The Prophets Prayer #08 – Khushu, Concentration in Salah

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AI: Summary © The importance of focusing on one's thoughts, devotion, and the heart and body are emphasized in the context of "whole shore." Prayer in a certain way is a presence of mind, fear, and a presence of mind, and one's focus and devotion should enable one to appreciate the presence of their. The importance of acceptance, humility, and praying for others is emphasized, along with advice on improving one's home, finding the right place, keeping the mind clear, and not overthinking one's prayer plans.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Musa la hora de who are the early he was happy he he married a marberry that said Mr alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakatu.

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So tonight beyond the Lucha tala, we are looking at the concept of whole shore. Generally speaking a whole shore is a type of concentration or focus or devotion that you have with allies. So, a gel linguistically whole shore is done for anything. So, if you're performing a job, you can have Whoa, sure, in your job linguistically. How, because when you focus on a job and you're devoted to it, and you make sure that you do it, well, that's called Whoa, sure. But then an Islamic definition behind it is something that is very different and very particular in terms of our Sala and the relationship that we have, with allies so gentle, with who sure person insha Allah hooter, Allah will have their

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Sala accepted, with who sure if your Salah is not accepted, the chances of it being accepted is increased. With Whoa, sure, a person can soften their hearts with holy sure as a result, a person's eyes will tear for the sake of Allah azza wa jal with Whoa, sure, a person that every single time they stand up in front of Allah, so adjust their bodies and their limbs will submit to Him subpanel with our item, this is why I'm according to some of the elements, the state of who sure is to have, number one, intense concentration and attention and attentiveness. Listen to the phrase, intense concentration and attentiveness, this means that you're just not focused on that job alone. But your

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whole heart and your whole thoughts and your neffs everything, your body, everything is devoted in that particular action. This is why one of the definitions of understanding of whoa Sure, is that your body is afraid of allies. So again, so when you cry insula that's called Whoa, sure. Why because your body is physically illustrating that it fears allies. So that's why when somebody says to you that whole short means to concentrate, it's not an accurate translation. And it's not an accurate definition. It means that your entire body is focused on allies. So again, so the person who's praying and constantly moving and fixing and tying their hijab or you know, scratching

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themselves or holding their beards or all the little things that you see in Salah. These don't break the prayer, but it reduces your whole shore with Allah azza wa jal, You're distracting yourself. That intense concentration is gone. You're losing it slowly and slowly. This is why that whole issue about cell phones and every single solar, this is why it's so crucial. It's so crucial. Some of them don't even carry their phones for SATA, according to some scholars, and they treat a cell phone as though it is how long for you to have it in Sala that's how they discipline themselves not to have it. They make it as though it's hot on for them. I remember one time I used to hear the story. I

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don't know how true it is. I don't know if we're but you know, some of the scholars is one brother was telling me that some of the scholars you know, if they were praying enough in prayer, and they realize that they have their cell phone in their pocket, they would break the Nuffield prayer, take their cell phone out, put it away, and then come back and start the prayer all over again. Why just so that they don't have any interruption with their nothing. Imagine how focused they are in their sadhana and in their followed and compulsory prayers, in addition to the definition, it is also a presence of mind, fear and all of Allah subhanho wa Taala three things, the presence of the mind. In

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other words, your focus and your concentration, your devotion, your thoughts is only for Allah zoa Jen, as a result, your fear you're scared you can believe it. Imagine yourself I can't believe that when muddled up time comes when their time comes on February time comes. I can't believe that I'm going to stand in front of Allah azza wa jal, all those mistakes that I did between the prayers, all of those things that I said that I shouldn't have said, all of the things of Hannah law that I've been thinking about that I knew was wrong and how long now I have to confront myself in front of Allah. Or if this is going to be the last time I'm going to be praying and standing in front of him.

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What's he going to do to me when he takes me What happens if I'm praying

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And it's my you know, it's it's solid till Monday, but I prayed it late. And it ended up being the last solar. Imagine my last prayer in this world was a prayer that I prayed late for law. So what is the login to do to me when he accepts me in this manner in this state itself. In addition to the definition, all of the things that we mentioned, should enable one to appreciate that one is now standing in front of a lawn, so that he can do so with full sun and righteousness without being distracted by the matters of this world. This is part of horseshoe, nothing in the dunya is supposed to distract you when you have for sure. Nothing in this world or your affairs that you have around

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you should distract you in this world in distract you in the sada This is why some of the dilemma they say, whenever you have marriage problems, it is one of the barriers between you and Whoa, sure. Because when you have marriage issues, or even family problems or problems with your children, what happens to you when you're praying, you might be praying, and all you're doing is you're thinking about Subhana Allah, you know, I can't believe all these problems are happening to me. So all of those issues somehow have to be eliminated and your focus and your time, this is a less time with you and him. So you try to distract you try to remove those distractions, as much as you can. I can

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tell you, maybe 99% of the times, anytime I've done this, because me being a counselor, not only do I have my own problems to deal with, but I have the problems of the community that's placed on my shoulder, I have the problems of people that I have online, I have Alhamdulillah 1000s of people that send me their questions online, and some of them I don't even know where to begin to answer them simply because it's so profound. It's so serious. And sometimes it breaks my heart that I would respond and say, there's nothing that I can do for you. I don't know how I can help you. Remember a long time ago, I had a sister that emailed me from Tunisia. What is somebody in Tunisia emailing

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brother, Muslim and Toronto. But what her problem was that some Hannah law she was thrown out of her house, her parents left her, put her on the street. And when she went to some of the massages in her in her village, they because she was a woman, she was degraded and scrutinized and she was told to go back to her family. When she tried to go back to her family. No one would accept her because she was the only girl in the house. So what did she do? She had a Facebook account. And so she saw my fan page and she clicked like on my fan page, and then she sent me her story. What could I tell her? I've never been to Tunisia before. I don't know anybody there. All I can say to her is Allah azza wa

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jal ease your situation I don't know what what resources I can give you. And so brothers and sisters, all of these things here, somehow have to bring us back that we that we expel all of those tears and all of those things that we have in our hearts, in our solar for Allah so adyen Allah says in the Quran, Allah, Allah helmy known Allah Xena homefries Sala to him ha Sharon. Listen to how Allah azza wa jal talks about this verse here, when he mentioned so we've been using this verse a few times when allies so Jill mentions her Sure, and mentions it here that it is the reason why people have success. Allah azza wa jal says, Allah Xena home feels solid to him harsh your own. What

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this tells you is that for the one who is praying, they have Whoa, sure, it tells you that just because you're praying, it doesn't mean that you're going to have success in the hero. Just because you pray it doesn't mean that Allah azza wa jal is going to be pleased with you. Just because we pray it doesn't mean that Allah will interest in his gender. Just because we pray it doesn't mean we're going to have a happy dunya in the ethera. Unless you have one thing and the Xena homefree Salatu him they are harsh your own. It's just for that person that one he's counted as a moment. Just put these two verses together, cut it out, cut it off law helmet mean, we've given success to

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the believers who is counted as a true believer of Allah. It's the one that not only he prays, but he prays and he has his ashore in his sauna. Listen to the words of Eben Pagan it's a long paragraph, but will la he This is a paragraph These are words of a great classical scholar that it should it should really stir up the heart and stir up the focus and the mind and the soul of a believer. In am Rahim Allah once said, The whole sure of a truth of the true faith is

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When the heart feels aware and humble before the greatness and glory of allies, so religion, and it's filled with all and fear and shyness, so that the heart is utterly humbled before Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam, and broken as it were with fear, shyness, love and recognition of the blessings of Allah and its own sins. So no doubt the whole shore of the heart is followed by the whole shore of the body. It's not enough to just know the concept of for sure, but your body this is where we get that definition from your body should also illustrate what's in your heart. That's why Allah azza wa jal describes the more nasty opponents sorbitan Nissan, what is our poem Illa sada.

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Whenever they stand up for prayer, Allah says, poem husana. They stand up lazy euro una NASS is similar to the verb that Allah uses. He uses this word euro, he doesn't say Yata euro as the Arabic speakers they know this is the federal image who this is a verb that is referring to anybody not a specific person or a group of people. So the person who doesn't have who sure is going to stand up in their prayer lazing and doesn't matter who's around but every single focus that there have insula is actually for that person. They want that person to see that you know, oh wow Mashallah Look at him. You know, look how he prays. And look what Allah azza wa jal concludes with wala Yes, Quran

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Allah, Allah karela they won't remember a lot except for just a little. What does this tell you put it all together, the person who stands up for solid lazy, and the person who stands up for Salah without horseshoe is 100% guaranteed that that person will not remember a love for the majority of that prayer majority of their Salah is lost because they started off in this manner, then it's been claimed continues as for the whole shore of hypocrisy. Now this is the whole shore of newfound hypocrisy. It is something that is put on with great show. But there is no hole sure in the heart so this is the hypocrisy for sure. Your body looks like you're concentrating but inside of your heart

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you can't wait for the sada to finish inside your heart The brother who might be leading the Sala and he's making the Salah really long inside of your heart You're like so panela What is this? I'm so used to this message that they have short prayers, then who let this guy go and lead us in Sala so that's the fact that's the hypocrisy in the heart. No patience in the sauna, no patience in the para itself. One of the sahabas use the same. I seek refuge with a law from the horseshoe of hypocrisy. It was said to him what is the horseshoe of hypocrisy? He said when the body appears to have whoa sure, but there is no hole sure in the heart. So this is even a concept that was happening

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during the times of the sahabas themselves. In Iam continues, the person who truly fears of feels whole sure before Allah subhanahu wa Ireland is a person who no longer feels the flames of physical desire that look what hookah does for you. It extinguishes physical lust and desire in your heart. It extinguishes all the haotong things that someone might be thinking about. It extinguishes all of the hot on things somebody might be feeling they might want to do something. Hold on. Let me give you an example. Have you ever met somebody? A lot of the youth in the children, they do this all the time, they will look at their friends and they will say, you know, if I wasn't Muslim, I would

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probably dress just like him. If I wasn't Muslim, I probably do my hair that way or something. If I wasn't Muslim, I probably be listening to the same thing anyways, it says if some of our youth are not happy being Muslim anymore, it's just that they're doing it just for the sake of it being done. When you have focus and who sure in your Salah, those thoughts are extinguished, then Urban pythium continues his heart is pure and is filled with the light of the greatness of allies. So a gentleman his own selfish desires have died because of the fear and all which have filled his heart to overflowing so that the physical faculties have calmed down. His heart has become dignified and feel

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secure in a lump and the remembrance of him and tranquility descends

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upon him from his Lord, so he has become humble before Allah azza wa jal and the one who is humble is the one who is assured. Listen to that phrase, Allah who you should memorize this one sentence here. Even Chi em says, the one who is humble is the one who is assured. That tells you if you have higher if you have modest if you have shyness, and you're humble and you're content with everything that Allah azza wa jal gives you, it is an assurance Allah guarantees that you will have happiness in your life. Doesn't matter what you're doing. If you just continue to say Alhamdulillah each and every single day of your life for anything and everything that's given to you. Allah assures that

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you will have a greater reward in this world and the Hereafter, even a human continues. The land that is most bit is the land that is low lying, in which water settles so that the heart that is morbid is humble and content. This of course, moobot is referring to the humble heart itself, like a low lying piece of land into which water flows in it and settles. Look at how urban Kagame thinks. He says that the heart that is humble is like a piece of land sitting and water comes and flows and piles onto that land and slowly sinks its way into it. The water is the blessings of Allah, the water is the acceptance of Allah azza wa jal, the crown and that land is that heart and Allah azza

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wa jal pours his acceptance into that heart, the sign of this is that a person prostrates to his Lord. So the sign that you know that you have this is when you make sujood out of respect and humility and never raises his head until he meets him. The arrogant heart on the other hand, is the one that is content with its arrogance and raises itself up like an elevated portion of land in which water never settles. So panela so the person who has the arrogant heart The prideful heart, is like a land that raises high and water can never settle on top of it. So those blessings and that contentment and that acceptance, it never remains with that belief or why because every single

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Soller their mind their focus is on other things. Every single thing that they should do to prepare for the Salah is thrown out the window Sala just became a routine for them. It's a ritual I just needed to get it over with every single day that Eben Pagan concludes, this is the whole sure of true faith. The whole shore of true faith is like the land that is flat and water comes in water settles in its chrome in and of itself. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that the first thing to be taken away from this oma listen to the words The first thing that will be taken away from this oma will be the whole shore until you will see no one having it the authentic Hades.

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Time will come. No one will have Whoa, sure. Sometimes I feel we are in the beginning of those stages right now. Very, very few people you and I know can actually devote their body and their limbs and their heart and their soul in a sauna. How many times have you gone to pray? Where after the sauna? If you know there was a problem or a brother you know caused the disturb disturbance in the salon. How many times have you seen it that the person will stand up and attack that Brother, brother What's wrong with you? Or after Juma? The most classic example. After Juma when you go out into the parking lot, brothers and sisters are honking the horn at each other out of anger just

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losing their patients. Get out of the way, brother, what's wrong with you? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? This is a person that has not perfected his show. How many people actually known that the rlms have a difference of opinion whether it's permissible for you to use the horn on your car or not. Some of the orlimar actually have discussed this when is it permissible for you to use the horn on your car. Some of the allama have said that it is disliked for a person. Some of the other scholars are more strict scholars. A lot of them had this when they said that this was hot on but majority of scholars they said it was disliked for you to use your car home car horn because you

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will lose patience with someone else. The only time you should

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should use the car horn is just as a 10 B, it's just as to get the attention of somebody. So somebody could literally be driving and they stopped and they're not paying attention, you just sort of tapped the horn a little bit just to kind of raise their attention to get them to move forward. But you but what happens is a lot of people, if if the brothers had a low or the car in front of them, the light turned green for like two seconds, they're still kind of on their phone. That guy behind them just holds the horn, and then you know, wants to give them a piece of their mind drives around and looks at their face and does one thing after another, have no idea that their good deeds

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are being eaten away. Their good deeds are being taken away for something so trivial, something so silly. All of this goes back to the whole shore that we have in a solder. I remember I did a hookah in a message just you know, one of the local messages here in the city. And Mashallah, this is one of the biggest message in Toronto, we have like they had about almost like four or 5000 people are praying Juma right here, but sapan alone, when Juma is over, you do not want to be the person caught up in the parking lot, because it seems like everyone becomes an enemy to each other when they're in the parking lot trying to leave the Salatu jomar what happened to their horseshoe when they just

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finished the solder? What happened to their who sure when they were there throughout the hotel. And so this here is one of the signs that yo pm is getting nearer and nearer and closer and closer. Allah azza wa jal says in Surah, two NBA tadoba to Sara Allah resort, in salted ambia Allah azza wa jal says that closer the time comes to us, but yet they are still in the state of Buffalo, yet they are still in the state of play. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one said Allahumma inni, who became in Colville Yoshida Oh Allah, I asked you to protect me from a heart that does not have any home. Sure. And what are just what in terms of the ruling of home? Sure, let's

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take a look at some of the logistics behind this topic. Allah azza wa jal says in Surah Al Baqarah was sorry, you know, the summary was sada was in the world Kabira tune Illa Idaho sharing and seek help and patience in the prayer. Indeed this is difficult except for the person who has harsh hearing the one who has for sure. What does this verse talking about? Listen to what Allah azza wa jal says cesternino be summary was Sala what in haha. So Allah azza wa jal says seek help in patients and prayer. But in this dami or or this pronoun, or this extension on in, what is it referring to jority of scholars, they say that it's referring to Allah. So Allah describes that Sana

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is Kabira it's something that's large and heavy for the person who doesn't have Whoa, sure. So here's the first indication that you know, you do not have hoelscher insalata, though first indication the person knows is that when they pray, they feel that prayer is a huge burden on their soul. It's something like you just can't wait for it to finish like so behind Allah, you know, or you're standing and you say Allahu Akbar, and you're just praying that the Imam would recite a short soda. You're just hoping in sha Allah you hope this thing would just finished as soon as possible. This is a sign that you have lost hope show in your prayer.

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The reward of having pleasure so here the ruling it is why Egypt compulsory that every single Muslim try their very best to perfect the whole short, the reward of having true whoa Sure, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us whoever performs the will do and for Arsenal will do and perfect that will do as well. Then praise tool rokerites focusing on them completely. He will be forgiven all his previous sins and according to another narration, he will be guaranteed agenda so perfect your will do pray tool rockets and these tool rockets it's not specified any tool guides so whether it's a solid, whether it's a sinner prayer, an fo pray it doesn't matter what you do it with

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that sole intention, that sole purpose, then Allah azza wa jal erases your sins and in another narration guarantees you paradise. In a second narration the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that Allah azza wa jal does not accept the prayer of somebody who prays like a chicken. Somebody who prays like a chicken

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And this is referring to how a chicken eats. How does the chicken eat all of us, we've seen it, it picks itself into the ground. This is the person that's praying quickly and hastening through the solder. Can't wait for the little corner to finish. Can't wait for the pm to finish just going through as though the solder is something that needs to be hurried. This here unfortunately is a huge problem in a lot of massages, especially in total, we, some of us here we've probably visit some of the massage it's in normal bond, where they will finish 21 modal cards in like 20 minutes, or half an hour and just going through how is Allah azza wa jal going to look at a prayer like that,

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as opposed to another place another Masjid another group that's taken their time with all the whole shore and the devotion. And the last point in sha Allah that I wish to leave you with is a point that we wish to begin and start off in the means of developing Whoa, sure. How does somebody develop Whoa, sure. Number one, is to prepare perfectly for the prayer. In other words, make sure that you perfect your will don't make sure that you perfect the place of prayer, make sure that what you're wearing is also something that is suitable appropriate for the solder. So make sure that all of the physical ailments, the physical things, factors that are around you are perfected, the place of

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prayer is crucial. We know that we all have to have a perfect will do. But the place of prayer is absolutely crucial. This is especially crucial for your homes. Our homes should have a little masala area, this is our prayer area. This is the corner or the spot or the room or the basement or whatever. This is the prayer area for our house. If you do that, brothers and sisters Let me tell you, it also panela Our minds are really strange, sometimes really weird how things work with us sometimes as human beings, it starts to play like these psychological games with you. If you happen to have sort of a masala area in your home, you know what's gonna start happening to you, you're

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going to start to feel like you're Mmm. So what do you do, you're going to start to whenever you whenever it's time to pray, you're going to be so focused Okay, I'm going to pretend them I'm the Imam of heart had been worried mister too long. I'm leaving the brothers and Sala so you know, you gotta pray and you, you know you're gonna perfect that. Then if somebody you have visitors in your home, then you're really going to feel like you're leading and sold out at holiday because you've got yourself a jemar. So you're going to try the little things, you're going to try the stole activity. Meanwhile, it's like your dad and your brother, right? And you're saying stole our Teddy

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do okay, make sure the light is straight. There's like two people there, right? So you start to pray, the next time you do it, you're gonna want to lengthen the prayer more and more and more. This is how we play games with our minds, but we use it to our advantage if you get into that mode and you get into that spirit where you're so focused and you want to do more and more hold on to it as much as you can. That's what happens when you devote a place that is perfect for your Salah and perfect for your prayer. Number two is ensure that you are offering your prayer early on time, not towards the end of the of the prayer time. So also make sure that you pray the salah and you pray it

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on time. Number three, clear your mind of all worldly matters, anxiety, worry and grief before the prayer. This one here requires some discussion here in sha Allah is where I will teach you in sha Allah. I will just give you some advice on how to do this. How do you clear your mind of all your worries, because this is the dunya This is the life of the dunya the life of the dunya is just worrisome. It's always problems. It's always heavy on our shoulders. This is not gender so we can expect things to just be normal and just be happy. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in an authentic hadith doumbia Mela una the world itself. It's cursed. But somebody

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might be thinking Well, yeah, you're right. This country is cursed that society is cursed this group of people is cursed. So the prophecy Selim says melaku Maffia, everything inside of it is also cursed, except three things. What are these three things? We will discuss this all with you in sha Allah hotelera in our next discussion, and as I mentioned to you, brothers and sisters, I have about 40 different ways of how to improve our home shore. It doesn't matter what your age is. I have some points here in sha Allah that are only for the adults. I have some points here that are for the children as well. How do children improve, they're crucial. I have points here that are only for the

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husbands and only for the wives. I have points here that are only for the Imams themselves. The man's whole show is crucial when

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Leading everyone in a sauna so all of these things be is Neela Hey Tara is what we will discuss on Friday after Salatu Bismillah until then, brothers and sisters May Allah subhanho wa Taala increases in our whole show. May Allah subhanho wa Taala put his bat in our heart with love and sincerity. May Allah subhanho wa Taala caused our hearts cry for him. May Allah subhanahu wa taala cause us to pray each and every single prayer as though it Oh, it was our last prayer in this dunya May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept our prayers as well. May Allah subhanho wa Taala caused us to perfect our womb and perfect our solder and as a result may Allah azza wa jal reward us with his Gen being

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earthhero derawan Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallam already Kumar metal la he wabarakatuh