was when the Prophet Allah His son was with who I showed you Allah, Allah Allah, that's it. This goes to show you the status of Aisha Viola de la Anna, how Allah subhanaw taala loved her and hers as compared to all the other even though she was the youngest. Now even after that, when OMA selama came to the property some two three times and the property some said this, they want to Fatima the Allah Tala Anna said that Fatima can you go and talk to and just ask her father, it said that Fatima came the Prophet salallahu Salam was lying down

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next to I showed you a lotta on her. And he asked she asked for permission to come in the properties and granted her permission she came in. And then she asked, you know, she brought the concern

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to the Prophet alayhi salam. And then the Prophet alayhi salam said that

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the Prophet of Islam said, Oh, my daughter Olfactometer, the hola Tirana. Don't you love what I love? And she said yes, he then says that then you should love this, if this is how things are going that this is how I love things. And this is how things are going. So mean that when it came to ISO Viola Talana See, once again I talked about this in the past when it comes to the heart, the heart is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala you can do justice, but there is something called that love that only Allah subhana wa Taala can only measure and he can divide. Yes. You know, even in the province. Saddam had many wives, but he had love for ISIS the most during during that time. Now

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finally to finish off, I just want to talk about some the knowledge of ISIL Yola, Khurana and about her death. First of all, is that Al Hakim, he is the author of a book called Al Musa. The rock is a book of Hadith. He says 1/4 Of all the rules of Sharia in the account of Sharia were narrated by Sharia law the line ha Musa Ashley Guardiola line is also another very well known companion he says that whenever a hadith was unclear to us, we will always come to who I saw the Allah Tala anha and in handler she will always provide us an explanation. Not only that, as soon as he said, If I wish as knowledge is compiled and compared to the knowledge of all the women of the world, her knowledge

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will surely Excel of theirs. And she he also goes on to say a Zuni the first person to remove the distress from all the people when it came to ignorance or when it came to knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah that they did not know anything. The only person who could remove that distress or answer any of the questions was I showed you Allah Tala anha. So of course we know that I showed you a lotta her knowledge and this this goes back to once again because that you know the the time that she spent with us Lhasa Allahu Allah wa salam and how she picked up everything from the Prophet alayhi salam. Finally her death came in the month of Ramadan

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in the year 58, after Hijra in the year 58 After hijra, so

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if you do the math, if you do the math that when she got married to the province of Salem, when her marriage was consummated, and then you you factor in 5858 after hijra, she was 66 years old when she passed away. Now when was How old was she when the person passed away?

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How old was she when she when the property is passed away?

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If the marriage was consummated at the age of nine, right? And we're talking about the first or second year after hijra, she was roughly around 1819. So we're talking about a good we're talking about almost 46 years, right? 46 years, she lived after the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. And she witnessed the times I will walk out of the ultra on the entire graph of all model, the ultra North man and ally. So she lived for a long time and you know, I'm not going to get into this subject matter now. But even when you study Islamic history

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and all the fitness that occurred, you know, after you know during the era of optimality a lot of the iron when he was killed all the fitness that occurred during the time of IO, Viola iron. She played an important role in trying to help resolve the situation and help bring help resolve all the conflict. She she never played a role in that fitna and all the biller, but she played a role to try to bring the peace and unity back to the OMA. Once again, she passed away at the age of 66. And the same day she passed away she was buried in Albuquerque, which is genital bulkier. So this is the life of isodiol lata Lionheart, once again, there's so much more that we can cover. But due to time,

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I did not I did not want to get into all that. But once again, what we learn is from there's so much that we can learn from the wives of the Prophet sallallahu It was signed up, and so far, we've only covered three, we've covered the Khadija or the Alana.

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So, so there'll be a lot around her and I showed you a lot on her. And so once again, this is a long series, but it's a very fascinating series that what can we learn from the Sahaba whether they were the wives of the Prophet or sundown, whether it was the MaHA Janine or the Ansari, there's so much to learn from May Allah subhanaw give all of us ability to act upon what has been said and heard and may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability to learn from the lives of the great people, doctrine, Allah Subhan Allah Hamdi Subhanak Allahumma Abrahamic national Allah Illa, Anta and stuffie Luca wanted to be the exact Malachite Somali come to light Brocato