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Today inshallah we have a shahada but not one but two shahada inshallah just want to bring them show it to the front

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that you can also

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What's your officers?

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So, first of all your name? My name is Jason McHugh. And you you told me earlier you took your shahada that when I took it about six or seven months ago at the McKinney masjid, okay, Mashallah. So, Jason Ray said yes. So brother Jason came over from Oklahoma correct. So he came to the McKinney Masjid six, seven months ago, he took his shahada, mashallah, and these are your sons, right? Yes. So, they also want to take their shahada today to mashallah, so it's a family is coming into as Allah says, Oh, the whole of a cilmi care for all of you enter into the fold of the inshallah so. So this is his two sons they want to. And they came also from Oklahoma, they want to take their

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shahada, you want to mention your name first.

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My name is Leland. And when did you start learning about Islam? About a year ago with my dad. Okay. And what? When was the final point that came that you felt like, you know what, this is it for me? Like, I really not want to take my Shahada you've been learning, but what was like, you know, they say that the straw that broke the camel's back.

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Well, it was just the way

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I guess his life changed and martial law. Okay. Things been getting better for him. And I feel like that I should take that step now. Now, learning about it for so long martial law. Okay. So I was seeing father his life changing, becoming, you know, seeing a positive impact his life he wants to, he decided to he wants to take his Shahada. What about you your name? My name is Shawna. And, and wouldn't have since when have you been learning about Islam? I started really starting to try and learn about nine months ago, nine months ago, okay? And for you, what was that definitive point that I gotta take my Shahada now, or I want to become a Muslim?

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I'd say after for five years, you know, I lives have been decent. But when he had become a Muslim, or turned to Islam,

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the family has been happier, more great stuff happening to and

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the way stuff started.

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Islam basically tried to get into my life through a podcast or something and the person and it would be so you know.

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Uplifting, yeah. Okay. kept sending them links to Epic ministry. Okay. Sending links.

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Have you both read the Quran at all or read any other Islamic literature?

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No, no. Okay, just what they've learned from me, okay, in videos and so forth. Okay. So you're religious, you're ready to take your Shahada?

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Yes or no? Okay. So let me

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Why don't you both hold that together? And, you know, recite your shahada together? Okay. Whenever we say in Arabic first, you're going to repeat with me in Arabic, and then we're going to do an English okay. So repeat after me. I shall do? I shall do. Allah al. Ila ha ilaha illa Illa Allah, Allah, wa, wa eyeshadow eyeshadow, Anna, Anna Mohammed Muhammadan, Muhammad Rasul. Assume Allah, Allah, I bear witness I've ever witnessed, there is none. There is none worthy of worship, worthy of worship, but Allah, Allah, and I bear witness and I bear witness that Muhammad that Muhammad peace be upon him, he used to be a bond him is his messenger is his messenger that could be

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could be, could be. So first of all, congratulations to the both of you. You are now part of the fastest growing family which is a family of Islam. You both are now official Muslims. And I just want to first of all besides the congratulations. I just want to say that all of us here, of course, you know, this is your very first experience of Islamic or non Muslim. But all of us here we've been Muslims. And when a person converts to Islam, their slate is wiped absolutely clean. So right now your slate is the most cleanest of all of ours here. Okay, you're both of your Estates is better than all of our slates here. So

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Oh, congratulations. Take every day as an opportunity to learn more about Islam to come closer to pray. Don't overwhelm yourself take one day at a time learn slowly and gradually okay? And and then on the way out inshallah you can stop by my office, I'll give you some things to read and so forth. And you know, do you know usually what happens when people take shahada

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okay, they get a lot of hugs, okay. So because people are so happy to see that you're in like your family is the whole family is coming into the fold of Islam so they're going to come and give you a lot of hugs. Okay, you're ready for it? You're gonna get a good workout. You're ready. Okay, good. Mostly me now. Nima Do you want meaning Mina team will quantity now look on it. The more slaw the dino slaw the Ponte wants zon DD now was Slavia rod Do you want to for sharing you know

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what and for sharing I want to do one downside BP now one downside being party was on me now was all in

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when you have you Lena photo gentleman one Hatfield was the was the Katina long I guess.

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What's going on? I don't know hula hoop

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gentleman Eileen.