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Salam Alikum to law yo broker to welcome to another segment of conversations where we take a story of the Quran, where there was a dialogue taking place either between Allah subhanho wa Taala and one of his creations or a dialogue that is taking place between his creations and we expand upon that and learn from that. One of the most well discussed people in the Quran is the people of Bani Israel even. And as we all know that there are so many prophets that were sent to Bani Israel even last week I had shared with you a story about Bonita saw Ian and their arrogance, but he saw it in their in their disobedience and their disrespect. And this was a dialogue that took place between them and

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Musa alayhis salaam. And this took place not long after they had crossed the sea and Fanon was destroyed along with his army. Now we come to a story, which is also in surah. Al Qaeda is at the end of Surah Al Qaeda. This is also again Bani Israel eel, but not this time, Mousavi Islam, but this time it is Isa Alehissalaam. And you know, what's interesting to note is that no matter who it was, and it was not the same people, because we're talking about a lot of time has elapsed, from the time of Musashi, some all the way to Esau to his Salam, because you're talking about Musa Ali Hassan first of all, passing away in that valley, as I talked about last week, that after Bonita saw Ian

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had expressed their disrespect to Allah. And at that time, what happened was that Allah subhanaw taala trapped them in a place for approximately 40 years. It's mentioned that in those 40 years Musala your son passed away, how not to your son passed away. And then after that Allah subhanaw taala again, tells him to go and conquer a land and so forth, and then they went under the guardianship of someone else. We know also that in the story of bunnies saw either comes to other prominent figures, such as the Buddha Ali salaam, and Solomon Salaam. And not only that, but then also we talked about bunnies star eat We also talk about zakat. iati salaam, his son Yeah, yeah.

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And we also discuss about eSATA you sit on. So there is no doubt in the fact that when we're talking about bunnies, so even these are in one way, different people, okay, these are different these I mean, it is still bunny is talking, but we're talking about a different generation of bunnies saw eat. But what's interesting to note is, it is the same habits, meaning what that whatever habits that do that does exist within a group of people within a culture for the most part a remains in that culture. And here we find that it's a different generation years have gone by, but yet it's still the same kind of habit. And the habit I really want to focus on today is the demanding habit.

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Bunnies saw eel was a demanding nation. And what I mean by that is that go back to the stories when Allah subhanaw taala saved them. Allah gave them money was salah. I mean think about Allah choosing your food for you. And you show this, this ingratitude to Allah subhanho wa taala. This is the ability to be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala and here but he saw you there demanding, I don't know what salah I want somebody, you know, I want vegetables, that's exactly what I want. I don't want this. Not only that, but then when they came to Musa alayhis salam, and they're saying to the prophet and the prophet Musa alayhis salam that you know, there has been a there has been a

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situation our community and what do we do? Musa Allah Islam he makes dua to Allah, Allah says, slaughter a cow, once again, a demanding nation. How so? That instead of doing simply what they're told to do, no Musa can you go and find out what color does a cow have to be? What kind of a cow does it have to be? And eventually that one thing that was so simple for them became so difficult because they became a demanding nation. Likewise, we also find in the stories of bunnies saw in that when they traveled with Musa alayhis salam. What did he say to Musa Islam that we want to see Allah subhanho wa taala? Like, I mean, don't you have this Eman and Allah? Allah saved you from fear I

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don't like there was no one who could ever, you know, overcome fear to own and his power and his army. Allah showed you within a matter of few minutes. Allah destroyed his entire army. Allah destroy for the own. Wasn't that not enough for

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You everything else that you have seen that, isn't that not enough for you, but you have to demand again that you want to see Allah subhanho wa taala. So once again, Bernie saw you being a very demanding nation. And what we learn is because there's always an objective behind all the stories, I mean, think about it. Why do you think Allah mentions this story in the Quran? Because once again, Allah is teaching us that OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there was a group of people that came in the past, they were given many prophets, yet this is the way they behaved. And then on the other hand, you look at the Sahaba, of the alotta on whom they were also followers of a prophet.

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This is Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but they were never demanding. They never came to the Prophet SAW, someone said, Well, you know what, if you truly are a prophet, then show us you're receiving our hay, or show us some miracle of yours. In fact, you will find situations where the Sahaba they were trying to find ways to look for these kinds of things. Like, for example, in the case of sunlight on Farsi, or the yellow line, before he even joined the community of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, you can go back and read his story, that when he found out about the Prophet of Allah salAllahu alayhi, wa sallam he had found he actually studied in the past, that this

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prophet has a seal a prophet, or he has like a mark, that he is a prophet. And when someone on Farsi came, he went, and he looked for it, and he found it. Not only that, but there was another case or another situation, that story where there was a hobby that probably some you know, something that happened, where he says that, you know, I want to get I want to get even with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said the problems okay, fine, if you want to get even with me get even with me, and he took down his shirt. And the man said, I never want to get even with you, I just want to see that sila prophet hood. And so this is something that we find the Sahaba never went and demanded

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from the Prophet saw some anything and that is the distinction that we have. That's the decision that we see actually, that here's what you saw you did and here's what the Sahaba did. Now, the question is, once again, Allah tells us these stories, why? Because Allah is going to put the question to us, oh, Muhammad SAW something What do you do? Now in times like these for example, you know, we could either say, Oh Allah help us. Or we can say Oh Allah, if you are truly there, if you are truly the one Allah, you know, do this do that. Saying these kinds of demanding things is not part of the nature and the demeanor of a Muslim and a believer to Allah subhanho wa Taala so once

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again, let's get into this. Let's get into this exactly and find out exactly what happened. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, this is

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i in number 112, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what is all however the Yuna Yeah, II Sabina Meriam. Hannah yesterday Oh, Rob Booker and Eunice Zilla Elena, Maggie that Amina Santa Paula Tapachula in Quinto Momineen so here we have the disciples of Saudi Saddam, they're coming to a Saudi Assam and there are saying Yeah, II seven mot yum. Now see, this is this is important because here there are people who disbelieved or not disbelieved. they disbelieve in the message of Allah. And they elevated the status of Esau aka Salam so much so that he is now worshipped. So here these however these these disciples of Isa to Islam, they understand that he's truly human being. So they're

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coming to him and they're saying Gary seven, Imodium, they understand what his status is. So what are these disciples they say, Holly yesterday or a Buddha? Like does your lord or Can your Lord send down to us a table may tell me a summit, a table from the from the skies. And here is Ali Hassan, he says he responds to them by saying it took law. You look at a lot of times when we want to get people's attention, and we want them to understand that what they're doing is something very wrong. What do we generally say it took Allah you know, we, you know, we say these kinds of things at times. This is exactly what I'm saying. It took law in contempt meaning, like, Do you have any

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doubts in your belief? Like the only reason you'll be asking for something like this is when you have doubts that you need proof that this is something that or you need proof that I'm the Prophet of Allah, or you need proof that Allah does exist, or you need proof that I am truly a messenger from Allah like is there some doubt in your iman? And you know, here, by the way, I do want to mention that at the end of this whole passage, Allah subhanaw taala is still telling us that he says in Nimona Zillah Wa alaykum the I will send this this man either or this table spread upon them. But there are some orlimar by the way, you know, some you know, proper

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Alama of the past scholars of the fsid who have said that there was no tables word that was actually sent, they say that this was Allah's way of telling them because they say these people who are of the opinion that Allah did not actually send a table spread from the heavens. They say that at the end, when Allah said I will send you a table spread, but if you deny and you reject my message after this, there'll be a very severe punishment. When they heard this, they read it they said that we don't need it. Like we don't want to go through that we don't want to put ourselves in that kind of situation. So someone Emma they say that this table is for did not actually come down. However,

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there is a Hadith in Timothy, narrated by a man even as it were the yellow time where the Prophet SAW Selim he affirmed this and he said that the table spread was actually sent down. And not only that, but Allah subhanho wa Taala told them that do not be ungrateful to Allah and not only that, but do not hoard did not gather, because when you gather like you know, nowadays, everyone's going to stores you're collecting collecting, you know, we're making sure that our pantries are filled to the top why because you know if we have to be locked away or you know if we have to remain our houses by two three weeks at a time when we have enough food to eat and so forth. So you know

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bunnies saw eat, they would hoard you know, they're just keep on collecting. And the reason why this was really despised by Allah is because this is a one way showing that you don't rely on Allah Allah sending you food every day. Now you holding and you saving is as if you're showing that will Allah give you again or not? I mean, this is you doubting Allah subhanaw taala in one way, so because they heard it and they gathered and they were ungrateful to Allah, the Prophet SAW Allah has somebody actually mentioned that this is why Allah turned to him to turn them into monkeys and pigs. Nonetheless, the and this opinion that the table spread was actually sent down. It is the opinion of

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the Jim hood which means that this is the overwhelming majority they believe that this was actually sent down. Now the question also begs that why was this request made? Why was this requested and because when they asked, essentially Assam saying, Fear Allah, like be cautious of Allah make sure that your iman is strong. Now the question also but then the question is still there the why did they ask. And so the next idea tells us it gives us an idea why they're asking. They said no redo and Nakoula minha we want to eat from that table spread. Well toma in Kelowna and we want our hearts to be reassured. When Allah ma N cada sada Katana and now that you have been truthful to us, when

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Hakuna Ali hammy Ushahidi in, and be amongst its witnesses. So here they're saying that this is why we want to see this. We know you have spoken the truth to us, but we just want more assurance. And you know, some of them I have mentioned that when they demanded this like a basket with the honorable mentions that when this demand was made, initiative isa they sounded upset. And he says that if this is how your behavior is, rather you should fast for Allah subhanho wa Taala fast for 30 days and then you should ask for this like this is what their opinion of it but our best is, nonetheless, this is exactly what they said. So what did he say to you sound do he made dua to

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Allah, He says Allahumma Allahumma Robina O Allah O our OB unzila Elena Tamina sama sent upon us from the skies, or sent upon us a table spread of food from the heavens, the culinary then the Awali now Hina this can be a festival for the first of us and The Last of Us meaning all of us why at America and this will be a sign from you. What Zona what antihero Razia teen, and provide for us and you are the best providers. Now I do want to mention that there is a lesson to be learned from this, and I'll show that at the end. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in me when Osito ha Alaikum I will go ahead and send this upon you. But for me yet for bad omen come, whoever does confer with me after

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this for in need or either people who either have been left or other people who had a mirror I mean Subhanallah what a harsh statement made by Allah subhanaw taala he says that if you reject my message after this, I will bring upon you such a painful torment such a painful, you know, punishment that I have not given to anyone in the history of mankind. Like this is a loss threat against them. Yet what do we find the

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There were some people who still rejected this message. And this is why I'm delighted when I'm not with Violetta on he says the on the Day of Judgment, the people who received the worst punishment are three people, the hypocrites the munafo on the people of fit own and fit on himself. And number three is these people who received this table spread from Allah subhanho wa taala, they will receive the most because once again, there is a lesson to be learned from this and that is that when you know something when you have seen something, and yet you reject Allah, like what more do you need to shake up your heart when we are going through this pandemic, and we're still doubting Allah subhanho

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wa Taala like this pandemic, if anything should teach us a lesson, that will Allah He and there is no doubt in the fact that the Allah is holy, and Allah is carded. And you know, subhanAllah if you look at his pandemics, the way we are going through this right now, I want you to think about this, that you know, when the day of judgment is about to occur, a law will bring everything to a stencil, and everything will become lifeless. At that time, Allah will say, Lehman will call young today, who does the Dominion belong to? Like who's the one who's in charge today? And when nothing will respond to Allah, Allah Himself was say Lilla Hill wa hidden Aha. Now when you look at this pandemic, and

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you know what is going on, and you know, people are thinking that this is the end of the world and so forth. You know, this teaches us a lesson that this is Allah saying, liminal, Malecon Young. This is Allah like Declan to the entire world, that Who do you think is in charge? Who do you think is in charge here? What do you think runs everything here? What do you think has the Who's the one who has all the power here? And no one's able to respond to this Coronavirus? No one's able to uh, no was able to respond to this pandemic and so forth, and vaccines and all these ideas are coming up and so forth. And this is Allah Subhanallah saying that Lehmann in Malecon young Lila Hill walk into the

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cohort. Like today, you submit to me, today you bow down to me, today you drop down to your knees, and you submit to me this is like a lot of talking to the entire world at this situation. And so once again, we learn from these ayat in our current context. Now, after all, this is over the story of the tablecloth or the table spread has now come to an end. Now we shift to another situation that takes place and happens again with these Alehissalaam. But it's in the next idea. The next idea says, What if all Allahu Yeah, are you Sabina Maria interculturally. Nurse it ducky Dhoni Whoa, Mia Illa, Hanuman dunya, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is talking about those people who worshipped Esau

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to his cinema. Now think about on the Day of Judgment, you know, when it comes when we see when we are on the Day of Judgment, as we know from the Hadith of the Prophet, Allah Islam, people will run to either money some Oh, Adam, you are our father in such and such, and either mighty some he will say, Yeah, Robin fcafc. Today, I'm not in that situation to help anyone else. They will go to so many different prophets, and they will plead to them, and no, we'll be able to help them and then eventually they will come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet saw some he will make suffer for his for for the believers. So on the Day of Judgment, people are going to be in

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the state of panic. You talked about panic today, and what's going on today? This is nothing on the day of judgment, because that is where the ultimate decision and our ultimate fate will take place. Are we going to go to Jana or Johanna, so because of this sheer panic that will take place, the people who worshipped Esau, the Islam, they will come to a Saudi Assam and they will say, our Isa, we worshipped you, we worship your mother. And today, we you know, we gave you such reverence. Today, we want you to help us, we want you to go in plead to Allah for us. And you know, it says that on the Day of Judgment when this you know, this is sort of a situation I'm just trying to

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create for you to understand, Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to ask you something like Islam. Now, I want you also think about this. Imagine, imagine one person tells another person do something wrong. Person A, tells Person B to do something wrong. Who's responsible here, person A, but person A and person B. Let's say Person B does something wrong. Okay, person B does something wrong? Did he tell him to do it? Absolutely not. Now, if I want to get upset as someone who am I gonna get upset with him? I'm gonna get upset with Person A, or I'm gonna get upset with Person B. I'm gonna get upset with Person B. But Allah subhanho wa Taala here

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We find these people worshipped Esau, they submit easily some tell them to worship them. Absolutely not. So logically speaking, Allah should have come to those people who does ship with Allah. But instead of Allah doing that, Allah is coming to a Saudi Salaam. And he's asking Him this question. The question is, why is ALLAH asking essentially Islam? This upcoming question and why not the mistakes is because Allah is so upset with the with the Mushnik. And what they did, that Allah doesn't even want to look at them on the Day of Judgment. Allah doesn't even want to converse with them on the Day of Judgment. So here, Allah Subhan Allah is talking to now in Saudi Islam, and he

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says, Did you tell these people to worship you and to worship your mother besides me? And he saw that you summon he will say, say what Subhanak he will say groby Oh Allah, and you know, the word Sabha first of all, that were Saba means to swim and to stay afloat. And when we talk about this in the context of Allah subhanho, wa taala, it means that something that we that is not fitting for Allah subhanaw taala. Like when it comes to us, human beings, we have, we have deficiencies, we have weaknesses, we have faults, we have, you know, we have short shortcomings, we have, you know, which is called an ape or knocks and so forth. Allah Subhan Allah is free from all that. Allah is free

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from all that, like, you know, that's why like, you know, a lot of times when we see things like, amazingly, we say, what Subhan Allah, like, you know, when a when a child comes into this dunya What do we say, subhanAllah when you carry that child, the child is so beautiful and so cute, and so forth. You know, the first thing that comes to our mind is SubhanAllah. But what is the bahala actually mean here, it means that just like us, as human beings, in order for our race, to continue and to exist, we need to procreate. So we always have children, our children have children, this is how the system of this dunya works. But Allah subhanaw does not need that. Allah does not need, you

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know, children to continue his legacy. Because Allah subhanaw taala is the first he's the last He's a wonderful actor. So when we look at a child we Say Subhan Allah, this is exactly what this means is that Allah Subhan does not need this, when we see people like nowadays when we see like, you know, I saw on so many videos people are going and you know, acting like animals at the stores and you know, fighting and so forth over like, you know, toilet paper and so forth. And you sit down you say, subhanAllah, you know, what that means is that, this human being, that in normal cases, they have so much morals, but in times of desperation, you see how human beings they behave Subhan Allah

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Allah Subhan is nothing like that. Allah is free from all these kinds of things that we that we go through as, as human beings. So once again, here you saw the psalm is saying that, Oh ALLAH SubhanA can mean that we you know, we as human beings, we need a partner or we need like, you know, companionship, but you Oh, Allah, like, you don't need this. You You don't deserve you don't you don't deserve a partner, you don't need a partner. You don't need a son Subhanak Maya Connolly an Akula Ilam an Akula Melissa Lee behalf that how can I say something miracoli is not fitting for me that I say something without any proof. Like there is nothing that has come to me from you. And

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neither did I stumble upon something that will suggest to me that you know what, there could be another god, there could be another either. Like there was no there's no situation that where I could find it fitting to associate a partner with you, in Kentucky to focus on mTOR Oh, Allah, if you not, you know what I say? In Kentucky to fall into if I said it, you know about it. Dynamo Murphy Nuptse what are all of my finances now, it's very possible that you know what I don't either something from my mouth, but something might be in my heart. So easily some saying that, forget about me even uttering with my mouth, if this is something in my heart, because first something

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comes into our heart, and then it comes out verbally. So here you saw this, I'm saying that it's not even in my heart that it will come out verbally, either. And then he says, In Nikka, Anta Alam lujo, you are, without a doubt the Knower of the unseen mean that Oh Allah, you know, everything that has been going on. So there's, there's no way possible that I've ever told them. Now, just think about and just imagine the people who used to worship you, Saudi Islam. They're coming in pleading to isa Islam. And Allah is telling them that did you tell him to worship you? And he started something that I have nothing to do with them. I never told him to worship me. I

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Okay, I told them to worship me besides you. And just think about that hopelessness that was settled in their hearts. Just imagine what state these people will be going through on the Day of Judgment, that that one person that we put all of our hopes in, and we always have everything for this man in the name of this man. Today, we have been abandoned by this man, then easily some will continue to go on because you don't want a person he's been accused, they you try to find every way to clear up your name. So here you solace at least some others simply say that and move on. He's again reiterating this and then he says, Michael Tula whom Illa Multani Be with Allah who will be what I

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Is or is something that I did not tell them except for what you ordered me to tell them. And what did you order me to tell them? i You ordered me to tell them they should worship owning only Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah is my Rob and Allah is Europe and that is exactly what I taught them. Welcome to Allah him Shahidan, madam to feed him as long as I was amongst them. You are witness Oh Allah, you are witnessing the whole situation? Do you ever recall? Do you ever remember like I would tell them to do shake with you? Absolutely not. For America were faith any now this for that matter if there were faith, and he literally means that when you not the Wafaa there's a long discussion

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about this. I don't want to get into this right now. But you can go back into the books of the fasciae. You know, in the third jersey, this is a long discussion that took place, but the word Khilafah has only one meaning that when you give me that it also means when you took me up because when we talk about Esau as I'm being raised, okay, as as Muslims, we don't believe that he was crucified we believe that he was raised by Rafa hula who eat a so we believe that he was raised by Allah subhanho wa Taala and so the Quran says is called a lawyer isa in need mutawa. fika and a lot of people have objected to the Quran by saying that, Oh, the Quran is saying that he died. Now the

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Quran isn't saying that he died. The Quran is saying that his time at that time had come to an end. And so Allah subhana wa Tala, he raised him. So he's saying, for a matter of faith, any when you raised me, your observer amongst them, mean that the word Raqib is one that means Allah subhanho wa Taala it means to look over someone to guard someone to watch over someone. And not only that, but when you watch over someone, you're familiar with all their affairs. So here he's saying that we're under a rocky body him one Todd aqualisa In Shaheed and you are aware of everything and you are a witness to every single situation. So once again, Esau is pleading his case over here that I did not

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tell them anything like this. Now we come to this idea, this next idea is into available home for in normal a bad way Intel Fila home for Inaka interest is the hurricane, Oh Allah, if you punish them, they are indeed your servants. But if you forgive them, indeed it is you who is Exalted in Might and wise. Now, by the way, this idea of the Quran is very interesting, because what is telling us is that Allah subhanaw taala has the power to send a dab upon anyone else on anyone in fact, but if Allah subhanaw does forgive us, does that make Allah subhanaw taala? Weak now they will? Of course not. Does it mean that you know Allah Subhan Allah could have said that if I forgive, then Allah

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Azza wa foodora him to, but that's not what Allah Subhan Allah mentioned here in this ayah he says that this is a dua that this is, by the way, the Saudis I made this dua, and not only that, but even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he made this dua. In fact, we find in Ibni cathedra, a narration mentioned by a Buddha or the yellow line, that was the Prophet sallallahu. It was something he spent the entire night, he spent the entire night reciting this ayah into the boom for in, don't worry about that, Oh Allah if you punish them, if you punish people, they are your slaves. And you know if you're an Arabic student, if you're a student of the Arabic language, you know,

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every single word in the Quran has a purpose to it. So Alexa is here to do our cramming into our table home for humeri Badak. Oh Allah, if you punish them, they are your slaves. That that perfectly makes sense to but here the says, If you forgive them, I mean, if you punish them, indeed, they are your slaves. What does that mean? It means that when we put that emphasis the alumni they mentioned that that emphasis serves as a purpose that Oh Allah, even though they may not be worshiping you

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Oh Allah, they may not appreciate you. But you are the one who's deserving of all the praise and all the things. They are indeed whether they recognize it or not. They are truly your slaves. Wait awfully long, but if you forgive them for INEC until Aziz or Hakeem, if you forgive them, that you are the mighty, and the word hola Aziz, by the way, does not only mean that Allah subhanaw taala has a lot of might, it also means that the one who is deserving of respect, like, you know, we find people today that have a lot of power, but they may not be deserving or respect, or they may not gain that respect. Like you find people in the past or in our history. There's so many people, you

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know, rulers and kings and so forth. They had a lot of power. Do they have the respect of their people? Absolutely not. On the other hand, there are people who have a lot of respect from people, but do they have the power? No, here, ALLAH SubhanA when he says Allah Aziz, Aziz is not only the one who has the might, but he's also the one who deserves and he has all that respect. So when Allah takes away a punishment, once again, it's not just about Allah being forgiving here. It's about that Allah has the capability to punish you, versus being merciful to you. Now, when we look at once again, in the context of this pandemic, that we're going through right now, we see the might of

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Allah subhanaw taala. If tomorrow if a vaccine does come out, and everything and within a month or few weeks, everything's back to status quo. There's one thing still that we will never forget from this. And that is how powerful Allah subhanaw taala is, because Allah at times he brings situations upon us to make us realize who's the one who's in control, Allah has the mic and he's deserving of the respect. So this is why for in, in the content, as he said, Hakeem, and today, you know, when we make dua to Allah subhanaw taala we should use the same phrase the same DUA and we should try to change it up little how saying how so? Into IV burner for inna arriba Oh ALLAH if you punish us,

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okay, so change the word home to now into a webinar for Internet Rebadow Oh ALLAH if you punish us, very we are your slaves were in town Filipina. But if you forgive us, for in Naka, Anta Aziza came. So basically we're making dua to Allah that Oh Allah, yes, we have we have mistaken. And if you punish us, you know, we are your slaves, but please forgive us. This is what we learn from Allah subhanaw taala. So this is the answer. This is what happens. And this is the end of the story. Now, quickly, one last few things I do want to mention that we have what we have learned from all this, the very first thing that we have learned from all this is that going back to when I are essentially

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someone who's making dua to Allah, the beginning of the DUA, he says, Allah humara bunna at the end, what did he say? What zuccon Were antihero rasa T in the O Allah, you are the one who is the, the provider. So the whole idea is that in the beginning, this is actually easily some teaching us the etiquettes of dua, before the DUA, at the end of the DUA, praise Allah subhana wa Taala say something about Allah subhanaw taala recall his attributes, Allah says what Allah Hill USMA on hasna further Obeah Allah has many attributes, requests or make dua to Allah through those attributes. So in the beginning of your DUA, take the name of Allah subhana wa Tala at the end of your DUA, close

00:33:32--> 00:34:16

your DUA, by making dua to Allah subhana wa taala. Something else that we see once again, is that East Saudi some is telling Allah, that here in this dunya people have created a narrative, okay, people have created a narrative about this man. And here on the Day of Judgment, this man is saying, I have nothing to do with this. So I have the lesson that we learned from this is the in this dunya, there is going to be a lot of situations that where you may be accused of something. Or people may say something about you. People may spread rumors about you, people may spread false things about you. And you know, and not only that, but this happens a lot in families so many times in families

00:34:16--> 00:34:55

and communities. That where there's some this this notion that is going around this false notion that is going around about you that you did something certain wrong. And there's a rumor that is going on in your family and so forth, and everyone's doubting you and so forth. And if you're truly innocent, if you are truly innocent, and you're saying to Allah Subhana Allah, Oh Allah, I'm innocent, Oh Allah, I'm innocent. Then remember that if not today, on the Day of Judgment, every person will everyone every person will be true brought to the truth. These people said that easily. Some is truly God, and they're worshiping easily Islam, but on the day of judgment, they found out

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

the truth. Likewise, if you're ever in this kind of situation, first

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

While there's nothing wrong in asking Allah subhanaw taala, to clear a name. But if you are truly innocent, then remember one thing. I have seen this happening in my life and with other people, as an Imam, and as a leader of a community when I have to deal with people, and people are telling me their stories, I've seen this happening in this dunya, that people who are truly innocent, the truth always comes in prevails, the truth will always come and defend them. And not only that, but even if it just so happens, that a person has departed from this dunya. And there's still this stigma attached to that person. There is no doubt in the fact that Allah will make this clear on the day of

00:35:37--> 00:36:13

judgment, and Allah will clear that person's name on the Day of Judgment. Finally, one last thing I do want to mention is that this is the ending of surah. Al Qaeda. There is, as I said, in one of my previous videos, there's always a connection between the beginning of the surah and the ending of the surah. So what's the connection here? Allah subhanaw taala in the beginning of the sudo, what did he say? He says, Yeah, you enter the Amanu Oh phobia. Recode, fulfill your promises and fulfill your commitments. As a slave of Allah. We all have certain responsibilities, Allah is telling us take care of your responsibilities. At the end of the surah Allah talks about the story of Esau, the

00:36:13--> 00:36:55

cinema, and how he fulfilled his responsibility. Not only that, but Allah Subhanallah brought the story of the man either the table spread, and Allah is telling you when you start eating, that if I give you this make sure you fulfill your commitment to me, make sure you don't turn your back on me. So this is the connection that we find this in this entire sutra is all about how people neglected their responsibilities, how people neglected their promises, and how and to what extent and which lens did people go to, to create ship with Allah subhanho wa Taala once again, go back to the beginning of the sort of the very first IRA, all you people who believe fulfill your promises. So

00:36:55--> 00:37:36

the question that you and I we need to ask ourselves is that I have a commitment to Allah. And my commitment to Allah means that I O Allah subhanaw taala my life. I have also committed that I will follow the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Salem, as being a Muslim, I have committed that I will take care of certain responsibilities, such as my salon, my Visa card, my hij, I've also taken the commitment upon myself, that I will fulfill people's rights, I've taken the command upon myself, that I will be a means of Mercy wherever I go, that means that as a Muslim, I'm a representative of Islam. That means that everywhere I go, then as a prophet of some says of Salaam, I've just learned

00:37:36--> 00:38:16

is only mean go around saying somebody's gonna cycle it means from a metaphorical perspective, that spread the peace be a means of peace everywhere you go. So the question is that in my am You are we following? Or Are we fulfilling our promises or not? Everyday before you go to sleep? Ask yourself this one question. Am I fulfilling my promises or not? Allah has certain response has put certain responsibilities in my fulfilling them or not. And I can almost confidently say that for majority of us, including myself, that the answer that the answer would be is No, I've not fulfilled on my promises. I'm not fulfilling my commitments. So we have a responsibility that is upon us, my

00:38:16--> 00:38:40

brothers and sisters. So inshallah we'll finish on this, I ask Allah subhanaw taala that while we are in this dunya while Allah has given us this life, this precious life, may Allah subhana, Allah give us ability to come closer to Him, to give us ability to fulfill our promises and our commitments. And may Allah take us from His dunya at a time when he is most pleased with us. Now, I do also, now that humbler we're done with this.

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poverty, when you're fearing that, you know, you won't have anything at that time to give sadaqa for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala is truly rewardable. And remember that at the end of the day, the dunya and what we see is going on, we may tell ourselves that what's going to happen and what's going to happen, but the words the problems some can never be a lie. And the Prophet sallallahu audio somebody mentions that never does the money, or the finances of a person who gives up the car diminishes, like their money does not diminish. So that's why in times IDs, there may be fear, but this is the time to give V best sada

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